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Ludacris’s Marriage Proposal To Eudoxie Was Pretty Epic


Let me tell you about Instagram-stalking Eudoxie, and how it's a bad idea because her hair is incredible and ain't nobody got time for all that hair envy. Okay, so Ludacris and his girlfriend have been dating since 2009. There was a little on-again, off-again action popping off, some of which resulted in Luda having ...

Ginger Spice Pulls A Benedict Cumberbatch By Announcing Her Engagement In The Newspaper


Last week we learned that actor Benedict Cumberbatch got engaged to be married when his engagement was published in The Times newspaper. Apparently, Benedict started a bit of a trend because today we learn that Geri Ginger Spice Halliwell got engaged to her boyfriend, Formula 1 racing team boss, Christian Horner after the couple's ...