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Rachel Dolezal Has Stepped Down As NAACP President


In today's installment of the odd saga involving Rachel Dolezal, the Caucasian woman pretending to be a Black woman, we learn that Dolezal has formally stepped down as president of the Spokane, WA chapter of the NAACP amid mounting criticism over her odd behavior. As you may know, we learned on Friday that Dolezal's ...

After 26 Years Of Marriage, Homer & Marge Simpson Will Legally Separate Next Season On ‘The Simpsons’


There will be a lot of changes coming in the upcoming 27th season of The Simpsons. Earlier this week, we learned that Sideshow Bob will finally kill Bart Simpson on the show ... tho, it will happen in the show's annual Treehouse of Terror Hallowe'en episode, so it really doesn't count. Today we ...