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Unbelieveable Sights, Indescribable Feeling


Yesterday was another fun day for me because I got to spend some time with Duke (and Emma and Josh) all afternoon long before I met up with some friends at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood for a #ThrowbackThursday showing of Aladdin. Josh has been talking about visiting the Japanese Garden in Van ...

Tuesdays With Duke


Yesterday was a nice, chill day for me. LA woke up to the pouring rain which was so out of character for us that pretty much everything came to a screeching halt. I was able to turn off the a/c and open my balcony door so that the cooler air could freshen up ...

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Cheesecake & K-Town


Yesterday I got to spend time with a couple of dear friends who wanted to meet up and discuss things in person, which I really appreciated. Jesse came to my hood for a late brunch at Umami Burger by day and then I met up with Ollie in Koreatown at our fave hangout spot ...

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I'm finding it difficult to write the blog today for much different reasons than yesterday. The outpouring of support and very kind messages from everyone, all around the world has been almost too much for me to handle all at once -- y'all are trying to put me out of my misery, right? ...

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