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Emma Watson Does ‘Vanity Fair’ Magazine

"I think actually I'm the worst in [my acting] class [at Brown University]."

Harry Potter film star Emma Watson is featured inside the new issue of Vanity Fair magazine (which, as you may recall, is devoted to the upcoming World Cup soccer tournament and features hawt fútbol studs on the cover) and in her accompanying interview, she opens up about how horribly she is doing in her first year at Brown University:

She’s Hollywood’s highest paid actress and the star of one of the biggest film franchises of all time. But Emma Watson has revealed she enrolled in acting classes at her American college. And in a candid confession, the 20-year-old said: ‘I think actually I’m the worst in the class.’ Watson, who plays Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, chose acting class during her first year at the exclusive Brown University in Rhode Island. She admitted that she was terrified of going back to school following the phenomenal success of the six Harry Potter films that catapulted her to stardom … With an estimated fortune of £10.5million, Watson was named last year by Vanity Fair magazine as Hollywood’s highest paid actress taking home £20million. She earned more than established stars such as Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston thanks to her income from the latest two Potter films, The Deathly Hallows Parts I and II, which will come out in November this year and 2011. Watson stunned many in the film business by turning down other acting roles to go back to school last year having achieved straight As in her A-levels. She confessed that she had second thoughts about college life after arriving in the US. ‘It was just awful,’ she told this month’s Vanity Fair magazine. ‘I was like, I must be mad. Why am I doing this?’ … The actress told the magazine, which features her in a photo spread by celebrated photographer Patrick Demarchelier, that having settled into college life she has never been happier. She said she was worried her fame – she is also the face of fashion chain Burberry and has a £3million deal with Chanel – would prevent her from having a normal life like other students at the £25,000 a year college. ‘I was scared before I came to Brown – that I wasn’t going to be allowed to have both a career and a normal life,’ she said. ‘People would think that I didn’t deserve to have both.

Pshaw! If any actor deserves to have it all, I’d say Emma Watson is deffo the one. She seems to be such an unassuming, humble, extremely talented and — gasp — nice girl. She makes a fantastic Hermoine Granger and for that deserves all the success and wealth she has earned from her hard work. The fact that she wants to better herself at University just proves the kind of woman she wants to be … a well-rounded, accomplished woman. I just love her to death. After the jump, check out one more photo from Emma’s VF photospread and watch a behind the scenes video of her shoot … More »

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Scarlett Johansson Does ‘V’ Magazine

The Summer Scorcher Issue

Scarlett Johansson, who is starring in the new sequel film Iron Man 2 (in theaters TODAY!), is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of V magazine. Altho the official site for V mag has not yet been updated with ScarJo‘s interview, we do get our first look at her V mag coverphoto right now:

Scarlett was chosen to grace the cover of V‘s Summer Scorcher issue most likely because she is part of what is sure to be one of the biggest films of the Summer, if not the entire year. After the jump, check out some of Scarlett‘s photos from this issue of V to see what all the fuss is about … More »

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‘Rolling Stone’ Magazine Heaps Great Praise On ‘Blackout’ By Britney Spears

"'Blackout' may be the most influential pop album of the past five years."

Earlier this week, much ado was made over the Internet leak of a Britney Spears recorded demo of the song Telephone (which was originally written for her but ultimately passed on to Lady Gaga) … ado that is still making headlines today. Rolling Stone magazine published an article online that not only praises Britney‘s demo version of Telephone over Gaga‘s mastered version of the song but goes on to hail Britney‘s album Blackout as “the most influential pop album of the past five years”. I have to say, I kinda agree … read on:

Ever since Britney Spears’ demo version of Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” leaked this week, fans have been buzzing. Producer Rodney Jerkins quickly confirmed that it really was Britney singing, but any seasoned Britneyologist could already identify it by ear within a couple of bars — nobody else pronounces the consonant “r” or the long vowel “e” like our girl. It has all the distinctive vocal tics of Britney, or at least the laptop that does her singing. At this point, I’ve come to love Britney’s demo even more than Gaga’s already-brilliant hit version. Even though it’s a more bare-bones production, it amps up all the seething rage in the song, stripping it down to the killer combo of a plucked harp and a jaded party girl strung out on Auto-Tune and paranoia. “Telephone” actually sounds a lot like Britney’s 2007 hit “Piece of Me,” proving yet again how much impact Britney has had on the sonics of current pop. People love to make fun of Britney, and why not, but if “Telephone” proves anything, it’s that Blackout may be the most influential pop album of the past five years. The demo is lighter than Gaga’s production, cutting out all the rock bombast, but that just makes the song more linear and urgent. It reduces “Telephone” to a drum machine, that harp, a magic box of vocal effects, and the concept that a girl’s soul and a magic box of vocal effects can sometimes be the exact same thing. Britney uses Auto-Tune the way Bob Dylan used his harmonica — for punctuation, for atmosphere, for an alienatingly weird sound effect. It’s a blast of vocal distortion, harsh on the surface, but expressive, capable of sounding wildly funny or abrasively pissed-off or seductive. In “Telephone,” as in “Piece of Me,” the Auto-Tune does for her voice what the harmonica does for Dylan’s in “It Ain’t Me, Babe” — a way of telling the world to keep its hands off you. Britney is talking to her phone, talking to the boy who keeps calling, talking herself out of compulsively checking her phone. The way her voice fades in and out of Auto-Tune — mostly in — is totally brilliant. Like Bob Dylan (and I swear this is the last time I’ll mention his name right now, despite the millions of things he and Brit have in common) Britney loves to cross-fade between a human voice (hey world, take a look at me, I’m a star, I’m somebody, pay attention) and a machine voice (hey world, fuck off, you can’t reach me, I don’t believe you, you’re a liar). The point isn’t whether Britney is punching the buttons herself. (When is that ever the point with a pop star?) It’s the romance going on between the voice and the machine. Part of what makes Britney the perfectest of perfect pop stars is the way she expresses her personality most passionately when she’s turning herself into a machine — surrendering to the beat, disappearing into the thrill of the pop moment, singing like a robot. That’s what makes her sound so human after all. In “Telephone,” she doesn’t want to think any more, talk any more, feel any more — she just wants to hit the floor and dance to the rhythm machines until she turns into a machine herself.

Truth be told, not even I would make a Britney Spears comparison with Bob Dylan but I can’t say that the argument isn’t at least a valid one. But Rob Sheffield, the author of this piece for Rolling Stone, isn’t finished with his argument that Britney‘s Telephone is a sonic masterpiece. He goes on to make the claim that Britney‘s version even echoes punk music of the early 80′s. Trust me, you’ve got to read the rest after the jump … More »

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Jennifer Lopez Does British ‘Marie Claire’ Magazine

"I've never looked at myself in a negative way."

La Diva Latina herself, Jennifer Lopez, is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of British Marie Claire magazine (on newsstands today). In her coverstory interview, J. Lo explains how much she loves herself, that her world-famous booty is *not* insured for millions and, of course, her babies. Here is our first look at La Lopez on the cover of Marie Claire magazine along with some excerpts from her interview:

Smouldering in a series of barely-there ensembles, Jennifer oozes confidence, and reveals the secret to happiness is being comfortable with yourself. ‘I was always very comfortable with who I was,’ she told us. ‘I’ve never looked at myself in a negative way.’ But she still works hard to keep those killer curves. ‘Just like anybody, I try to watch what I eat. There’s no big science to it, which is what sucks,’ she reveals. And revealing her sense of humour, the Latin diva laughs when asked if rumours her famous derriere has been insured for millions are true. ‘No! Though I thought that story was funny. In fact, we traced that story, and that was a rumour that started in London,’ she says. And despite her reputation for being a diva, it’s clear that couldn’t be further from the truth. Jen seems to have finally found contentment with husband Marc and baby twins Max and Emme, who even joined her on the shoot. ‘Since we first met I always felt that, if I got into trouble, he was the one person I could call and he would always be there. That to me is love in its purest form,’ she revealed.

You can read the online version of J. Lo‘s interview with British Marie Claire magazine HERE or the whole enchilada in the hardcopy of MC, which is on UK newwstands now (on US newsstands in a couple of days). As you can see from the coverphoto, J. Lo is still rockin’ all that junk in her trunk. After the jump, you can see photos of Lopez showing off her other assets as well … More »

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Kristen Stewart Does ‘Elle’ Magazine

"People say that I’m miserable all the time."

Kirsten Stewart, who will return to the big screen next month as Bella Swan in the sequel film The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Elle magazine. In her coverstory interview, K. Stew addresses her perceived “miserableness” and explains what her intense fame has done to her life. Here is our first look at Kristen on the cover of Elle along with some excerpts from her accompanying coverstory interview:

On the madness that has become her life: “It’s insane! Once somebody finds out, you have to get the hell out of wherever you are. People freak out. And the photographers, they’re vicious. They’re mean. They’re like thugs. I don’t event want to drive around by myself anymore. It’s fucking dangerous.”

On her loss of privacy: “Somebody knocked on my hotel room door and asked for a light, then said that they were a big fan. I was like, ‘Do you really need me to light your cigarette? How do you know what room I’m in?’ I can’t be by myself and I like being by myself.”

On criticism of her public manner: “I think it’s funny that when I go onstage to accept an award, they think I’m nervous, uncomfortable, and awkward—and I am—but those are bad words for them.”

On her red-carpet demeanor: “People say that I’m miserable all the time. It’s not that I’m miserable, it’s just that somebody’s yelling at me…I literally, sometimes, have to keep myself from crying…It’s a physical reaction to the energy that’s thrown at you.”

On caring: “I hate it when they say I don’t give a shit, because nobody cares more than I do. I’m telling you I don’t know anybody who does this that gives a shit more than I do.”

Well, at least she’s got a good answer for all the questions about her demeanor. I believe she is being truthful, for the most part, but I’ve seen her lookin’ way too jittery for it all to be just nerves. Whatever the case may be, she has reached a level of fame which makes her every move subject for water-cooler fodder. It ain’t easy being a famous celeb, y’all. After the jump, check out a few photos from Kristen‘s Elle photospread and find out if she gives her allegiance to Team Edward or Team JacobMore »

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Kylie Minogue Is Not A Fan Of Wire Hangers

Kylie Dearest

On Tuesday we got our first look at Kylie Minogue on the cover of the new issue of British Elle magazine and today we learn from her coverstory interview that Ms. Minogue has strange yet strong dislike for clothes hangers … so much so that she refuses to use them at all. Doesn’t this sound a lot like someone else in pop culture that we know?

Kylie Minogue as a bizarre phobia – the pop superstar is terrified of clothes hangers. The style icon admits she is terrified of the sight and sound of hangers, and has even designed a special type of closet to display her designer outfits. She tells Britain’s Elle magazine, “The problem is I hate putting things on hangers. I have a hanger phobia – I don’t like the way they sound when you put them in the wardrobe. [My wardrobe is] a room in my home where everything is laid out. It never looks like other people’s wardrobes. I’ve got far too many shoes, but they’re so pretty I don’t like to hide them away.” Also in the interview, Minogue revealed one of her biggest fashion regrets. “The occasions when I listen to others and not myself,” she said. “But that can apply to numerous aspects in my life, not just fashion. Sometimes I’ll be wearing something I feel really uncomfortable in, and I’m sure it looks awful and you’re all liars… and then I see what the photographers were seeing and it looks brilliant.

LOL!! Of all the celebs in the world, I imagine that Kylie Minogue is the most unlike Joan Crawford (a.k.a. Mommie Dearest) and, yet, by her own admission she appears to be the one celeb most like her. Sure, I doubt Kylie would beat her child with a wire hanger for using wire hangers on on her clothes but still … with this new information, I guess we cannot be so sure. HMMM.


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Bret Michaels Does ‘People’ Magazine

"I'm lucky to be alive"

Yesterday we learned that amazingly good news that Poison frontman and reality TV star Bret Michaels has been released from the hospital just days after he was near death in ICU with a brain hemorrhage. Today, we learn that Bret is recovering well from his affliction and is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of People magazine. Here is his coverphoto and some excepts from his coverstory interview:

Bret Michaels may have just spent 10 days in the ICU, but the rock star isn’t complaining. Instead, he says he’s feeling “lucky to be alive.” In the new issue of PEOPLE, Michaels, 47, who suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage (bleeding at the base of his brain stem) on April 21, speaks for the first time about his ordeal, including a dramatic moment when he first arrived at the hospital. In the emergency room, the rocker – dad to Raine, 9, and Jorja, 5 – recalls being asked by a doctor if he had kids, and the doctor telling him to have them brought to the hospital. “And I said in these exact words, ‘Am I dying? If I’m dying, I want to see my kids, but if I have a chance, I don’t want them to see me in this condition.’ ” Michaels is currently at a rehabilitation facility for physical therapy, and is expected to make a full recovery – something his doctor says only occurs in 10 to 20 percent of all cases.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m of the mind that Bret‘s recovery is nothing short of a miracle. I am a firm believer in positive thinking and I contend that all the well wishes, good thoughts and healing prayers sent out to Bret while he was suffering in the hospital had something to do with his recovery. I cannot, for the life of me, imagine what it must be like to prepare for death as Bret surely did when he was at his worst but I am so thankful that he is well and on the road to recovery. He has a new lease on life, I hope he is able to enjoy it for many, many years to come. This issue of People is a must own for me, I’m really anxious to hear from him how well he’s doing.


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Sarah Jessica Parker Does ‘Marie Claire’ Magazine

Brings along the other SaTC ladies

Sarah Jessica Parker, who is lookin’ not herself in the latest poster for Sex and the City 2, is looking absolutely flawless on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Marie Claire magazine. Here is our first look at her new MC coverphoto and some excerpts from the accompanying article:

Unless you’ve been on a Cosmo bender for the last few months, you know that Sex and the City 2 is headed to the multiplex, and with it, every red-blooded, Louboutin-loving woman in America. The buzz began last summer with the first location shoots, when mobs of fans followed the trailers around New York City like rock groupies gunning for a seat on the bus … Now, as opening night approaches, big questions loom: What will befall the now-midlife fab four? Will the sequel bust the $415 million worldwide chick-flick record set by its predecessor? And the other multimillion-dollar question: Do Sarah Jessica Parker and Cattrall really hate each other? Parker demurs on all counts, especially the last. The film’s star and producer — who says she’s seen to “every detail, every atom” of the movie since shooting wrapped in late 2009 — compares the behind-the-scenes tension to that of any busy office. “When you’re on set, you’re working 90-hour weeks, you’re never home, you’re exhausted,” she says. “There are times when all of us have been sensitive, and sometimes feelings get hurt. But I don’t have any regrets about how I’ve treated people.” Cattrall maintains that “the chemistry among the four of us is very strong.” So why have stories of enmity and infighting followed the cast since before the first movie came out, when Cattrall reportedly made a fuss about Parker’s salary being twice her own? “Because the press has to put women in these boxes, rather than show them as the movie portrays them: working together and being powerful,” says Cattrall. “Things just have to be explosive for no other reason than for people’s imaginations.” Kristin Davis, the resident cheerleader — who with Parker organized a Thanksgiving Day dinner of couscous and turkey for members of the cast and crew in Morocco — laughs off the idea of infighting. “There was a very strange piece in one of the tabloids that said Kim and I would eat in the restaurant of our hotel and not sit together, which cracks me up,” she says, actually cracking up. “When I would get back from the set, I would go to the gym and get room service. I’m not a put-on-decent-clothes-and-go-to-the-hotel-restaurant person, but Kim is. The story was that we don’t like each other. Ridiculous!” The group has had their disagreements, admits Cynthia Nixon. “It hasn’t always been smooth sailing,” she says. “But the idea that we’re somehow adversarial is ludicrous.”

This Marie Claire article actually does talk about the movie some (rather than the perceived feud between the women) and the online version can be read at MC‘s official website HERE. After the jump check out some stunning photos of the Sex and the City ladies lookin’ hawt, hawt, hawt as featured in this new mag … More »

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Madonna Does Russian ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ Magazine

Strike a pose

Yesterday we learned that Madonna is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Interview magazine but today we learn that she is also featured in the new issue of Russian Harper’s Bazaar magazine as well. In a 2-page feature on her new line of MDG Sunglasses, Maddy invites HB magazine to the set of her MDG photoshoot:

While these photos are nice, I suppose, they pale in comparison to the photos of her that are featured in the new issue of Interview. Those photos are just fantastic, these are … well, nice. After the jump, check out the other photo from Maddy‘s 2-page Russian Harper’s Bazaar mag spread … More »

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Ryan Phillippe Does ‘Inked’ Magazine

"It’s sort of like a brotherhood"

Ryan Phillippe, who will be starring in this Summer’s Saturday Night Live movie McGruber, is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Inked magazine. Devoted to skin art, Inked talks to Ryan about the 6 tattoo’s he’s had done as well as things about his personal and professional life. Here is Ryan‘s Inked coverphoto along with some excerpts from his interview:

When Ryan Phillippe lifts up his shirt in the middle of the bar at SoHo’s Crosby Street Hotel, it’s surprising that no one faints … Surely it’s happened before. But not today. Today everyone remains calm. To be fair, it isn’t as tawdry as it sounds. Ryan has lifted his shirt simply to show off his tattoo—an image of his son Deacon’s hand gripping Ryan’s grandfather’s hand—from the beloved artist Mister Cartoon. Like his career, Ryan takes his tattoos very seriously. “It’s really beautiful and soulful,” the 35-year-old actor says. “I went in there with this idea, and Cartoon loved it. He’s a soulful guy, and I have a connection with him that’s personal. I was so excited because he’s the top hip-hop artist, and I’m such a hip-hop head. He’s literally done everybody … Kanye West, Xzibit. You go into his studio and there’s a picture of him tattooing Eminem’s skull. It’s sort of like a brotherhood. Cartoon said, ‘You’re part of the family now.’ It’s a cool family to be a part of. He’s done three on me now.” For most people, Cartoon’s waiting list is months long, but it helps if you’re a famous actor who’s appeared in more than 20 movies, including Flags of Our Fathers, Crash, 54, Cruel Intentions, and this month’s MacGruber, a big-budget comedy based on Saturday Night Live’s popular MacGyver spoof … At 19, while on location in England for his first big movie, White Squall, Ryan had another coming-of-age moment: He got his first tattoo. He takes a sip of his tequila cocktail and points to a Japanese character that stands for spirit or soul on his right arm. “I went to this shady, dirty tattoo parlor because I wanted to commemorate my first major role,” he says, smiling. “I grew up with no money or connections to the business. My family struggled, and finally I’d gotten to the place where I was making a film with Jeff Bridges. I felt like I’d arrived.” Of his six tattoos, Ryan says his first is the most embarrassing. “It’s kind of bleeding and looks like a butterfly. It’s cliché. But I was 19—it should have been a cliché.” So would he ever get it covered? “No, but I did have a ladybug on my foot covered up. Its significance was with an ex. I put a stingray over the top of it. When people ask me why, I say, ‘Any animal that could take down the Crocodile Hunter deserves my respect.’” The ex? “An ex,” he says, looking uncomfortable.

The interview goes on from there where he talks a bit about what he went thru in his break-up with ex-wife Reese Witherspoon a few years ago as well as his break-up with ex-girlfriend Abbey Cornish earlier this year. He also talks about his children and his upcoming new film. The entire interview with Inked can be read at their official website HERE. It’s an interesting read … and, to my knowledge, the most open he’s been about his private life in any magazine interview. After the jump, check out a few photos from Ryan‘s Inked magazine photospread, including one that features the tattoo mentioned above … More »

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