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Whitney Houston Will Release A New Album In November

Her Greatest Live Performances

On November 10, the late Whitney Houston will release her first live album ever almost 3 years after she passed away in 2012. Clive Davis made an appearance on the Today show to formally announce this new Whitney album and unveil the cover art for the release. Whitney Houston Live: Her Greatest Performances will feature 16 of Whitney‘s greatest live recordings ever. Click below to see the cover art for this new album, read the press release announcement and watch Clive Davis‘s interview on Today earlier today. More »

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Watch: Painfully Awkward Video Emerges Of Kanye West Demanding Two Wheelchair-Bound People Stand Up At His Concert

"This is the longest I've had to wait, it's unbelievable

A few days ago, a story about Kanye West demanding that a pair of wheelchair-bound concert goers stand up during one of his concerts in Sydney, Australia started to make the rounds and, as you can see above, video footage of the incident has finally come to light. As you may have heard, Kanye stopped his concert that night and demanded that every single person in the audience stand up on their feet. He noticed that two people remained seated and he focused on them, demanding that they stand up or he would not continue the concert. It eventually was revealed that the concert goers he was yelling at where confined to their wheelchairs, showing Kanye to be an insensitive ass. The video is really awkward to watch but it does give you a very good understanding for the kind of person Kanye West truly is. Ugh.

In case you missed the original story, you can read about it below. More »

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Watch: Here Is Video Of Ellen DeGeneres & Kristen Wiig ‘Singing’ The ‘Frozen’ Song ‘Let It Go’

Beating a Dead Horse
Faking It

Ellen DeGeneres thought it would be a fun gag to sing the Frozen song Let It Go with Kristen Wiig despite the fact that neither woman knew the lyrics to the song … or something like that. The result? An expectedly terrible performance that actually turned out to be somewhat entertaining. If you’re not entirely sick of hearing Let It Go just yet, you will likely enjoy the video above … or it just may drive you over the edge and make you hate the song once and for all. Enjoy.

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Watch: Lorde Covered ‘Flashing Lights’ By Kanye West In Concert Last Week

And she killed it, natch
Kanye by Lorde

Lorde is currently on a US tour right now and last week she played a show in Philadelphia, PA where she performed a cover of Flashing Lights by Kanye West. As you can see in the fanshot video above, Lorde put her own spin on the track and delivered a brilliant performance of the song (which segued into her own song Bravado). Flashing Lights (from the album Graduation) is one of my fave Kanye songs and Lorde is one of my fave singer so, yeah, I’m living for this cover. I have EXCELLENT tickets to see Lorde when she plays the Greek Theater here in LA next month and I’m SO excited. I’ve been staying away from tour spoilers before I see the show but this Kanye cover is too good not to share. I hope you enjoy.

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Watch: Beyoncé & Nicki Minaj Perform ‘Flawless’ Together For The First Time EVER In Paris, France

This is the Remix
Together on stage at last!

Early last month, Beyoncé teamed up with Nicki Minaj for a remix of her song ****Flawless that, as you may recall, musically addressed that elevator fight incident that went down between Jay Z and Solange Knowles last spring. Ever since the remix came out, folks have been dying for a live performance of the track by both Bey and Nicki. Last night, at the Stade du France in Paris, Beyoncé brought Nicki on stage for the first performance ever of their Flawless remix during the filming of Beyoncé and Jay Z‘s On The Run Tour which will be broadcast on HBO later this month. The professionally shot performance will come later, for right now we get to see the adequately fan-filmed video above. Nicki comes on stage at the 4:50 minute mark of the video. Enjoy.

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Watch: Jared Leto Grabs An Impressive Amount Of Penis Bulge In This Live Performance Video [UPDATE]

I mean, it's a LOT

Jared Leto, Academy Award-winner and frontman of 30 Seconds to Mars, has a reputation for being … erm … well endowed. Stories about Jared‘s endowment have been widely circulated for years. During a live performance by 30StM last month (which is making the rounds today), Jared was videoed grabbing a considerable portion of penis bulge that seems to confirm the speculation about his … manhood. Watch the video above and see for yourselves. The magic moment happens at the 1:45 minute mark of this performance of the song End of All Days. I mean, right? He’s grabbing a big ol’ handful of stuff, ain’t he? Gods bless him.

UPDATE: Video of this 30StM performance has been pulled offline but you can click below to see screencaps of the bulge grab to still see the goods that Jared Leto is working with. More »

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Watch: Britney Spears Is REALLY EXCITED About One Night Stands

"Everybody knows that my boyfriend cheated on me."

Last weekend, our dear Britney Spears commented publicly on stage in Las Vegas about her break up with her cheater ex-boyfriend David Lucado and last night, she made mention of her new single status again during her performance of Britney: Piece of Me. In the video we saw previously, Britney shared her excitement about having the opportunity to go on first dates again … last night, she was downright giddy about the prospect of having one night stands with new guys. Singleny is in full effect, y’all. Watch the cute fan-shot video below. More »

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Watch: 16 Year-Old Katy Perry Sings Christian Pop In This Throwback Video

'Katy Perry Uncensored Raw Talent'
'Everyone thinks I'm a superstar'

Every musician’s journey is different, and it’s safe to say that a lot’s changed since 2001 for Katy Perry. Videographer Jim Standridge recently discovered some throwback footage he took of the pop star back when she was a 16 year-old Christian singer/songwriter out on her first tour, and it’s pretty fascinating stuff. She’s young, she’s adorable, and she’s also hella talented. Check out the video to see what young Katy Perry was workin’ with!


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Harry Styles Of One Direction Shows His Support For Michael Sam In St. Louis, MO


One Direction played a concert at Edward Jones Dome this week and during their performance, Harry Styles decided rep St. Louis Rams player Michael Sam by wearing his jersey on stage. Sam, as you should be well aware, is the first openly gay player in the NFL and he is currently working hard on pre-season training with the Rams. Harry, obvs, is a fan and he wanted to let the world know it. Click below to see Harry on stage in his Michael Sam jersey and read some happy tweets about Harry‘s support of Michael. More »

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The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards Fashion Was Incredible

So many 'What am I looking at?' moments, so little time...

First off, Amber Rose took to Instagram to let the world know that absolutely “no f—s were given,” in case you were curious. Her husband Wiz Khalifa wore a shirt promoting the prevention of suicide, which I thought was cool—but I’m sure nobody in attendance caught that. Looks I loved include Iggy Azalea‘s, Nicki Minaj‘s and… well.. Amber Rose. LMAO. Peep the gallery for more!

[Photo Credit: Getty]

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