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Michael Jackson Will Release A New Album Titled ‘Xscape’ In May


Over the weekend we learned that the late Johnny Cash is releasing a posthumous album this week and has enough unreleased material for for or five more albums to come. Not to be outdone, we learn today that the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, is readying the release of a new posthumous album of his own. This Summer, it will have been 5 years since MJ died … but ahead of that sad anniversary, he will release a new album of previously unreleased material titled Xscape. More »

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The First Unofficial Review Of Tori Amos’s New Album ‘Unrepentant Geraldines’ Hits The Internets [UPDATE]

"The album is even more Americana than Scarlet"

On Friday we got our FIRST LISTEN of Tori Amos‘s new song Trouble’s Lament which is the first single from her forthcoming album Unrepentant Geraldines. But today we learn that a very lucky person has managed to hear the album in full and has shared their initial thoughts on the album with the Internets. The comments come from an anonymous person “in the media” so I guess it’s wise to take this information with a grain of salt. That said, the comments about Tori‘s album sound very interesting. Apparently, Tori‘s daughter Natashya Lórien duets with Tori (again) on the album … which sounds VERY exciting! UPDATE: More unofficial review commentary has come to light which you can read below. More »

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Watch: Hugh Jackman Sings A Whimsical Song From ‘Wolverine: The Musical’

It doesn't matter that 'Wolverine: The Musical' doesn't really exist
Who Am I?

Earlier today we enjoyed a delightful video of Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel performing the duet Confrontation from the Broadway musical Les Misérables on Inside the Actor’s Studio. Right now, we get to watch video of Hugh Jackman performing a different song from Les Misérables but with new lyrics. During a visit to BBC Radio 1, Hugh was asked to sing the song Who Am I? but with lyrics referring to his Wolverine character … and yes, the performance is as good as it sounds. Watch it above and love.

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Johnny Cash’s Son Says There May Be ‘Four Or Five’ More Posthumous Albums On The Way

"There are a few things that are in the works right now"

To promote the release of Johnny Cash‘s newest posthumous album Out Among the Stars (due out next week), son John Carter Cash dished on the fact that there are still “four or five” album’s worth of new material that may be released somewhere down the line. While he stresses that not everything may be released, plans are “in the works” for some of that unreleased material to be released … which makes sense because Out Among the Stars is the fourth album to be released posthumously since Cash‘s death in 2003 (wow, has it been that long?). Read on to learn more about the existence and possible release of lots of more music by the legendary Johnny Cash. More »

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Watch: Neil Patrick Harris & Jason Segel Break Into Song On ‘Inside The Actor’s Studio’

Just a little duet from 'Les Misérables', that's all
Les Miz-azing

During the How I Met Your Mother cast taping of Inside the Actor’s Studio, Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel were asked by an audience member to perform the song Confrontation from the Broadway musical Les Misérables. Without missing a beat, NHP and Jason obliged the request and only delivered what is quite possibly THE best performance of the song ever. Click the video embed above to watch and marvel. Then, click below to see a fun Instagram photo that was shared by NPH‘s main man David Burtka ahead of the first night of previews of Neil‘s new Broadway show Hedwig and the Angry Inch. More »

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Watch: Here Is Video Of Christina Aguilera Making Her Baby Girl Announcement

Xtina had to 'Say Something'
"I have another little one on the way."

Yesterday we learned the happy news that Christina Aguilera is having a baby girl after she broke the news live on stage during a concert performance in Malaysia last night. Today, thanks to a head’s up by PITNB reader Jess, we get to see video of Xtina making her announcement last night. Before she began her live performance of Say Something (a song she recorded in collaboration with Great Big World), a fan handed Xtina a bouquet of flowers for her son Max Liron. She was so touched that a fan would give her a gift for her son that she felt compelled to share the news about her baby girl. This is what she said exactly, “I have another little one on the way, too. Yeah. So, thank you guys. This is her first show. You guys are her first show, basically. So, awesome.” Click the embed above to watch Xtina make her announcement and then launch into a live performance of Say Something. Be warned, tho, the fan who recorded this video goes a little apeshizz whenever Xtina speaks but I think it’s a feeling that all of us stans can appreciate :)

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Watch: Beyoncé Cried An Ugly Cry During The Last Performance Of Her ‘Mrs. Carter Show’ World Tour

It's so hard to say goodbye

Beyoncé ended her year long Mrs. Carter Show World Tour in Lisbon last night after she performed 132 shows and as you can see in the video embedded above, she was experiencing a lot of feelings as she said goodbye to her fans last night. As Bey bid adieu to her hugely successful concert tour, she was overcome to the point where she busted out into an ugly, ugly cry. But, you know, even when Bey ugly cries, she looks utterly fabulous. And, let’s be honest, her ugly cry doesn’t even come close to the way that Claire Danes ugly cries on Homeland so …

Thank you for an amazing tour, Beyoncé! Can’t wait to have you back on the road again in a couple of years :)

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Christina Aguilera Announces That She Is Having A Baby Girl

Bump Watch

Last month Christina Aguilera officially confirmed that she is pregnant with her second child with fiancé Matthew Rutler and today she confirms that she is having a baby girl. Xtina performed in Malaysia tonight and a short time ago announced on stage that she is expecting a girl. Because news travels instantly on social media, word of the sex of Xtina‘s baby made its way to us via Instagram and Twitter. Click below to see photos of Xtina performing on stage in Malaysia tonight and find out how she announced the sex of her currently incubating fetus. More »

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Hilary Duff Has A Record Deal! I Repeat, Hilary Duff Has A Record Deal!!


My friends … my compatriots … today we get bona fide proof that dreams really do come true. You may recall that we first learned back in September that actress/pop star/mom Hilary Duff decided to go back to being a pop star when she started recording sessions for a new album. In December, Hil D. gave us an updated look at her in the recording studio answering our prayers with the recording of each new song. Today … today, my friends … Hilary informs us that she just signed a record deal which means — are you sitting down right now cuz you probably should be sitting down for this news — that Hilary Duff will be releasing her new album SOON! More »

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First Listen: Tori Amos Releases Her New Single ‘Trouble’s Lament’

"Hey Ginger, Danger's loose behind his wheels"
"Trouble needs a home girls, Trouble needs a home."

Yesterday we got our first look at the cover art for Tori Amos‘s new single Trouble’s Lament, the first from her upcoming new album Unrepentant Geraldines which is due out on May 13. Today we FINALLY get to hear new music from Tori! Click the video embedded above to hear Trouble’s Lament in full and get your first taste of this new era of Tori Amos music. After a few listens (well, about 25, actually), I can honestly say that I am in LOVE with this new song. If this single is representative of the whole album, then I think longtime Tori fans are going to be very happy. The song sounds like it would fit in nicely on Tori‘s masterpiece album Scarlett’s Walk. Have a listen above then click below to read a quote from Tori about the inspiration behind Trouble’s Lament. More »

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