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Listen: Disney Has Released The New Song ‘Making Today A Perfect Day’ From ‘Frozen Fever’

Behold the new 'Let It Go'
"I’m making today a perfect day for you"

The new Disney animated short Frozen Fever has been released in theaters this weekend, in front of showings of Disney‘s live-action movie Cinderella, and to celebrate, Disney has released the big song from the animated short. Making Today a Perfect Day was written by the Academy Award-winning wife and husband team that wrote the songs from Frozen … so many people are referring to this song as the new Let It Go. Click the embed above to give it a listen … do you think this song will be as popular as the songs from Frozen?

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First Listen: Prince Just Released A New Song Titled ‘What If?’

With vocals by 3rd Eye Girl drummer Hannah Welton

Last week we learned the exciting news that Prince and his new band 3rd Eye Girl are kicking off a new tour called The Hit & Run Tour in Louisville, KY this week and today we get to hear a NEW SONG from His Purple Majesty to get the weekend started right. Prince has released a new song titled What If? that features guest vocals by 3rd Eye Girl drummer Hannah Welton (who also hails from Louisville, the first stop on Prince‘s new tour) — which you can listen to in full below. The song is a bit of a departure from the kind of music that Prince tends to release but after a couple of listens, I do like it. Click below to hear Prince‘s new song What If? (Featuring Hannah Welton). More »

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First Listen: Ricky Martin Teams Up With Pitbull For His New Single ‘Mr. Put It Down’

"Remember lust can get tricky / It's Mr. Worldwide and Ricky"
"I'm so hot / I'm hotter than Hell"

Ricky Martin has released a new single titled Mr. Put It Down and as you can hear above, it features a guest rap vocal by Mr. Worldwide himself Pitbull. There are two very interesting things about this song at first brush. Firstly, I’m a bit surprised that Pitbull would want to be featured on a single with an openly gay man when he has made it very clear in the past that he doesn’t even like perform on stage with gay male backup dancers. It would appear that he may be evolving on this issue, which is good. Secondly, Ricky‘s vocals sound nothing like Ricky Martin. Had I heard this song just randomly, I would’ve never guessed it was Ricky Martin singing. Honestly, I’m not really blown away by this track but give it a listen, see what you think. Do you think Ricky Martin and Pitbull make a good musical couple?

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Watch: Snoop Dogg Releases A Lyric Video For His New Single ‘Peaches N Cream’

The first single from 'Bush'
"She bout 2 go in"

Last month we learned that Snoop Dogg is coming at us with a new album, executive produced by Pharrell, titled Bush with a first single titled Peaches N Cream. Today we get to hear Peaches N Cream in full with the release of the lyric video embedded above. As you can hear, Peaches is an ode the ladies with a thicker posterior and it features guest vocals by Charlie Wilson. The song deffo has a Pharrell flavor to it so, yeah, it’s pretty smooth. Do you like?

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First Listen: M.I.A. Has Released A New Song Titled ‘CanSeeCanDo’

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

It’s been a bit of time since M.I.A. released her last album but clearly she’s already itching for us to hear more new music from her because she just released a new song on her official Soundcloud profile titled CanSeeCanDo. The song has that classic M.I.A. sound and feel so if you’re a fan of her music, you might like this track. Click below to hear this new song from our girl Maya and get a taste of what she might have planned for us soon by way of a possible new album maybe. More »

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Listen: Rihanna Teases New Music From #R8 On Instagram

"This whisky got me feelin' pretty"

Rihanna posted a couple of short clips of video on her official Instagram profile that includes new music that may be intended for her upcoming new album. Rihanna doesn’t come right out and say that the music heard in the videos below will be included on her new album (which will be executive produced by Kanye West) but her captions do make it sound likely. This taste of new music is vastly different from her new single FourFiveSeconds as well as her new song Towards the Sun, which is featured in her new Dreamworks animated film Home. Click below to hear this new song, possibly titled Higher, which may or may not be featured on her upcoming new album due out hopefully soon. More »

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Kelly Clarkson Releases 3 New Songs From Her New Album ‘Piece By Piece’

'Warpaint', 'Dance with Me', 'Good Goes the Bye'

For the past week, Kelly Clarkson has been releasing songs from her new album Piece By Piece — which will be released TOMORROW — and today, to wrap up her song release campaign, Kelly has dropped three new songs. War Paint, Dance with Me and Good Goes the Bye are the three newest songs that have been released in full for our listening pleasure before the whole album comes out tomorrow. Kelly has been releasing her new songs in different ways, via different sites … today’s three new songs come via MTV and VH1 and, of course, they are amazing songs. More »

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First Listen: Here Is Carly Rae Jepsen’s New Single ‘I Really Like You’

I really, really, really, really, really, REALLY love it!

Yesterday we got to check out the cover art for Carly Rae Jepsen‘s new single I Really Like You, the first from her forthcoming new album. As you may recall, we learned yesterday that the song will be released tomorrow on March 2. WELL, as luck would have it, the song has leaked a bit early and is available for your listening pleasure below. I commented yesterday that if this new song is half as infectious as her big hit Call Me Maybe still is, then we are in trouble … folks, we’re in trouble. I really, really, REALLY love this new song and I think you will, too. Have a listen. More »

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First Listen: Kelly Clarkson Releases A New Song Titled ‘Tightrope’

"How did we get so tangled?"
"When did it get so hard to breathe?"

The Kelly Clarkson new song party continues today with the release of a new balled titled Tightrope. Thus far, Kelly has released a number of songs from her upcoming new album Piece By Piece (Let Your Tears Fall, Take You High, Run Run Run, Piece By Piece, Invincible, Heartbeat Song) and I’ve remarked that the songs just keep getting better and better with each new release. Today is no exception … Tightrope is a beautiful song both in lyrical content and in performance style. Kelly has such an amazing ability to sing fun, upbeat pop songs as well as slow, painfully beautiful ballads. Ugh. I love her so much. Thus far, I’m giving each new song a listen or two and then I’m holding off on repeat listens so that I can take in the entire album in full when it is released next week. Click above to hear Tightrope and then click below to read the lyrics to the song. More »

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First Listen: Kelly Clarkson Releases A New Song Titled ‘Let Your Tears Fall’

Earlier today, as part of her campaign to promote the release of her new album Piece By Piece (due out next week) with the release of new songs from the album, we got to hear Kelly Clarkson‘s new song Take You High. And because Kelly loves us so much, we now get to hear the second new song released today. Let Your Tears Fall is the latest song released from Kelly‘s album and it was written by Sia (just like her other new song Invincible, which was released earlier this week). Click below to hear Let Your Tears Fall and get ready to fall in love with Kelly Clarkson all over again, for the second time today. More »

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