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First Listen: Katy Perry Releases A Remix Of ‘Dark Horse’ Featuring Pitbull

No Juicy, All Bull
Katy teams up with Mr. Worldwide

Earlier today we saw CUTE video of Vin Diesel dancing his buns off in the privacy of his own home to Katy Perry‘s new single Dark Horse and right now, we get to hear a newly released remix of the track that features none other than Mr. Worldwide himself, Pitbull. Pitbull, as you may know, has famously collaborated with Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera … even our dear Britney Spears … so I guess it is Katy‘s turn to get the same treatment. Personally, I prefer the original version of the song with Juicy J on guest vocals but I’m sure there’s a market for this remix of the song … somewhere … probably at a gentlemen’s club in Miami. Dale!

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Mötley Crüe Annouces Retirement

Peace the Spork Out

Hair Metal legends Mötley Crüe are announcing today that after 33 years together, they are retiring from the biz. The Crüe announced earlier today on their official website that they would be making the “biggest announcement of their career” today and shortly before they were due to make the news official, TMZ learned that the announcement would be about the band’s retirement. I guess the rock n’ roll party is really over for these denizens of the Sunset Strip. Click below to learn more about the end of Mötley Crüe and see the photographic proof that has surfaced regarding the “death” of the band. More »

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Watch: Vin Diesel Joyfully Dances In His Home To Music By Katy Perry & Beyoncé

"You know I love music…"

Actor Vin Diesel got some good news yesterday from his movie studio and so, to celebrate, he uploaded a video to his official Facebook profile that shows the world just how happy he was … and how much he LOVES music. The video starts simply enough with Vin singing and dancing along to Katy Perry‘s new single Dark Horse and then he explains to his fans that his movie Riddick just became the #1 DVD in the country. As a result, his movie studio wants to make another film. CLEARLY this was the news that put Diesel in such a good mood that he couldn’t contain his dancing feet. I’m telling you, this video is amazing. Click below to watch it in full. More »

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Madonna Will Perform With Miley Cyrus On ‘Unplugged’

Last week we learned that Miley Cyrus will feature in her very own episode of Unplugged on MTV and today we learn that she will be performing with a very special guest star — the one, the only Madonna. As you may have noticed, Miley was absent from the Grammy Awards Sunday night so her fans should be chomping at the bit to watch her perform on Unplugged this week. Miley‘s episode of Unplugged was rehearsed yesterday, will be filmed at the Gower Studios today and will air on MTV tomorrow night. According to a report from E! News‘s Marc Malkin, Madonna was spotted on the Unplugged set during rehearsals with Miley yesterday. HMMM. More »

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Watch: Kylie Minogue Releases A Lyric Video For ‘Into The Blue’

Official Single Release Day
"I'm still here holding on so tight"

Early last week we got our first listen of Kylie Minogue‘s new single Into The Blue, the first from her forthcoming new album Kiss Me Once which is due out in March. Today, on the official single release day, Kylie gives us the lyric video for the track. Unlike some artists who tend to not appear in their lyric videos, Kylie has made it a very good habit of showing up and appearing in her lyric videos … which gives fans a little more of their fave artist. We are still waiting for the release of the music video for Into The Blue but, for now, we get this great lyric video to tide us over. The more I listen to this song, the more I love it. If this is a sign of what’s to come, then I think Kiss Me Once is going to be a stellar release from the fabulous Lady Min.

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Listen: Chvrches Covers ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’ By Bauhaus For The ‘Vampire Academy’ Soundtrack

Not Quite Undead, Undead, Undead

Next week the motion picture soundtrack of the big screen adaptation of the book series Vampire Academy will be released in stores but today we get to hear in full one of the songs that is featured on the album. Scottish trio Chvrches have recorded a cover of the Bauhaus classic Bela Lugosi’s Dead for the soundtrack to Vampire Academy and have released the song for our listening pleasure today. I am a HUGE fan of the original version of the song, as a long-time Bauhaus fan, and I am big fan of Chvrches. So how does a mash-up of the classic goth song sung by a new electro/pop trio sound? Click below and hear for yourselves. More »

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Watch: Trent Reznor Blasts The Grammy Awards After The Nine Inch Nails Finale Performance Was Cut-Off

"Music's biggest night..."

Early last week we learned that Nine Inch Nails would be joined by Queens of the Stone Age, Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters and Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac for a live performance at the 56th Grammy Awards and last night that performance went off … with one big hitch. This NIN supergroup performance was slated to be the finale for the 3+ hour long awards show and as a result, was cut-off prematurely due to, what I’m assuming were, broadcast advertising commitments. Most of the performance was aired in full but, from what I understand, the show was running over by 15 minutes and the end of the performance was cut-off by advertising and then time commitments. Click the embed above to watch the performance as it aired on TV last night then click below to read Trent Reznor‘s reaction to being cut-off by the Grammy Awards Powers That Be. More »

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Watch: Okay, Here Are Some Other Performances From The 56th Annual Grammy Awards

Beyoncé And Jay Z Opened With 'Drunk In Love'

While I still maintain that there’s only one Grammy performance you really, really need to see, I have to admit that I had a great time watching the other artists take the stage as well. In addition to Imagine Dragons & Kendrick Lamar, Beyoncé and Jay Z performed (opening the show with their insanely sexy track, Drunk In Love), as did Lorde, Katy Perry, John Legend, and many more. Peep the video above for Bey and Jay (was she really lip-synching?) and click inside for more!
More »

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Watch/Listen: Lana Del Rey Performs An Eerie Version Of ‘Once Upon A Dream’ In The New Trailer For ‘Maleficent’

Download the song for FREE!
'Once Upon A Dream'

Earlier this month, Disney released a teaser trailer for their upcoming live action film Maleficent and last night during the Grammy Awards, they released another new trailer for the film. In addition to featuring a lot of new film footage, this new trailer also features Lana Del Rey‘s cover of the classic song Once Upon a Dream from the Disney animated feature Sleeping Beauty. As you can hear in the video embedded above, LDR‘s version of Once Upon a Dream is pretty damn creepy. The song will be released on the soundtrack to Maleficent but you can download the song right now for FREE HERE for a limited time only. This is the stuff nightmares are made of, please enjoy accordingly.

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Live Stream: Watch The Grammy Awards Red Carpet LIVE On Pink Is The New Blog!

Here we go
Watch it LIVE

MTV is broadcasting LIVE from the red carpet of the 56th annual Grammy Awards today and by clicking the embed above, you can watch along right here, right now. The red carpet is a great way to get a first look at all of the fashions that will be making their way into the Staples Center for the Grammy Awards this year. It’s Grammy time! Let’s do this!!

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