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Justin Gaston Goes Nekkid For PETA . . . Again

No Fur Allowed

Back in July we got our first look at a batch of photos that feature If I Can Dream stars Ben Elliott, Giglianne Braga and Justin Gaston posing nekkid for an anti-fur campaign for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Today, we get to see a new promo photo for the PETA campaign which features these very attractive, very nekkid folks one more time:

This summer, the world got a sneak peek at the If I Can Dream cast’s anti-fur campaign—and now Giglianne Braga, Ben Elliott, and Justin Gaston are ready to reveal their provocative new ad, which features the three sexy housemates embracing one another au naturel next to the words, “If You Need Fur to Keep Warm, You’ve Got Problems.” As shown in a recent episode of If I Can Dream, all five castmates welcomed PETA representatives into the house to talk about the fur industry. After watching a graphic video that showed how animals who are killed for their fur are beaten to death and often skinned alive, Braga, Elliott, and Gaston all agreed to strip for PETA’s anti-fur campaign. The housemates also sat down for exclusive interviews with PETA. “When I first saw the footage, I was pretty upset about it,” said actor Ben Elliott. “Like, I didn’t know animals got treated that way, and were, like, literally skinned alive … that’s awful.” Model Giglianne Braga, who is a lifelong vegetarian, added, “I don’t understand how people can do that, really. Just torture and kill like that for the sake of fashion.” The trio enjoyed the shoot—despite the awkwardness of going completely nude around their roommates. Musician Justin Gaston explained, “This is definitely the … raciest thing I’ve ever done.” But because it was “for a good cause,” Gaston was “really, really glad” that he got to be a part of it. Braga, laughing, added, “It was fun being naked with those boys.” Braga, Elliott, and Gaston join a long list of celebrities—including Eva Mendes, Pamela Anderson, Khloe Kardashian, Dave Navarro, and Joanna Krupa—who have bared their skins to save animals’ skins. For more information and to view the ad, please visit

I still LOVE that Justin Gaston felt the need to get Bible verses tattooed to such interesting places on his body … but that’s beside the point. You gotta love a threesome of attractive 20-somethings who have no problem stripping down for a good cause … am I right? After the jump, check out some behind the scenes video from this shoot because, well, have I mentioned how attractive these people are? Click on … More »

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Tim Gunn Films A PSA Video In Support Of GLBT Youth

"As a 17 year old youth ... I attempted to kill myslef"

Yesterday we got to see a few videos recorded by celebs in support of young GLBT people who may be feeling hopeless and, very sadly, suicidal due to harassment, bullying and/or rejection from others. Today I want to share one more video that features fashion guru and Project Runway host Tim Gunn sharing his own story of attempted suicide. As you may recall, we learned last month about Gunn‘s suicide attempt when I talked bout his new book in which he shares his story. In light of the tragic string of GLBT suicides in recent weeks, Tim Gunn was inspired to share his story personally in a video of his own:

Messages like this have more impact when they come directly from someone who endured the same situations in their youths. I can’t think of a better person to look to as an example of the fact that “It Gets Better” than Tim Gunn. This man tried to end his life at 17 … was thankfully unsuccessful in his attempt and found the strength to soldier on and achieve major success in his adult life. Of course the same staggering success cannot be promised to everyone but life does get better from the youthful despair that so many young people suffer. I love Tim Gunn so much … his decision to share his personal story in an attempt to help save the lives of other is just so inspiring. It does get better … and The Trevor Project is there to offer help and support 24/7.


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Celebrities Create PSA Videos In Support Of GLBT Youth

It Gets Better

In the wake of so many suicides by GLBT youth due to bullying in recent weeks a bunch of celebrities have banded together or filmed videos on their own to spread the message of hope to the young people who fell hopeless. Much like Dave Navarro did on his official website last week, all kinds of celebs have decided to speak out in order to spread hope. A flurry of It Gets Better videos have been popping up recently in an effort to spread the message as far and wide as possible. Here is a video which features Anne Hathaway, Kristin Cavallari, Jenny McCarthy, Shay Mitchell, Ashley Roberts, Candice Accola, Ian Somerhalder, Candis Cayne, Erika Jayne, Greg Grunberg, Rex Lee, Julie Benz, Michael Chiklis and Kat Graham:

My good friend Pauley Perrette, who stars on NCIS, decided to film and release a video of her own:

As did Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden:

This message that life gets better is so important because it is so easy for young people who feel hopeless and alone to think that no one understands what they are going thru as they figure out who they are … even worse, many believe that they are unloved, unwanted and will not be missed if they decide to take their own lives. It is my sincere hope that these messages of hope can reach the people who need to hear them the most. The Trevor Project was set up so that young people in need of support can call at any time of the day or night to find the help that they need. Information on The Trevor Project can be found on their official website HERE or they can be reached by calling 1-866-4UTREVOR (866-488-7386). It truly may seem hopeless sometimes … but things do get better.

Pink reader Sarah points us HERE to see the rest of the It Gets Better PSA videos. Check ‘em out, post ‘em on Facebook … help spread the message.

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Lindsay Lohan Visits A Shelter, Shows Off Her New SCRAM


Lindsay Lohan surfaced in public for the first time since she was incarcerated and then released from jail last Friday in a presumed attempt to try and rehabilitate her bad girl image. Late last night Lindsay and her crew showed up at The Dream House shelter in Echo Park, CA in an effort to spread cheer and goodwill to the children and families there. To be honest, it seems fairly transparent that Lindsay‘s attempt at goodwill prolly had more to do with rehabilitating her image than helping the less fortunate but, well … let’s give her the benefit of the doubt?

Two days after getting out of jail, Lindsay Lohan has emerged from hiding. Accompanied by two friends, sister Ali and mother Dina, the troubled starlet, who will be heading back to rehab possibly as soon as Monday, spent part of Sunday evening visiting the Dream Center, a mission and outreach center connected to the Angelus Temple in Los Angeles’ Echo Park neighborhood. According to a source, LiLo’s business manager Lou Taylor, who also was part of her group, is a supporter of the facility and encouraged her to visit. While there, Lindsay met with children and families, signing autographs and handing out purses to some of the teen girls … “What a great place The Dream Center is here in LA… had a nice time there today, it’s so important to give back. I feel blessed,” Lohan later tweeted. The source said Lohan wanted to make a return visit to see some of the young women housed there, but one thing was clear: She would not be checking in there herself. Lohan plans to check into rehab, but that it would not be at the Dream Center facility, said the source.

LOL!! I can’t believe that anyone would think that Lindsay would be seeking help at The Dream House. She may be willing to dirty her hands a bit with a quick photo opp visit but there’s no way in Hell you could drag her ass there for actual treatment. Rumor has it that Lindsay will be checking herself in to a more posh rehab facility outside of LA “sometime this week”.

And so … now that Lindsay is going back out in public, it’s time to revive the SCRAM Watch. TMZ has the first image of L. Lo and the return of her fave fashion accessory, which you can check out after the jump … More »

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UK Rugby Player Gavin Henson Gets Naked For Charity

Good Deeds

Gavin Henson, British rugby stud and newly separated fiancée of Charlotte Church, stripped down to his birthday suit in order to appear in a promo photo for Cosmopolitan magazine meant to raise funds and awareness for the Everyman Campaign. The Everyman Campaign is the UK’s leading prostate and testicular cancer campaign and chose well when they decided to get Henson to strip down for the cause … check out his husky and hot photo:

Having braved sub-zero temperatures for a new reality TV show, stripping off under warm studio lights was not exactly going to be a problem. But Gavin Henson wasn’t just showing off his toned and tanned physique as a treat for his female admirers. Instead he dared to bare all for a magazine shoot to raise awareness of male cancer for the Everyman charity. Gavin, 28, stripped off for a special photo shoot for next month’s issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. It was for the Everyman campaign to raise awareness about prostate and testicular cancer and encourage men to get themselves regular checked. His picture was inspired by his forthcoming reality TV show 71 Degrees North, which starts on ITV this Saturday. The programme will see Gavin compete against other celebrities including actor Shane Richie, TV presenters Andrew Castle and Konnie Huq and Ultimo bra boss Michelle Mone, to be the first to reach the northern-most point of Europe – latitude 71 degrees. Each week they will be given a ­daring task to complete while ­enduring the freezing wastes of ­Norway.

While this photo is meant to be a nod towards Henson‘s upcoming new show, I could honestly care less where the lad decides to strip down … and in what setting. In all seriousness, tho, testicular and prostate cancer is a very serious matter and anything that can be done to bring awareness to the disease is very important and very welcome. That being said, I’m just glad that Gavin Henson is contributing to the cause in as hot a way as possible. We don’t really have professional rugby here in the US so I hope y’all Brits don’t mind us yanks appreciating your crop of hunky men ;)


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Ryan Reynolds Films A PSA For The Natural Resources Defense Council

Real life Superhero

Ryan Reynolds, who plays the fictional superhero Green Lantern in the upcoming film of the same name, is featured in a new public service announcement for the Natural Resources Defense Council wherein he advocates the use of alternative natural energies rather than, say, oil. Here are a few screencaps from this new video and some deets about the ad campaign:

When Ryan Reynolds was filming his superhero flick The Green Lantern in New Orleans, he was inspired to spring into a different kind of action: activism. Exploring the Gulf region plagued by spilled oil was an eye-opening experience for the leading man, 33. “I flew over the Deepwater Horizon site and saw what looked like the opposite of all the news reports – it looked more like somebody had spilled water into a Gulf filled with oil,” Reynolds says. Wanting to make sure similar spills never happen again, the actor has teamed with the Natural Resources Defense Council for a PSA to encourage the use of alternative energies. “What we’re doing is literally the same thing cavemen did,” he says. “We set things on fire to produce energy. There are so many viable alternatives.” He adds: “I see this whole thing as a wake-up call, a chance to shift to cleaner energy and build a greener economy.”

Essentially, this PSA is 30 seconds of Ryan Reynolds talking about the importance of using alternative energies … as we stare into his piercingly beautiful eyes. Yes, it is very distracting. After the jump, check out the PSA and see for yourselves … More »

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Sandra Bullock & Friends Ask For Your Help To Restore The Gulf

"Be the One"

New New Orleans resident Sandra Bullock and some of her celebrity friends have joined forces to launch the Be the One campaign for the Restore the Gulf organization to help awareness for Gulf Relief. As you should be well aware, the BP oil spill has caused serious damage to the ecosystem in the Gulf of Mexico and has wrecked havoc on the people in the area whose livelihoods have been destroyed by the spill. This new Be the One campaign for Restore the Gulf is but one way Sandra and her friends are giving back what BP has taken from all of us:

Sandra Bullock has plenty of fight left in her – and she’s putting it toward a good cause. Months following the BP oil spill, the Oscar winner, who adopted her son from New Orleans, is joining stars like Blake Lively and John Goodman for Restore the Gulf’s “Be the One” campaign. “What can you offer?” Bullock asks in the PSA, standing along the coast. “Your voice. Speak up.” Other celebs featured in the PSA include New Orleans native Peyton Manning, chef Emeril Lagasse, who runs several restaurants in town and musicians Dave Matthews and Lenny Kravitz. The campaign was started by the Women of the Storm, a non-partisan alliance of Louisiana women, to rally support for the cleanup.

As we have done many times before, I hope we are all able to come together and do what we can for the affected people who need our help. The people who make a living from the Gulf of Mexico have been devastated by the oil spill and their lives will be drastically changed for a very long time, if not forever. After the jump, check out the promo video for Be the One and find out how YOU can lend a helping hand … More »

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Betty White Is A Hot New Pin-Up Girl

Who wants to spend all of 2011 with Betty?

Betty White, Hollywood’s beloved new “It” Girl, is releasing her first-ever calendar and today we get our first look at what’s in store. The 2011 Betty White Calendar will go on sale in September and proceeds from its sale will benefit the The Morris Animal Foundation. Here is our first look at this hot new calendar:

The 88-year-old Betty White will be available all year long with THE BETTY WHITE CALENDAR, a 24/7 tribute to one of America’s most beloved actresses, comediennes, and winner of multiple Emmy Awards. From her new hit television comedy – Hot in Cleveland (TV Land) – to her #1 Super Bowl commercial (Snickers) with the not-dead Abe Vigoda – Betty is classy, earthy and unassuming . She’s also got a fantastic sense of humor about herself – and that’s our idea of a centerfold! The last surviving member of The Golden Girls cast – Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty died between 2008 to 2010 – Betty White has also starred on Life with Elizabeth, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and The Carol Burnett Show as well as Mama’s Family, That 70s Show, Boston Legal and Malcolm in the Middle. Deemed the “First Lady of Game Shows” by the entertainment press, Betty appeared on What’s My Line?, To Tell the Truth, I’ve Got a Secret, Match Game, and Password, among others, in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Earlier this year, Betty hosted Saturday Night Live after a grassroots Facebook campaign called “Betty White to Host SNL (Please)” attracted 500,000 fans and Betty became their oldest host ever. Ratings were SNL’s highest since 2008 and a show hosted by Ben Affleck. The Betty White Calendar 2011 is priced at $12.99 and will go on sale in September. Betty White has dedicated herself to improving the lives of animals and this calendar is no exception: All of Ms. White’s proceeds will benefit The Morris Animal Foundation based in Denver, Colorado.

OMG, how much do I love this? A year full of Betty White surrounded by hot, half-nekkid men. Does it even get more perfect than that? After the jump, check out one of the photos that will be featured in The Betty White CalendarMore »

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Prince Harry Visits The US: Day Two

Pitches for the Mets, Walks with the Wounded in Central Park

Yesterday we learned that Prince Harry of Wales has made his way to the US to enjoy a 3 day visit in the New York region in an effort to strength the US-UK military alliance and to raise awareness for the need to aid wounded veterans after they return home from their tours of duty. Yesterday we saw photos of Harry with the cadets at West Point Military Academy and on the deck of the museum ship the USS Intrepid which is docked in NYC. Today we get to see a few fun photos of Harry throwing out the first pitch yesterday at Citi Field for the NY Mets (who played the Minnesota Twins) and participating in the Achilles Hope And Possibility Race event that took place in Central Park earlier today:

Britain’s Prince Harry has a pretty good arm. Harry threw the ceremonial first pitch with a bit of zip before the Mets played the Minnesota Twins on Saturday, the second day of his visit to New York. “He did well,” said Mets knuckleballer R.A. Dickey(notes), who tutored Harry for a few minutes before his pitch. Without much fanfare, Harry walked to the mound when the Mets ran onto the field before the first inning and received polite applause from the Citi Field crowd. He was wearing a blue Mets cap and a white T-shirt with “walking with the wounded” written on the front in red lettering. The Mets had made him a pinstriped jersey with “Wales” and the number 22 on the back … Standing on the pitching rubber, Harry sheepishly waved to the crowd before shaking his right arm several times and doing a full body jiggle to loosen up. He then made a hard, accurate throw that was a little high, forcing catcher Rod Barajas(notes) to stand from his crouch to make the catch of the pitch that crossed the plate. Dickey spent about five minutes with Harry before the game helping him with his mechanics. He said the prince was throwing with a more straight-armed cricket throw so he told him to bend his elbow. “We didn’t talk about Parliament or anything,” Dickey said. “We’re just two guys having a catch” … A lieutenant in the British Army, Harry spent several innings in a luxury suite with Mets owner Fred Wilpon, the founder of Welcome Back Veterans, a charity which provides support and treatment for soldiers with post traumatic stress disorder.

HMMMM … don’t you think that Prince Harry looks pretty good as a baseball player? It looks like he’s got his form down, I think the Mets should do everything they can to sign him up. But in all seriousness, yeah, Harry looks like he would make a right good baseball jock. The look suits him. After the jump, check out a few photos of Harry walking with the wounded in Central Park this morning as part of the Achilles Hope And Possibility RaceMore »

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Sandra Bullock Joins ‘Nashville Rising: A Benefit Concert For Flood Recovery’

Celebs gather in Nashville to raise funds for flood relief

Celebs and musicians gathered last night at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN to perform at a benefit concert called Nashville Rising: A Benefit Concert For Flood Recovery in order to raise much needed funds for the flood victims of Nashville. As you may know, torrential rains caused massive flooding in and around Nashville in early May which resulted in 22 deaths and over $2 billion in damage. Last night’s benefit concert was organized to raise money for the flood victims still dealing with the effects of last month’s flooding. Here are a couple photos of Sandra‘s appearance/performance last night:

Nashville Rising was as much a celebration of Music City as it was a flood-relief benefit concert. Star after star — including surprise visitor Sandra Bullock — professed their love and admiration for the city and its people, who have been praised for handling one of the state’s most destructive natural disasters with grace, dignity and charity. “Nashville will rise and that is why we have come together tonight,” said Faith Hill, who organized the benefit with husband Tim McGraw. “Musicians, football players, coaches, our elected officials, you in the audience, yes, we are all the same. We’re just neighbors who care and friends who want to make a difference.” It was a subdued night, but still filled with No. 1 hits and poignant songs played to a sold-out crowd at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena, which housed as much cross-genre star power as the building’s seen. Musicians from the country, rock and Christian music scenes turned out with the aim of raising $2 million for The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. The flood, spurred by record rains across Tennessee on May 1 and 2, killed 22 people in the state and caused $2 billion in damage in Nashville’s Davidson County alone. The water forced thousands from their homes, struck some of the city’s biggest landmarks and destroyed the instruments and gear of scores of musicians. “It happened to our friends, our neighbors, our loved ones and our homes,” Hill told the crowd. “Everyone here knows someone affected by the flood.” Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood sang their hits, Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins praised the hillbillies of Tennessee, Lynyrd Skynyrd saluted its second home, Miranda Lambert rewarded fans with her two No. 1s, and Bullock even got in on the act. Reese Witherspoon, Matthew McConaughey and Dolly Parton taped video messages for the crowd. “Nashville Rising is just another way to say, `Love thy neighbor,’” Parton said … Bullock, who was in “The Blind Side” with McGraw, came on stage late in the show to introduce Hill. “So listen,” she told the crowd. “They say a community is only as strong as it’s weakest link, right? From the look of it, there are no weak links in this community.” Bullock said she told McGraw she could stage a wardrobe malfunction or a few comedic pieces for the crowd but soon realized she needed to do something more. “I’m going to contribute some music and I’m going to bring the house down and I’m going to do it Nashville style,” she said before strapping on an acoustic guitar and sitting in front of a microphone. “If I can have some quiet please,” she said. She pieced out the opening riff of “Smoke On The Water” to some of the night’s loudest cheers, before introducing Hill. “That’s good stuff isn’t it?” Hill said. “Sign that girl right away.” Hill then turned in one of the night’s best performances with a soaring vocal on “Stronger” and a rousing version of “Piece Of My Heart.” “How can I follow that?” McGraw asked before finishing off the evening with “Southern Voice” and “Live Like You Were Dying.”

Unfortch, it seems to me that coverage of the Nashville flood has been superseded by coverage of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill (at least here on the West Coast) but I love that the people of Nashville took matters in their own hands to orchestrate flood relief for those in need. I understand the Bridgestone Arena was sold out last night … meaning a lot of affected people will get the money they desperately need.

As the report above says, Sandra did perform a bit during last night’s Nashville Rising benefit concert. After the jump, check out a short video from her performance … More »

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