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Is Samantha Ronson To Blame For Christina Aguilera’s Divorce From Jordan Bratman?

A new report claims that Jordy was jealous of Sam

It’s been a week since we first learned that the marriage between Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman is dunzo and in that time rumors have been flying around over what was the cause of the split. One particularly popular rumor is that Xtina‘s marriage to Jordy couldn’t survive her alleged cheating … particularly with other women. Of course, none of those rumors have been confirmed … so it’s all pretty much hearsay. Today, a new report from the TMZ offshoot website TooFab is claiming that Xtina‘s close relationship (whatever that means) with Samantha Ronson is at least partly to blame for the divorce … because Jordan was jealous of Sam:

Following Christina Aguilera’s Oct. 14 divorce filing from music producer Jordan Bratman, 33, speculation has run rampant as to what led to the split. It seems that a major factor was the 29-year-old singer’s increasingly close, emotional friendship with deejay (and Lindsay Lohan’s ex) Samantha Ronson, 33, a source tells TooFab. “Christina’s been friends with Sam for a while, like they all went to Cabo in September with Nicole Richie, but they were hanging out a lot more in recent months, and they created a new posse of girls that Christina hung out with, so it started to be really frustrating for Jordan, that she had this relationship with these girls, but particularly this close one with Sam,” the source tells TooFab. “Jordan was feeling less than a man. It seemed like she was more interested in hanging out with Sam than him. This had been going on for several months.” As an aside, the source tells TooFab that Ronson’s ex, Lindsay Lohan, was also unnerved by her relationship with Aguilera, 29. “It caused a lot of problems with Lohan and Sam. Before [Lohan] went into rehab, she was really frustrated with her relationship with Sam because of the Aguilera thing. She was extremely jealous.”

I find it a bit puzzling that people are so quick to assume that something romantic is going on between Xtina and Sam just because they like to hang out. The implication is that just because Samantha is gay then every woman she hangs out with she must be sexually involved with? No. I’m not saying that there is nothing romantic going on between them, I’m just saying that the assumptions being made are totally ridiculous. In the end, whatever relationship Xtina has with Samantha is beside the point. Xtina and Jordy‘s relationship fell apart because of their own personal issues. Whether or not Xtina and Sam are good friends or goooood friends is nobody’s business but their own. And let’s remember, these rumors and reports are all based on nameless sources … all of it should be taken with a huge grain of salt.

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The City Of Stonnington In Australia Bans Ed Hardy Clothing

"All you fuck-head Jersey Shore wannabes can go back to the suburbs"

Taking a cue from some nightclubs around the world, the city of Stonnington in the South East Melbourne region of Australia has decided to BAN all use of Ed Hardy clothing within their city limits. Here is the message that was posted by Stonnington officials on the window of a shut down Ed Hardy boutique in town:

I have no words … except to say, Bravo! I mean … this is just too awesome for words. I think I might have to pack my bags and move my ass to Stonnington. Woot!


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Shia LaBeouf & Carey Mulligan Are Dunzo!

Stocks crash on the 'Wall Street 2' lovebirds' relationship

When last we saw lovebirds and co-stars Shia LaBeouf and Carey Mulligan, they were making their way to LA together so that they could attend the 2010 Academy Awards together (she was a nominee). Since that time, the couple have not really spent a lot of time together … probably due to the fact that the couple, Oh Sh-arey, are dunzo!

Starring in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps was good for Carey Mulligan’s bank balance, but it does not seem to have brought any lasting satisfaction in her love life. Mandrake hears that the 25-year-old actress is returning to Britain after cooling her relationship with Shia LaBeouf, 24, who played her boyfriend in the film. “I’m moving back to England: it’s a long story,” she told friends at the premiere of her latest film, Never Let Me Go, in the West End of London. When I asked the actress, who was a boarder at Woldingham School, in Surrey, why she was returning just a few months after she had professed her love for New York, she was demure. “I am spending some more time here at the moment,” she said. “Just spending time with my family, really” … In May, the actress, who was nominated at the Academy Awards for her role in An Education, said: “I love New York, maybe more than Los Angeles or London. I could live in New York. I think I’m happiest [there].”

Alas … another young relationship fritters away and dies. Shia recently flipped out on a paparazzo photographer who dared to photograph him, perhaps he was just pissy that his relationship with Carey had come to an end. Ah well … I suppose the old adage is true … ’tis better to have love and lost than never to have loved at all.


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Christina Aguilera Files For Divorce From Jordan Bratman

"Irreconcilable Differences"

Oh yeah, they’re dunzo for sure. After it was reported on Tuesday that Christina Aguilera and hubby Jordan Bratman had split up and after Xtina issued a very vague statement about the split comes news today that she has just filed for divorce from her husband of just about 5 years. Whereas the couple claimed that there was nothing official about their split previously, this latest move on Xtina‘s part makes the dunzoness SO official:

Just days after confirming that she had separated on Sept. 11 from her husband Jordan Bratman, Christina Aguilera has filed for divorce, a source close to the singer confirms to PEOPLE. In the papers, Aguilera cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split. She also asked for joint physical and legal custody of their son, Max.

TMZ has the divorce papers HERE, reveals that there is a prenuptial agreement in place and is circulating the rumor that it was cheating on Xtina‘s part that led to the initial split. HMMM. I mean, we may never know who if anyone cheated in that relationship but one thing is for sure … this break-up has gone from a mere separation to a full-on divorce. I suppose any chance of a reconciliation has pretty much been squashed. In the end, it’s prolly for the best in the long run … but still, it’s so sad to see a marriage come to an end.


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David Arquette Apologizes For Being A Blabbermouth

"I am sorry and humbled"

Earlier this week, after we learned about the break-up of Courteney Cox and David Arquette, David went on The Howard Stern Show to talk publicly about the circumstances that led to the end of his marriage … offering very personal information about his relationship with his wife and the woman he’s been sleeping with since the couple’s separation. In hindsight it appears that Arquette has seen the error of his ways and has offered a public Twitter apology for his comments … read on:

Thank you all for your Love and support at this time. I’m trying figuring out how to be the best person I can be. / but it’s been a process of trial and error. I went on Howard Stern yesterday to provide clarity and honesty about what I’m experiencing / but while doing that I shared too much…it’s alright for me to be honest about my own feelings but in retrospect some of the information / I provided involved others and for that I am sorry and humbled..Life is a process of spiritual evolution / I’m sure Courteney and myself will emerge from this painful time better people for what we’ve learned.

Yeah, I’m sure David Arquette is a nice guy … but I can’t help but think of him as a doofus. I cannot believe that he would go on a national radio program and share all those intimate details about his marriage and NOT think it was a very bad idea at the time. My guess is that someone had to tell him that he over-shared … and I’m guessing that person was his estranged wife Courteney Cox. You know, at least he apologized. That’s something, right? LOL.


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Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman Live Separate Lives

She goes shopping, He visits his lawyer

In the wake of yesterday’s big news that married couple Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman have decided to separate, new photos of the pair have come to light … new photos of the couple living their very separate lives. Xtina spent part of her day yesterday shopping for toys for her son Max Liron (she apparently got the young lad a bake set) while Jordy spent part of his day running around town doing errands … which included a visit to his attorney:

Since the couple have been living separate lives for some time now and only yesterday confirmed their split, none of this is news … but in light of the knowledge that the couple are on the outs, well, it’s just sad to see them not together. You may recall that in Xtina‘s official statement about the break-up yesterday she made no mention of any “officialness” concerning the split … but it does seem curious that Jordan would pay a visit to his attorney on the day news of his break-up with his wife was made public. While I would love to see this couple get back together, I think it’s far more important that things work themselves out for the best … which means, if Xtina and Jordy are not happy together, then maybe the split should become permanent. It’s always sad when a couple breaks up … but it would be far sadder to see them languish in an unhappy marriage, especially when that anguish could have lasting negative effects on the couple’s young son. Ugh, so sad.

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Christina Aguilera Issues A Statement About Her Separation From Jordan Bratman

Xtina speaks

Earlier today we learned the surprising news that married couple Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman have been separated for some time now and I guessed that one or both of the would be issuing an official statement on the matter sometime today. And right on cue, here is the very short official statement from Xtina herself:

“Although Jordan and I are separated, our commitment to our son Max remains as strong as ever.”

I’m hearing that there is nothing legal about this split … no papers have been filed, no lawyers are involved … there is just trouble in paradise and Xtina and Jordy have decided to spend some time apart to try and see if they can work out their personal problems. I suppose we won’t be hearing anything new officially until either A.) the couple decides to get back together or B.) they decide to formally end their marriage. OY! I guess what they say is true, breaking up is hard to do.

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David Arquette Dishes On His Split From Courteney Cox

David tells Howard Stern the couple haven't had sex "in months"

Yesterday afternoon the surprising news broke that Courteney Cox and David Arquette decided to split up after 11 years of marriage … a split that took place months ago but only yesterday came to light officially. Earlier today, Arquette called in to the Howard Stern Show to talk about the split and reveal when the break-up first too place and what has happened since. As you can well imagine, both Courteney and David have taken off their wedding rings. Read on for some deets from David‘s interview with Howard Stern:

David Arquette just called in to the Howard Stern Show — explaining EVERYTHING about why he and Courteney Cox agreed to take a “trial separation” … noting that they haven’t had sex in 4 months. Arquette explained that he and Courteney stopped having sex around one month before they started shooting “Scream 4″ in Michigan … and drifted from there. He also claims Courteney was the one who insisted they try separating right after their 11th wedding anniversary back in June … after she told David that she was “tired of being your mother.” David claims he still loves Courteney — and calls her one of the most amazing people on the planet. David is also adamant that he never cheated on Courteney before the split — but admits he has had sex with rebound chick Jasmine Waltz … his “one conquest.” Arquette also said he is hopeful he and Courteney can patch things up and get back together.

If you would like to hear this charming radio interview for yourselves, you can do so HERE. I will give David credit for his honesty … I doubt we’ll ever hear Courteney talking this candidly about the split. I completely believe that Courteney eventually got fed up with being a “mother” to David … he strikes me as the kind of man that needs coddling … and she strikes me as the kind of woman who won’t put up with that bullshizz for very long (tho, 11 years is a long time). Welp, it’s all out there now … I don’t know where David gets the notion that he and Courteney will get back together but … more power to him.

Now that this Courteney/David split is cooling down … how about that Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman split, huh?

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Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman Are Dunzo!

US Weekly reports

While many of us, me included, are still struggling with the shocking news that Courteney Cox-Arquette and David Arquette are dunzo, US Weekly magazine is reporting today that another celebrity marriage is dunzo as well. According to the mag, Christina Aguilera and hubby Jordan Bratman have split … actually, have been separated for months … just like Courteney and David were. HMMM. At this point, the news has not been confirmed or denied by the couple … so take the report for what it is:

Singer Christina Aguilera is going solo. Though the pop star, 29, told less than a year ago that she felt “very blessed” in her union with music executive Jordan Bratman, 33, a source close to Aguilera tells Us the couple “have been separated for a few months.” And though Aguilera and Bratman — who met in 2002 (he was a producer on one of her albums) and wed in 2005 — have not yet decided whether to divorce, the source reveals, “they are now living apart, and they will see how that goes.” What went wrong? “They were very much in love,” explains the insider. “But over the last six months, it ­became clear they were more like friends than husband and wife.”The source adds that Aguilera even “­proposed their August trip to Italy to ­rekindle their relationship, but it didn’t help.” The duo remain united in their commitment, however, to son Max, 2. “He is their main concern,” says the pal.

I have to admit, I find this report a bit dubious … especially with its timing. At first read, it feels a bit like a story that is meant to capitalize on the confirmed break-up of Courteney and David. Because it remains unconfirmed and offers no real proof of a split, I’m hesitant to believe it … just yet. BUT, I was so surprised by the news of Courteney and David‘s split that, well, even tho I don’t necessarily believe this news about Xtina and Jordy just yet I suppose I have to consider that it may turn out to be true, just like Courteney and David. We’ll have to wait and see what Xtina has to say about this report from US Weekly.

UPDATE: Extra! TV is now also reporting that Xtina and Jordy have split (Extra! claims the couple are officially divorcing). Where there’s smoke … there should come an official statement one way or the other. Stay tuned …

UPDATE 2: Dang! TMZ is now joining the party claiming they’ve confirmed the Xtina/Jordan split is true. All that’s left is for us to hear from the couple themselves. I suspect an official statement may come later today.


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Courteney Cox-Arquette & David Arquette Are Dunzo!


Right after I posted THIS item about David Arquette talking about the possible sub-title of Scream 4, news broke that he and wife Courteney Cox-Arquette have split up! To be honest, I head to read the headline twice because … OMG, how have these two split up? AND, as if news of the split weren’t shocking enough … the couple have apparently been on the outs for “several months” now! Dude … Courteney and David are dunzo!

Courteney Cox and David Arquette have separated after 11 years of marriage … and TMZ has learned they’ve been separated for several months. A source close to the couple tells us the two are “still friends” and they maintain a business relationship with each other. In fact, sources tell us … no lawyers are involved. The couple has one child together. David and Courteney met on the set of “Scream” sometime around 1995 … and were married in 1999. They are currently co-starring in the upcoming “Scream” movie due out next year. There was a hint of things to come back on September 25 when Arquette was spotted out, sans wedding ring.

AND … to add insult to injury, there is a reported connection to Lindsay Lohan in this sad split. Well, kinda. After the jump, find out what the connection is and read the official statement from Courteney and David about their dunzoness … More »

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