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Watch: Azealia Banks Releases A Music Video For ‘Van Vogue’

"Gonna Sip That Sip and Hit That Dip"
Bang, Pop, Pop, This Thing Go Pow

Azealia Banks has dropped a new music video for her latest single Van Vogue and as you can see, it’s a fairly straightforward and very slick video. Except for the few outfit changes, the focus of this video is squarely on Azealia‘s rapid-fire lyrics. This song and this video is a great example of why I, personally, love Azealia as an artist. The fairly simple video belies the intricacies of her style of rap. This is prolly my second favorite video after 212. Do you love it?

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Watch: A Short Clip Of Beyoncé’s ‘I Was Here’ Performance At The United Nations Hits The Internets

She Was There Alright
A Taste of What's to Come

Over the weekend we got to see photos from Beyoncé‘s big performance at United Nations Headquarters in NYC that was filmed for release on World Humanitarian Day next weekend. Today we get to see a short video clip of her performance. Now, the video above isn’t very long but it does give us a taste of what Bey‘s performance will look and sound like when the official video is released. Enjoy.

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Watch: Emeli Sandé Continues To Redefine The Live Performance With ‘Read All About It’

Shutting It Down At The Olympics (Again)
2012 Olympic Games - Closing Ceremony
Til The Words Dry Out

Everyone. Please get used to this name. Emeli SandéEmeli SandéEmeli Sandé. Okay. So she slayed the opening ceremony, and (not to be outdone… by herself) Emeli Sandé came back and gave a brilliant performance of her song Read All About It Part III. I remember checking this song out when I first got introduced to Emeli‘s music and PITNBrs Erin and Jack highly recommended it. Thanks guys! And thanks to Emeli who is seemingly determined to take over the world with this voice that may or may not be making me a little emotional right now.

Emeli Sandé‘s debut album Our Version Of Events is available here on iTunes. Prepare to fall in lurve… and probably cry a little.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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Watch: These Chicago Artists Are Using Hip-Hop And Theatre To Change The Game

Hip-Hop For Change!
Chi-Town Stand Up!

Forget about that Luv Dem Strippers video we just saw the other day– some Hip-Hop can actually change the world. Now y’all know I love me some trap music, but I also love, love, love when people actually use their art for something other than a stack of singles at King Of Diamonds! LuvyaWeezy. My roommate from Sarah Lawrence just put me on to GOOD Maker, a site that’s kind of like Kickstarter, but community members vote on different art projects that are designed to meet a specific challenge. Turning Points is an absolutely brilliant challenge that encourages people to come up with art-based projects that will positively affect their community. My vote is going to these guys in the video; The Stone Soup Theatre Project and Animate Objects are collaborating on an ensemble performance about local heroes who transformed their lives and became community leaders. The $5,000 grant would fund the project and allow them to do crazy, sexy, hip-hop, artsy things for da kids. Ummm I went to art school and it changed my life so yeah, please give them this money, lol! Shouts-out to Animate Objects; you can learn more about them here and check out their GOOD Maker campaign here!


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Watch: 2Chainz And Nicki Minaj Get Hella NSFW In The ‘I Luv Dem Strippers’ Video

And Yes, It Takes Place In A Skrip Club
The 2Chainz And Nicki Reunion Show

Uh. I don’t know about this one guys. I can only take so much booty in my rap videos and I have this thing where watching strippers makes me nervous. Like, as a feminist. Which is why I don’t like that people are comparing this video to the one they made for Nicki‘s Beez In The Trap. Okay, no! That was different. At least to me it was. Anyway, I’m not gonna front– this song is pretty wack, lol. And I adore 2Chainz but he can do better. If you really listen to his lyrics you can see that there’s a reason he’s a part of Kanye West‘s G.O.O.D. music crew. So I’m not sure what happened here, but I’ll just assume that he wrote the lyrics while sitting in a strip club, and was very distracted. Nicki too; def not her best work. Still, for those of you who never tire of a big booty-filled video, here ya go! Young Jeezy and T.I. make cameos; good times! No but seriously, can we send all strippers away? Especially the two at then end of the video who made a bicycle on the stripper pole. How’d they do that?

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Watch: Justin Timberlake And Clint Eastwood Star In ‘Trouble With The Curve’

JT Meets CE

I know a lot of you are hankering for some new music from Justin Timberlake, so this may not be the best news you’ve heard all day… but… he’s got another movie coming out. Sorry guys. But at least it looks good! Trouble With The Curvewill most def get compared to last year’s critically-acclaimed film Moneyball. It’s another baseball movie that looks all amazing and emotionally-driven so I’m totally in. Plus there’s the Clint Eastwood factor and the part where I’m willing to admit that I’m a fan of Justin Timberlake‘s acting! Yup. Loved him in Alpha Dog. Loved him in The Social Network. Judge me if you will. Throw in a little Amy Adams and the director who worked with Clint Eastwood on Million Dollar Baby and I’m seeing very good things. Plus the trailer made me tear up a bit, but those may be leftover tears from the drama over Aaliyah‘s album. Not sure.

Trouble With The Curve hits theatres September 21.

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First Look: Justin Kirk From ‘Weeds’ Will Play A Vet On A New NBC Show

If you’re a fan of Weeds and the one they call Andy Botwin, then this news may be a bit cringe-worthy… but then again, maybe not. My beloved Justin Kirk is wrapping up the last season of Weeds and then he’s making a huge leap from Showtime to NBC’s primetime lineup this fall. He’ll be playing the lead on their new show Animal Practice, and I’m honestly not sure about this! It’s like when Sex And The City moved to TBS or something– Justin is so hilarious and naughty and NSFW (and not safe for NBC, I thought), I can’t imagine him playing a veterinarian on regular ol’ television, lol. However, he is very talented and I’ve seen him in a few movies where he was still hella weird (L!fe Happens, Goats), even if he wasn’t Andy. Anyway, I’ll work through my issues with this while you check out a clip and deets for his new show. Inside!
More »

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Watch: Elizabeth Olsen Is Perfect In ‘Liberal Arts’

According To The Experts
Team Liz!

Okay, so I’m watching the new trailer for Liberal Arts, a movie I was kinda sorta interested in when I see a familiar name flash across the screen: “Elizabeth Olsen Is Perfect,” — Michael Dunaway at Paste Magazine. OMG. My editor at Paste (where I contribute the occasional film review) is, totally famous now! Lol. Anyway, aside from my own personal connection to this trailer, it looks like a lot of fun. From what I’m seeing it’s all about the glorious impracticality of a liberal arts education and, of course, falling in lurve. Elizabeth Olsen (who is officially at the point where we don’t have to go into great detail about her older sisters, because she’s clearly awesome on her own merit) plays Zibby, the love interest of Josh Radnor (from How I Met Your Mother). And ever since I saw Elizabeth in Martha Marcy May Marlene I knew I’d watch all future films, without question. She is scary good, and I can’t wait to see her in this movie.

Any other Liz Olsen fans out there?!

Zac Efron and Richard Jenkins also star in Liberal Arts which hits theatres September 14.

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First Look: Tom Cruise’s Son Connor Is In The ‘Red Dawn’ Remake

Alongside Chris Hemsworth And Josh Hutcherson
Cruise In Control

Today we get our first look at Tom Cruise‘s 17 year-old son as Daryl Jenkins of the Red Dawn remake. Connor Cruise will play alongside Chris Hemsworth (Snow White And The Huntsman) and Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games) in this action-packed film that chronicles the lives of Midwestern teenager defending their home turf from North Korean invaders. The trailer is definitely intense, but I’m thinking it helps that I’ve never seen the original. The 1984 version starred Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen and– from what I understand– the remake has much to live up to to. Connor appears midway through the trailer and it looks like he’s got a smaller role, but I, for one, am excited to see what he’s got. The story itself seems a little outdated (a North Korean invasion?), but if the acting is solid, the film could still turn out well.

The movie was filmed in 2009 but held up because of MGM’s financial issues. Nothing can hold it back now! Red Dawn hits theaters Nov. 21.


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First Look: Disney/Pixar Releases The First Images From The New Animated Short ‘Toy Story Toons: Partysaurus Rex’


In May we learned that Disney/Pixar will re-release Finding Nemo in 3D in theaters next month and today we get our first look at newly released promo images from the Toy Story animated short that will show in front of Nemo‘s 3D re-release. As you might guess, Toy Story Toon: Partysaurus Rex is centered on our favorite Toy Story T-Rex. Click below to see two new promo images from the animated short film and learn more about the plot. More »

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