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Robert Pattinson Does Italian ‘Vanity Fair’ Magazine

Ciao Bello!

Robert Pattinson (remember him?) was recently featured on the cover of Italian Vanity Fair magazine and because it’s not a photo that I remember seeing before, I thought it would be nice to share it with all y’all:

In all honesty, I much prefer this coverphoto to the one that was published here in the US last month. I would imagine that this photo and the photos contained inside are from the same batch of photos that were shot for the US edition of VF mag … which weren’t too shabby, if I say so myself. Of all of R. Pattz‘s magazine covers, I think this might be one of his best. What do y’all think?


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Behind The Scenes Of Lindsay Lohans’s ‘Muse’ Photoshoot

"Everything, everything is still a blur"

Pink reader Malcolm came upon a behind the scenes video from Lindsay Lohan‘s photoshoot for Muse magazine (which, as you may recall, we got a sneak preview of HERE and HERE earlier this week) … but what is really cool about this video is that it has been set to the music of none other than Britney Spears. Here are a few screencaps from the vid:

Seriously, this Muse spread is the gift that keeps on giving. In all honesty, this behind the scenes video is much sexier than the still photos are … it is deffo worth a look. The vid is set to Britney‘s song Blur and, surprisingly enough, it fits the video very well. Be warned before you watch the vid, tho, it may be NSFW considering there is an errant L. Lo nipple here and there thruou the clip. Check it out after the jump … More »

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Kellan Lutz Does British ‘Cosmopolitan’ Magazine

"The coolest part about seeing a girl wear something comfortable is the smile"

Twilight hunk Kellan Lutz is featured in the pages of the new issue of British Cosmopolitan magazine in a fashion photospread wherein he poses with a sexy model and provides some colorful fashion commentary. Here are a few of Kellan‘s sexed up photos from this issue of Cosmo along with his fashion commentary:

Nothing whispers c’mere baby like sweet, soft clothes designed for cuddling on cool winter nights. Featherweight fabrics, oversize knits, and seductive glimpses of skin create a look no man can resist, not even New Moon hunk Kellan Lutz.

“The coolest part about seeing a girl wear something comfortable is the smile that you can just feel coming through from inside her. Layers add excitement. I think, Once I take the sweater off and I’m able to touch her arms, how soft are they going to be? When I’m in love with a woman, seeing her in something cozy makes me not want to let go of her when I’m holding her. It’s nice to see bits and pieces of a woman exposed. As a guy, you get that mystery — especially when a dress or top isn’t too snug. Women are stunning in clothes that look like they were made for sitting outside a fire. I like a girl to wear oversize sweaters that look like my own — it’s beyond sexy.”

LOL! I think it’s hilarious that Kellan is talking about “layers” and “bits and pieces” in this article. Not for nothing but I am very suspicious that these quotes actually came from his mouth. The photos are hot, tho … I bet the lovely bird in this photo didn’t mind being straddled by Mr. Lutz in that last photo, not at all. HMMM … I wouldn’t mind seeing more fashion spread photos featuring Kellan Lutz … so long as he refrains from making any commentary.


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Rihanna Shows Off Her Newest Tattoo

".nossel a syawlA .eruliaf a reveN"

Rihanna, who is very fond of tattoos — both getting them and giving them, has gotten herself inked again and is showing off her newest tat to OK! magazine. Ri Ri decided to get her new life’s motto tattooed on her chest … here are a few pics of her new tattoo:

Say what you will about Rihanna, but the woman doesn’t do things halfheartedly. Last night, the Rated R singer headed to NYC tattoo parlor East Side Ink — one of her favorites — and had her personal motto etched indelibly into her skin forever. “She came in at about 2:00 A.M.,” East Side Ink owner and artist Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy tells OK! exclusively. “She told me in advance she’d be coming, and then when she got there, she told me what she wanted: ‘Never a failure, always a lesson,’ but written backwards.” Bang Bang continues, “I asked her why she wanted that and she said, ‘It’s kind of my motto in life for everything.’ Instead of considering things to be mistakes, considering them lessons.” He explains that RiRi, who he says is “doing great,” wanted the phrase done in backwards writing so she would be able to read it in the mirror. Because this piece of body art is so personal to Rihanna, the pop superstar decided she didn’t want this new ink to be as obvious as the ones she already sports. “She said that she wanted to do it in gray, rather than black, because she wanted it to be more subtle,” explains Bang Bang. “She didn’t want it to draw too much attention.”

Yeah, the best way to avoid a lot of attention is to hand the photos over to a tabloid magazine. Nonetheless, I kinda love that she decided to get her new life’s motto “Never a failure. Always a lesson.” tattooed backwards so that she can read it in the mirror … that’s a pretty cool idea. I don’t expect that this will be the last of Rihanna‘s tattoo work but my guess is that it will most likely be her most personal.


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The Cast Of ‘A Single Man’ Does ‘V’ Magazine

Photographed by director Tom Ford

The principal cast of A Single ManColin Firth, Julianne Moore, Nicholas Hoult and Matthew Goode — are featured in the pages of the new issue of V magazine (which recently featured Natalie Portman on the cover) in photos shot by fashion designer turned film director Tom Ford (who, as you may already be well aware, directed A Single Man). Here are his photos of the cast in V mag:

Everyone knew he could put together a glossy package, but ‘A Single Man’ showed the world that Tom Ford had a soul, and wasn’t afraid to bare it. Now, with Oscar buzz heightening, he talks about film, the future, and why a return to fashion may be in the cards. Maybe.

As you may recall, we saw photos of the cast at the NYC premiere of A Single Man yesterday ahead of the film’s limited release this coming Friday. I love these photos … they seem to be a nice hint of the look and feel of the film to come. This issue of V magazine won’t hit newsstands until January 12, 2010 so it’s nice to get this little sneak peek so early.

[Photo credit: Tom Ford; Source]

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More Photos From Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Muse’ Photoshoot


Yesterday we got our first look at the first photos released from Lindsay Lohan‘s new photospread for Muse magazine (shot by photographer Yu Tsai) and we learned that the ménage à trois theme of the shoot was an homage to Kate Moss and Johnny Depp (or some such nonsense like that). Today we get to see a few more photos from the 18-page Muse photospread, including a couple of very NSFW photos of Lindsay and her bared breasts. First up, here is a Rated PG photo:

The pic would be Rated G if it weren’t for the cigarette in Lindsay‘s hand. The rest of the photos I have to share with all y’all today have to go behind the cut. For those of you NOT at work and interested in seeing Lindsay‘s boobies, check ‘em out after the jump … More »

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Taylor Lautner’s ‘Men’s Health’ Magazine Outtakes

More Tay Tay for you you

Last month we saw a few nice photos of Taylor Lautner on the cover and in the pages of Men’s Health magazine and since then, a bunch of outtake photos from that photoshoot have come to light … behold:

Yes, yes … very nice pictures. As you can see, Taylor thought it best to not share his “health” with the readers of Men’s Health magazine … choosing instead to give it away in the pages of Rolling Stone magazine. Even still, I don’t think many of y’all have much complaint about any photos of Taylor Lautner, right?

[Source via Source]

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Lindsay Lohan Does ‘Muse’ Magazine

"Three is a charm / Two is not the same"

Lindsay Lohan, that sexy little minx who we learned over the weekend spent a fun night at Jason Segel‘s place, is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Muse magazine. For the racy photospread, photographer Yu Tsai convinced L. Lo to pose in a ménage à trois setting … which, I’m guessing, didn’t take a lot of convincing to do:

Lindsay Lohan will probably shock her fans in a raunchy new ménage à trois magazine photo shoot inspired by Kate Moss and Johnny Depp’s fiery relationship. The starlet posed in bed with handsome male model Petey Wright, and then invited sultry dancer Sofia Boutella to join the party during the shoot at LA’s Chateau Marmont. Lohan poses as Moss, who dated Depp for four years until 1998, in the provocative, 18-page shoot for Milan-based Muse magazine. Other shots show Lohan, who’s been linked with a string of men after splitting with gal pal Samantha Ronson, flashing a breast and romping naked in bed with Wright. Photographer Yu Tsai told Page Six: “I was always fascinated by Johnny Depp and Kate Moss, and when I asked Lindsay to do a shoot, she jumped at the chance. It was all about her being sexy, channeling Kate from the ’90s. When I suggested adding another girl, Lindsay invited Sofia, who is a friend and a dancer for Madonna. “The three of them were very sensual and provocative, but Lindsay understands this piece was created not for any sensational value other than artistic integrity,” Tsai said. “There was never a discussion about pushing the boundaries. She was totally comfortable with the nudity as long as it had artistic integrity. When you see her nipple, it just happened in the moment. She was playing the role of Kate Moss — you’re at a party and you are with a guy you really love and another girl. She is stunning and radiates in the pictures. Lindsay is incredibly focused where it comes to her career and fashion is her passion. It’s raw, it’s exposed, this is her at her best. She told me: ‘I want to make this iconic.’” The magazine is out tomorrow.

Well … I don’t know about iconic but the pics can be described as racy, I suppose. In all honesty, the photos aren’t anything we haven’t seen before … Linds really does only have, like, 3 facial expressions. After the jump, check out a few of the pics from the 18-page spread — be warned, tho, Lindsay does bare her (flat) bum in one of the pics (as does the hottie male model) so it may be kinda NSFW for some of y’all … More »

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Taylor Swift Does ‘The New York Times Style Magazine’

"Whenever I hear Def Leppard, I just freak out."

Taylor Swift, who is really enjoying a lot of professional success (not the least of which includes 8 Grammy Award nominations) as well as personal happiness (with hottie Taylor Lautner) these days, is featured on the cover and in the pages of The New York Times Style Magazine. In her coverstory interview, Taylor talks about her love of music and what it takes for her to write a great (honest) song. Here is Taylor‘s NYTimes Style cover and some excerpts from her interview:

You grew up in Pennsylvania, and yet you fell in love with country music at a young age. What did you hear that attracted you to country?
LeAnn Rimes. I heard “Blue” by LeAnn Rimes, and that song resonated with me. It was nine years ago. She was young — around 14 — and I was about 10 when I heard it and she was doing these things that I could only dream about doing. There was something just so motivating about that.

Did you know what, or where, Nashville was?
I was watching a special on TV about the singer Faith Hill, and she talked about how she went to Nashville. That’s the moment that I realized that Nashville is where you need to be if you want to sing country music. And so every day I would beg my parents nonstop: “We need to go to Nashville. Can we please go to Nashville?” When I was 11, we went during spring break. I had been singing karaoke and I competed in karaoke competitions. So, I had this little demo CD of me singing karaoke music, and my mom would pull up outside one of the record labels on Music Row in Nashville and I would run in and say to the receptionist, “Hi, I’m Taylor. I’m 11. I want a record deal. Call me.”

Did you wear a cowboy hat?
No. My hair was always too big for that. I wore jeans and probably some sort of sparkly shirt.

How did your classmates regard your music?
I didn’t really have that many friends at school. Kids would just heckle me: “Oh, go sing that country beep.” It just dawned on me that I had to love being different or else I was going to end up being dark and angry and frustrated by school. Sometimes I felt like I was some sort of spy because I would go to school during the day, and then, after school, I had this life that was completely different. I definitely was more nervous walking into my first day of freshman year in high school than I was walking up to record labels and handing them my CD. In school, I learned to stop talking about music because they didn’t like it when I did. I led a double life. I kind of started to live in fear when I would sing the national anthem at the 76ers game. If there was a write-up about it the next day in our local paper, I knew it was gonna be a bad day at school for me.

Your mother loved Def Leppard. She played that nonstop when she was pregnant with you.
I love Def Leppard! It’s comforting for me to listen to them. I love a great song. If that great song is by 50 Cent, I’ll listen to it.

You started writing songs when you were 12, and nearly all your songs are autobiographical. Was that a way of coping with being an outsider at school?
Absolutely. I would sit on the edge of class and watch people interact with each other. I’d watch guys flirt with cool girls and I would watch best friends talk, and I would go home and write about it. If you listen to my albums, it’s like reading my diary.

And you always use real names in your songs.
I don’t hesitate — people who have no idea that I have a crush on them won’t find out through me telling them, but they will find out when they hear their name in a song. There was this guy who opened a couple of shows for me on tour and I talked to him a couple of times, but he never knew that I liked him. So I wrote this song called “Hey Stephen,” and when my album came out, I sent him a text message: “Hey, Track 5.” It was so funny. He sent me back a long e-mail saying, “Oh, my God!”

You recently finished filming a movie called “Valentine’s Day.” Did you like acting?
Yes, but it’s a small part. I play the kind of girl I didn’t like in high school. She’s forced to go to gym class and doesn’t want to be there. The director, Garry Marshall, was wonderful — and both of our lucky numbers are 13, so we talked about that most of the time.

Do you still sing karaoke?
No. But if I were to do karaoke, it would probably be something from “Grease” ! I’d sing “You’re the One That I Want” — or Def Leppard. Whenever I hear Def Leppard, I just freak out.

I love this interview … it seems very Taylor Swift. The accompanying photoshoot, I’m afraid, is not very Taylor Swift … nor is it very good, IMHO. After the jump, check out the photos from Taylor‘s NYTimes Style photospread … More »

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Homer Simpson Does ‘TV Guide’

5 collectible covers

In honor of the 20th anniversary of The Simpsons, TV Guide is releasing 5 collectible covers of their mag each with a different coverphoto of Simpson patriarch Homer J. Simpson. Here is one of his collectible covers:

In celebration of “The Simpsons” 20th anniversary, TV GUIDE MAGAZINE has issued five collectible covers hitting newsstands Thursday, December 3 and on sale for two weeks. Each of the five issues features a unique Homer Simpson illustration on the cover, along with three additional full-page illustrations on the inside pages, for a total of 20 Homers – representing an unforgettable Homer moment from each of the past 20 seasons.

The five collectible TV GUIDE MAGAZINE cover illustrations featuring Homer Simpsons are:

01. I Am Furious Yellow (from Season 13, aired April 28th 2002)
02. Colonel Homer (from Season 3, aired March 26th, 1992)
03. King-Size Homer (from Season 7, aired November 5th, 1995)
04. Mr. Plow (from Season 4, aired November 19th, 1992)
05. Homer The Great (from Season 6, aired January 8th, 1995)

TV GUIDE MAGAZINE editors’ picks of the Top 20 episodes include:

#1: “Homer’s Phobia” (original airdate 2/16/97)
Plot: Homer (Dan Castellaneta) gay-panics when he realized his new friend, John (John Waters) “prefers the company of men.”

#10: “Homer The Great” (original airdate 1/8/95)
Plot: Homer is revealed to be the Chosen One, a foretold savior of his lodge’s order.

At #20: “Lisa V. Malibu Stacy (original airdate 2/17/94)
Plot: Lisa (Yeardley Smith) is crushed when the new Malibu Stacy is a bubblehead who says things like “Don’t ask me, I’m just a girl!”

Man … there are so many amazing eps of The Simpsons, I’d be hard-pressed to be able to compile a list of my faves … which is why I’m very curious to see what the editors of TV Guide come up with. The various Homer Simpsons featured on these collectible covers to bring to mind many of my fave eps. After the jump, check out the other 4 covers of TV Guide which all feature HomerMore »

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