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Britney Spears Shows Off Her Hawt Bod

Sexy Mama

Yesterday we got our first look at the first promo image for the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards that features our dear Britney Spears along with VMAs host Russell Brand and a 900 lb. elephant (in the room) which immediately got everyone (me included) all jazzed at the prospect that Britney might be making a return to the VMAs stage to redeem herself. Speculation seems pretty convinced that she will be making a triumphant return to the VMAs stage next month, I personally am just crossing my fingers and hoping for the best (she’s gonna do it, she’s gonna do it, she’s gonna do it). Here are a few new pics of Brit Brit rockin’ a hot bikini yesterday here in SoCal:

She really does look amazing again … she has been lookin’ this good for months now. I will continue to proclaim just how pleased I am at how well Britney has been doing these past few amazing months. She’s on task, ready for action and ready to reclaim her throne atop the pop music scene … I can feel it :) She is such a far cry from where she was around this time last year … and she’s gonna just keep gettin’ better — you’ll see.

[Photo credit: X17]


Samantha Ronson Turns 31 Years Old

BFF Lindsay Lohan helps her celebrate

Here are a few pics from Samantha Ronson‘s 31st birthday celebration here in SoCal this week that included trips to three different nightclubs all in the same night … People magazine reports that her BFF Lindsay Lohan was close-boy her side all night long and even presented her with what is described as a “lingering kiss” after a rousing song of Happy Birthday:

Samantha Ronson had to work on her birthday Wednesday, but it wasn’t all bad – she had Lindsay Lohan by her side! Seeming inseparable, DJ Ronson, now 31, lit up the turntables while Lohan, 22, stayed close, whispering to her, smoking and holding court at a table of friends inside Los Angeles’s Crown Bar. At promptly five past midnight, the music was silenced and Lohan led the club in a rendition of “Happy Birthday” while presenting Ronson a cake and a lingering kiss. Between handing out cake to their friends, the gals got cozy in the deejay both and snapped photos of themselves. Lohan spent most of the early morning dancing back-to-back with Ronson, who closed out her set around 1:30 a.m.

It must have been after her DJ gig that Lindsay had this pimped out ice cream truck come out for some late night fun. I love seeing pics of L. Ron together … they always look so happy together, whatever is going on, it’s a good thing. Happy Birthday, Sam!!!

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

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It’s Britney, Bitches!

Hawt Baby ... One More Time!

Woot! Woot! Here are a bunch of new pics of our dear Britney Spears, snapped on a recent shopping trip visit to Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood, CA this week, lookin’ completely and utterly faboo. I mean, Britney has been lookin’ good for some time now but these latest pics of Brit Brit really hearken back to the days of yore when Britters was in her prime … behold:

It looks like her recent trip to Mexico was good for her, she hasn’t looked this fresh-faced and happy in ages. To be honest, I could’ve thrown in a few pics of Britney circa 2001 and I doubt anyone would’ve know the difference. It is very encouraging seeing our dear Britney look so damn good. The future looks bright for our girl, she looks ready to really make the stunning comeback that we’ve all been hoping might happen one day :)

[Photo credit: Splash News, Fame]


HaLo Get Down To Biz

More 'Heroes' filming underway

Here are a few new pics of Heroes hotties Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere on the SoCal set of their hit TV series shooting new scenes for the upcoming third season. Milo is lookin’ bloody and broody and Hayden is lookin’ supercute, check ‘em out:

It didn’t take long for Milo to return from his USO Tour of duty in the Middle East (where he visited with some of our brave troops overseas) and get right back to work. As much as I’m thoroughly enjoying the summer, I am anxious for the new Fall TV season to get underway … seeing new pics of my fave shows being filmed gets me antsy to watch new eps.

[Photo credit: X17]

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‘The Hills’ Are Alive With Season 4

Promo pics of the main ladies

MTV has updated the official website for The Hills with a bunch of new promo photos of the main ladies of the show. Here are a few of the new season 4 promo pics of the main Hillstress Lauren LC Conrad:

MTV always does a great job with these photoshoots, LC looks amazing … as does Heidi Montag, Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port. After the jump, check out a few of the promo photos for these lovely ladies as well … More »

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The 2008 Teen Choice Awards

Surf's up and handed out

Last night the 2008 Teen Choice Awards infiltrated and took over the Gibson Amphitheater at Universal City in Hollywood, CA in order to honor the previous year’s stellar achievements in categories which include music, movies, sports and TV, as voted on by teens aged 13-19. As usual, all the hottest young stars came out for the event … here are a few of the folks who walked the red carpet last night:

The “It” Girls were in attendance as were the new kids on the block — members of the cast of 90210 made last night’s Teen Choice Awards their unofficial coming out party to hang with the cool kids. There are a whole slew of pics to check out from last night’s fête. After the jump, check out some pics from the show itself, some pics of the couplely couples who were in the audience, some of the winners with their surfboards and, of course, a lot of Beckhamness … More »

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Lauren ‘LC’ Conrad Does ‘Entertainment Weekly’

Oooooh, you just know that Heidi Montag is seething right now

To promote the upcoming 4th season of The Hills on MTV, Lauren LC Conrad is featured on the cover and in the pages of this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly … a feat that neither Heidi Montag or Spencer Pratt have achieved yet. HMMM. Here is LC‘s cover, a couple of photos from inside the mag and a portion of the coverstory:

The phenomenon of The Hills — which returns for season 4 on Aug. 18 at 10 p.m. — has gone beyond the weekly tabloid covers (mostly chronicling Lauren’s feud with her former BFF Heidi Montag), the endless spoofs (see Mila Kunis and James Franco’s dead-on Audrina/ Justin Bobby on, or even its place in the current presidential campaign. (After Heidi endorsed John McCain, he joked that he never ”misses an episode of The Hills”; Barack Obama promised David Letterman, ”My first act as president will be to stop the fighting between Lauren and Heidi.”) The series has also transformed an ordinary California girl into a West Coast reincarnation of Carrie Bradshaw (if Carrie were a millionaire), while giving MTV its biggest success in years. Season 3 averaged 3.9 million viewers, making it MTV’s highest-rated show since 2004′s Real World: San Diego, and its May 12 finale topped even the broadcast networks in the 12-to-34 demographic. ”I would go out on a limb and say this is probably the biggest show we’ve ever had,” says MTV Networks’ president of entertainment, Brian Graden. ”With Lauren Conrad, a whole generation of women see themselves in her.” Says Tony DiSanto, MTV’s exec VP of series programming and development, ”It’s almost becoming like a novel at this point, like this generation’s A Tale of Two Cities or Oliver Twist.” Whether or not you equate drunken nights at Hyde and Les Deux to the classic literary works of Dickens, the show’s success is undeniable. And no one has reaped more benefits than Lauren. While she has yet to graduate from L.A.’s Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, where she majors in product development, she’s already launched her own eponymous clothing line (in partnership with MTV), which is sold in 500 boutiques across the country. Forbes estimated her 2007–08 income to be $1.5 million — and Lauren says she used her own money to purchase the reported $2.3 million home she lives in on The Hills. ”I see her as a global brand,” says Max Stubblefield, Lauren’s agent at UTA. ”Fashion and beauty are the drivers, but we’ve had a lot of interest from a lot of different categories.” Since The Hills premiered in 2006, Lauren has landed endorsement deals with Mark cosmetics and AT&T, has a book proposal in the works, and wants to launch her own television and film production company. ”It’s about empowering girls,” says Lauren, when asked to describe what she represents as a brand. ”You’re gonna have bad boyfriends and best friends-turned-enemies. You need to be yourself, you need to work hard, and you’ll get there.” And if you can get someone to give you a reality show along the way, it can’t hurt.

EW is totally right, The Hills — whether you love it or pretend to hate it — has become something almost otherworldly (the bit about Dickens, well, c’mon … that’s a bit much). Almost everyone attached to the show has exploded to astronomical proportions … whether folks wanna admit it or not, it’s true. The Hills has infiltrated the presidential campaign … it’s nuts! As much as I love the show, I just can’t buy the whole “empowering young girls” mantra that folks associated with the show keep trying to sell. In the end, they are selling a show, selling their products and selling their personas … if there is empowerment in there somewhere, I can’t see it … unless we’re talking about empowering the characters on the show to make more money and achieve more fame, that is. I love it, I can’t get enough of it so I am not hatin’ at all. August 18th can’t get here fast enough for me!


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Intimately Britney

Up close and personal with Miss Spears on holiday

Here are a few pics of Britney Spears that appear to have been taken by a personal friend of hers while she was on holiday in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico last week … the pics are rumored to have been taken by her bodyguard, a guy named Lee who was formerly a member of the Israeli army, and is the same guy she was seen dancing with poolside at their hotel last week:

Images Removed By Request

It seems fishy that these pics, reportedly snapped by her protector, would end up on the Internet so quickly after they were taken. In any event, she looks really happy … it’s a very nice image of our dear Britney, don’t you think?



Lindsay Lohan, LC & Co. Strip For Lifestyles Condoms

Harmless photobooth fun

Lindsay Lohan, Lauren LC Conrad, Audrina Patridge and Justin Bobby were among the celebs who hammed it up recently inside the LifeStyles Make-Out Booth which is currently at the DKNY Jeans Malibu Beach House all this summer … here are photostrips of Lindsay with an unnamed friend (who looks like her younger brother Michael‘s girlfriend) and of LC, Audrina and Justin Bobby:

I understand that the Lifestyles Make-Out Photobooth pops out a strip of condoms with each photostrip it prints — isn’t that convenient? Very coincidentally, David and I are planning our own little photobooth excursion here in NY and hopefully in London and Paris. I’m a huge fan of photobooths and we were just talking about adding new pics to my collection. I doubt any of the photobooths we encounter will pop out any condoms with our photos but I think we’ll be able to make due. Fun!


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Speidi Shoot Down Rumors

Claim they don't <3 guns but they do <3 McCain

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt sat down with Extra TV to explain those photos that came out recently that showed the couple armed with guns at a shooting range. Additionally, the couple talk about Heidi‘s clothing line Heidiwood and their involvement with the McCain family. It’s all you’ve ever wanted to know about Speidi (or, mebbe not) in one fell swoop:

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt on “Extra” reacting to controversy over a recent photo featuring the duo on a gun range. Pratt comments, “We went once, it’s not like we’re rolling around with guns … guns are not a toy. We don’t promote guns.” He continues, “We were under supervision of three trained professionals.” Montag, whose stepbrother was killed in the Iraq War, is planning a trip to perform for American troops stationed in the Middle East. She says, “My brother was an airborne ranger in Afghanistan and Iraq. It’s very important to me and important to Spencer to support the troops and go over there.” Montag reveals details about her budding friendship with presidential hopeful Senator John McCain’s daughter, Meghan, commenting, “She’s very sweet. We have a lot in common.” Pratt adds, “I think Meghan McCain is helping organize Heidi and our Iraq trip. Her dad definitely has some pull with the military. I think she’s going to put that together for us.” The reality television couple viewers love to hate spill details about their upcoming videogame, Pratt says, “We’re eventually going to have our videogame that UBI-Soft is going to design for us sold at Kitson … it’s top secret … get ready. All your wildest dreams are going to be in it.” Asked about her clothing line, Heidiwood, Montag declares, “It’s selling really well. It’s one of the #1 selling celebrity clothing lines.” Montag and Pratt are one of Hollywood’s only couples who admit they “love the paparazzi.” Pratt declares, “You know it’s a business, they are helping promote us … they are hard working.” Montag adds, “Everyone always complains about them. At the end of the day, why are you in the entertainment business if you don’t embrace that part of it?” Asked about rumors the couple plans to wed on the Season 4 finale of The Hills, Pratt jokes, “We’re not planning on having LC narrate our wedding.” In response to whether fellow Hills stars, Lauren and Audrina, are friends this week, Montag laughs, “I don’t really know … what are their names?”

Love them or hate them — Heidi and Spencer really know how to make a splash and make the most out of every opportunity available to them. They’re 100% right about having to deal with the paparazzi … of course it’s a business and, I totally agree, if you don’t like the attention from the photogs then you prolly shouldn’t be in the Entertainment field. While I don’t agree with their political associations, I do find them extremely entertaining. They push so many buttons … people get so riled up by the mere mention of their names — clearly, they are doing something right. I’m looking forward to this trip to Iraq that they mention … I can’t wait to see the pics that will follow. The video game and Christian album, I think I’ll pass on … but that’s the good thing about Speidi — if you don’t like one thing they’re associated with, wait for about 10 mins. and something else will come along.


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