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Watch: Banksy Releases An Official Commercial Advertisement For Dismaland


Last week we got to see the first photos and first video from Banksy's ambitious new art exhibit/installation Dismaland Bemusement Park currently on display in the UK and today we get to see a just-released "commercial" for the dystopian theme park. Banksy himself has put together an official "promo video" for Dismaland that is ...

Banksy Unveils A New Art Exhibit Called Dismaland, An Entire 2.5 Acre Dystopian ‘Bemusement Park’


Back in the Fall of 2013, UK street artist Banksy orchestrated a month-long art residency in the city of NYC, NY where he unveiled a new art piece/installation every single day for 30 days straight. The residency was so popular that it was turned into a brilliant documentary film titled Banksy Does New York. ...

Those Leaked Nude Photos Of Jennifer Lawrence And Kate Upton Will Now Be In An Art Exhibit


This is getting really crazy, really fast. A slew of celebrities were victims of a mass nude photo leak a few days ago, and I'm sure they were thinking that the situation couldn't get much worse. Well, I think this qualifies as "worse." But I'm also interested in hearing what you guys think. There's an ...