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#ThrowbackThursday: 12 Songs That Should Never, Ever Be Remade

Britney, Whitney, Kelis & more!

A little while back there was a report buzzing around that Ariana Grande and Jessie J were preparing to remake Brandy and Monica‘s 1998 hit The Boy is Mine. Thankfully, this is no longer happening. PITNB Intern Iris decided to create an official list of other songs that should never, ever be remade. Ever. Singers, artists—we get it. You love a song, and you wanna show the world how much you love it, so you do a remake. Producers and managers knwo everyone will want to listen—either to hate it, or fall in love with it. But no. No! Some tracks really are sacred and exist solely that we may enjoy them as they are. For these 12 songs, tributes are fine—remakes are unnecessary, and blasphemous. So spaketh Iris. Click inside for more!

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First Listen: DJ Earworm Releases ‘United State Of Pop 2014 (Do What You Wanna Do)’

It's that time again
The Year in Pop

Each year, DJ Earworm releases a compilation mash-up music video titled United State of Pop that complies his selection of the year’s greatest pop hits and today we get our first listen/first look at his 2014 song. This year’s compilation is titled Do What You Wanna Do and it turned out pretty sweet, I think. Have a listen above and let’s remember all the great pop hits from 2014.

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Watch: Straight No Chaser & Kirsten Bell Release A Music Video For Their Holiday Song ‘Text Me Merry Christmas’

Don't Call, Just Txt
Now with kinda creepy animation

Last month we got to check out a clever lyric video for a new holiday song by Straight No Chaser titled Text Me Merry Christmas that features Kristen Bell on guest vocals. Today we get to see the just-released official music video for the song. HMMM. As you can see above, the official music video features stop-motion animation of a creepy dollwoman who, I think, is supposed to look like a scary Kristen Bell. Personally, I prefer the lyric video we saw last month over this official music video but … in either case, the song is still fun. Have a look, please enjoy.

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Watch: Beyoncé’s ’7/11′ Music Video Has Been Remade By A Group Of Shirtless Guys

The music video we deserve
Spinnin' with my Hands up

After a group of friends got snowed in over the Thanksgiving weekend, the BFFs decided to pass the time by remaking Beyoncé‘s music video for 7/11 … and the result is priceless. If you loved Bey‘s video for 7/11, I have a feeling that you are going to REALLY LOVE this shirtless guys version of the video. Please enjoy.

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First Look: Gwen Stefani Releases A Music Video For ‘Spark The Fire’

"Who got the lighter?"

Back in October we got our first taste of Gwen Stefani‘s new single Spark The Fire, in November we got to hear the song in full … today, we get to see the just-released music video. Spark The Fire is Gwen‘s latest collaboration with longtime producer and friend Pharrell Williams and as you can see in the embed above, it calls for a crazycute music video. Fans of Gwen‘s earlier solo material may recognize that this new song sounds a bit like her song Yummy and the animated emojis hearken back to her What You Waiting For? days. I think the song is pretty OK and the vid is fun but … I really want more from Gwen Stefani. News songs that only remind me of old songs aren’t really all that exciting. Hmm.

BUT, if you can’t get enough of Spark The Fire, click below to watch Gwen and Pharrell perform the song live on The Voice last night. More »

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Watch: Kelly Clarkson Releases A Music Video For Her Xmas Song ‘Wrapped In Red’

The holiday gift that keeps on giving
It's a 'Wrap'

Last year, Kelly Clarkson released her first Xmas album titled Wrapped In Red and, as you may recall, she also released a music video for her single Under The Tree. Today we learn that Kelly has just released a music video for the album’s title track Wrapped In Red. The video, which you can see above, marries old home movies footage with footage of Kelly today … being a resplendent new mom and stuff. Kelly‘s Wrapped In Red album is the gift that keeps on giving, as is evident with this new video from a year’s old album :D

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Listen: Mariah Carey Celebrates The 20th Anniversary Of Her Xmas Album ‘Merry Christmas’ With A Voice Message For Fans


Mariah Carey and all her Lambs all around the world are celebrating the release of her absolutely iconic Xmas album Merry Christmas which was released back in 1994. In honor of the milestone, Mimi recorded and released an audio message to her fans which you can hear in full below. Mariah used to post audio messages to fans on her official website back before the existence of social media so this new message is an homage to the good ol’ days. Click below to hear her message and have another look at the classic music video for her legendary Xmas single All I Want For Christmas Is You. More »

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Watch: Diplo & Skrillex’s New Side Project Jack Ü Has Released A Music Video For ‘Take Ü There (Featuring Kiesza)’

2 EDM Powerhouses In 1
Diplo + Skrillex = Jack Ü

EDM superstar Diplo has taken time out of working with Madonna and feuding with Taylor Swift and Lorde to team up with fellow EDM superstar Skrillex to create a new side project called Jack Ü. Today we learn that Jack Ü has teamed up with singer Kiesza for a new song, complete with just-released music video, titled Take Ü There. So, if you’ve ever wondered what would happen if Diplo and Skrillex teamed up to make music together, this video is for you. Enjoy.

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First Look: Eminem Releases A Music Video For His New Single ‘Guts Over Fear (Featuring Sia)’

"So here I am and I will not run / Guts over fear (the time is near)"
It's too late to start over / This is the only thing I know

Back in August we got our first listen of Eminem‘s new song Guts Over Fear, which features Sia on guest vocals, and today we get to check out the just-released music video for the track. Filmed in Detroit, MI, the video for Guts Over Fear tells the inspirational story of a down on his luck boxer hoping to fight his way to the top. I, personally, love seeing how much of Detroit is featured in the video so this is one of Em‘s better videos, I think. Have a look above and feast your eyes on Guts Over Fear.

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First Look: Beyoncé Releases A Music Video For ’7/11′

"Smack it, Smack it, In the Air"

Earlier today we got to hear Beyoncé‘s new songs 7/11 and Ring Off which will be available on her new album Beyoncé Platinum Edition Box Set, due out next week. Right now, we get to see the *just-released* music video for 7/11. As you can see above, the clip has a fun homemade feel to it. No bells, no whistles … just Beyoncé being perfect. I love this track. I love this video even more. Enjoy.

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