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Britney Spears’s New Album ‘Britney Jean’ Is Now Streaming In Full


We are just about a week away from the release of Britney Spears‘s 8th album Britney Jean and to get fans excited for the album’s release next Tuesday, she is streaming her album IN FULL right now. The iTunes page for Britney Jean has been updated with the album stream so everything else that you had planned for the day has now been invalidated. Next week, we get to own Britney Jean. Starting right now, we get to listen to the album over and over and over to our heart’s content. More »

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Watch: James Franco & Seth Rogen Brilliantly Spoof Kanye West’s ‘Bound 2′ Music Video

Perfect Music Video is PERFECT

Actors James Franco and Seth Rogen have been busy filming a new movie together called The Interview and in between filming takes, they decided to make a scene-by-scene spoof of Kanye West‘s new music video for his single Bound 2. As you may recall, when Kanye debuted his Bound 2 video on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last week, it caused quite a bit of discussion among folks here on the blog. Now, it would appear that James and Seth are going after a bit of that attention themselves. Folks, this video, titled Bound 3, is funny as Hell! Check out the embed above and enjoy … ‘cuz trust me, you will enjoy. Love to PITNB readers Terry and kmw9260 for giving me the head’s up about this video.

I can’t WAIT to hear what Kanye West will have to say in response.

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Watch: Rihanna Receives The First Ever ‘Icon Award’ At The 2013 American Music Awards

50 Million Albums Sold = Iconic
The First Ever

Rihanna was selected as the first ever recipient of the inaugural Icon Award at the American Music Awards last night and while I would agree that her accomplishments have been hugely impressive considering the short length of her career, it seems a bit silly for an awards show that continually attempts to distinguish itself as a “serious awards show” to give the first award of this magnitude to a 25 year old. The video embedded above features Rihanna‘s performance and award presentation at the AMAs last night … give it a look and then click below because I have a few thoughts about this portion of the American Music Awards. More »

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First Listen: Jamie Lynn Spears Releases A Country Single Titled ‘How Could I Want More’

Her Debut Single

In June of 2012 we saw video of Britney Spears‘s younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears performing a new song that she had recorded now that she is living in Nashville, TN. At the time, we heard that Jamie Lynn was testing out her new music at tiny shows around Nashville as she worked on putting together a full album of songs. Last night, seemingly out of the blue, JL released a new single titled How Could I Want More for our listening pleasure. This is Jamie Lynn‘s first official single ever as a solo artist and as you can hear below, it’s a very strong first effort. Even tho I am not a big fan of Country music, there are a few Country artists and songs that I enjoy and I can really appreciate Jamie Lynn‘s new single. Have a listen, judge for yourselves. More »

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Watch: Miley Cyrus Performs With An Animated Cat At The 2013 American Music Awards

Brought to you by Tumblr

Miley Cyrus closed out the 2013 American Music Awards last night with a performance of her hugely successful ballad Wrecking Ball. As such, fans and critics were anxiously awaiting Miley‘s appearance on stage to cheer on/critique whatever performance she had cooked up for the event. Very smartly, Miley decided not to go for an over-the-top performance, choosing instead to deliver a rendition of the song that was fairly straightforward (even down to the 1000% completely fake attempt at crying near the end of the song). There was no twerking, Miley‘s tongue stayed in her mouth, all was good. The highlight of Miley‘s performance, tho, was the projection of a huge, extremely cute animated cat lip-syncing the lyrics along with her while she performed. Cats = the Internet … and Miley understands her target audience. Click the embed above to watch Miley (and her kitteh) perform Wrecking Ball at the AMAs last night and see what the influence of animated cat gifs on the Internets has brought to bear. Then click below to see a really supercute animated gif of Miley‘s cat looking so adorable that you will cry. More »

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Watch: Ariana Grande Delivers A Stunning Performance Of ‘Tattooed Heart’ At The 2013 American Music Awards

Jessica Rabbit in the Flesh

The 2013 American Music Awards is Ariana Grande‘s first AMAs appearance and she managed to, Oh I dunno, ONLY SLAY THE ENTIRE PLACE IN THE SPAN OF JUST A FEW MINUTES OF HER ANGELIC SINGING. In a sequined figure-hugging red dress very reminiscent of the sexy number that Jessica Rabbit wore in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Ariana blessed us with a live performance of her song Tattooed Heart and immediately made people weep with tears of joy all around the globe. I’m really taken with how much I love Ariana the more I hear her. Click below to watch Ariana perform Tattooed Heart on the AMAs tonight and TRY to keep from crying your eyeballs out. Be warned, the video below autoplays. More »

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Tori Amos Announces The Release Of A New Album & 2014 Tour

'Unrepentant Geraldines'

Now that Tori Amos and her theater team have successfully launched her first musical stage production The Light Princess on the London West End stage this year, it looks like Tori is gearing up to get back on the road for a new concert tour. The eagle-eyed folks at the Tori Amos fansite Undented have gathered together information about concert ticket sales that are popping up for shows all around Europe next year. Nothing has been officially confirmed and we don’t know yet if this rumored tour will come to be but according to one of these ticket sales sites, the tour has already been named (and the new album titled possibly revealed?). HMMM. Click below to read some of the information gathered together and reported by Undented and get excited, folks. We may be blessed with a new Tori Amos music and tour in 2014. UPDATED WITH OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION INFORMATION!! More »

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Listen: Beyoncé Releases The Full Version Her Ode To Blue Ivy, ‘God Made You Beautiful’

From Her HBO Documentary, 'Life is But a Dream'
'You bring me back to life, back to life'

It’s been a while since we heard new music from Beyoncé, as she’s been quite busy with the Mrs. Carter Show world tour (which has already grossed $104 million so far). Last night she released the full version (we heard a snippet a while back) of the new track from her Life Is But a Dream HBO documentary titled God Made You Beautiful. The song is an ode to her daughter Blue Ivy, and so it has a sort of lullaby-ish quality to it. It’s a sweet song… and definitely appropriate for the blessed Blue. Peep the audio above for more! And you can check out the lyrics to God Made You Beautiful over at DirectLyrics. Are you into it?


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Those Outkast Reunion Rumors Have REPORTEDLY Been Confirmed

Find out what Sleepy Brown has to say

A couple of days ago a rumor started going around that Outkast might headline the 2014 Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival next spring but at the time, it was all just talk. Today we are hearing “confirmation” that Outkast is not only reuniting for a tour next year but also that they will, supposedly, headline Coachella. Thus far, I’ve yet to see anything directly from Outkast members André 3000 or Big Boi but there are other sources who claim to be confirming the rumor. Read on to learn who is saying what about the return of Outkast. More »

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Watch: Purdue’s Gymnastics Team Shows Us All How Lip Dub Music Videos Are Done Right

Bless You Boys
Bendy Is Better

The video embedded above features a viral vid that has been making the rounds today and after I watched and rewatched the clip about 24,000 times, I thought it prudent to share the goods with all y’all. The video features the Purdue University Gymnastics Team in a lip dub music video for the song Tidal Wave by Sub Focus (a song I never heard before today). As you can see in the clip above, the members of the Purdue Gymnastics Team are extremely bendy … and oftentimes shirtless (especially the guy in the blue shorts). Check out the video above and see what you think (if it helps you can watch the video on mute). If you don’t have time to watch the whole video now, you can click below to see the video’s best scene in animated gif form. Please enjoy. More »

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