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2010 New York Comic-Con, Day 2

Another day, Another dorkfest

A few more geek-minded celebs made their way out to Day 2 of New York Comic-Con going on this weekend in the Big Apple making the dreams and wishes of loyal fans come true. Day 2 included in-person appearances by hot ladies Tricia Helfer and Katee Sackhoff from Battlestar Galactica as well as hotties Eric Bana and James Franco:

And for some strange reason, Corey Feldman — in his infamous Michael Jackson attire — was in attendance as well. I’m not sure I quite get the connection between Comic Book/Sci Fi awesomeness and Feldman‘s presence but I’m guessing there was an appearance fee included and, well, I’m certain Corey Feldman would never turn down such an offer. To be honest, I always found Feldman‘s MJ impersonation extremely weird … now that MJ has passed, I find it extremely weird AND creepy. But, despite the creep-factor that invariably shows up at these sorts of events, I’m certain the sheer awesomeness makes NYCC a total blast. Sigh. I’m there in spirit …

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2010 New York Comic-Con, Day 1

Geek out

Over the Summer, comic book fans flocked to San Diego Comic-Con to get their fix of geekness and now they have made their way to the Big Apple for another dose of geeky awesomeness. Here are a few photos from Day 1 of 2010 New York Comic-Con:

Altho all the really BIG geek news comes out of SDCC in July, I’m certain that NYCC will offer fans much to talk about. As you can see from just these photos from Day 1, there are quite a few geek gods to meet and press the flesh with at the convention. Looks like fun, yeah?

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Guillermo Del Toro Brings His Book Tour To LA

Film director, new TV producer and author Guillermo Del Toro — who released his second novel The Fall: Book Two of The Strain Trilogy last week — made an in-person appearance at the Barnes & Noble store at The Grove here in LA last night to discuss and then sign copies of his book. In his discussion of the second book of his trilogy with co-author Chuck Hogan, Del Toro maintained that he is focusing on completing the book trilogy before he starts thinking about the film adaptations:

Guillermo del Toro [was] at The Grove in Los Angeles [last night] for a few hours that began at 7 PM to sign copies of The Fall, the second installment of The Strain vampire trilogy novel that he wrote with Chuck Hogan (whose book Prince of Thieves was turned into The Town by Ben Affleck). Published last week, the book has already hit No. 8 on The New York Times bestseller list. That’s a slot higher on the list than his first book, The Strain … He said that while fans are most curious about his plans to direct an adaptation of HP Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness with James Cameron for Universal, many implore him to make one more installment of Hellboy. “I tell them that convincing Ron Perlman is the difficult first step, because he just doesn’t have the same patience as he did when he was younger to sit through 7 hours of makeup, and to pump up like crazy and sprout horns.” … The question Hollywood is asking is when del Toro and Hogan will take their vampire series out for a film or miniseries deal. Del Toro said they are sticking to their plan of completing the final book before entertaining offers. “If I made a deal, I’d be thinking about an ending that would be a cinematic climax, one that adhered to MPAA standards and practices. And the most enjoyable part of writing this with Chuck has been not having any form of self-censorship, or any cap that you have when you’re writing a script.” When will they be done? “We finished the big outline six months ago. “We are both writing chapters. Chuck has 100 pages so far. I’ve done 70. But I’m not halfway through my process and I won’t be done with my side until the week before we start At the Mountains of Madness. I’m still hoping to shoot in June. We still have a big budget presentation for Universal, but I’m really hopeful. The stuff looks just great.”

Usually when one person takes on so many projects (especially of such diverse types), one or more of those projects end up sucking (as in the old adage, Jack of all trades – Master of none) … but that is SO not the case where Del Toro is concerned. His films are consistently stunning and his storytelling is really unmatched. I’m almost finished reading The Fall (I should have it read by tonight) and I can’t get enough. I was so impressed with the first book, The Strain, and this second book has just taken things further and into more exciting territory. To be honest, I had planned on attending last night’s booksigning but — and I’m not even kidding — I lost track of time because I was bizzy reading the book. If you are looking for a fantastic new spin on the vampire myth that is actually an excellent and quick read, you MUST read The Strain (book one) and The Fall (book two). I promise, you will love them!

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Nicole Richie Signs Books, Does ‘Good Morning America’

Plus read an excerpt from her new novel 'Priceless'

Nicole Richie made her way to NYC this week to do some promo for the release of her new novel Priceless, which we learned was coming our way back in June when we got our first look at the tome’s cover artwork, and made an in-person appearance at a Borders bookstore last night to sign a few copies for some of her fans:

Earlier today, Nicole made an appearance on ABC‘s Good Morning America to talk about the release of her new book. After the jump, check out video of Nicole‘s appearance on GMA this morning and read an excerpt from her just-released novel PricelessMore »

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Gwen Stefani Gets Immortalized In Wax

Did Madame Tussaud's do her right? No Doubt.

No Doubt frontwoman, solo artist in her own right, fashion designer and rockstar mom Gwen Stefani is the latest celebrity to be immortalized in wax by Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum … and this week, Gwen was on hand to make an in-person appearance at the Madame Tussaud’s in Las Vegas, NV to officially unveil her waxen doppelgänger:

A smiling Gwen Stefani gets all excited as she meets her new $300,000 waxwork in Las Vegas. So presumably, the singer-turned fashion-designer had overlooked the fact that sculptors have added extra inches to her life-like model. The waxwork of the 40-year-old mother of two has actually been made two percent larger than the star is in real life … the waxwork has been made bigger to allow for shrinkage in the Nevada desert climate, according to celebrity blogger Robin Leach of Las Vegas Weekly. Gwen was on hand [this week] for the unveiling ceremony at Madame Tussaud’s in Las Vegas. She dressed for the occasion in incredibly short colourful dress teamed with black tights and killer heels. Meanwhile her waxwork has been suited in a crop top, showing off a green bra underneath and toned stomach, teamed with trousers and knee high lace up boots. It took nearly six months from Gwen’s first private sitting to create the figure, and more than 250 measurements and photographs were taken at a total cost of $300,000. The three-time Grammy Award-winning No Doubt singer arrived in Las Vegas on Tuesday night ahead of the ceremony. ‘We are very excited to have Gwen Stefani’s figure added to our attraction,’ Madame Tussauds General Manager Rosita Chapman said in a statement. ‘She’s consistently rated high on our request list, so we are very pleased to bring her figure to all her loyal fans.’

Once again, the artists at Madam Tussaud’s have done it again. This wax statue of Gwen looks so lifelike that you’d be hard-pressed to figure out which Gwen is the real Gwen without getting all up close and personal. In fact, I’d be willing to wager that the wax version of Gwen has got sicker abs than the real Gwen does ;) After the jump, check out video footage from this unveiling at Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum in Las Vegas, NV to see the real Gwen in action with the newly constructed wax GwenMore »

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Madonna Launches Her ‘Material Girl’ Clothing Line . . . Again

Because, hey, why not.

Last month Macy’s Department Store in NYC hosted a launch event for the release of Madonna‘s juniors clothing line called Material Girl. Last night, Macy’s Department Store in NYC hosted another launch even for the release of Madonna‘s juniors clothing line … because Madonna can do whatever the Hell she likes, I suppose. Here are photos and some deets from the MG re-launch last night:

It was a night of lace tights, skirts, and mother-daughter bonding for Madonna and daughter Lourdes Leon, 13, as they celebrated the launch of their Material Girl clothing line Wednesday night at Macy’s Herald Square in N.Y.C. Despite being a fashion icon, Madonna was content to take a backseat when it came to choosing the items for the Material Girl girl. “Lola did most of the work. I just kind of hung out in the background and went, ‘That’s nice,’ but she pretty much did all of the work. I was just overseeing it,” she said. But when your mom is Madonna and you’re creating a fashion line for teenage girls, it isn’t always that simple. “There are some definite pieces [inspired by my mom]. The tulle skirt because that’s like her thing—she made that. The necklaces, the gloves, the lace tights, the combat boots…that tough girly thing,” Lourdes told PEOPLE. As for the items in Mom’s closet that she covets most? “All of her shoes are ridiculous! I love to try on her [Christian] Louboutins,” she said. Also on hand for the celebration was Material Girl face Taylor Momsen. “It was such an honor to be chosen by Madonna and Lola. They’re such talented people and I’m just ecstatic,” gushed the Gossip Girl star. The night concluded with the three ladies gathering on the fourth floor of Macy’s, as dancers performed and a DJ spun many of Madonna’s songs. “Lola has been so inspiring and it’s been so great to watch her focus, her determination.” Madonna said. “I’ve achieved many things in my life, but I have to say watching my daughter make her dreams come true and achieve her goals is more exciting than anything I’ve ever done.”

Maddy, Lola and Taylor weren’t the only ones in the hiz last night … so, too, was Madonna‘s eldest son Rocco John. After the jump, check out a photo of Rocco entertaining the crowd at the Material Girl launch even last night as only he can do … More »

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‘American Idol’ Releases A Promo Photo Of The New Season 10 Judges

Like it or not

Yesterday we learned officially that American Idol has chosen its new judges for the upcoming 10 season of the series … the panel is made up of Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and returning original judge Randy Jackson. Today we get to check out a nicely airbrushed promo photo of the new AI judging panel along with Idol host Ryan Seacrest:

Along with the new judging panel, there will be some changes the competitive element of American Idol as well. There will be no guest mentors for the contestants, only Jimmy Iovine will be on hand as the sole mentor all season long. It sounds like the use of instruments will be amended … or taken out completely. The contestants will no longer be forced to perform songs outside of their genre of choice … the focus will be on decades of music rather than forcing the contestants to sing genre songs they aren’t comfortable with. There will be allowances for guest judges from time to time. And, most importantly, the show will go back to creating American Idols … which, except for Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, hasn’t happened on the show in a very long time. To be honest, I’m not impressed with these changes … nor with the new judging panel … but at least fans of the show can see that they are trying to fix the once very-popular show. After the jump, check out some photos from yesterday’s Idol judge announcement event to see what the new judges looked like onstage, in person … More »

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Cristiano Ronaldo Promotes Time Force Watches In Madrid

Watch out

Last month we got to see a few photos of Cristiano Ronaldo on the set of a photoshoot for the upcoming ad campaign for Time Force watches, which Ronaldo is the celebrity spokesmodel for. Today we get our first look at one of the ad campaign promo photos featuring Cristiano and a few photos from the Time Force event in Madrid, Spain earlier today:

Um, is it me or does Cristiano look incredibly creepy in this new promo photo? And what is up with those eyebrow? Yikes! Cristiano was on hand at the Puerta America Hotel in Madrid, Spain to officially launch a line of watches that were inspired by Cristiano himself. After the jump, check out a few photos from that event … More »

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Emma Watson Counts Down To The Release Of ‘Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows’


Last week we got our first look at Harry Potter star Emma Watson, who is rumored to be seeking the lead role in the US remake of the Swedish film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Män Som Hatar Kvinnor), showing off a daring yet fashionable short hair’do and this week we get to see photos of the pixie-headed Watson at an in-person appearance at a promo event for the upcoming film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. In order to hype up excitement for the film, Warner Bros. has launched a 100 Day Countdown to the film’s release:

Emma Watson was hoping to put a spell on her fans when she announced the 100-day countdown to the new Harry Potter movie sporting her new short hairstyle – and a goth-style black lace hotpants. Emma, who plays Hermione Granger, unveiled the new poster for Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1, the penultimate film adaptation of the JK Rowling books which will show at cinemas from November 19. She unveiled her gamine crop – which drew comparisons to Mia Farrow in the 1960s – last week, but left some fans unhappy that she’d abandoned Hermione’s trademark long flowing, wavy locks.

Yes, but while everyone is all agog over Emma‘s new ‘do (which, you gotta admit, is fab-u-lous), I was really taken with the hot legs that Emma was showing off at this Harry Potter event. After the jump, check out Emma Watson rockin’ some hawt black hot pants … More »

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Jane Lynch Gets Immortalized In Wax

Nice to meet Sue

Jane Lynch, one of the stars of the hugely popular Fox TV series Glee, was honored in Hollywood yesterday morning with a wax statue in her likeness unveiled at the Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum in Hollywood, CA. Lynch posed for a few photos next to her waxen doppelgänger and spoke for a bit with the crowd. Here are a few photos and some deets from yesterday’s event:

Jane Lynch has a clone. The Glee star, 50, was joined by her new wife Dr. Lara Embry, a real-life high school Glee club, and more than 100 screaming fans Wednesday morning when her wax figure was unveiled at Madame Tussauds on Hollywood Blvd. Following opening remarks by Ian Brennan, the co-creator of the hit Fox show, Lynch walked out beside her statue, modeled after her character Sue Sylvester, and told the crowd, “Holy crap—unbelievable. This is too much. This is too weird. I feel like I’m seeing myself in a coffin or something. Thank you so much!” Lynch tells PEOPLE the whole experience is “strange and eerie,” adding, “it looks just like me.” But the cloning process was not so simple. “It took four hours,” Lynch said. “They took the measurements of my face and my body, and they put dots all over. There was a contraption that measured from here to here, to here, to here, to here for four hours.”

Wow … you know, sometimes the artists at Madam Tussaud’s get these wax statues SO wrong and sometimes they get them SO right … this new wax statue of Jane Lynch is deffo SO right! The resemblance is uncanny … and I agree with Jane‘s sentiment … Holy crap! It is unbelievable. Jane Lynch really is the breakout star of Glee, I love her character Sue Sylvester so much. I might have to haul my cookies down to Hollywood Blvd. to see this amazing wax statue in person. It’s pretty damn sweet, ain’t it?

[Photo credit: Splash News, Wireimage; Source]

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