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Listen: This Is What You Get When You Mash-Up ‘The Perfect Drug’ By Nine Inch Nails With ‘Shake It Off’ By Taylor Swift

Happy Friday!
The Perfect Mash-Up?

I can’t think of a better way to kick off the weekend than with an inspired mash-up video that takes the genius of the Nine Inch Nails song The Perfect Drug with the infectious catchiness of Taylor Swift‘s Shake It Off and marries the two into a superfun industrial/pop song. Previously, we heard NIN‘s Head Like A Hole get mashed-up with Carly Rae Jepsen‘s Call Me Maybe so this kind of thing isn’t entirely new. Even still, it is entirely fun. Have a listen above and Happy Weekend, everybody!

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Watch: Madonna Releases The Music Video For ‘Living For Love’ On You Tube

No Snapchat Required

Yesterday we learned that Madonna released the music video for her new single Living For Love on Snapchat but today, at last, she is letting us watch the video on You Tube like a normal person. As you can see above, Madonna‘s matador-themed video for Living For Love combines subtle elements from her classic music videos Open Your Heart, Take A Bow, True Blue and Like A Prayer. The soaring pop song crescendos to an anthemic pitch as matador Madonna dances around with a troupe of minotaurs. It’s a great video, I think. Far from revolutionary but entertaining nonetheless. I know that many people did not see this video when it was released yesterday on Snapchat so, now’s your chance to see what Madonna is serving us these days. What do you think? Are you impressed with what you see here?

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Watch: Jimmy Fallon & Will Smith Rapped ‘It Takes Two’ On ‘The Tonight Show’ Last Night

"I'm known to rock the microphone"
"I wanna rock right now"

Jimmy Fallon has been KILLING it on The Tonight Show this week with his homage to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and his BRILLIANT Saved By The Bell cast reunion but last night, he dialed things back a bit with guest Will Smith. Jimmy and Will had themselves a nice little run-of-the-mill interview and then decided to rap a song together. Jimmy pulled out his iPad, then he and Will sampled some beats and then they rapped the song It Takes Two by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock. The results, as you can see above, are nothing short of amazing. Tonight is Jimmy‘s final episode of The Tonight Show here in LA for a while so we’re just going to have to wait and see what he’s got planned for his big finale. Can’t wait.

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Listen: Beyoncé’s ‘Crazy In Love’ Remix From The ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Soundtrack Has Been Released In Full

"You got me lookin' so crazy"

Way back in July of last year we heard a portion of the new remix of Beyoncé‘s Crazy In Love, which was featured in the first trailer for the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. The song will be included on the original motion picture soundtrack for Fifty Shades and today we get to hear the song in full. With mere days to go before Fifty Shades of Grey invades movie theaters, the promo for the movie is reaching a fevered pitch. Click below to hear Bey‘s contribution to the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon and see if you LOVE or DON’T LOVE the sultry, slowed down remix version of her debut solo single Crazy In Love.

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Watch: Kelly Clarkson Releases A Music Video For ‘Heartbeat Song’

Kelly does it again
This is her 'Heartbeat Song'

Last week we got to see the lyric video for Kelly Clarkson‘s new single Heartbeat Song and today we get to see the official music video. The clip is really great as it tells the tale of a few people (male and female, straight and gay) that break up, only to meet new people and fall in love all over again. Kelly is rockin’ a serious Total Eclipse of the Heart look in this video which I can forgive because the clip, overall, is really damn cute. I love the song, I love the video — I really love Kelly Clarkson. Please enjoy!

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Watch: Madonna Shares A Behind The Scenes Video From The Music Video Set Of ‘Living For Love’

"Get ready for the real thing!"

Yesterday, Madonna released a mysterious teaser video for her new single Living For Love, the first from her already leaked in full album Rebel Heart which is still scheduled for official release on March 10. Today, Maddy shares a new promo video for Living For Love … this time, a behind the scenes video from the music video set of Living. I understand the music video is finished and ready for release, possibly this weekend to coincide with her performance of the song at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night. Check out this behind the scenes clip from the Living For Love music video set and see what you think. So mysterious, no?

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Tori Amos Is Releasing Deluxe Versions Of Her Albums ‘Little Earthquakes’ & ‘Under The Pink’

Double CDs with b-sides & rarities / 180-gram Vinyl versions

Amazing news, Tori Amos fans!!! Today we learn officially that Tori is releasing deluxe versions of her legendary first two albums Little Earthquakes and Under the Pink in April each packed with LOTS of really great extras. Both albums will be released on double compact disc, each containing b-side songs, live performances and rarities from each album era. Rabid fans like me have collected these songs individually on import singles and bootlegs over the years but for the first time ever, these songs have been collected together in an official capacity. The albums will also be released in 180-gram vinyl for the first time ever here in the US and, of course, will be available in digital form (which implies that the albums have been remastered as well). AHHH!!! Click below to learn deets about these deluxe versions of Tori‘s albums and hear one of the classic b-side songs that will be included in these deluxe album versions. More »

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Watch: Gwen Stefani Performed A Career-Spanning Medley Of Songs On ‘The Tonight Show’ Last Night

Plus she gave Jimmy Fallon some LA tips
A career-spanning medley of hits

Earlier today we learned that Jimmy Fallon brought The Tonight Show to LA for a string of shows this week and one of his first guests last night was Gwen Stefani. As you can see above, Gwen performed a string of songs that span her solo music career from her most recent single Spark The Fire to her debut solo single What You Waiting For? This performance might be a good indication of what Gwen has planned for her first solo concert which will take place at the Orpheum Theater this Saturday night. After you watch the performance above, click below to watch Gwen‘s interview where she gives Jimmy some tips on what to do while he’s in LA this week. More »

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Watch: Madonna Has Released A Mysterious ‘Living For Love’ Teaser Video

Is this a teaser for her Grammy Awards performance?
"Not gonna stop, Love’s gonna lift me up!"

Earlier today we learned that the final, mastered version of Madonna‘s new album Rebel Heart has leaked online (even after 30+ demo songs were previously leaked) but it appears that Madonna is ignoring the leak … or, at least, is choosing not to address it. Instead, Madonna released a teaser video for her new song Living For Love that appears to either tease her upcoming live performance at the Grammy Awards this weekend or tease the eventual music video — or both. She wrote “Not gonna stop, Love’s gonna lift me up!” Are you #LivingForLove? Stay tuned! as the caption for this video. Album leak or not, it would appear that Madonna is pushing forward with her album release promo plan on her own terms.

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PPL MVR On A School Night

The TV Guide

Yesterday was a mostly quiet day. My place is pretty much a disaster area after my busy weekend. I decided it would be a good idea to put things away, do a bit of laundry and tidy up a bit rather than jump over heaps of stuff I had scattered around my apartment. I deffo like to keep my place lived in but when the piles of stuff become mounds I have to leap over, it’s time to clean. Last night, my good friend Stacey invited me to Bardot in Hollywood to see PPL MVR perform in concert again. We had so much fun together at Overpass last week that I wanted to come out and see the band play again. It was a late show but I managed to get out, have fun and be home at a reasonably reasonable hour. More »

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