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Honor Marie & Cash Warren Make Jessica Alba Smile

They said it couldn't be done!

Here are a couple of ADORABLE pics of Jessica Alba walking hand-in-hand with her hot (and bearded) hubby Cash Warren as she toted her only begotten child Honor Marie all bundled snug in her baby carrier on the streets of NYC this weekend. You will note, much to y’all surprise I’m sure, that Jessica looks unmiserable, is smiling and actually looks … wait for it … happy — behold:

It’s a rare sight to see Jessica not scowling with misery and actually looking happy and contented with life. I guess even the usually glower-faced Jessica can’t hide the happiness brought into her life by her new husband and her baby girl all the time. These three really make a pretty family … and Honor Marie is already growing so big! Glad to see them lookin’ so happy … hopefully we’ll get to see more of it.

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

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Joaquin Phoenix Says ‘Bye! Good’ To Acting

Says he's ready to "move on"

Joaquin Phoenix made headlines last week when he announced that he would be “retiring from acting” in order to focus on things like music and … er, other stuff. To be honest, I didn’t really believe his proclamations at first but have since changed my mind. After all, Phoenix took to the red carpet of the premiere of his new (and final) movie Two Lovers in LA on Saturday night with the words Bye! Good scrawled on his knuckles to drive home the point. I guess he’s serious, y’all:

The writing on Joaquin Phoenix’s fists said it all. The words “Good Bye” were penned on the actor’s knuckles at a premiere Saturday night for his latest film, “Two Lovers,” and Phoenix confirmed a surprise announcement he made last week: He’s giving up movies. “I think it’s just moving on. It’s rediscovering something else,” said Phoenix, 34, said in an interview with Associated Press Television News before Saturday’s American Film Institute festival, which also premiered “Che,” starring Benicio Del Toro. “Two Lovers” is his last film, he said. His publicist had disclosed Friday that the actor intended to focus on music. Phoenix first mentioned his decision to “Extra” early last week at a fundraiser in San Francisco. He abruptly ended that interview after the reporter wondered whether he was joking about giving up acting for music. Phoenix learned to play guitar and did his own singing to play country legend Johnny Cash in “Walk the Line,” which earned him an Academy Award nomination. His publicist also said Phoenix has been directing music videos in recent years. “It’s like greener pastures, you know what I mean?” Phoenix said Saturday. “And so, I’m just going to try and like, I’ll just be doing the other thing. … Hopefully, I will emotionally impact you with that, as well.”

I mean, you know a man is serious about what he says when he takes the time to write it out on his knuckles with a Sharpie marker. I gotta say … altho Joaquin can be a bit of an odd bird (as the writing on his knuckles betray) he is a pretty spectacular actor. I thought he gave an amazing performance in Walk the Line and generally like his films overall. I’m not sure homie will enjoy as much success with his music career as he has with his acting career but … stranger things have happened. All I have to say to Joaquin on his new endeavor is, Luck! Good.


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Ashlee Simpson Still Pregs, Has A Baby Shower

Baby due "any day now"

Ashlee Simpson, who has yet to give birth to the spawn of Pete Wentz, hosted a baby shower for her unborn child at the Bel Air Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA yesterday afternoon. Big sis Jessica Simpson and her BFF/hair stylist Ken Paves (who was bleeding from his face the night before after getting bashed with a paparazzo’s camera) were among the guests who attended yesterday’s shower. Here are a couple pics of Jess and Ken‘s arrival and of centerpieces and gifts being delivered to the hotel:

Here is a report from Life & Style magazine that was published before yesterday’s shower: The race is on to get Ashlee Simpson set up with all the things the mom-to-be will need for the imminent arrival of her baby. In fact, “she’s having a last-minute baby shower tomorrow,” an insider tells Life & Style. “The location is top secret. They’ll send out an e-mail to all invited guests early Saturday morning. Ashlee was eyeing the Bel-Air hotel in LA — but no one will know exactly until tomorrow morning. “This could be the last chance for everyone to see Ashlee before she becomes a mom,” the insider says. As husband Pete Wentz told Ryan Seacrest recently: “I am on call permanently right now. She’s at the very end, and it could happen at any point.”

Indeed, it seems as if Ashlee has been pregs for ages now … but I guess it always seems that way at the end of a celebrity pregnancy. Gwen Stefani seemed to carry little Zuma Nesta Rock for a few years before she finally unloaded him in August. I was pretty confident that Ashlee and Pete would be welcoming their baby on All Hallow’s Eve as would be befitting such a child born of indie/goth/emo genes. I guess at this point we’ll have to hope for the child’s coming to occur by turkey day.

[Photo credit: X17; Source]

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Ryan Reynolds Officially Becomes A Marathon Man

Calls experience "incredible"

Yesterday we saw a couple of pics of Ryan Reynolds as he was running in the famed New York Marathon and today we get to see his hotness just as he crossed the finish line — he managed to finish the marathon race in 3 hours and 50 minutes. Amazingly, Ryan was up for talking to reporters after his grueling run and gave much moral support credit to Michael J. Fox who he saw in the crowd cheering him on (Ryan ran for Team Fox which used the marathon to raise funds for Parkinson’s Disease research):

Mission accomplished! Ryan Reynolds completed the ING New York City Marathon on Sunday – and lived to tell about it. “I’m still standing. I’m very excited about that,” he told reporters after crossing the finish line in 3 hours and 50 minutes, faster than he anticipated. “It was an incredible experience.” Reynolds says in the last leg of the race, he was motivated to keep going by one special spectator. “When I saw Michael J. Fox on Fifth Avenue, I gained about 15 pounds in goose bumps,” said Reynolds. “It kind of pushed me through the last six miles or so.” Reynolds ran for Team Fox in honor of his father, Jim Reynolds, who has suffered from Parkinson’s Disease for the past 15 years. “[During the race] I thought a lot about my father and Michael and the 500,000 other people afflicted with this awful disease in the United States alone. I ran for those who can’t,” Reynolds told PEOPLE. Reynolds’s mother Tammy and brother Terry greeted him with hugs at the finish line in Central Park.

The New York Daily News managed to video their interview with Ryan Reynolds (and others) at the marathon finish line. After the jump, check it out … More »

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Zuma Nesta Rocks The Park

With mama Gwen

Now that little Zuma Nesta Rock has been let out of seclusion and has been introduced to the world, it appears that the little kid is everywhere these days. Gwen Stefani took her sons Kingston James and Zuma Nesta out for an afternoon in the park yesterday in plain sight of anyone who happened to be there. With all these very public outings of late (you may recall that Gwen took Zuma to the Beverly Hills Public Library last week before she posted an official photo of the little man on the No Doubt official website) it would seem that mama Gwen is taking great pains to get her newborn son as much attention as possible after keeping him hidden away for the couple of months after his birth. Here are a few pics of Zuma and his mama in a Beverly Hills park yesterday afternoon:

It was a bit cool here in SoCal yesterday so the crocheted baby jumpsuit was a wise decision. This baby is so cute … while Kingston look more like daddy Gavin Rossdale (I think), Zuma looks like his mother Gwen. It seems pretty clear that Gwen is no longer interested in keeping her youngest child sequestered from public view any longer … I suppose once the Zuma has been let out of the bottle (of the the genie variety not the liquor variety — altho Zuma does still remind me of Zima) there’s no putting him back in. I suspect that Zuma will become a mainstay from here on out. I, for one, am glad to have him.

[Photo credit: X17]

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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Put On Their Game Faces

Why so serious?

A few Twilighters seemed miffed at my joking post yesterday about Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart lookin’ gloomy at the Rome International Film Festival this weekend where they were on hand to promote their new movie Twilight. So, to make up for that egregious offense, here are a couple new photos of the pair posing for promotional portraits shot by Elisabetta A. Villa at the St.Regis Grand Hotel on Halloween in Rome, again, to promote their new movie together:

To their credit, they look very serious and preternatural in these photos … which go well with the tone of their love affair in the movie Twilight. Thus far, we’ve only really seen bits of the couple’s chemistry in the meager commercial spots and trailers that have been made available to us. I’m curious to see exactly how the romantic interplay between Bella (Kristen) and Edward (Robert) plays out over the duration of the film. While I generally enjoyed the books overall, there were portions that I felt were far too schmaltzy … will that still be a problem in the movie or will there be a huge dose of realism added to their interactions? Lest anyone think otherwise, I am really intrigued by this new movie … I’m curious to see how the books will come to life. Even if R. Pattz and K. Stew shun any notion of hair brushing, I deffo think they will be able to bring their beloved characters to life.

[Photo credit: Wireimage]

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Ryan Reynolds Runs The New York Marathon

Calls himself a "running joke", manages to finish the run in under 4 hours

Yesterday we saw a few photos of Ryan Reynolds talking to members of the media at a press conference ahead of today’s New York Marathon run … and today we have a couple pics of the man himself in action. Sweat dripping, arms pumping … Ryan sure does make runnin’ look gooood:

I understand that Ryan, who was numbered 14778, managed to complete the 26.2 mile run with a final time of 3:50:22. Sounds like a respectable time to me … and if you also consider that the man looked hawt while running this marathon, well, it sounds like a win-win situation to me. It’s unclear just how much money Ryan managed to raise on behalf of Team Fox (named for Michael J. Fox which seeks to raise funds for Parkinson’s Disease research) but I’m sure he managed to pull in some much needed funds. Well done, Ryan … we all knew you could do it! Woot!

[Photo credit: Splash News]

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Patrick Stewart Gets Honored By Trinity College

Make it so

Early last month we learned that Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers was awarded the Honorary Patronage award by the Trinity College Philosophical Society and today we learn that English actor Patrick Stewart (who y’all may know expertly played Jean Luc Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation) with The Samuel Beckett Award by the Trinity College Historical Society:

As I understand it, The Samuel Beckett Award is bestowed on folks for their Outstanding Contribution to the Arts and I can think of no more deserving person than Patrick Stewart. Even absent his amazing run as Capt. Picard on ST: TNG, Stewart has given many amazing performances, not the least of which was his portrayal of Macbeth on stage on Broadway earlier this year. I am a huge Patrick Stewart fan and am happy to highlight achievements like this. He rules, y’all!

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

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It’s Britney, Witch!

Er, at least, I think it is

Britney Spears, who has of late been very open and forthcoming with her fans on everything from spending time with her children to rehearsing for her new music video, was curiously shy this Halloween weekend as she made her way out of Drew Barrymore‘s Halloween party. Dressed as a witch (I think), Britney hid behind her conical hat as she departed from the Halloween fête:

You can see that Brit Brit was rockin’ a witchy black wig while her two friends wore white wigs but it’s evident that she wasn’t really interested in showing off her costume:

Honestly, with all the openness that Britney has been sharing on her official website in recent weeks, I can understand how she might want to lay low every once in a while.

[Photo credit: Splash News]


Ken Paves Gets Bashed Bloody


Celebrity hairstylist to the stars and all-around BFF to Jessica Simpson accidentally got his face bashed by an over-eager paparazzo as he tried to lead his BFF Jess thru a scrum of paps as the pair tried to make an exit from Madeo restaurant last night. Leading the way for Jess to get to her waiting car, Ken‘s face made unfortunate contact with a pap’s camera, causing his face to split open and start gushing blood … EEK!

Jessica Simpson watched in shock as her BFF/hair stylist Ken Paves had his face busted open during a crazy paparazzi crush on their way out of Madeo late Saturday night. Ken was escorting Jess out of the restaurant, when the sea of snappers swarmed — and in the madness, one guy hit Ken near his eye with a part of a camera. With blood trickling down his face, Ken still managed to get Jess inside their waiting ride. Their driver then whisked the group to a nearby hospital, where Jess accompanied her friend inside the building.

Aww … poor Ken :( On the one hand, it’s pretty crappy that celebs and their friends can’t make the simple walk from a restaurant to their car without getting injured but, in actuality (and thankfully), this sort of thing doesn’t happen too often. It really looks like it was an accident but cameras should not be that close to people’s faces. I am deffo of the mind that people who seek fame have to take some ownership of the attention they receive but no one should be physically injured in this way under any circumstances.

[Photo credit: X17, Splash News; Source]

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