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Confirmed: Jessica Lange Will Appear On ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’

Reports of her 'AHS' retirement have been greatly exaggerated are complete b.s.

Back in October of 2013, Jessica Lange revealed to the world her desire to “retire” from acting and give up her lead role on the FX drama American Horror Story. Then, we learned out that her retirement from acting wouldn’t be absolute, that she would take on acting roles that appealed to her from time to time. Then, we found out that Jessica has teamed up with AHS creator Ryan Murphy for a Broadway show. Then, we found out that Jessica has decided to remain open to appearing on AHS again. Today we learn that she will definitely be appearing in the new season of the show, American Horror Story: Hotel. The official Facebook page for the show made the announcement that Lange will be “checking in” this season … which really means that she never really retired from the show after all. More »

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Burger King Proposes A Joint Burger Venture With McDonald’s, McDonald’s Says Nah

Thirsty BK wants a McWhopper, McD's ain't interested at all

Fast food giant Burger King took out a full page ad in The New York Times and the Chicago Tribune today in an effort to solicit fast food GOD McDonald’s with a proposal that the two companies join forces to create a joint burger called the McWhopper in honor of Peace One Day. In what would absolutely constitute a major advertising coup for Burger King, the proposal suggests that the two companies collaborate on a special burger that would bring the fast food rivals together in “peace” … and commerce. Burger King‘s thirst for this proposal is so huge that they even offered up mock packaging for the McWhopper. Unfortunately for BK, McDonald’s isn’t at all interested in this proposal. The CEO of McD’s posted a response to BK on their official Facebook profile that basically says Thaaaaaaanks … but no thanks, don’t bother us publicly in this manner, go away, bye. Click below to see this back and forth exchange between these two fast food companies and learn more about the McWhopper — which will never come to be. More »

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Chris Evans & Anthony Mackie Celebrate At A Wrap Party For ‘Captain America: Civil War’

They were joined by Sebastian Stan, Chadwick Boseman and others

A couple of weeks ago, we saw photos of actor Chadwick Boseman in character as Black Panther on the set of the forthcoming superhero sequel film Captain America: Civil War. Today we learn that principal filming has wrapped on the production of Civil War as evidenced by a wrap party that was held in Leipzig, Germany this weekend attended by some of the film’s stars. As you can see below, actors Chris Evans (Captain America), Anthony Mackie (Falcon), Sebastian Stan (The Winter Soldier) and Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther) partied with some of the members of the film crew — and apparently Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), even tho she isn’t featured in any of the photos. Click below to get a look at how much fun the cast and crew of Civil War had as they celebrated together the end of filming of their new movie. More »

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Watch: This Heartbreaking ‘New York Times’ Video Highlights Social Activists And Ferguson

Power in Social Media
#Ferguson #Baltimore #SandraBland #SamDuBose etc.

Last night I was up late and was saddened to see that after an entire day of peaceful marching and gathering (which I’m sure received little news coverage), the Mike Brown one-year memorial protest ended with an 18 year-old boy getting shot by the police. He’s now in critical condition and has been accused of shooting at the police (you can understand why I’m not ready to report this as truth). Black Twitter has been my go-to for so many of these stories—Sandra Bland, Sam DuBose, Christian Taylor—all stories I learned about first online. The New York Times asked [social] activists DeRay McKesson, Johnetta Elzie and Zellie Imani to read some of their tweets and reflect back on the year since Ferguson.

And this: “Everybody want me to be calm—do you know how them bullets hit my son? What they did to his body as they entered his body?”


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Bobby Brown’s Sister Leolah BLASTS Pat Houston & Media Lies On Facebook

"God is on the scene today~don't play with me!"

Last weekend, we learned the disturbing yet not at all surprising news that Bobby Brown‘s sister Leolah Brown was ejected from Bobbi Kristina‘s funeral after she made an outburst and disrupted the service when Pat Houston gave her eulogy. Clearly, Leolah is no fan of Pat and her latest post on Facebook is proof positive. Leolah has posted a few things on FB that are not at all complimentary of Pat Houston in an effort, she says, to refute the “garbage that evidently is being fed” to the media. Click below to read Leolah‘s FB rant against Pat Houston see for yourselves why the Brown family continues to be the absolute worst family ever. More »

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Whitney Houston’s Facebook Page Pays Tribute To Bobbi Kristina, Nick Gordon Is ‘Devastated’, An Autopsy Has Been Ordered For The Now Homicide Investigation

"The wind is behind me and the sun is in my face.”

Earlier today we learned the sad news that Bobbi Kristina Brown, the only child of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, passed away at the age of 22 as a result of the drowning incident that rendered her comatose back in January. In the wake of the tragic news of her passing, the late Whitney Houston‘s official Facebook page has paid tribute to Bobbi Kristina‘s memory with a sweet photo of Whitney and Bobbi as a child. Additionally, we learn that BK‘s pseudo brother-turned-fiancée Nick Gordon is “devastated” by the news of her death and that an autopsy has been ordered to formally determine her cause of death. Due to the possible criminal investigation that was opened earlier this year into BK‘s accident, the case has now been deemed a homicide investigation. Bobbi Kirstina may be finally at rest but the investigation into her death (and the inevitable drama it will inspire) is just getting started. More »

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Director James Gunn Confirms The Title Of The ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Sequel

"Hats off to some intrepid fans who figured out the title"

Earlier this month, director James Gunn shared the first page of the script for the forthcoming Guardians of the Galaxy sequel but at the time, he did very little to provide any real information about the film. The photo he shared on Twitter cut off the full title of the movie … as a way to keep it a secret. BUT, a number of very astute fans managed to figure out the Guardians sequel title and earlier today, Gunn confirmed that guesswork and formally announced the movie title. The 2nd Guardians of the Galaxy movie is coming … and it will be titled … More »

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Caitlyn Jenner Made Her Way To NYC To Celebrate Pride Weekend

Her first public appearance as Caitlyn

On June 1, Caitlyn Jenner made her worldwide debut on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. Since then, she has appeared in promo videos for her upcoming new docuseries I Am Cait, set to premiere on E! next month, and she has shared personal photos online with friends and family. Over the weekend, she made her first public appearance since her emergence on the cover of this month’s issue of VF at an event celebrating Gay Pride in NYC. Caitlyn showed up at Manhattan’s Dream Hotel to partake in the Pride celebration there and she brought along her film crew to capture the moment for her TV show. Click below to see Cait celebrating Pride in NYC and learn more about her first public appearance. More »

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Britney Spears Is Showing Her Sons Mad Love On Social Media These Days


Last week we learned the sad news that Britney Spears and her boyfriend Charlie Ebersol broke off their relationship of 8 months. And even tho we have yet to hear officially from Britney about the break-up, it seems extremely likely that the couple are dunzo for good. In the past few days (and over the past few months, actually), Britney appears to be putting all of her focus on her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James. Just this weekend alone, Britney uploaded a bunch of photos of Sean and JJ (along with some of their little friends) on her social media accounts, making very clear that they are the only men that she needs in her life. Click through the gallery presented here to see new photos of Britney and her boys. It may be a real bummer that she and Charlie have parted ways but it’s very clear that all Britney really needs is the love of her sons to make her happy <3

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This Cast Photo Of ‘Independence Day 2: Resurgence’ Was Taken With A Selfie Stick

There is no hope for mankind

Earlier today we learned that the forthcoming sequel movie Independence Day 2 has been given the title Resurgence and we got to see promo photos and video from an ID2 event that took place last night to announce the film’s title and official synopsis. Right now we get to see a photo of the principal cast of ID2: Resurgence that was shared on Facebook by director Roland Emmerich … and appears to have been taken by actor Jeff Goldblum … holding a selfie stick. Sigh. The cast photo is fun, tho, so let’s try and ignore the selfie stickness of this photo and try and enjoy it anyways ;) More »

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