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Tony Parker Opens Up About His Divorce From Eva Longoria

His turn

On Wednesday, the very day that she filed for divorce from her husband Tony Parker, Eva Longoria spoke out in a short interview for the first time about her pending divorce. Today, we get to hear from Tony in an official statement of his own concerning his split from wifey Eva. According to Tony, he knew that the divorce was coming … and he denies that it was he who started divorce proceedings first:

“Eva and I have been discussing our situation privately. I was aware that she would be filing for divorce in Los Angeles. I did not file for divorce in Texas and did not hire divorce attorneys in either Texas or California. We plan to continue to keep our discussions of this matter private.”

Short, terse and to the point. It makes sense that Tony would want to get an official statement of his own on the public record, just so he can chime in an have his say. It’s also very smart for him not to address the emotional cheating allegations at all … but his silence does make it seem like he is guilty. It is very clear that Eva is in the driver’s seat where this divorce is concerned and it sounds like Tony will just be going along for the ride. Now that he’s had his say, I think his best bet is to stay quiet, keep his head down and just ride out the storm to splitsville. I fully expect that we will be seeing Eva on magazine covers and hearing from her again about this divorce in coverstory interviews to come. My guess is that she will maximize the attention as best she can.


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Did Tony Parker Have An Affair With Brent Barry’s Estranged Wife Erin?

Survey says: YES!

Yesterday we learned that Eva Longoria filed for divorce from her husband of 3 years, San Antonio Spurs basketball player Tony Parker. Eva cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the divorce but opened up to BFF and Extra! TV host Mario Lopez and explained that it was her discovery of hundreds of sext messages from another woman to her husband that spurned her to file for divorce. Today we are hearing that it is the estranged wife of Tony‘s teammate Brent Barry who sent him all those sexy text messages … here is a group photo of the couples reportedly involved in this cheating/divorce scandal – Tony Parker & Eva Longoria and Erin Barry & Brent Barry:

Erin Barry has been revealed as the woman at the centre of Desperate Housewives’s star Eva Longoria’s divorce. Access Hollywood reports that Longoria’s husband Tony Parker, 28, sent the mother of two, hundreds of ‘sex texts’ . Mrs Barry, 37, is estranged from her husband former NBA basketball star Brent Barry, Parker’s former San Antonio Spurs’s teammate. Her father-in-law confirmed to TMZ that she filed for divorce from her husband of 12 years just last month. The sportsmen, seen posing together with their wives in an undated photo, became friends when they played together for the Spurs from 2004 to 2008. And yesterday, Longoria, 35, filed for divorce in Los Angeles after telling friend and television presenter Mario Lopez, that she had discovered texts alleged to be from Barry, on her husband’s phone. Erin, 37, has been married to Brent Barry, now an NBA TV host, for 12 years. And according to Access Hollywood, divorce papers were filed on October 29. Barry’s father, NBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry, told celebrity website TMZ: ‘I feel horrible for my son. I’m in shock. I knew [Erin] was moving out of the house soon and she was the one that filed for divorce. This is the straw that broke the camel’s back.’ Rick added: ‘[Brent] is going to be devastated. I can’t even imagine him going through this … the divorce was hard enough news’ … Brent Barry played alongside Tony Parker for four years for the Spurs, during which time she got to know actress Eva. The Barrys have two sons, Quin, nine, and Cade, four. Erin said in a 2006 interview that full-time mothers don’t get the respect they deserve and need to stick together. ‘Moms need to be more supportive of each other,’ she told the San Antonio Woman.

Dang! It’s crappy enough that Tony allegedly cheated on his wife Eva but that he did so with a teammate’s wife just makes the whole situation even crappier. It is being reported that Tony and Erin carried on this sexting affair for about a year, well before Erin and Brent filed for divorce last month. Now that Eva knows what’s been going on, it’s no wonder that she decided to dump her hubby so quickly. It’s amazing that we already know so much about this alleged affair and break-up … but you gotta wonder, are there any other skeletons in the closet that are dying to come out?


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Eva Longoria Opens Up To Mario Lopez About Her Divorce From Tony Parker

"She's devastated ... but ... strong"

Yesterday Eva Longoria denied that she and her husband were getting divorced, earlier today she actually filed for divorce from her husband of 3 years Tony Parker. Right now we learn that Eva has opened up and has given her first interview about the split to her BFF Mario Lopez, host of Extra! TV. According to Mario, Eva has confessed that she found hundreds of sexy text messages on her husband’s phone from another woman … the wife of one of Tony‘s basketball teammates. Mario goes on to explain that despite Eva‘s devastation, she is strong and she will be just fine:

Tony Parker may now have more than just marriage problems to worry about. His estranged wife, Eva Longoria, found hundreds of text messages to the NBA star’s phone from the wife of one of his teammates, the actress tells pal Mario Lopez of Extra. The woman’s identity wasn’t revealed nor was the name of the San Antonio Spurs teammate. Longoria, 35, filed for divorce on Wednesday amid reports that Parker, 28, cheated on her. The divorce petition cites “irreconcilable differences” and Longoria is seeking spousal support. Longoria says that Parker cheated on her earlier in their marriage and that he kept in touch with the woman on Facebook, according to Lopez. “She is devastated, she wants us all to know that,” Lopez says. “But she’s strong.”

Ugh … what a way to find out that your husband is cheating. Considering how out-of-the-blue this divorce business seems, I’d say that Eva prolly found these sext messages pretty recently. The couple were lookin’ very much in love just about 2 weeks ago … and now, divorce papers. I think it’s smart of Eva to explain the reasons why she decided to file for divorce, that way we can stop speculating. I’m sure Tony Parker has his own side of the story … I wonder if he’ll go on the record so we can hear it from him. All in all, tho, this situation is pretty sad … let’s just hope it doesn’t get any worse.


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Eva Longoria & Tony Parker Are, In Fact, Dunzo!

Eva files for divorce one day after she denied the split

Yesterday afternoon TMZ shocked the world with their report that Eva Longoria and hubby Tony Parker had filed for divorce in Houston, TX. Almost immediately, Longoria‘s publicist denied that that the couple had filed for divorce and TMZ posted a retraction. Today, People magazine reports that Eva has actually filed for divorce from Tony TODAY here in Los Angeles, CA. So … I guess the couple are actually dunzo after all:

Three years after a storybook wedding in a European castle, Eva Longoria filed for divorce Wednesday from basketball star Tony Parker. The Desperate Housewives star’s documents were filed in Los Angeles Superior Court just one day after her rep denied that Parker had done the same in a Texas court.

LMAO!! OK … you know what’s going on here, right? Eva caught wind of the TMZ report that Tony filed for divorce yesterday and immediately shot down those reports so that SHE could be the one to file for divorce here in LA today. Dang. I mean, any break-up is sad … but the way this break-up is going down is comical beyond belief. I’m hearing that Eva has decided to split from her hubby because she found out that Tony has been carrying on an emotional sexting relationship with another woman for over a year. It’s unclear if any actual cheating has taken place but it’s quite clear that Eva is pissed about something … and she is ready to end her marriage. I guess it is quite clear that the old adage is true, where there’s smoke — there’s fire. These two are so dunzo, y’all.


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Eva Longoria & Tony Parker Are NOT Dunzo! [UPDATE]


While a great many people are celebrating today’s news that Prince William of Wales has gotten engaged to be married to longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton, there is a bit of somewhat surprising break-up news to share … according to TMZ, Eva Longoria and her husband of 3 years Tony Parker have just filed for divorce in Houston, TX. Eva and Tony are dunzo, y’all!

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are getting divorced … TMZ has learned. Parker filed for divorce yesterday in Texas. The “Desperate Housewives” actress and the San Antonio Spurs star married back in July of 2007. Eva has stated that she has Tony’s initials tattooed on her body … in a mystery spot. She also has Tony’s jersey number — “Nine” — tattooed on the back of her neck.

To be honest, I was completely unaware that anything was amiss in the couple’s relationship but I guess things like this aren’t always public knowledge. It is interesting that it was Tony who filed for divorce from Eva … usually, it’s the other way around. At this point, we don’t know what the cause of the split is but I’m sure the stories will start going around shortly. Alas … another Hollywood marriage bites the dust. So sad.

UPDATE: There are other reports going around in the wake of this news that claim that press reps for Longoria and Parker are DENYING that the couple are divorcing. Stay tuned …

UPDATE 2: TMZ has published a retraction to their Longoria/Parker divorce story. Eva‘s publicist confirmed to TMZ that the couple are NOT getting divorced. Here are the updated deets as reported by TMZ:

A rep for Eva Longoria tells TMZ our story that Tony Parker filed for divorce is not true. TMZ reported that Tony had filed for divorce. Two clerks at the Bexar County Courthouse in Texas had told us the case was filed and sealed by a family law judge. But Eva’s rep tells us Tony did not file and does not even have a divorce lawyer. Another clerk at the courthouse now tells us she’s in charge of sealed cases and says no such case has crossed her desk.

Whew! Well that’s good news. It’s very rare that TMZ gets a story like this so wrong but at least they were very quick about publishing a retraction. I am very happy to know that things are hunky-dory in the marriage of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker :D

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Did Bret Michaels Have An Affair With Tish Cyrus?

Is this the reason for Billy Ray's achey-breaky heart?

Last week we learned the pretty surprising news that after 17 years of marriage, Billy Ray and Leticia Tish Cyrus decided to call it quits and end their marriage. For the most part, no one has been talking about why the couple decided to split after so many years of assumed happily wedded bliss … until now. US Weekly magazine is reporting that one of the main reasons why Billy Ray filed for divorce from his wife Tish was because she reportedly engaged in an affair with rocker Bret Michaels. As you may know, Michaels got pretty close to the family this year after he and Miley Cyrus started recording music together … but if this new report is to be believed, it was Bret and Tish who really got close this year:

The reason Miley Cyrus’ parents are splitting after 17 years of marriage: Mom Tish had an affair with rocker Bret Michaels, reports the new Us Weekly (on newsstands Wednesday). When Billy Ray learned of it – as well as at least one other fling – he filed for divorce Oct. 27, sources tell Us Weekly. Michaels, 47, “became close to the entire family” this past February when he and Miley released the racy duet “Nothing to Lose,” an insider tells Us Weekly. He and Tish, 43, soon began carrying on an on-the-sly romance, sources tell Us Weekly. Tish was seen at Michaels’ Feb. 28 show at the Key Club in L.A., and he had once asked her production company’s help to adapt his book, Roses & Thorns, into a movie. “Billy Ray was completely unaware of what was going on,” the source says of the “Achy Breaky Heart” crooner, who is seeking joint custody of their three minor children, Miley (who turns 18 Nov. 23), Braison, 16, and Noah, 10. (They have three older children from previous relationships.) Though a rep for Michaels refutes the allegations, telling Us Weekly, “There has never been an affair or a fling,” and a rep for Tish also denies the dalliance, the Cyrus source insists, “It was a professional relationship that turned into something more.”

To be fair, it is very easy to throw out cheating allegations like this in the wake of break-up reports … then again, I’m also of the mind that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Those of you who may be familiar with Bret Michael‘s VH1 reality TV series Rock of Love may know that he has a type of woman that he usually goes for … and that type looks a lot like Tish Cyrus. Does that mean an affair took place? Absolutely not. But something significant might’ve happened that caused the 17-years married Cyrus couple to divorce … and an affair like this seems pretty significant to me. What do y’all think … do you think Bret and Tish got busy together?

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Billy Ray & Tish Cyrus Are Dunzo!

"This is a very difficult time for our family"

Welp, another celebrity marriage has bit the dust. Yesterday it was revealed that Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife Leticia have decided to end their marriage of 17 years by filing for divorce. The couple, who are enjoying new found fame as the parents of Miley Cyrus, released a joint statement about their split … read on:

Miley Cyrus’s parents, Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus, are divorcing after 17 years of marriage, they tell PEOPLE. “As you can imagine, this is a very difficult time for our family,” they say in a statement. “We are trying to work through some personal matters. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.” The couple have five children, including the pop star. Divorce papers were filed Wednesday in Tennessee citing irreconcilable differences.

And so … the question becomes … which Cyrus parent will have managing control over their famous daughter? Despite the niceness expressed in their joint statement, things get very ugly in divorce proceedings. Invariably the issue of money will come up and that’s when things get nasty. Sure, both Billy Ray and Tish will still stay extremely rich but one of them will end up being richer … and that richer parent will be the one who wins Miley in the divorce. HMMMM. They’re being nice now … I wonder how long ’til the cracks begin to show.


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Blake Lively & Penn Badgley Are Dunzo!

The mostly stable 'Gossip Girl' co-star lovebirds have called it quits

Blake Lively and Penn BadgelyGossip Girl co-stars, who have enjoyed a hot and cold romantic relationship on-screen and a semi-stable real relationship off-screen — have decided to end their 3 year relationship. According to press reps for both of the actors, BlakeLey decided to call it quits after successfully maintaining a loving relationship for almost the entire duration of their TV show … but, alas, it just wasn’t meant to be. Blake and Penn are dunzo, y’all!

Just like their onscreen counterparts Serena van der Woodsen and Dan Humphrey, Gossip Girl costars Blake Lively and Penn Badgley have ended their real-life romance, too. A rep for both stars has confirmed their breakup. Lively, 23, and Badgley, 23, have been linked since 2007, though they initially denied their romance, saying they were just friends and costars. Since 2008, however, the two have gone public with their relationship, appearing together at events and, often, hand-in-hand in New York City. Most recently, the former couple went shopping for candles together at Henry Bendel in New York last weekend … Despite their often public displays of affection, the pair mostly remained mum about their relationship, with Lively telling Allure recently, “I don’t comment on my relationships. . . . My anonymity is something I treasure. Wanting to be an actor and wanting to be famous are different.”

Many of you will recall that we have seen many photos of Blake and Penn gettin’ it on on the public streets of NYC in the past couple of years but I guess all of that is over. I have to say, I was always very impressed with the way Blake and Penn carried themselves as a couple. They always seemed very affectionate and did a pretty great job of not talking about their relationship in the press … which is prolly why they lasted so long. I, for one, am bummed by this news … I thought they made a great couple. Clearly, they think otherwise.

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MTV Officially Cancels ‘The City’

The once-successful spin-off from 'The Hills' dies a quiet death

Earlier this week Whitney Port, who previously starred in MTV‘s hit TV series The Hills before she starred in her own NYC-based spin-off The City, spoke with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS FM here in LA and confessed that she did not believe that The City would live to see another season. Today The Hollywood Reporter is confirming that MTV has officially canceled the series. Despite the fact that MTV did everything they could to send off The Hills, which ended its run earlier this year, with a bang … it looks like The City will just fade away into the land of dunzoness with nary a peep:

After months of speculation, MTV officially announced on Monday that “The City” has been cancelled. “‘The City’ will not be returning to MTV for season three,” an MTV spokesperson tells THR exclusively. “Whitney has been a part of our family for many years and we wish her and the cast the best, and hope to collaborate with them again.” The show’s star, Whitney Port, spoke on air with Ryan Seacrest Monday morning about the fate of the series. “As of right now it doesn’t really look like we’re doing it anymore,” Port said on Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show. The spin-off of the network’s wildly popular series, “The Hills,” developed a stable viewership in its two seasons, but failed to perform as well as its juggernaut predecessor. Port’s “Hills” co-star Lauren Conrad announced earlier this month to THR her return to the network and has already begun taping her second MTV series.

And that, folks, is that. While I was marginally entertained by The City, it wasn’t a show that I thought would live very long … turns out, I was right. The last season was interesting only because Elle magazine editor Joe Zee made the show worth watching. I understand Joe managed to get a show of his own away from The City and my guess is that MTV decided to kill the show since they lost the only credible stylista on the series. While news of this cancellation isn’t at all surprising, I guess it is a bit sad. Now that both The Hills and The City are dunzo, it truly feels like that era of MTV programming is now completely over. Trust me, I get that the shows evolved into vapid meaningless over the years but there was a time when those shows, those characters were THE most fun thing to watch on TV. But, all things must come to an end … and it has come for The City.

It won’t be long until we’re mourning the death of Jersey Shore because as popular as the show is right now, it won’t last forever.

UPDATE: Whitney Port says her goodbyes to The City on her official blog HERE.


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Mel Gibson Will NOT Be Appearing In ‘The Hangover 2’


A couple of weekends ago we got our first look at some of the cast of The Hangover 2 filming their first scenes for the much-anticipated sequel film. Earlier this week, it was widely reported that Mel Gibson was cast in the film to make a cameo as an “angry tattoo artist” to not only try and help revive his career but also to, I’m sure, to capitalize a bit on his notoriety. It turns out that Mel will NOT be appearing in The Hangover 2 after all, because many people involved in the film pressured the director to fire him … because those people do NOT want to appear in the same movie as Mel Gibson:

Mel Gibson’s planned cameo in “The Hangover Part II” has been canceled. Warner Bros. Pictures and director Todd Phillips say the embattled actor won’t be appearing in the sequel to the popular ensemble comedy. Gibson’s cameo role as a tattoo artist in the film was announced earlier this week. Phillips said Thursday that producers supported his decision to cast Gibson, who has been engaged in a high-profile custody battle with ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, but the decision “ultimately did not have the full support of my entire cast and crew.” The film is set to reunite Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha and Ed Helms, who starred in the 2009 summer blockbuster. The sequel is scheduled for release next year.

Among the most vocal stars of the film who angrily voiced their displeasure that Gibson had been cast in the film was Zach Galifianakis. I have to say, I was totally annoyed when I heard that Mel Gibson was cast in Hangover 2 because I have no intention of ever supporting any of his professional endeavors again. The man is an admitted anti-Semite, homophobe, racist and misogynist … proved by his own words. My first thought after I heard about his cameo role was, Well, I guess I won’t be seeing The Hangover 2. Now that he has been fired from the movie, I can resume my plan to see the film when it gets released next year. I doubt that Mel Gibson will be persona non grata forever … after all, people (in Hollywood, particularly) have a short memory span … but I’m quite relieved that folks haven’t forgotten just yet what a scuzzball Mel Gibson truly is.


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