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Amber Rose Stands Up to GQ, “I’m More Than Kanye’s Ex Or Wiz’s Baby’s Mama”


Um, no. Amber Rose was recently interviewed by GQ about her new book, feminism, and her recent Slutwalk, accompanied by a nude photo shoot, and she wasn't too happy with the way author Carrie Battan described her. Mainly, she wasn't stoked on the first paragraph of the article. Here's what it read: "Amber Rose wrote ...

Justin Bieber Tells ‘Complex’ Magazine That He Honestly Wants ‘To Live Like Jesus’


After successfully enduring a year of criminally bad behavior, Justin Bieber appears to be walking the straight and narrow in an attempt to clean up his image and live his life right ... I guess. In a new cover story interview with Complex magazine, JB talks about host of subjects including his feelings on ...

Watch: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Actress Maisie Williams On Jon Snow: ‘He’s dead. Sorry.’


TV Line secured a quick interview with actress Maisie Williams on the red carpet of the Emmy Awards Sunday night and in addition to asking her about her upcoming guest appearance in the new season of Doctor Who, she was also asked about the mortality of the Jon Snow character (played by Kit Harington) on ...