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Who Is Nathan Fielder, And How Did He Nab Marion Cotillard For A Christmas Duet???


So, last night my partna-in-babymaking was channel surfing, and as he went past Comedy Central I could have sworn I saw Marion Cotillard. But then I was all like, What would MY Marion be doing on Comedy Central? Apparently, she was doing this! Shouts-out to @TVPam for sending this my way, because OMG Marion Cotillard ...

First Listen: A Snippet Of Madonna’s New Song ‘Rebel Heart’ Has Leaked To The Internets


A few hours ago, a Thanksgiving miracle happened when a low quality snippet of new MADONNA music leaked its way to the Internets, giving us our first listen of Maddy's new song Rebel Heart. For months now, Madonna has been teasing Rebel Heart on her social media accounts with the hashtag #rebelheart and at ...