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My Other Half


Since this is the second to last edition of The TV Guide that I will be writing for Pink is the new Blog, I want to spend my time today writing about one of the greatest gifts I've ever received in my life ... and her name is Shannon Houston. Back when I partnered ...

Amazing Grace


I know that I do more than my fair share of gushing around here. It seems that whenever I go to a show or participate in an activity, I oftentimes have a hard time toning down my excitement when relaying the story the following day. Most times, it's a matter of exaggeration but ...

Trent Is the New Blog


My Saturday was a really fun, totally jam-packed day complete with old BFFs, new BFFs, booze, dancing and Jewel. I met up with my friend Caleb for a catch-up session over lunch which was really great because he and I always have the best convos. Then I met up with my friends Austin ...

Oh My, Oh Land


My original plan for Wednesday night was supposed to be me on the couch, catching up with all the returning TV shows, possibly getting some laundry done along the way. A late evening text from my friend Stacey changed my plans entirely ... when she asked me to meet up with her to see ...

In A Snap


I had plans to hang out with Eileen and Tamar last night but due to a really terrible home emergency, Eileen couldn't make it out to hang (she's OK but she's dealing with a home headache so terrible I can't even imagine how she is keeping from going insane). Tam and I decided to ...

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