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In An Apparent Dig At Katy Perry, Taylor Swift Featured The Left Shark On Her Concert Stage

Cuz you know they've got 'Bad Blood'

It would appear that the “bad blood” between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry remains resolved in the wake of an apparent dig on Taylor‘s part at Katy over the weekend. As you may know, Taylor and Katy have reportedly been “feuding” for some time now stemming from drama that resulted from Taylor‘s previous relationship with John Mayer, who ended up dating Katy afterward. Most recently, Katy interjected herself in the Twitter feud that erupted between Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj by taking a swipe at Taylor and siding with Nicki. Over the weekend, an image of a shark “curiously” appeared on stage during Taylor‘s performance of Bad Blood during her concert performance in Foxborough, MA which many perceive as a reference to the Left Shark that famously stole the show during Katy‘s Super Bowl Halftime Show performance back in February. If so, it would seem that the catty back and forth fighting between these two adult women is still in full effect. More »

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Watch: Kelly Clarkson Puts Her Spin On ‘Blank Space’ By Taylor Swift

"Magic, Madness, Heaven, Sin"

Just a few days ago we got to see live video of Kelly Clarkson performing Bye, Bye, Bye by *NSync live in concert. Today, we are blessed with a new video of Kelly performing her rendition of Taylor Swift‘s hit single Blank Space. Now that Kelly is on tour, these kinds of cover song performances will be the norm so it’s going to be a fun summer. Her cover of Bye, Bye, Bye was pretty perfect but I am truly living for her take on Blank Space. I guess the only thing I don’t love is that the way Kelly sings the song, it actually sounds like she is singing “got a long list of ex-lovers” instead of the way Taylor sings “got a long list of Starbucks lovers“. Ah well, can’t win ‘em all ;) Enjoy the video, Kelly is amazing.

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Watch: Kelly Clarkson Covered ‘Bye, Bye, Bye’ By *NSync In Concert Last Night, It Was Predictably Perfect

"This is a throwback to our junior high days"
"Hey baby, come on"

Kelly Clarkson is back on tour and you know what that means … we are in for a new collection of amazing live cover songs as her tour rolls across the country. Last night, in Buffalo, NY, Kelly performed her version of *NSync‘s hit 2000 single Bye, Bye, Bye and as you can see/hear above, she totally nailed the song perfectly. As she has done on previous tours, Kelly is taking cover song requests and last night night lucky folks in Buffalo got to her her do *NSync. Watch Kelly‘s performance above and hear how well she performed the song. And stay tuned, as Kelly‘s tour continues, we are sure to hear her perform other great cover songs along the way.

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Watch: Paula Abdul & James Corden Performed A Live Version Of Her Animated Music Video For ‘Opposites Attract’ On ‘The Late Late Show’ Last Night

The stuff DREAMS are made of
They come together because Opposites Attract

For the past few months, newish late night talk show host James Corden has been trying out different bits on The Late Late Show on CBS to varying degrees of success but last night, I contend that he has outdone himself entirely … and has finally won a piece of my heart. Corden hosted Paula Abdul as one of his guests last night and the two of them recreated and performed live the animated music video for her hit 1989 single Opposites Attract. The video, as I HOPE you know, features Paula Abdul dancing with an animated rapping cat named MC Skat Kat. For their live recreation, James dressed as MC Skat Kat as Paula performed as Paula and … OMG … I just love this whole performance entirely! I fear that many of the youngsters out there may not be as familiar as they should with Paula Abdul‘s music and music videos, so it’s possible some of the younger folks out there may not understand how truly epic this tribute to Opposites Attract truly is. For the rest of us who know and love Paula‘s song and music video, I know this live performance of the song will be real treat for you. Check out Paula and James‘s tribute to Opposites Attract above and then click below to compare with the original music video released back in 1989. More »

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Previously Unseen Photos From Nirvana’s First Concert Make Their Way Online

"Back in the day"

19 year old Maggie Poukkula, daughter of musician Tony Poukkula, stumbled upon photos that were taken during Nirvana‘s first live performance ever back in 1987 and graciously decided to share the wealth with the rest of the world via social media. Found pressed between the pages of a Kurt Cobain biography owned by her father, the photos feature the members of Nirvana playing their first gig ever with Tony Poukkula. The photos, which you can see below, have never been seen before and mark the first time ever that the members of Nirvana played a show in public … so basically, the photos are historical in nature. Click below to have a look and see photos of Nirvana in action during their first concert ever. More »

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Brunch & Funday

The TV Guide

Yesterday was a very fun, pretty busy day for me. Veruca Salt performed an intimate acoustic show at The Federal Bar in North Hollywood FOR FREE so I made sure to get my buns out to the Valley to see them live. Afterward, I made my way down to Anaheim, CA to hang out with my friends at Disneyland … which, un/fortunately was totally doused in rain all afternoon/evening/night long. We still had fun, obvs, but had to keep the fun indoors as much as possible. My day started out bright, sunny and hot and ended dark, rainy and muggy … and I loved every minute of it. More »

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Watch: Ryan Adams Performs ‘Stay With Me’ At The Glastonbury Festival 2015

Just, perfect
"I love you baby, just treat me right"

Yesterday I shared video of Kanye West performing a cover of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen during his headline performance at The Glastonbury Festival Saturday night. Today I’d like to share video of singer/songwriter Ryan Adams performing his song Stay With Me during his Glasto performance yesterday. Ryan Adams is absolutely one of my favorite musicians of all time and this performance of Stay With Me gives some insight as to why I love him so much. I got to hear Ryan perform this song off his newish self-titled album in concert when he toured through SoCal last year and I can assure you, the song sounds even better live in person. For those of you who weren’t too fond of the Kanye video I shared, I hope this video makes up for it. Please enjoy.

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Watch: Janet Jackson Was Honored With A Dance Tribute, Ultimate Icon Award At The BET Awards Last Night

“It’s been a very long journey to this moment"

Last week we learned that pop icon Janet Jackson would be honored with a performance tribute and a special award during The BET Awards show that aired live on BET last night. Today we get to see video of the fun tribute performance that featured Tinashe, Jason Derulo and Ciara dancing up a storm to Janet‘s hit career-spanning songs Pleasure Principle, All For You, If and Rhythm Nation. Janet then made an appearance on stage to accept the Ultimate Icon: Music Dance Visual Award … her first public on stage appearance at an awards show in years. The tribute was great, Janet looked amazing and with the forthcoming release of her new album & launch of her Unbreakable World Tour, we are now one step closer to her full-fledged return to the music scene. Click below to see Janet‘s return to The BET Awards last night. More »

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Watch: Kanye West Performed Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ During His Headline Set At The Glastonbury Festival Last Night

Yeezus declared himself "the greatest living Rock Star on the planet"
"Is this the real life?"

Kanye West was the headline performer at the Glastonbury Festival in the UK last night (after many weeks of controversy, including a petition that sought to bar him from performing at Glastonbury altogether) and as part of his set, he delivered his own version of the Queen classic song Bohemian Rhapsody. His performance of this song was, I think, a bit of a love letter to the Glastonbury audience as a way to show respect for England‘s storied musical history. But Kanye couldn’t help being Kanye throughout his show stopping set, where at one point he declared from the Glastonbury stage — for all the world to hear — that he is “the greatest living Rock Star on the planet“. Oh, Kanye. Click the embed above to hear Yeezy‘s rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody and then click below to learn more about his headline set at Glastonbury. More »

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Watch: The Gay Men’s Chorus Of LA Performs ‘Work Bitch’ By Britney Spears

The best video you'll see all day
You want a hot chorus? You better Work, Bitch!

During a performance of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles last week, a magical and entirely wonderful thing occurred … the group busted out one of the most inventive live performances of Britney Spears‘s hit song Work Bitch EVER! It is being reported that our dear Britney Spears was in the audience at this June 20 performance by the GMCLA when they performed her song and as you can hear in the video embedded above, they only only thoroughly entertained the audience (Britney included, I’m sure) but they also delivered an excellent rendition of her song. I have a feeling that this video will be the best thing you’ll see all day, possibly all week. Please enjoy.

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