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First Look: Details About Britney Spears’s Las Vegas Residency Leak To The Internets

Check out the Stage Rendering photos below

Over the weekend, the new single Work Bitch by our dear Britney Spears leaked to the Internets which resulted in the early official release of the song radio and then to iTunes. Today we have a new Britney leak to consider. Britney, as you should be well aware, is due to appear on Good Morning America tomorrow to presumably announce her forthcoming concert residency in Las Vegas, NV but today TMZ has a few reported deets about that announcement. As you can see below, TMZ is delivering information about Britney‘s LV shows including our first look at what her performance stage will look like. Britney will, I believe, offer LOTS of official information about her shows tomorrow … but today, we get to learn a tiny bit about those shows early. More »

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Watch: Beyoncé Gets Yanked Off Stage By A Fan During A Performance In Brazil

That-Ish-Cray Of The Day
These Super-fans Are Getting Outta Control...

OMGeee. You know how it is when you read a headline like this, and you’re all like Whatever. It probably wasn’t that dramatic. LMAO! Au contraire! Beyoncé was performing during her Mrs. Carter Show in São Paulo, Brazil last night and ish got outta control. While singing Irreplaceable, an overzealous fan lit’rally tried to snatch the Queen Bey off the damn stage! And you know Beyweave-snatchers can’t stop her! Whole body-snatchers can’t stop her! Not only did she keep singing, she even approached the guy afterwards and introduced herself, saying, ‘It’s alright, it’s alright… Nice to meet you. Thank you, I love you, too.” Yo. That’s real class y’all. ‘Cause if that’d have been ME?! Helllll nawl, LOL! I love it. Peep the video for more!

BONUS: Click below to see all you need to see about this Bey-snatching incident in one animated gif. More »

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First Listen: Britney Spears Officially Releases Her New Single ‘Work Bitch’

"Here comes the smasher / Here comes the master"

After the single leaked online earlier today, Team Britney Spears decided to push forward the official release of her new single Work Bitch. The radio edit of the song premiered on the radio at 12PM PT / 3PM ET today … and can OFFICIALLY be listened to IN FULL in the embed above. Please enjoy as best you can … the word Bitch has been completely edited out of this version :/ BUT you can listen to the FULL uncensored version of Work Bitch below :) More »

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Britney Spears’s New Single ‘Work Bitch’ Has Leaked . . . And It’s A CLUB KILLER [UPDATE]

"Watch out now / 'Cause here it comes"

Our PRAYERS to Godney have been answered because last night Britney Spears‘s new single Work Bitch leaked to the Internets for our unauthorized listening pleasure. I have to send out LOTS OF LURVE to PITNB readers Jimmy, William and Heather for giving me the heads up on this blessed event. Honestly, I can’t even share the song with y’all because as soon as it appears in some form online, it gets yanked offline … but the song will be officially released tomorrow (tho, it’s possible Brit‘s people might go a head and release the single today due to the leak). That being said, since the song has leaked … then the lyrics have been made available to all. Click below to read the lyrics to Britney‘s Work Bitch and get a sense of what this SMASHING club banger sounds like. More »

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Watch: Lady Gaga Performs ‘Applause’ For ‘V’ Magazine’s New York Fashion Week Party

Video 2.0
Live for 'V' Magazine

Last month Lady Gaga released the music video for her current single Applause and today she gives us another video for the song. Gaga, as you may know, featured on the cover of V magazine last month … as a result, she was the featured performer at V‘s party during New York Fashion Week and footage from that performance has been turned into a new music video for the song. Click the embed above to watch the video and see cameo appearances by Lindsay Lohan, Terry Richardson, Yoko Ono and more. Honestly, I like this music video much more than the official video for the song. Give it a look, see what you think.

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Kanye West Officially Charged In Paparazzi Attack

He Faces Up To 1 Year In Jail
Kanye West spotted arriving back at his NYC apartment

This has been a strange time in the land of Kanye West. The new father to a beautiful baby girl, one of my favorite rappers has been some weird ish lately. From talk show appearances, to collaborations with Miley Cyrus, I can’t quite get my head around some of his moves, but I’m hoping he’s still… well… my Kanye. A little while back we learned that Yeezy would not be charged with a felony for an altercation with a photographer at LAX. However, we are now learning that he will be hit with misdemeanor charges of criminal battery and attempted grand theft. Le sigh. Click inside for more.
More »

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First Listen: Justin Bieber & Tyga’s New Song ‘Wait For A Minute’ Hits The Internets

New Music from The Biebs
"Just tryin' to set the mood right"

A new song by Justin Bieber featuring Tyga has hit the Interwebs ahead of its official release on DJ Tay James‘s upcoming mixtape. This new song, titled Wait for a Minute, surfaced online a few days ago but that version is basically unlistenable due to poor quality. The version of the song featured in the embed above is crystal clear and uncut. I hate to admit it but the song … isn’t half bad. Take a listen, see what you think. Does hearing this new song make you more likely to entertain other new Justin Bieber music in the future?

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Watch: Miley Cyrus’s Music Video ‘Wrecking Ball’ Gets A Creepy Nicholas Cage Facelift

The Scariest Thing you'll see all day
Um, What?!

This past Monday popstar Miley Cyrus released a music video for her pop ballad single Wrecking Ball and has since garnered more than 73 million views on You Tube. Yesterday, a new version of the video made its way to the Internets but this vid replaces Miley‘s face with that of actor Nicholas Cage. Yes, it’s as frightening as that sounds. This version of the music video, Wrecking Ball (Nicholas Cage Edition), is much shorter than Miley‘s music video but, trust me, it’s worth watching … for the nightmares alone. Click the embed above and … enjoy?

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Watch: ‘Good Morning America’ Releases A Britney Spears Promo Video

Plus Popjustice has Heard 'Work Bitch' and is spilling deets!!
"Her Electrifying New Career Move"

This coming Tuesday morning, our dear Britney Spears will appear on Good Morning America to presumably announce her much-anticipated Las Vegas residency of concert performances (hopefully with a live performance on the show) and to promote Britney‘s appearance, GMA has released a promo video teasing Tuesday’s episode. You can watch the clip in full in the video embed above.

In other news, the blogger at Popjustice has heard Britney‘s new single Work Bitch (which will officially be released on Monday at 3PM PT / 6PM ET) and is dishing some deets about the song on Twitter. Click below to read some tweets about Britney‘s new single Work Bitch. More »

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First Listen: New Zealand Pop Star Lorde Releases A New Song Titled, ‘Team’

Okay. She Is Just The Dopest.
'We live in cities you'll never see on screen'

Back in June I had the pleasure of finding out about a New Zealand pop singer who’s just now getting some serious buzz in the States. Lorde is the shizz, and if you don’t know, well. Now ya know. Her single Royals was one of the first tracks that I heard (it’s totally blowing up now) and today we have some new dopeness! Team is Lorde‘s official new single, and you can check out the audio above. I’m loving the sound, I’m loving the lyrics, and I’m completely sold on this chic. Also, check out her interview with Billboard Magazine for more!

P.S. Did I mention that Lorde covered Kanye West‘s Hold My Liquor? Okay, because yeah. She reigns.


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