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A New Petition Calls For ‘National Orlando Bloom Day,’ Following The Justin Bieber Punching Incident


Y'all know I damn near lost my mind when I saw yesterday's biggest celebrity story RE: Orlando Bloom taking an epic swing at little Justin Bieber. I mean... OMGeeee! You. Can't. Make. This. Ish. Up! Bieber has been taking the beef to Instagram (internet gangsta that he is), and throwing hella shade with photos of ...

Justin Bieber And Miley Cyrus CDs Were Burned By A Minor League Baseball Team


Hilarious news to wake up to this morning. Apparently. Some people reeeealllly aren't feeling today's biggest pop stars, and they've decided to make that crystal clear to the rest of the world. The minor league baseball team Charleston Riverdogs hosted a very special event the other day, in which they lit'rally burned Miley Cyrus and ...

Reports Are Now Saying Justin Bieber Was Not Drag-Racing, And Was Not Drunk On The Night Of His Arrest


Well, this is getting interesting. Back when we first heard details about Justin Bieber's DUI/drag-racing arrest, PITNBr blaqfury raised a great question about the whole ordeal: if Bieber was only going 60 MPH, was he really drag-racing? According to the original report, Bieber was doing 60 in a 30 MPH residential area, but new reports ...