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First Listen: Here Is Zayn Malik’s First Solo Song Since He Left One Direction Last Week

Naughty Boy released the song after he got into a Twitter beef with Louis from 1D
"Let the music do the talking guys."

SOOOO … remember how Zayn Malik decided to quit as a member of One Direction last week due to a litany of excuses? Well, today we learn the real reason he decided to go in his own direction … because he wants to become a solo artist, apparently. After producer Shahid Naughty Boy Khan, who we now know is working on solo material with Zayn, got into an odd Twitter beef with One Direction member Louis Tomlinson yesterday after Louis felt Naughty was bragging about working on solo music with Zayn, he went ahead and released a demo version of a Zayn solo track titled I Won’t Mind for all the world to hear. I’ve given the song a couple of listens and A.) it doesn’t sound to me at all like Zayn Malik (tho, I must admit, I don’t really know what he sounds like without 1D) and B.) I don’t really care for the slower, more “soulful” sound that Zayn is trying to go for. HMMM. Click above to hear Zayn‘s solo track I Won’t Mind for yourselves (for as long as the song remains on You Tube) and then click below to read the Twitter beef exchange that took place yesterday between Louis and Naughty Boy which resulted in the release of this song. More »

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Watch: Rihanna Performed ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ At The iHeartRadio Awards Last Night

Live Debut

Earlier today we focused on Rihanna‘s curious decision to channel Lil’ Kim at the iHeartRadio Music Awards last night and right now, we get to see Ri Ri in action on the performance stage debuting her new single Bitch Better Have My Money LIVE for the first time ever. I like the song, I liked it from the first time I heard it last week so … I’m still digging the track. I’m not sure I’m all that crazy with Rihanna‘s green overload look but she sang the Hell out of that song last night. Click above to hear BBHMM live. Do you love it or what?

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One Direction Performed Their First Concert Since Zayn Malik Quit The Group And The World Didn’t Come To An End

Zayn-less and Painless

Just a few days after Zayn Malik broke the hearts of One Direction fans around the world with his announcement that he was leaving the group, the remaining members of 1D performed their first concert sans Zayn in Johannesburg, South Africa over the weekend and wonder of wonders — the world didn’t come to a crashing end. In the days following Zayn‘s departure from the group, there was a lot of exaggerated weeping and such but Saturday night’s show in Johannesburg proved that One Direction can carry on just fine as a four member group. Click below to see a photo and video of the smaller version of 1D doing what they do in concert in South Africa. More »

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Watch: Madonna Teamed Up With Taylor Swift To Perform ‘Ghosttown’ At The iHeartRadio Music Awards

*ugly cries forever* - Taylor Swift
Madge & her "new favorite guitar player"

A new BFFship was born right before our eyes on the iHeart Radio Music Awards stage last night when Madonna and Taylor Swift teamed up to perform Maddy‘s new single Ghosttown together. It was reported earlier in the week that Madonna would be performing at the awards show but I don’t think anyone guessed that she would be performing with Taylor Swift … tho, it does make sense if you think about it. Madonna has a long history of teaming up with the hot It girls of the day when she performs at awards shows (you will recall that she very famously performed with our dear Britney Spears and some other chick whose name escapes me right now at the MTV Video Music Awards back in 2003). It would appear that it is Taylor‘s time to shine by Madonna‘s side. Click the embed above to watch Madonna perform Ghosttown with Taylor Swift on guitar at the iHeart Radio Music Awards last night … then click below to read their back and forth tweet lovefest on Twitter just after their performance. More »

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Listen: Tori Amos Releases Live Audio Of Her Song ‘Winter’ To Promote The Re-Release Of ‘Little Earthquakes’

I get a little warm in my heart when I think of 'Winter'
"When you gonna love you as much as I do?"

We are just over 2 weeks away from the much-anticipated re-release of Tori Amos‘s debut album Little Earthquakes and her sophomore album Under The Pink on April 14 and to get fans excited, live audio of Tori‘s song Winter from LE has been released. The double-cd reissues of Little Earthquakes and Under the Pink will include b-sides and live tracks from the early ’90s era so this beautiful rendition of Winter, embedded above, will be included on the LE release. I’ve owned these recordings for many, many years now but I’m so excited by these reissues that I plan on purchasing them on release day. Have a listen of Winter above and tell me you don’t want to buy a copy of Tori‘s re-released albums even if you own them already ;)

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Watch: Destiny’s Child Reunited And Performed At The Stellar Gospel Music Awards

I think this lasted longer than their Super Bowl performance

The women of Destiny’s Child returned to their roots last night and reunited at the Stellar Gospel Music Awards. I can’t even imagine how shocked the gospel fans in the audience must have been, and they are surely giving thanks today for the surprise of a lifetime. Michelle Williams won her first Stellar Award for Best Music Video for her song Say Yes, which Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland joined her to perform. Click inside for more!

More »

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Watch: Timbaland Tells A Room Full Of People That Aaliyah Speaks To Him In His Sleep

"Tink is the one"

Last week, at the South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin, TX, Timbaland took to the stage to introduce and promote his latest protégée, a Chicago rapper named Tink. In his speech about his new artist, Timbaland revealed that the late Aaliyah spoke to him in a dream and told him to sign her as an artist because he claims that Aaliyah told him, “Tink is the one“. Now, I don’t know about you but I think it’s very significant that Aaliyah is now an A&R agent in death. Click below to watch video of Timbaland making this revelation at SxSW last week and see what you think about his communication with Aailyah from beyond the grave. More »

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Watch: Britney Spears’s Music Video For ‘Oops!… I Did It Again’ Turns 15 Years Old Today

She's still not that innocent
15 Years Old

It’s hard to believe but Britney Spears‘s music video for Oops!… I Did It Again was released 15 years ago today back in 2000. Oops!, as you may know, was the first single from Britney‘s second album of the same name and was world premiered on an episode of Making The Video on MTV (remember that show?). I distinctly remember watching the show with my BFF Sarah back home in Michigan and altho I was already a big Britney fan, the Oops! video won me over completely. Sarah and I saw our first Britney Spears concert (from the front row!) when she launched her Oops!… I Did It Again Tour and I’ve never looked back … well, until now. It’s crazy to think that 15 years has passed since Britney squeezed into her red rubber bodysuit and took us to Mars but watching the video again (for the umpteenth millionth time) today, it’s easy to see how our dear Britney Spears became one of the biggest pop stars on the planet. Happy Birthday, Oops!

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First Look/Listen: Hilary Duff Previews Her New Single ‘Sparks’ In This Video Promo For Her New TV Show ‘Younger’

"You make my heart go ::whistle whistle::"
"When you're touching me, baby, I see sparks"

We know that Hilary Duff is readying the release of a new album (at long last) and that she will be starring in a new TV sitcom titled Younger so it makes total sense that she would marry these two things into one massive promo item. Hilary Duff previews her new single Sparks, due out on April 7, in this just-released new promo video for her TV Land TV series Younger, which premieres on March 31. Hello! So much Hilary Duff, all at once. Can you stand it? Click above to hear Hil. D‘s new song and get a second look at her new TV show. Amazing, right?

Bonus: click below to see the cover art for Sparks. More »

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Listen: Diplo Debuted His Remix Of Madonna’s ‘La Isla Bonita’ On BBC Radio 1Xtra Mix

"Last night I dreamt of Major Lazer"

Remember last July when we first learned that Diplo was working with Madonna on music for her new album and he teased their collaboration with a small snippet of a remix he did of her song La Isla Bonita which featured new vocals recorded by Madonna? Well, this week, Diplo aka Major Lazer debuted the full dubplate of his 2014 La Isla Bonita mix on his BBC Radio 1Xtra mixtape show. Click below to hear Diplo / Major Lazer‘s full hour-long mix that features, at last, his remix of Madonna‘s La Isla Bonita. More »

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