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Watch: Beyoncé & Jay Z Kick Off The ‘On The Run’ Tour With ’03 Bonnie & Clyde’ In Miami, FL

And away they go
"Ready B?"

Earlier this week we got to see a batch of behind-the-scenes photos of Beyoncé and Jay Z in rehearsals for their On The Run Tour, which kicked off in Miami, FL last night. Today we get to see a bit of video from the tour’s opening night last night and from the the looks of the videos shared here, the show looks super sick. The show kicks off with B-Jay performing Jay‘s song ’03 Bonnie & Clyde … you can watch a portion of the performance in the video embedded above. Click below to watch the pair perform Holy Grail from Jay‘s most recent album Magna Carta Holy Grail with Bey performing the Justin Timberlake parts! More »

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Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ Album Was Released 30 Years Ago Today

'Purple' Still Reigns

It was 30 years ago today, on June 25, 1984, that Prince released his masterpiece soundtrack album Purple Rain. The album was released a couple of months before the movie was released in theaters, giving the music some time to storm the Billboard charts and get people excited for the film. The music of Purple Rain was intended to be more than a way to promote a movie. The music of Purple Rain was meant to stand the test of time. 30 years later, the songs on the Purple Rain album stand as some of Prince‘s most amazing work and as pop culture’s most important music. 30 years later, Purple Rain is as vital to music fans as it ever was. Purple absolutely still reigns supreme. More »

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Watch: The Guys Of One Direction Sing The ‘Alphabet Song’ With Bert On ‘Sesame Street’

"We could just pop it out right now"
A, B, C, 1D

Way back in January, the members of One Direction adapted their hit song What Makes You Beautiful into a cute little song titled What Makes U Useful on Sesame Street. Today we get to see video of Liam Payne and Harry Styles of 1D singing the Alphabet Song with Bert on the Sesame Street set. It looks like the guys were chillin’ with Bert in between takes and they decided to sing their ABCs a capella style. It’s a cute video, have a look above and see for yourselves.

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POE Returns To The Sayers Club

The TV Guide

Last month, the singer POE surprised fans by announcing out of the blue that she was performing a show at The Sayers Club in Hollywood, CA. Because I’ve been a huge POE fan since the mid-90s, that show was a MUST SEE for me. Last week, POE quietly announced that she would be performing at The Sayers Club again this month and last night, she dazzled the crowd with TWO performance sets. I was, once again, lucky enough to attend her shows last night and was able to record another new song that she debuted live last night. Click below to see photos of POE in action last night and watch video of her performance of a new song titled Not Jane. More »

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MTV Is Bringing Back ‘Total Request Live’ For One Day Only


HOLY SHEET! Are you ready to hear the BEST NEWS EVER?! MTV has announced that it is bringing back its HUGELY INFLUENTIAL video countdown show Total Request Live for ONE NIGHT ONLY next week! As you may know, TRL ended its run back in 2008 after many years on the air and, to be honest, the world hasn’t really been the same ever since. In the way late 90s/early 00s, TRL was THE show to watch for music videos, in-person appearances and live performances by our favorite artists. I mean … Britney Spears, *NSync, Hilary Duff, Jennifer Lopez, etc. could be seen LIVE on MTV weekday afternoons to our heart’s content. TRL will always hold a special place in my heart because the fine folks at MTV would have me on their show quite often back in the day so that I could turn into a teenage for an afternoon. TRL is where I got to meet Madonna so, yeah, I love me some TRL. Click thru the gallery presented here to see some of the folks who appeared on TRL back in the day and then click below to find out what MTV has in store for TRL‘s return … and learn what Ariana Grande has to do with it. More »

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Watch: Veruca Salt Releases A Music Video For ‘It’s Holy’

With A Surprise Cameo By ME
"The needle's in the groove"

Back in April we got to see the music video for the NEW Veruca Salt song The Museum of Broken Relationships, which is one of TWO new songs that the newly reformed band released a couple of months ago on Record Store Day. Today we get to see the just-released music video for Veruca‘s second new song It’s Holy. As you can see in the video embedded above, this new music video features scenes where fans from all over the world are listening to these new Veruca Salt songs for the first time ever … and at the 1:20 min. mark you can see ME head-bopping along to the song. I was asked to appear in the video back in April and I GLADLY said YES! Thankfully, the shots of me screaming, crying, falling off my chair, crying, squealing and crying weren’t used … just a shot of me happily head-bopping along as I screamed with giddy delight on the inside. Sigh. The video is amazing. Huge shout-out and so much love to my friend Gary Kordan who directed the music video for It’s Holy. AHHH!!!!! Enjoy!!

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Watch: HBO Releases A Trailer For Its New Limited Series ‘Beyoncé: X10′

Your weekly 5 minute date with Bey
10 X the Bey

This summer, HBO will air a 10-part limited series titled Beyoncé: X10 – The Mrs. Carter Show World that will give us performances from Bey‘s hugely successful Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. As I understand it, each episode will feature concert footage from the tour and each week will feature a full 5 minute song performance. My guess is that this HBO footage will eventually be released on DVD. If you were lookin’ for a way to spent time with Beyoncé on a weekly basis this summer, then this limited series is for you. Click the embed above to watch the trailer for Beyoncé: X10 and start making plans to spend part of your Sunday nights with Beyoncé. Beyoncé: X10 premieres on HBO on Sunday June 29 at 8:55PM ET/PT.

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Listen: This Mash-Up Of Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy’ & Reba McEntire’s ‘Fancy’ Will Give You Life

Here's your one chance

In a stroke of brilliant genius, an industrious fan decided to mash-up Iggy Azalea‘s current hit song Fancy with Country Music star Reba McEntire‘s 1990 hit song Fancy into one, amazing song. Now, normally I wouldn’t be all excited about a Country Music mash-up song but these two Fancy songs have just been begging to be blended into one song. Music by Reba, lyrics by Iggy … have a listen below. More »

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First Listen: Icona Pop Releases A New Song Titled ‘Get Lost’

Behold, your fave new song of the summer
"Woke up this morning / Bleary eyed"

Icona Pop, those lovely ladies who stole your heart last year with their single I Love It, are back this year with a new summer single titled Get Lost and SURPRISE! It’s a sickeningly infectious piece of pop confection. The single hasn’t been officially released just yet but it has made its way to the Internets in full a wee bit early. Click the embed above to have a listen … and then try to get the damn song out of your head.

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First Look: Robin Thicke Releases A SUPER Desperate Music Video For ‘Get Her Back’

Someone, PLEASE, stop this man

LOL. SO, last week we learned that Robin Thicke named his new album Paula after his estranged wife Paula Patton in a desperate attempt to woo her back after the couple split earlier this year in the wake of cheating allegations. As you may recall, we also learned last week that many of the songs on Robin‘s new album are songs that were written “in about a week” about his break-up with Paula. Today we get to see the just-released music video for his new single Get Her Back and, yes, it’s another sad attempt to try and get back in Paula‘s good graces. You may recall that Thicke debuted this song at the Billboard Music Awards last month. This video is hard to watch if only because of how embarrassing it really is. Do try to not cringe yourself to death with second-hand embarrassment. Oy!

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