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Miguel Will Perform On An Upcoming Episode Of ‘Saturday Night Live’

It's Grown Folk's Time On 'SNL'
Extra Celebs

Saturday Night Live is not playing around with their musical guests this year! We just saw Justin Timberlake take over last weekend, and Justin Bieber, Alabama Shakes, and Kendrick Lamar have all touched the stage this year. Now, Grammy Award-winning singer Miguel is next in line and I can’t wait! Click inside for more!
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Trent Reznor Says Nine Inch Nails Will Perform TWO NEW SONGS On Tour This Year

BUT, There's No New Album ... Just Yet

Last month we learned the VERY EXCITING NEWS that Nine Inch Nails is reforming for a new world tour that will take place later this year and into next year. At the time of the announcement, NIN mastermind Trent Reznor didn’t offer many details … today, we tells us a bit more. In a new interview, Reznor reveals that the bulk of NIN songs to be performed on the tour will be their already released classic songs … PLUS “a couple of new tracks” that were intended for a NIN greatest hits album (that was supposed to be released this year but has been pushed back to next year). Altho Reznor says there are no plans for a new NIN album (yet), we can look forward to hearing a couple of new songs when NIN hits the road later this year. More »

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Watch: ‘Glee’ Puts Its Spin On Paula Abdul’s ‘Cold Hearted’

But Where's the Sexy?
An Homage to Paula Abdul's Homage to 'All That Jazz'

Tomorrow night Glee will pay homage to Paula Abdul‘s 1989 music video Cold Hearted which is, in turn, a tribute to the famed Bob Fosse film All That Jazz. Those of you who remember Paula‘s video may recall how racy it was at the time for MTV (if memory serves, the video was relegated to airing after dark so as no to “offend” sensitive eyes in the daytime) but was nowhere as racy as the scene is is based on in All That Jazz. This version of Cold Hearted, done Glee style, isn’t racy at all. In fact, it’s kinda boring … even tho actress Naya Rivera is a phenomenal performer. Meh. I’ve long since given up on Glee … but I got mad love for Paula Abdul and her song Cold Hearted so I present the video above for your entertainment. If you so desire, you can click below and watch the original Cold Hearted music video by Paula Abdul and Take Off with Us performance from All That Jazz. More »

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Watch: Justin Timberlake Performs ‘Mirrors’ On ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’

Plus, Hear 'SexyBack' in Barbershop Quartet Form
"I'm lookin' right at the other half of me"

Justin Timberlake returned to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night to perform on night two of his weeklong residency on the show. On Monday night, JT performed his new song Pusher Love Girl … last night he performed his new song Mirrors, which you can watch in full above. Mirrors has become my fave song on his new album The 20/20 Experience (which is streaming in full on iTunes now) so I’m glad it was performed last night. Additionally, JT‘s monster hit song SexyBack was performed as well … by a Barbershop Quartet of performers that included Timberlake and host Jimmy Fallon. Click below to watch that fun performance in full. More »

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First Look: Taylor Swift Releases A Music Video For Her New Single ’22′

Shot in Instagram, It Appears
"A Perfect Night to Dress Up Like Hipsters"

Taylor Swift appears to have put the drama behind her and has decided to get back to the business of releasing new music and new music videos. Earlier today, Taylor debuted the music video for her new single 22 on Good Morning America … which you can watch in full above. As you can see the video appears to have been shot entirely using Instagram-like filters … which is apropos, I think, considering how hipster-driven the clip appears to be (fake glasses and all). For me, this isn’t one of Taylor‘s better singles but I’m certain Swift fans will be satisfied. What do y’all think? Do you like?

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Music Video: Kelly Rowland Releases A Music Video For ‘Kisses Down Low’

"I love it when we misbehave"
"Boy You Turn Me On, Got Me Feeling Hot"

Back in January we got our first listen of Kelly Rowland‘s new single Kisses Down Low, a song that Shannon has labeled hella naughty, and today we get to see the music video for the track. Considering the subject matter of the song’s lyrics, you might expect the music video to be X rated … but not so. In the clip, Kelly looks hella cute as she sings about her love of … um, Kisses Down Low. Check out the very SFW music video above … but you may need to turn the music down a bit because the lyrics to the song are kinda NSFW. Enjoy!

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Watch: Justin Timberlake Performs ‘Pusher Love Girl’ On ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’

JT Kicks off A Week Long Residency with Jimmy
"Hey Little Mama"

Yesterday we learned that the standard version of Justin Timberlake‘s new album The 20/20 Experience is streaming in full on iTunes but I’m here to tell you that the new music from JT has only just begun. Last night, Justin performed on night one of his week long residency on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Not only did Justin perform his new song Pusher Love Girl, which you can watch in full above, but he also sat down to talk with Jimmy about his new album, which you can watch below. JT will appear on Late Night every night this week so settle in and get ready for an onslaught of live performances. Check out the videos above and below to partake of the Timberlakeness. Enjoy! More »

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Listen: Justin Timberlake’s Album ‘The 20/20 Experience’ Is Now Streaming IN FULL

Standard Edition

The standard edition of Justin Timberlake‘s new album The 20/20 Experience is streaming in full right now on iTunes. To hear the entire 10-track album, you must have iTunes installed on your computer. If you simply cannot wait for the full deluxe album to be released for sale next week, you can click HERE to preview in full the standard version of the album which includes the singles Suit & Tie and Mirrors as well as other album tracks Pusher Love Girl, Don’t Hold the Wall, Strawberry Bubblegum, Tunnel Vision, Spaceship Coupe, That Girl, Let the Groove Get In and Blue Ocean Floor. I know many of you have been dying to hear new music from JT so … have at it!

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First Listen: Azealia Banks Releases Her New Single ‘Yung Rapunxel’

"Who’s Cooler Than This Witch?"

Last week we got our first look at the cover art for Azealia Banks‘s new single Yung Rapunxel, which is the first from her upcoming debut album Broke With Expensive Taste (due out later this year … sometime … I think). Today we get to hear the track in full. Azealia released the single on her official Twitter profile earlier today giving us a taste of what’s to come when she finally releases her first full-length album. Miss Banks has been generating a lot of buzz with the singles and mixtapes she’s been releasing herself over the past couple of years (and has garnered attention for the Internet antics and social media feuds she’s gotten mixed up in) but this is our first taste of what her serious music career may sound like. Click below, take a listen. More »

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Justin Bieber Cancels His Concert In Portugal

Maybe He's Making Time For A Nap?
Justin Bieber leaves private residence at 4am after performance at 02 Arena

As we all know, it ain’t easy growing up Bieber. In the past week or so, Justin Bieber has been exhibiting the early signs of a possible teen pop star meltdown. Either that, or he just needs a nap. He recently got into an almost physical altercation with a paparazzo, he got in big trouble for starting his London concert late, and he ended up in the hospital after collapsing onstage during another concert. Now we’re learning that he’s cancelled one of his two upcoming performances in Portugal. Click inside to learn more.
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