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Chris Brown Says Rihanna Dated Drake To Get Back At Him, But They’ve Made Amends


A little while back I found myself in a very bizarre situation. I agreed, wholeheartedly, with something Chris Brown said. He made comments about Ray Rice's assault on Janay Rice, and advocated for therapy to deal with anger management. So, for that reason, I've been more open to hearing his new interviews. The pop singer ...

On Domestic Violence, Rihanna, Chris Brown, And Running Out Of Ph-cks To Give


The other day I got lost in an internet vortex, as I am wont to do. It started on Twitter (naturally), as Dream Hampton was flipping out beautifully about the Jovan Belcher case and how everyone was sort of hailing Jovan (who murdered his girlfriend and committed suicide later)—rather than Kasandra— as the victim.  I hadn’t ...

Rihanna & Chris, Kristen & Rupert/Rob, And ‘Legitimate Rape’: A Woman’s Body Is Clearly Not Her Own


PITNB’s NEW popCULTURE CLUB: theoretically putting the “culture” back in “pop culture,” one post at a time... *** Nowadays most of us know where babies come from (although some of us, like ‘legitimate rape’ politician, Todd Akin are still a bit foggy on the details), and while I think women, IMO, totally run the world many of us ...