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First Listen: Here Is The Kanye West Remix Of Lorde’s ‘Yellow Flicker Beat’ From The ‘Mockingjay’ Soundtrack

This is the rework

Last week Lorde released the music video for her new song Yellow Flicker Beat, which is featured on the motion picture soundtrack for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 — an album that she curated. Today, we get our first listen of the Kanye West remix version of the song. To be completely honest, I am terribly unimpressed with this “rework”ed version of the song because I find the subtlety to be quite boring. The original version of the song is just fine the way it isKanye‘s remix doesn’t really add to the song, nor does it transform it in any interesting way. Still, I’m sure it was a thrill for Lorde to get Yeezus to remix her song for inclusion on this soundtrack so … good for her. Have a listen above, see what you think. Are you impressed with Flicker (Kanye West Rework)?

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First Look: Fergie Ferg Releases A Music Video For ‘L.A. LOVE (La La) (Remix Featuring YG)’

La La La La La
This is the Remix

In late September, Fergie Ferg returned to the music scene with her new single LA Love (La La) which has been released in lyric video form and remix featuring YG form. Today we get to see the just-released music video for LA Love (La La) (Remix Featuring YG) that was shot on the streets of Los Angeles last month. I’m actually very pleased that the video features the remix version of the song because I really dig the slightly different sound from the original single version … as well as YG‘s contributions to the song. Check out the video above and see if you LA Love it.

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Marilyn Manson Will Release A New Album Titled ‘The Pale Emperor’ In January

January 20

Two weeks ago we got our first listen of a new Marilyn Manson song titled Third Day of a Seven Day Binge which, I guessed, would be the first single from a forthcoming — as yet untitled — new album. Today we learn officially that MM is planning the release of said album for the new year. The Pale Emperor is scheduled for release on January 20 and pre-orders are available now. Click below to see the cover art for Emperor and see the album tracklisting. More »

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First Listen: Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars Bring The FUNK With Their New Song ‘Uptown Funk’

Redundant blogpost title is redundant
"I'm too hot"

Mark Ronson has released a new song that is so damn funky you’d think we were still living in the funkadelic 1970s, my friends. Ronson teamed up with crooner Bruno Mars for a new song titled Uptown Funk and as you can hear above, it’s a sick track that would make even his purple majesty Prince jealous that he didn’t create this song. Honestly, funk isn’t my fave genre of music but because Uptown is very reminiscent for me of one of Prince‘s funkier songs, I really like this song a lot. Have a listen above and see what you think. Do you love it?

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Watch: Nicki Minaj Performed ‘Super Bass, ‘Bed Of Lies’ & ‘Anaconda’ At The MTV EMAs Last Night

Yes, 'Bed Of Lies' is a NEW song
A Minaj Medley

Last month we learned that Nicki Minaj was tapped to host the 2014 MTV Europe Music Awards live from Glasgow, Scotland and last night she did her duty as host of the MTV EMAs. Not only did Nicki host the show but she also performed as well. Click the embed above to watch a medley performance that features two of Nicki‘s hit songs — Super Bass and Anaconda — with a brand new track titled Bed Of Lies (featuring Skylar Grey) squeezed in between. The new song sounds interesting, even if the performance last night was mostly Skylar singing and not Nicki rapping. Have a look above if you missed Nicki‘s performance last night … or just want another look.

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First Look: Yahoo! Accidentally Releases Taylor Swift’s New Music Video ‘Blank Space’ Early

Watch the vid before it gets yanked offline
Warning Warning

Taylor Swift was planning to release the music video for her new single Blank Space at a later date, apparently, but Yahoo! accidentally (on purpose?) jumped the gun and released the video early … before it realized it’s mistake and pulled the video off their site … but not before the video was able to be repopulated elsewhere online. The video is out so watch it above while you can. The video was directed by superstar director Joseph Kahn and takes aim at all of the rumors about Taylor that call her hopeless romantic-turned-psychopathic man-eater. It’s a clever video for a great song. Enjoy.

UPDATE: The video has now officially been released, so let’s cut some cake and enjoy the video over and over and over again.

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Surprise! Azealia Banks Pulled A Beyoncé And Just Released Her New Album On iTunes


She did it … she really did it … Azealia Banks has FINALLY released her debut album Broke With Expensive Taste after EONS of delays and excuses. Azealia‘s social network sites went black yesterday which gave us a hint that something was up … then, BAM! She pulled a Beyoncé and released her whole album in full, without any sort of heads up on iTunes. Click below to see how she announced the release of her new album, see the cover art for Broke with Expensive Taste and find out how YOU can download her album in full. More »

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First Look: Lorde Releases A Music Video For ‘Yellow Flicker Beat’

From the soundtrack to 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1'
"This is the start of how it all ends"

In late September, we got our first listen of Lorde‘s new song Yellow Flicker Beat, which is featured on the soundtrack that she curated for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1. With the movie opening in theaters in just a few weeks, the time has come for Lorde to release the music video for the song. Click above to watch the video for Yellow Flicker Beat in full. I, personally, love the song very much and really enjoy this video. Lorde busts out her trademark dance moves, as you can see, and looks stylishly slick. It’s a great video for an amazing song.

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Watch: This Is How Taylor Swift Celebrated 1.2 Million First Week Sales Of Her New Album ’1989′

First week album sales got Taylor Swift like ...
Tay Tay celebrates

Earlier today we learned that Taylor Swift managed to sell 1.2 million copies of her new album 1989 in its first week of release and right now, we get to sew how she celebrated her latest accomplishment. Inspired by the fact that rapper Kendrick Lamar is a fan of her song Shake It Off, Taylor posted a video on her official Instagram profile of her lip-syncing along to Kendrick‘s song BackSeat Freestyle. Says Taylor, “Industry experts predicted 1989 would sell 650k first week. You went and bought 1.287 million albums. AND IT’S GOT ME LIKE”. Celebrate your achievement, girl, you earned it.

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Patty Griffin Blesses LA With A Beautiful Concert Performance

The TV Guide

Last night I attended a concert at The Cathedral Sanctuary at Immanuel Presbyterian in Koreatown that hosted the one and only Patty Griffin. I don’t think I’ve ever talked about Patty on the blog because the last time I saw her in concert was before the blog was even a thing over 10 years ago. Patty and I go waaay back. I found out she was playing a show here in LA and the timing worked out so I knew I had to attend. Because it had been many years since I’d seen her, I am not all that familiar with her most recent music but she put on a performance last night that was so gloriously beautiful, it was as if no time had passed at all. More »

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