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Cher Films Scenes For Her New Film ‘Burlesque’

God Bless Botox

Cher, who is literally ageless it seems, was spotted lookin’ all kinds of faboo on the SoCal set of her new film Burlesque. It turns out that Cher co-stars with Christina Aguilera in the film and has become something of a mentor to the singer, well, according to the following report from the Daily Mail:

It must be daunting to star in your first movie. But who better to ease Christina Aguilera into the Hollywood life than Oscar-winning actress Cher, who co-stars with the singer in upcoming film Burlesque. Clearly revelling in her acting success as she took 29-year-old Christina under her wing, Cher looked happy and content as the pair shot scenes together in Los Angeles. The musical film, which tells the story of a burlesque club called The Burlesque Lounge, sees Christina’s small town character Ali unveil her amazing voice in the venue, owned by Cher’s character, former dancer Tess. And it seems the mentor role has transferred from the silver screen to reality, as Cher was seen giving Christina tips and hints in between shooting scenes. However, it was Cher’s appearance that caused the most excitement on the Hollywood streets where the filming was taking place. In stark contrast to recent photographs showing the star wrapped up against the cold, and consequently looking somewhat similar to an extra from Pirates of the Caribbean, Cher looked sleek and sophisticated on the set. Appearing vastly younger than her 63 years, Cher wore an outfit of black trousers, a black vest top and black jacket with a silver trim for the filming.

I dunno what kind of deal Cher made with the Devil but it looks like it is paying off famously for her. She looks really incredible. It’s insane to me that Cher is a woman in her 60s, she looks younger than Madonna does. Whether it’s botox or soul-selling, Cher looks amazing and I have no doubt she will be fab in this film. I could do without the Xtinaness in the flick but, meh, I’d give it a shot.

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Angelina Jolie Gets Furry On The Set Of ‘Salt’


Angelina Jolie is back to work this week on the NYC set of her new movie Salt and was snapped in a very warm and furry outfit earlier today:

My guess is that this is fake fur but who really knows. She does cut a fine figure in this ensemble tho, the look really suits her. She looks good, no? Salt will be out in theaters in 2010.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

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Tom Cruise Is Packin’ Heat On The Set Of His New Film

Guns blazin' in Seville, Spain

When last we saw Tom Cruise hard at work he was playing action hero in Boston, MA on the set of his new film Knight and Day … but today we get to see photos of Cruise Seville, Spain set of the movie. Brace yourselves … in this new film, Tommy boy will be packin’ heat:

I don’t know why but the sight of Tom Cruise holding a gun shares the living bejesus out of me. The fact that he thinks he is cool enough to twirl it around like this only scares me more. I gotta say, tho, I’m impressed with all this hard work that Tom has been doing these past few weeks. Going from one movie set to the next, on different continents is pretty impressive. It’s kinda like Tom fancies himself a big movie star still. Ain’t that cute?

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Taylors Swift & Lautner Reunite To Film Movie Scenes, Grab Fro-gurt

Taylor2 together again

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift were spotted lookin’ all cozy and stuff in a fancy Porsche yesterday afternoon/evening here in SoCal but it turns out that the couple were bizzy filming new scenes for the movie they are co-starring in together, Valentine’s Day. Here are a few photos:

As you may recall, we’ve previously seen photos of Taylor2 filming scenes for Valentine’s Day so this is old hat for these two. BUT after filming was finished, the couple sneaked away together to enjoy a sweet frozen yogurt date together. After the jump, check out a few photos of their cute date last night … More »

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Anna Paquin & Josh Duhamel Got Hitched . . .

... in their new movie 'The Romantics'

Yesterday we saw a few photos of actor Josh Duhamel, allegedly happily married to Fergie Ferg, joshing around with a few film crew members in between takes on the Long Island, NY set of his new film The Romantics. Today we get to see a few more pics from the movie set, but this time Josh is engaged in a bit of a different activity with his Romantics leading lady Anna Paquin:

That’s right folks, everyone’s fave fangbanger from True Blood gets hitched to Joshy Josh in this new film … which is entirely unfair … a man that hot shouldn’t be married in either real life or fiction. He makes a hawt groom tho, I’ll give him that. After the jump, check out which actor co-stars in The Romantics were on set to bear witness to this fake nuptials … More »

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Josh Duhamel Makes A Pass On The Set Of ‘The Romantics’

Goin' long

Josh Duhamel, who has been dealing with scurrilous allegations that he had an illicit sexual affair with a stripper in recent weeks, was lookin’ all happy-go-lucky on the Long Island, NY set of his new film The Romantics. Here are a few pics of Josh throwin’ around the ol’ pig skin with some of the film crew in between takes:

It would seem that vicious rumors are not enough to keep this man down … he looks calm, cool and very collected. I don’t personally understand the fun in throwing around a ball back and forth but I understand it’s a very fun activity. I guess I’ll have to take those who enjoy the practice at their word. I can say, tho, that I like the sight of other folks — particularly hot ones like Josh here — tossing around the football. Josh looks cute when he’s all sporty, don’t he?

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

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Filming Gets Underway On The Facebook Movie

'The Social Network' goes into production

Johns Hopkins University will fill in as Harvard University in the new Facebook movie titled The Social Network which has already started production. The film will tell the tale of how a Harvard student came up with a way for other students to interact with one another … a social network, if you will … and will star Jesse Eisenberg (the poor man’s Michael Cera) as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. It turns out that folks at Johns Hopkins aren’t too happy that their school is being portrayed as Harvard but hey, that’s showbiz. Here are a few pics from the set this week:

The Johns Hopkins University passed itself off as Harvard in a movie Monday without feeling the least bit flattered. “It feels degrading somehow,” said Diego Ardila, 19, as he watched workers remove the words “Latrobe Hall” from a stately brick building and replace them with “Kirkland House.” Hopkins’ Homewood campus is standing in for Harvard in “The Social Network,” a movie about the creation of Facebook by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg. The movie, like some Hopkins students, couldn’t get into Harvard, which has a longstanding policy against commercial filming on campus. So the production has opened some old college-admissions wounds. “The general consensus is, a lot of kids are not pleased,” said Lorre Atlan, 20, a junior majoring in biomedical engineering. “It’s obvious they [the filmmakers] could get Hopkins and not get Harvard.” That’s left Hopkins, one of the nation’s most selective colleges, feeling like a safety school. “It’s kind of like a blow to our pride,” said Ray Tsai, a 19-year-old sophomore studying biomedical engineering, an academic subject in which, he and others noted, Hopkins is rated more highly than Harvard. The sea of Hopkins hoodies and T-shirts on the campus’ quads Monday only looked like genuine school spirit. It was attempted sabotage. An anti-Harvard Facebook page urged students to “poke” into the movie by walking by the set in Hopkins wear. “Hopefully one slips in,” said Jack Chan, 19, a sophomore who pulled on a black Hopkins sweat shirt as he watched filming begin outside Shaffer Hall Monday afternoon. Not everyone thinks playing Harvard, which was tied for first with Princeton in U.S. News & World Report’s most recent college rankings, is beneath Hopkins, which came in a none-too-shabby 14th. “I think the people who have a problem with it are the same people who have latent self-loathing from the college admissions process,” said Sam Biddle, 22, a senior philosophy major. Jan Lee, 21, a junior in biomedical engineering, conceded, “A lot of people came here because they didn’t get into Harvard, Yale or Stanford.” Hopkins spokesman Dennis O’Shea put it in terms that might appeal to the competitive student body: “I prefer to think that we play Harvard better than Harvard can play Harvard.”

Yeah, I dunno know I feel about this idea of a Facebook movie. I understand they are trying to do something with Twitter as well … and I can only dread what they would turn out if they did a project on My Space. While I’m sure it’s somewhat interesting to see how the whole Facebook phenomenon got started, I can’t say that I’m all that impressed with the notion of a movie. It seems like just a way to capitalize on these new online ventures in order to make a quick buck. The fact that it is being directed by David Fincher (Se7en, Fight Club) does speak to its merit but … I dunno. Are any of y’all interested in watching a movie about Facebook? I’m not sure that I am … I can barely be bothered to poke my friends on the social networking site itself. By the way … are we Facebook friends yet?

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Production On ‘Sex And The City 2’ Moves To Morocco

'Sex' on holiday

Thus far we’ve seen photos from the NYC set of the sequel film Sex and the City 2 but just this week production of the film has moved out of New York … and to Morocco! It looks like the SaTC ladies will be taking a holiday … or flashing back to one. Here are pics of Sarah Jessica Parker (as Carrie Bradshaw) and Cynthia Nixon (as Miranda Hobbes) on location in Morocco this week:

Carrie Bradshaw is swapping Sex And The City for another city… and her new location couldn’t be any more different from New York. Leaving Manhattan behind for a few weeks, SATC stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon were spotted filming the sequel in the bustling centre of Marrakech, Morocco today. In keeping with the Muslim country’s more modest dress code, Carrie has swapped her mini-skirts and strappy tops for a full-length skirt and a bolero over her shoulders. While Carrie has covered up for her Moroccan plotline, there’ll be no chance of her fading into the crowd with her distinctive style still evident. Carrie’s take on modest dressing sees her covering her shoulders, chest and legs in a full purple skirt, ‘J’Adore Dior’ T-shirt and a silver bolero. And as you’d expect, Carrie is still wearing her beloved heels. Meanwhile, her best pal Miranda has swapped her power dressing for a Death On The Nile-style white outfit and hat. The two women were spotted pavement pounding in their heels through old Marrakech’s main square Djemaa El Fna. Producers have remained tight-lipped about the plotlines and what exactly brings Carrie and co to Morocco. Some have speculated Carrie and new husband John Preston – aka Mr Big – travel to the north African country to adopt a child. Sex And The City costume designer Patricia Field told People magazine: ‘We’re shooting there for about six weeks. You’ll probably see belly dancers and Bedouins.’ As well as Marrakech, the SATC crew are expected to film in the Moroccan cities of Erfoud and Rabat.

Well, I’m happy to know that this time around they actually will film the location scenes on location … the Mexican resort scenes filmed for the first Sex and the City Movie were actually shot in Malibu, CA. I’m really trying to stay away from movie plot spoilers but this little bit of production location news is too interesting to not mention. Are any of y’all gonna dress up as the Sex and the City ladies for Hallowe’en tonight? If so, send me your pics (at pinkisthenewblog @ and I’ll be sure to post them on the blog!!

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Miley Cyrus Films Scenes For ‘Sex And The City 2’

Oh crap, it's really happening

A few weeks ago we started hearing the rumors that Miley Cyrus would be appearing in the new sequel film Sex and the City 2, which is currently filming in NYC, NY and then we began hearing reports of what her appearance in the film would be like. Instead of a featured role, Miley would appear in a cameo appearance only (thank Gods). It turns out that those reports are true, here are the first photos of Miley on the set of SaTC2 filming her cameo appearance yesterday in NYC and the deets as reported of her cameo:

Although Miley Cyrus was only, um, 5 when Sex and the City debuted on HBO back in 1998, the teen is apparently a big fan and has landed herself a guest-starring role in the upcoming movie sequel. The 16-year-old Disney darling, who recently wrapped on the film The Last Song, is now confirmed to appear in the sure-to-be-a-hit flick. Don’t look for Miley to take on a big role a la Jennifer Hudson’s personal assistant character in the first movie. She’ll instead be making a cameo as herself and will have a big showdown with Kim Cattrall’s Samantha when they show up wearing the same dress to an event (horror!), says a report. In the script, Mario Cantone’s character, Anthony, reportedly says: “Mother of God. She is wearing the same dress as Hannah Montana.” Miley — who’s not expected to utter any lines in the film — is expected to shoot her scene on Oct. 16.

Blech. I, personally, think this is horrid idea but at least it’s only a cameo appearance … it could’ve been MUCH worse. As I recall, Miley famously started blabbing to media outlets that she was a big fan of Sex and the City when it aired on TV … which would mean she was a pre-pubescent girl who’s parents let her watch an adult television series that talked in a very frank manner about all manners of sexual escapades … none of which should be at all surprising considering the way the Cyrus family have raised their little meal ticket. But I digress … it would appear that Miley‘s blabbing inspired the filmmakers to put her in the film … the little minx is pretty smart, don’t you think? After the jump, check out a few more photos from the set of SaTC2 yesterday and see which other castmembers were spotted on the fictional red carpet of this fictional movie premiere featured in the film … More »

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Chris Noth Reports For ‘Sex And The City 2’ Duty


Filming continues in NYC, NY this week on the sequel film Sex and the City 2 and while the main ladies are hard at work, let’s not forget that the main guy — the Big guy — is also hard at work. Here are a couple photos of Chris Noth, who plays John Preston (better known as Mr. Big), lookin’ all sharp and shizz on the set of SaTC2 yesterday afternoon:

Those of you who have seen the Sex and the City Movie should recall that protagonist Carrie Bradshaw finally married Mr. Big in a small civil ceremony at the end of the film. I think it’s safe to assume that Carrie and Big are still married in the sequel film but we’ll deffo have to see the film to find out what happened after the couple said their I Dos. I still love watching (and re-watching) eps of Sex and the City but I’m really anxious for new material. I can even watch the SaTC Movie over and over again but I am deffo counting down the days till Sex and the City 2 hits theaters next Spring!

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

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