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Paris Hilton Unveils Her Very Own MotoGP Racing Team

Your WTF? O' the Day

Back in September we got to check out a cheesy-as-Hell music video made by Paris Hilton for SuperMartxé and today we learn that she has taken her collaboration with them one step further. Paris made an appearance in Madrid, Spain today to officially unveil and launch her own MotoGP racing team — called SuperMartxé VIP by Paris Hilton, of course: More »

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Kylie Minogue Performs With The PS22 Chorus

Kylie goes back to school

Kylie Minogue took some time out of her bizzy NYC schedule to pay a visit to PS22 school in Staten Island, NY to do a little singin’ with the 5th graders there. The PS22 Chorus is no stranger to performing with superstar performers (like Tori Amos, among others) but I’m sure they were quite happy to add Kylie to their list of famous collaborators. Here are a few photos of Kylie performing with the kids from the PS22 Chorus:

Get ready for something REALLY special!! Today the PS22 Chorus hosted a visit from the AMAZING Ms. Kylie Minogue, who made a special trip out to Staten Island to spend some time with the kids! Kylie has been a long time fan of PS22, tweeting about the kids on more than one occasion, so it’s safe to say that everybody was extremely psyched for this collaboration! [T]he kids joined Kylie on her mega-hit, “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” which we recreated PS22 style! Kylie blew us away with her incredible vocals on this acoustic rendition! The kids sound haunting and yet somehow are having a blast at the same time! … I can’t say enough great things about Kylie! She is truly a wonderful spirit and completely enchanted us all, kids and grown-up types alike!! Speaking of which, big thanks to Mr. Eberle for his amazing guitar work and to Ms. Lisa for her spectacular video footage!! Also much thanks to Ms. Laurie (and again Ms. Lisa) for the fantastic pics!!

Kylie + kids = OMFG SO CUTE!! After the jump, check out videos of Kylie‘s performance with the kids of the PS22 ChorusMore »

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Jessica Simpson Shows Of Her Engagement Bling

Here Comes the Bride-To-Be

Yesterday we learned the happy and somewhat surprising news that Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson — her *just divorced* boyfriend of about 6 months — have gotten themselves engaged to be married. Today, we get our first look at Jessica‘s sparkly new engagement bling which she happily showed off at an in-store appearance at a Dillard’s department store in Overland Park, KS over the weekend … behold:

Jessica Simpson showed off her brand new Neil Lane engagement ring at Dillard’s department store in Kansas City on Saturday as she was promoting her clothing line. Her boyfriend of five months, Eric Johnson, proposed to Simpson with a three-stone ring that features a central ruby flanked by two diamonds. “She was in a really good mood,” an eyewitness at the store tells PEOPLE. “She was very friendly and sweet. She signed autographs and seemed to have a great time.” Only a few weeks ago, the singer, 30, gushed about her beau, 31, to PEOPLE – but didn’t want to “jinx” their relationship. “He’s the one for me right now!” she said. “I’m very happy! I’m in a great place, and if right now could last forever, I’d take it.”

While I still think it’s a bit too soon for Jessica and Eric to be getting married (especially since he’s only been divorced from his wife for a couple of months and the couple have only been dating for half a year), I do wish them all the happiness and luck in the world! Every couple is different and if they feel ready for marriage then more power to them. I just hope, for Jessica‘s sake, that she is not rushing into anything too quickly … with her track record for heartbreak, I’d hate for her to have to endure another painful break-up. Let’s send the happy couple all the congrats in the world … and wish them a very happily ever after.

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Rihanna Flips On The Xmas Lights In London

Xmas time is here again

Rihanna made an in-person appearance at a Westfield Shopping Centre in London, England this week to do the honors of turning on the Xmas lights to officially kick off the Xmas shopping season. Yes folks, it is apparently Xmas time already. Ri Ri, with red Kool-Aid hair blazin’, rocked the red carpet before she did any actual light switch flipping … behold:

Pop star Rihanna said she loves London and wants a house in the capital as she switched on the Christmas lights at a shopping centre. Wearing a red silk skirt, grey corset and a white bow in her hair, the singer cheered as the lights marked the official launch of the festive season. She was joined on stage at the Westfield shopping centre in London’s Shepherd’s Bush by children from charity Help a London Child. Barbados-born Rihanna, 22, said she “loves Christmas time” because she “loves gift-wrapping” presents for family and friends. “I’m very excited to be in London, and surprised that so many people have turned out to see me. I love London, maybe one day I’d like to have a home here,” she added. Hundreds of red roses and dazzling pyrotechnic displays lined the stage where Rihanna was joined by TV presenter George Lamb.

Despite the fact that a great many of us, me included, ARE NOT READY FOR XMAS just yet it would seem that we are being steamrolled right into the holiday season whether we like it or not. The huge Xmas tree has already been put in place at The Grove here in LA and I’m pretty sure that cities all over the world are hoping to squeeze as much money as they can out of Xmas this year and are also jumping the gun on Xmas ’10 as well … but … I digress. After the jump, check out video from Rihanna‘s Xmas lights ceremony in London this week and try to get into the Xmas spirit — I guess … More »

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Shannen Doherty Releases & Signs Her New Book

One 'Badass' Author

Back in April we first learned that Shannen Doherty was planning the release of her first book and this week, that book is now available for purchase in stores. Shannen was on hand to do an in-store booksigning of her new book Badass: A Hard-Earned Guide to Living Life with Style and (the Right) Attitude at the Borders Books & Music in Columbus Circle in NYC, NY last night … behold:

There have been a rash of new celebrity written books (both Nicole Richie and Hilary Duff recently released new novels) but Shannen‘s book is a more personal, non-fiction tome. I can’t help but be intrigued by Shannen‘s book … I’ve yet to pick up a copy but I deffo plan to. I’ve been a big Shannen Doherty fan for years, it’ll be pretty cool to read her very own book. Are any of y’all plannin’ on procuring Badass now that it’s available?

[Photo credit: Wireimage]

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Tim Gunn Weighs In On The Season 8 Finale Of ‘Project Runway’

"Nina and Michael are smoking enough [crack] for all of us"

Last Thursday Lifetime TV aired the finale episode of, IMHO, the WORST season of Project Runway in the show’s 8 season life and I was so insulted and offended as a fan by the outcome of the final judging that I couldn’t even blog about the outcome because I felt so let down by a show that I once loved so fiercely. Entertainment Weekly posted an inspired episode recap HERE that really spoke for me and, I’m sure, many of the loyal PR fans who felt slighted by the outcome of this most recent season of the show. Curiously, judges Nina Garcia and Michael Kors (the ones responsible for choosing the winning designer this season) canceled interviews to discuss the finale of Project Runway (most notably, they canceled an interview with Entertainment Weekly) and, in fact, no one involved with the show wants to talk about or defend what I feel was the WORST judging mistake in Project Runway history. The amazing Tim Gunn, tho, did go on the record … kinda … about the outcome of this season of Project Runway in comments he made at a Kate Spade event in Pennsylvania over the weekend:

After the jump, check out video of Tim Gunn‘s comments about the season 8 finale outcome of Project RunwayMore »

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Shirley Manson Confirms A New Garbage Album & Tour

She also reveals the identity of her new husband

Back in February Shirley Manson revealed on Facebook that her band Garbage had started recording new music together. In May the Scottish goddess revealed the she secretly got married to an American whose identity she refused to disclose. This week, Manson made an in-person appearance at University of the West of Scotland and not only confirmed that a new Garbage album is on the way but she also revealed the identity of her new hubby:

Scottish singer Shirley Manson showed off her new husband for the first time yesterday. Manson appeared alongside US record producer Billy Bush in Paisley to talk to students at the University of the West of Scotland. In May, she told TV host Craig Ferguson that she had wed an American at a secret ceremony in Las Vegas, but until yesterday she been coy about revealing her new spouse’s identity. Grammy-nominated Bush has worked with bands including Green Day, Limp Bizkit, Korn and Muse. Edinburgh-born Manson, 44, who was previously married to sculptor Eddie Farrell, also confirmed she was recording a new album with her band Garbage. “I’m working on a record right now with the band. We’ve recorded quite a lot but it’s difficult to quantify,” she said. “It’s the first one in a long time. I took about five years off. I’d like to do some touring next year.” She did not elaborate on the musical direction of the new album or when it would be released. “We’re just winging it right now,” she said. Rumours of a new release had been circulating since Manson hinted in February that she had been spending time in a recording studio. The couple were in Paisley to give career advice to commercial music students. The secret of success, Manson revealed, was for artists to talk through their disagreements – and share the proceeds. “When you get into a band, whether you are – the main writer or whatever – split the money equal ways. Then you will have a happy band. They are doing the same work as you.” Bush warned students that the road to musical success was long and hard. He said: “There’s two things you have to accept in this industry. One is poverty and the other is failure. There’s a huge element of failure.”

Hot damn! This is great news. I was encouraged by the news last February that Garbage was back in the recording studio … but there had been nary a peep from them since so I was starting to lose hope that a new album was coming. I am SO thrilled to learn that not only can we expect a new album but a tour as well. And now that we know who Shirley got married to, I think we can send the happy couple all our love and congrats one more time. Shirley Manson may not give us news all the time but when she does, it’s the best news ever. Wee! Any Garbage fans out there? Who’s excited for a new album?!


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Kylie Minogue Reveals That She Will Tour The US In Spring 2011

Kylie <3s America

Kylie Minogue, the worldwide SUPERSTAR here in the US this week doing a bit of promo for her album Aphrodite, made an in-person appearance at The Grove here in Los Angeles, CA yesterday to appear with Mario Lopez on Extra! to announce that she will be bringing her next world tour to the US in the Spring of next year:

As you may recall, we learned back in August that Kylie would be touring in support of Aphrodite on her upcoming Les Folies Tour 2011 and yesterday Kylie confirmed that she will be bringing that tour HERE to the US in April and May of 2011. Here are a few photos of Kylie at The Grove yesterday afternoon, lookin’ as fabulous as EVER!

Squee!!! I can’t even tell you how excited I am to learn that Kylie will be coming BACK to the US next year. In her 20+ year career she only first toured the US properly back in 2009 on her For You, For Me North American Tour so it’s a thrill to have her coming back so soon. You better believe I will be seeing her as many times as possible on her Les Folies Tour 2011. After the jump, check out video of Kylie making her US tour announcement at The Grove yesterday AND, as a fun bonus, check out video of her performance of Get Outta My Way LIVE on Dancing with the Stars last night … More »

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Paul Wesley & Ian Somerhalder Take ‘The Vampire Diaries’ On Tour

In-store With the Vampires

Actors and on-screen brothers Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder made an in-store appearance at the Hot Topic at Sunset Place in Miami, FL yesterday as part of The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Mall Tour. Here are a few photos of Paul and Ian at yesterday’s event:

I understand the guys spent a lot of time meeting and greeting the fans who came out to see them. Other castmembers from The Vampire Diaries are touring elsewhere but it sounds like the place to be was in Miami yesterday to see the hot VD brothers ;)

[Photo credit: Wireimage]

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Mark Salling Releases ‘Pipe Dreams’ In Hollywood

The TV Guide

Last night my friend Darion and I were invited to attend Glee star Mark Salling‘s record release party hosted by Xomad & BlackBerry Lounge at MyHouse in Hollwyood, CA:

Not only were we treated to amazing food and drink all night long (grub which we were able to order using BlackBerry Messenger on our BlackBerry smartphones) but we were also treated to a live performance and meet & greet with Mark Salling himself. After the jump, check out some photos we snapped at last night’s event … More »

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