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Jenny McCarthy & Jim Carrey To The ‘Rescue’

With Britney, bitch!

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey played host at an event here in LA last night for Generation Rescue, a non-profit organization that was formed by parents of children who have been diagnosed with childhood neurological disorders (Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, ADD, PDD-NOS and other learning disabilities). Jenny became involved with the organization after she discovered that her son Evan suffers from autism. Some of Jenny Mac‘s friends — including Britney Spears, the newly single Sarah Silverman and Rose McGowan — came out to lend their support for the organization. Here are a few pics from the red carpet arrivals:

First off, what a great organization to lend your support to. So much is not known about these sorts of neurological disorders … I think it’s amazing that like-minded mothers got together to take an active step in creating awareness. I believe this is the first “non-party” event that Britney Spears has attended in many months. As you may recall, she agreed to let her ex-husband Kevin Federline have permanent physical custody of her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James earlier this week … and here she is, lending her support to charity (and lookin’ pretty hawt, I might add). I’m going to assume she had no ulterior motives for coming out to this event. In fact, I really do believe that all the celebs who came out last night did so for the right reasons. Kudos to Jenny and Jim for using their high profile celebrity to aid this cause. Color me impressed.

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Nicole Richie To Guest Star On ‘Chuck’

The new mom plays a gun toting ex-cheerleader

The new issue of Entertainment Weekly is devoted primarily to a preview of the San Diego Comic Con which runs next weekend but there are other great previews and spoilers in the new issue as well. Here is a promo pic of Nicole Richie from her upcoming guest star stint on the NBC show Chuck, wherein she plays a “bitchy mean girl” cheerleader who comes back guns blazing:

I don’t watch the show but I am intrigued that they asked Nicole to play a role like this. She looks great. I will deffo keep my eyes open for this particular ep (scheduled to air in October) cuz I kinda want to watch Nic kick some ass.


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Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

But close proximity is better

BFFs (cuz I’m not exactly sure what else to call them just yet) Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson were snapped exchanging poignant goodbyes on the set of Lindsay‘s new movie Labor Pains this past Tuesday afternoon which led me to believe that the ladies might be spending a bit of time apart … it turns out that they weren’t really separated for all that long cuz they flew together to NYC yesterday and hit the town running:

The besties, let’s call them RoLo, managed to evade attention on their flight to NYC by being on the same plane with David Beckham who, according to E!‘s Marc Malkin, got all the attention from the paps and the common folk (which I’m sure RoLo didn’t mind). The gals did show up, hand-in-hand, at the Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Sephora Celebrates Ten Years Of Gorgeous event in NY last night … lookin’ as happy as can be together. Again, I have to say that I’ve never seen Lindsay look so happy, like ever, as she is when she’s with Samantha. I am very hesitant to make assumptions about their relationship. There are many signs pointing to the belief that the two are very close but I’m not quite comfortable making assumptions about any supposed romantic involvement — there are enough folks doing that already, I don’t need to add to the mix. It’s clear that, at the very least, Lindsay and Sam are really good, really close friends and they seem very, very happy together. Whatever it is that they’ve got going on, I’m thrilled for them both :)

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin, Splash News]

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The Speidi Show Gets Sponsorship

"Your Ad Here"

Power couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were spotted making the rounds in LA yesterday ahead of a couple of public appearances last night and showed up at a Coffee Bean shop in Beverly Hills, CA with a curious collection of products in hand:

Doesn’t it seem odd that they were photographed carrying matching Nintendo Gameboy DS handheld video games (retail value $129.99) along with Coffee Bean Frappuccino drinks and the new Apple iPhone 3G? HMMM. I don’t get it … but I do suddenly feel the intense desire to run out to Starbucks to play with my PSP while talking on my BlackBerry :)

PS: I was not paid for this post.

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‘Batman: The Dark Knight’ Premieres In NYC

Batman: The Dark Knight held it’s first premiere, a black carpet event, at the AMC Loews Lincoln Center in NYC last night. All of the principal stars of the movie were in attendance (many of them matched up with their partners) including members of the late Heath Ledger‘s family (who opted out of talking to any press as they walked the carpet). Here are a few pics from the black carpet arrivals at last night’s premiere:

There were lots of jubilant smiles and happy faces … it’s nice that the stars of The Dark Knight can celebrate their new movie (reportedly a tour de force for Heath Ledger) without having to cast any mournful sadness on the event over the loss of Heath Ledger. After the jump, check out more pics from the black carpet arrivals at the movie premiere and a few photos of some of the attendees at the movie’s afterparty at the Mandarin OrientalMore »

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Britney & Lynne Spears Do Some Bonding

Age is just a number

Britney and Mama Lynne Spears have been spending quite a bit of time together since Lynne‘s arrival in SoCal last week (she arrived in LA a few weeks after the birth of Jamie Lynn‘s first child last month). Lynne, lookin’ really supertanned and rockin’ some new highlights, has been by Britney‘s side since her arrival last Wednesday and was present when Britters enjoyed an overnight visit with her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James this weekend. Here are a few pics of Britney and Lynne enjoying some bonding time this weekend while shopping:

It was a family affair Saturday as Lynne Spears hung out with Britney and her sons Preston and Jayden for an overnight visit at the star’s Studio City home. In town since Wednesday, Lynne and Britney have been enjoying some mother-daughter bonding, shopping at the True Religion warehouse and Pottery Barn on Friday before enjoying a “girls dinner” of salad, sushi rolls, and fish at Bond St. restaurant with two of Britney’s pals. “Britney walked in with a big smile and introduced her mom to the staff,” says an observer. “She looked gorgeous, and I have never seen her in a better mood. She was laughing the whole time she was here. Britney seemed to have the best time hanging out with her mom and friends.”

I guess it was Papa Jamie Spears‘s weekend off (it must be tiring being Britney‘s full-time conservator) because he spent the weekend at his new Santa Monica home. It looks like Lynne is really feeling good about herself … a new tan, a new haircut with highlights (mebbe she and Jamie Lynn went to a salon for their buy one, get one free highlighting event?) — a new lease on life! I wonder if some of that $1 million bucks from OK! magazine is being used for more than diapers and baby formula. In any event, it’s great seeing mother and daughter enjoying one another’s company.

[Photo credit: X17; Source]

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A Peek Into Maddie Briann’s Future

It all makes sense now

Pink reader Diana sent in a brills explanation for the OK! magazine photo of Maddie Briann Spears Aldridge that I posted in the previous post … it appears that Maddie‘s expression in the pic might be a foreshadowing of the little girl’s future:

She may very well have a long career as a Hollywood “It” Girl yet!

[Photo credit: OK! magazine, X17]

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Hayden Panettiere’s Head Of New Hair

Britney ain't the only one with a new weave

Britney Spears ain’t the only Hollywood “It” Girl who is rockin’ a new head of premium synthetic hair these days … here are a few pics of Hayden Panettiere taking a break from filming scenes for the new season of Heroes on set earlier this week:

If ladies like Britney and Hayden keep it up with this crazy hair extensions love-affair they’ve got going on, they’re gonna keep Jessica Simpson‘s Hair’Do hair extensions company afloat for years to come … something tells me that Jessica‘s fake hair prolly sells better than Paris Hilton‘s fake hair. Whatever happened to natural hair growth?

[Photo credit: Splash News]

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Britney Spears Gets Her Hair Did

Is 'excited' to be working with Madonna again

Britney Spears was all smiles yesterday afternoon as she emerged from a hair salon in West Hollywood with a full head of new, straightened hair. Additionally, a “pal” of Britney‘s dishes to People magazine that she is “excited” to be working with Madonna again for her new Sticky & Sweet World Tour (you may recall that Maddy enlisted Britney‘s help, asking her to appear in video segments that will be shown on massive video screens during her concert show). Even tho E! Online reports that technical difficulties have pushed back production on Britney‘s filmed video segments, everything is still a go for the collabo to take place this week. Here are pics of Britney showing off her new weave yesterday afternoon:

Britney Spears will soon collaborate with Madonna again, and the embattled singer is psyched to reunite with her idol, says a pal. The pop icons are teaming up to film a segment that is expected to be part of Madonna’s upcoming Sticky & Sweet tour. “Britney is excited, but in a grown up way,” says the source, who has seen the singer through her recent ups-and-downs. “She has come a long way in the last year.” According to the source, Spears, 26, who used to make headlines for her late-night outings and reckless driving, has been showing new signs of maturity. “She has settled down and is full of life but not childish,” says the pal … “Working with Madonna is a dream, but I think she feels like it’s one she’s earned,” says the pal. “She’s respectful but full of her own ideas about the work … I think that so many people have no idea that Britney is fully aware of what’s going on. She may not always have been, but she is now. And she is – if not in control – in partnership with her father and her managers in her future.”

I think it’s clear to pretty much everyone that Britney has gotten her life back on track, it’s great to know that she’s been making great progress behind the scenes as well. I think this collabo with Madonna is a brilliant move … I loved it when they teamed up the first time and I’m totally on board for this second round of cooperation. As I mentioned before, tho, E! is reporting that set delays have caused a minor road bump in the video production but that things should be back on track today:

Britney Spears and Madonna’s latest hookup has been temporarily derailed by a technical glitch. Spears had been scheduled to begin shooting a video montage for Madonna’s upcoming tour this morning at the Lots soundstage in Hollywood. But production insiders say that because the set was not finished in time, cameras will not roll until tomorrow. The set features an elevator, in, around and on which Spears will dance. “The video will be very deep,” a source in the Spears camp tells E! News. “You’ve never seen Britney like this before. It will blow your mind.”

All other information about this video collabo is being kept under lock and key, which I think is smart. Reports of what exactly this video piece is all about are bound to make their way around the Interweb once Madonna‘s tour gets underway in Cardiff, UK — even then, I’m not sure I want to know. I’m sure I won’t be able to resist reading about this new Madonna/Britney collaboration but I think I’d much prefer finding out what the big secret is until I can see it for myself … but that ain’t gonna happen. In any event, things continue to look up for our dear Britney. I still can’t believe she’s been able to turn her life around so successfully, so quickly. Woot!

[Photo credit: Splash News, X17; Source, Source]

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Lindsay Lohan’s Quiet Weekend

No need to Netflix

After celebrating her 22nd birthday with her 50 most intimate friends at her prom-themed birthday party last week, Lindsay Lohan spent the rest of her weekend enjoying the quiet pleasures of SoCal with an even smaller group of intimate friends, including her younger brother and sister Michael and Ali Lohan. Here are a few pics of Lindsay and her BFF Samantha Ronson picking up a few DVDs from their friendly neighborhood Blockbuster Video over the weekend, presumably for a quiet night in with friends:

You will note that the girls picked up the straight-to-video movie Get a Clue which stars none other than Lindsay Lohan herself … clearly, it was the better choice than, say, her last movie I Know Who Killed Me which was pretty wretched. To get the weekend started right, tho, Lindsay packed up a few friends, her sister Ali, her brother Michael and his girlfriend and spent the day at Disneyland:

Lindsay Lohan rang in her 22nd birthday with a playful date at Disneyland with girlfriend Samantha Ronson. The pair took their romance to new heights, piling in for a ride on a Alice In Wonderland themed roller coaster … By yesterday, the couple were in the mood for a quite night in, stopping off to collect a DVD at their local Blockbusters. After broswing through the shelves, the bemused pair settled on renting one of Lindsay’s straight to DVD movies, Get a Clue, as well as Pirate Of The Caribbean.

I don’t care what anyone says about Lindsay these days, I love that she is able to keep her life free from dangerous drama and can, in fact, live a normal life free of hazardous decisions. As long as she surrounds herself with her family and her closest friends, the ones who really care about her, she should be able to continue moving forward in a happy and positive way. If the most “exciting” thing that Lindsay is doing these days is riding the tea cups at Disneyland then I’m all for it. I’m proud of her progress and I hope she keeps saying no to the bad influences and yes to living a life worth living.

[Photo credit: X17, Big! Pictures, INFdaily; Source]

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