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Watch: ‘You Have No Idea What’s Coming’ In This ‘Extended Look’ Trailer For ‘Godzilla’

Monster Mash
"It was not a natural disaster"

Last month we got to see the first international trailer released for the upcoming remake of Godzilla and today we get to see a newer trailer that gives us an “extended look” at the film. As you can see in the video embedded above, this new trailer gives us a bit of backstory information on Bryan Cranston‘s character in film and we learn how he becomes the main character in the story. Godzilla makes his appearance in the video a few times but, as we’ve come to expect, we don’t get to see him very clearly … save for a few glimpses. We do get to see lots of new footage that gives the story a bit more context. I’m still very interested in seeing this movie when it is released next month on May 23, even moreso from the look of this new trailer. Do you think Godzilla looks good enough to see in theaters?

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‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Releases A New Batch Of Promo Posters

Mutants Mutants Mutants

Early last week we got to see a pretty neat poster for X-Men: Days of Future Past, which featured most of our beloved X-Men all assembled in one image. Today we get to see a brand new batch of posters that, for most part, features the unassembled X-Men in various configurations meant to promote the forthcoming release of Days of Future Past. Click thru the gallery presented here to see all of the newest X-Men posters ahead of the film’s release on May 23.

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An Alternate Ending Of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Will Be Included On The Series DVD Box Set

"Those who've been asking ..."

Earlier this week the series finale of the long-running CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother aired and left a great many fans angry and upset with how the 9 season story of HIMYM came to a close. In response, an industrious fan created an alternate ending that was met with great appreciation by pretty much everyone who saw it (the video has since been taken offline). Today we learn that the DVD box set for the HIMYM series will include an alternate ending, according to series creator Carter Bays (“Alt #himym ending will be on s9 DVD and also in the series box set”). It’s not known if the alternate ending that will appear on the DVD box set will be similar to the fan made video that made the rounds this week but a different ending than the one that was aired on the show is deffo on the way. More »

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Watch: Nine Inch Nails Performs ‘Sanctified’, ‘Satellite’ & ‘Survivalism’ On ‘Austin City Limits’

PLUS, watch a video interview with Trent Reznor
NIN takes over 'ACL'

Back in February we got to watch video of Nine Inch Nails performing the song Came Back Haunted from their taping of Austin City Limits which will air on PBS tomorrow night, kicking off the show’s 40th season. Today we get to see 3 video performances from this NIN episode of ACL as well as an interview with the man himself, Trent Reznor, filmed during the taping of Austin City Limits last year. Click above to watch the ACL NIN performance of Sanctified, then click below to watch performances of Satellite and Survivalism … as well as a great video interview with Trent Reznor. More »

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First Look: ‘Orphan Black’ Season 2 Releases A First Video Trailer

"This is my life!"
Send in the Clones

Last month we got our first look at a batch of promo posters for the upcoming second season of Orphan Black on BBC America, which is set to debut on April 19. Today we get to check out the just-released first trailer for the new season. The clip starts out with a few key scenes from Orphan Black season 1 to refresh your memory a bit and then it launches into exciting new footage from the coming season. Now that I’m all caught up on the show, I’m very much looking forward to the premiere of season 2. Watch the trailer above and get excited, too! The all new season of Orphan Black premieres in 2 weeks!

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Watch: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Releases Anna Kendrick AND Pharrell Promo Videos

Raise your 'Cups'
Everybody get 'HAPPY'!

Earlier this week we got to see the promo videos for Anna Kendrick‘s upcoming hosting stint on Saturday Night Live tomorrow night and today we get to see the just-released NEWER promo videos that feature Anna and this week’s musical guest Pharrell. The first batch of promos were pretty funny but this second batch is even funnier. Anna is going to be the best host ever! Pharrell is going to be the best musical guest ever!! Watch this video and you try and tell me that this week’s ep of SNL won’t be amazing (cuz it’s gonna, I’m telling you).

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Miley Cyrus Inspires A Porn Parody Titled ‘Molly’s Wrecking Ballz’

What took so long?

Remember back in 2011 when a sex doll called Mylie was released as a XXX parody of Miley Cyrus (which came complete with 3 “achey love holes”)? Well, today we learn that Miley has inspired another porn parody, this time a full length hardcore XXX pornographic movie by a company Devil’s Film. The trailer for this film was created by PornerBros (which is the best name ever, btw). As you may know, very popular things like Game of Thrones have also inspired porn parodies (two parodies, actually) so it makes sense that supersexed Miley would inspire such a creation herself. Titled Molly’s Wrecking Ballz, this new porn parody stars, and I quote, “Miley Mae and her favorite celebrity f*ck friends”. Oh my. Click below to see the totally safe for work poster artwork for this new porn parody and learn more about this piece of pornographic cinema … inspired by Miley Cyrus, herself. More »

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Watch: M.I.A. & Janelle Monaé Each Perform With Hologram Versions Of One Another

On opposite sides of the country
M.I.A. & the Hologram / Janelle & the H.O.L.O.G.R.A.M.

Last night, on opposite sides of the country, singers M.I.A. and Janelle Monaé performed with hologram versions of one another in a pair of live performances orchestrated by the Audi car company. In an effort to promote the release of Audi‘s new A3 model, the singers were hired to perform at events in NYC, NY and LA, CA. In NYC, M.I.A. performed her song Bad Girls with a hologram version of Janelle. In LA, Janelle performed her song Q.U.E.E.N. with a hologram version of M.I.A. (yeah, we’re dealing with a lot of acronyms in this post). Click above to watch a portion of M.I.A.‘s performance with hologram Janelle in NYC to get a taste of how these performances came off. While I am not necessarily a big fan of resurrecting the dead in hologram form (I’m looking at you, hologram Tupac, hologram Michael Jackson, hologram Elvis Presley, etc.), I do think it’s neat to see hologram performances like this where no one is dead. This is really cool, right?

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First Look: HBO Releases A Teaser For The Final Season Of ‘True Blood’

The End
Peace the Spork Out, 'True Blood'

This Summer, HBO will air the 7th and final season of True Blood and to kick off the promo push for the end of TB they have released today a short video teaser for the new season. As you can see in the video embedded above, this teaser pays homage to some of the major characters who have been killed off on the show … before reminding fans that the show itself is about to be laid to rest. It’s a clever teaser video that is sure to excite and sadden longtime fans of the show. The final season of True Blood will premiere on HBO on June 22. Make your funeral plans now.

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Watch: FX Releases The First 7 Minutes Of Their New Series ‘Fargo’

First Look
"This Is a True Story"

On April 15, FX will premiere their new original series Fargo that is based thematically on the Cohen Brothers movie of the same name but will feature new characters a new story and is set in a different time. That said, this new Fargo series is meant to give viewers the look and feel that we got from the film Fargo so … yeah, it should be interesting. Ahead of the series premiere in a couple of weeks, FX has released video of the first 7 minutes of the series premiere episode. Does this look interesting to you? Any Fargo fans out there who are excited for this new series? I’m not sure how to feel about this new show but I’m willing to give it a shot.

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