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Wendy Williams Goes Nekkid For PETA

She'd Rather go Naked Than Wear Fur

Comedian turned talk show host Wendy Williams is the latest celeb to team up with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals as a model for their I’d Rather Go Naked anti-fur campaign. Wendy was on hand in Times Square in NYC, NY to unveil her massive PETA billboard yesterday afternoon. If you so desire, you can see Wendy in all her nekkid glory clothed only in her weave in the promo photos below. Classic! Did you know that Williams has a “tramp stamp” tattoo on her stomach? True story. Check it out. More »

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First Look: Britney Spears & Release A Music Video For ‘Scream & Shout’


OMG! The music video for Scream & Shout by our dear Britney Spears and has been released and WE HUMAN BEINGS ARE NOT WORTHY! I LITERALLY WANT TO SCREAM AND SHOUT AND LET IT ALL OUT … but I won’t do that. I’ll just leave this music video right here for YOUR (repeated) viewing pleasure. PLEASE ENJOY!!!




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Watch: James Franco & A Cat-Headed Woman Star In R.E.M.’s Final Music Video Ever

'Grease' Is the Word

Earlier this month we got to see the R.E.M. music video for the band’s single Blue which, as you may recall, featured a cameo by Lindsay Lohan and was directed by James Franco. Today we get to see the band’s absolutely final music video for their final single That Someone Is You. As you may know, R.E.M. announced that they broke up in September of 2011 but this year released a compilation album that allowed the band to release their final singles. As you can see above, Franco stars in this final R.E.M. music video which is Grease-themed … and also stars a woman with a cat head. Yep. Well, if you’re gonna go out as a band, why not go out with a bang. Check out and enjoy the last R.E.M. video ever.

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The Final Season Of ‘Spartacus’ Will Premiere On January 25, 2013

'War of the Damned' is Coming

Back in June we learned that the forthcoming new season of Spartacus, War of the Damned, will be the last of the series. Today we learn that War will premiere on Starz on January 25. In addition to the learning the final seasons’s premiere date we also get to see new poster artwork for the series. As you may recall, we saw the first poster for War of the Damed back in June … click below to see the newly released second poster. More »

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Watch: How To Destroy Angels Releases A Music Video For ‘Ice Age’

"Sometimes I'm waiting for this ice age to arrive"
"Sometimes the hate in me is keeping me alive"

At the start of this month we got to see the How To Destroy Angels music video for Keep It Together, the first single from their just released EP An Omen_. Today we get to see the video for Ice Age which is the second single from the EP. As you can see above, Ice Age is a hauntingly simple yet beautiful video. The video was directed by John Hillcoat, the man who directed the amazing film The Road. From the start, this song has garnered the most attention because of how different it sounds from everything that Trent Reznor has done before. Take a look, see what you think.

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Watch: Carly Rae Jepsen’s Unreleased Music Video For ‘Curiosity’ Leaks To The Internets

"I'm sick with love"
Carly Rae Gets Sexy

It turns out that Carly Rae Jepsen went and made a pretty sexy music video for her song Curiosity but, for some reason, she (or the Powers that Be) decided not to release the video for public consumption. Thanks to the intrepid folks at Idolator, we do get to check out the video in full. The full, final version of the Curiosity video mysteriously leaked its way to the Internets … which you can watch in full above. If you are at all familiar with CRJ‘s other videos, you’ll see that this one is a bit different … more grown up. Do you like?

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Watch And Lurve: Anna Faris, Minnie Driver, And Rose Byrne Star In The British Comedy ‘I Give It A Year’

From The Producer Of 'Bridget Jones's Diary' And 'Love Actually'
"I May Lit'rally Never See Another Penis Again"

OMG. I sooo needed this Monday morning laugh. I love my four year-old… and I’m really excited about his new train as well (because he only has, like, 75 trains so it’s really good that his Dad hooked him up with a new set); I just didn’t plan on attaching and re-attaching trains and looking for screwdrivers and batteries for the first 20 minutes of my morning. All that to say that I reeeally needed a little adult humor in my life. Enter the semi-NSFW trailer for I Give It A Year. It’s… awesome, and I haven’t enjoyed a trailer this much probably since Pitch Perfect. Well, that’s not fair. Gayby and Price Check also looked awesome. Anyhoo, Rose Byrne from Damages plays newlywed wife to Rafe Spall, but things get complicated (as they always do) when Simon Baker and old flame Anna Faris come onto the scene. I LOL’d so many times (mainly during the scene with the doves), I promise– you will love. Peep the video for more!

OMG! Minnie Driver! Yes! Okay. Happy Monday.

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First Look: Aubrey Plaza, Charlie Sheen, And Bill Murray Star In Roman Coppola’s New Movie

'A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III'

Aubrey Plaza (from NBC‘s Parks And Recreation) is really looking to get all up on the big screen. Recently we’ve seen trailers for two new movies she’ll be in– The To Do List (which looks hilarious) and Someday This Pain Will Be USeful To You. I’m one of a few people who hasn’t seen every episode of Parks And Rec but I’ve caught a few and Aubrey is pretty awesome. I first fell in like with her when she was in Funny People with Seth Rogen and Adam Sandler, so I have high hopes for her film career. Click inside to see new pics of a new movie she’s in (titled A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III) with Charlie Sheen, Bill Murray, and– another fave of mine– Jason Schwartzman! Oh– and duh– the Moonrise Kingdom writer (Roman Coppola) is directing soooo, yeah. I’m pumped!

More »

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Watch: Sandra Bullock And Melissa McCarthy Team Up ‘The Heat’

From The Director Of 'Bridesmaids'
The New 'Bad Girls' Of Buddy Cop Comedy???

Look, I’m gonna be honest. This movie does not look all that funny. The Heat (which we first heard about back in May) looks like one of those movies that I will be sooo excited to see… when it comes on TBS and nothing else is really on, which is fine! But, based on this first trailer, I don’t think I’ll be racing to theatres when it comes out next year– although I do lurve Melissa McCarthy and the thought of her teaming up with Sandra Bullock is pretty cool. Anyway, the trailer is worth checking out, especially because of these cameo appearances from Kaitlin Olson (It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia), and Spoken Reasons (the guy from the YouTube hit Why You Asking All Them Questions). Anybody else into The Heat? Okay, that last bit about the spanks was pretty funny, lol…

The Heat hits theatres April 5, 2013.


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First Look: A Short Preview Clip Of Britney Spears &’s Music Video For ‘Scream & Shout’ Is Released


During last night’s Fox broadcast, an X Factor preview video was played that showed us what is in store when the show returns next week. We saw something about the remaining contestants who will fight it out again to stay on the show … blah blah blah … but the REAL treat was getting a very short sneak peek at the music video release of Scream & Shout by Britney Spears and In case you missed it or just want to watch the clip again (and again, and again, and again) you can check out the sneak peek below. More »

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