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Boyz II Men Are Releasing A New Album This Fall

Listen to their new song 'Losing Sleep' NOW!

Back in January of 2013, we first learned that 90s crooners Boyz II Men were going on tour with fellow 90s boybanders New Kids on the Block and 98 Degrees. Back in July of this year, Shannon reminded us on #ThrowbackThursday just how amazing the music of Boyz II Men STILL is all these years later. Today we learn the exciting news that the guys are coming at us this fall with a NEW album of songs. Whoa. Click below to hear their just-released new single Losing Sleep and learn more about the new Boyz album titled Collide. More »

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First Listen: Willow Smith Covers King Krule’s ‘Easy Easy’

But why am I just now discovering King Krule?!

The Smith family doesn’t always get my attention in the most positive way, but I like to keep an ear out for new Willow Smith music. She’s released a few fun tracks over the years and now she’s back with a cover of a King Krule track. I actually hadn’t heard of this artist until now, but I dig his original version as well. Click inside for more!

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First Listen: Prince & 3rd Eye Girl Release A New Song Titled ‘WHITECAPS’

From the new 3rd Eye Girl album 'PLECTRUMELECTRUM'

Earlier today we got to hear in full a new Prince song titled U Know that will be featured on his upcoming new solo album Art Official Age. Right now we get to hear a new Prince song titled WHITECAPS that will be featured on his new band 3rd Eye Girl‘s album PlectrumElectrum. As you can hear below, Prince doesn’t sing the lead vocal on this track so it may not resonate with diehard Prince fans. Click below to hear WHITECAPS in full and see what you think. The song is distinctly Prince, even if he’s not the one singing. More »

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First Listen: Prince Releases A New Song Titled ‘U Know’

From his new solo album 'Art Official Age'

Last week we learned that Prince is readying the release of TWO new albums — one solo and one with his new band 3rd Eye Girl — which will both be out on the same day later this month and today we get a taste of the new music to come from His Purple Majesty. The Artist Formerly Known As O(+> has released a new song titled U Know that will be featured on his solo album Art Official Age and as you can hear below, it’s one of those funky jams that we have come to expect from Prince. I am SO crazy excited for the release of these albums, I can’t even tell you!! If you’re just as excited as I am, click below to hear what we have in store for us when his two new albums drop in a few weeks. More »

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Listen: Maroon 5 Teams Up With Gwen Stefani On ‘My Heart Is Open’

Adam Levine enlists the aid of his fellow 'Voice' judge
The Voices

Maroon 5‘s newest album V is out in stores now and as you can hear above, it features a song titled My Heart is Open … which features guest vocals by Gwen Stefani. Gwen, as you may know, is one of the new judge/coaches alongside Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine on The Voice so it makes sense that the two would collaborate on a song together to promote both the album and their TV show. PERSONALLY, I’m much more interested in new solo Gwen music but I’ll take what I can get (even tho this new Maroon 5 song sounds a lot like every other Maroon 5 song that I’ve ever heard). Have a listen to My Heart is Open above and see what you think.

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Listen: Ryan Adams Releases An EP Titled ’1984′ Which You Can Listen To In Full

Something to tide you over until his album is released next month
The Punk EP

In early July we learned that the incomparable Ryan Adams will be releasing a new, self-titled solo album in September but today, I’ve got something for you fans too anxious to wait for the album to drop. Ryan has also released an EP of punk songs on 7″ vinyl that includes 10 songs that should tide us over until his full length album is released on September 9. Click the embed above to hear his new EP 1984 in full. It really is a great collection of songs. If this is what his EP sounds like, I can wait to hear what the full-length album sounds like.

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First Listen: Jennifer Lopez Enlists Iggy Azalea For A ‘Booty’ Remix

Oh my gosh, lookit those butts

Back in June, rapper Iggy Azalea let it be known that her “booty crush” is Jennifer Lopez … so it’s fitting that Iggy was asked by J. Lo to guest on the remix of her new single Booty. Earlier this month, Jenny showed us the cover of the standard version of Booty … today, we get to see the remix cover that also features Iggy — OH, and we get to hear the remix, too. Click below for all the Booty goodies. More »

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First Listen: Eminem Releases A New Song Titled ‘Guts Over Fear’ From The Just-Announced Compilation Album ‘ShadyXV’

New music, New compilation
The First Single from 'ShadyXV'

Eminem has just released a new song titled Guts Over Fear which, like the song he wrote for the new Denzel Washington movie The Equalizer, features Sia on guest vocals. Along with the song release comes news that Em is readying the release of a new 2-disc compilation album that will feature classic tracks and brand new music from Eminem‘s various solo and group projects. Click the embed above to hear the really spectacular Guts Over Fear in full and then click below to learn more about Eminem‘s upcoming new compilation album ShadyXV, due out in November. More »

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Watch: Amy Grant Releases A Mega Mix Music Video For Her New Remix Album

Amy Remixed

Back in June we learned that Christian-Pop-turned-Secular-Pop artist Amy Grant was readying the release of her first ever remix album, which is out in stores TODAY! To celebrate, we get to check out the official music video for her Mega Mix single which features DJ Andy 7th Heaven. You may recall that I worked up a pretty epic #ThrowbackThursday post of some of my all-time favorite Amy Grant songs HERE, which you can revisit once you’re done watching this video a few times. Yay, Amy Grant! She’s back! Remixed and ready to conquer the pop charts again!!

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Watch: Country Artist No Longer, Taylor Swift Fully Embraces Pop Music With Her New Single ‘Shake It Off’

Her new album '1989' is out in October
"The haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate"

Taylor Swift has been known as a Country Music artist for many years now but fans of her music know that she is also a bit of a pop star. With the release of her album, 1989, and her new single, Shake It Off, Taylor is finally making the full transition from Country Music to Pop Music. Taylor announced the release of her new music releases at an event atop the Empire State Building in NYC, NY last night that was broadcast live on the Interwebs. Click the embed above to watch the music video for her new single, Shake It Off, and then click below to learn more about her bona fide pop album 1989. More »

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