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‘Buffy’ Big Bads Reunite At The 2008 Eyegore Awards

Andrew and Darla and Glory, OH MY!

Julie Benz, Tom Lenk and Clare Kramer were among the guests at Universal Studios last Friday night for the 2008 Eyegore Awards. The Eyegores celebrate the best in Horror films and this year helped kick off Universal StudiosHalloween Horror Nights. Here is a supercute pic of Tom (who played Andrew of the Evil Trio), Julie (who played vampire Darla) and Clare (who played Hell God Glory) from Buffy the Vampire Slayer on the red carpet together:

To kick off Universal Studios L.A.’s Halloween Horror Nights, press was invited to attend the sixth annual Eyegore Awards, where the best of horror movies gather together and recognize the hottest horror stars around. The event took place at 7:30 on October 3 at Universal Studios. The sixth annual Eyegore Awards was hosted by Corey Feldman (Lost Boys 2: The Tribe, Lost Boys, and the Friday the 13th films), a very wise choice for master of ceremonies. Past recipients of the Eyegore Awards include Patricia Arquette, Rob Zombie, and more.

Julie was on hand to accept an award for her contribution to horror films (she stars in Saw V and on Showtime‘s amazing series Dexter, as y’all know) and Tom and Clare tagged along for the fun. I must admit, nothing warms my heart like a reunion of Buffyverse alums … and these alum chums are so the cutest ever! How amazing do they all look, y’all? Love it!!


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Nick Cannon Celebrates His Birthday At Pure Nightclub

I guess Chuck E. Cheese was already booked

Newishlyweds Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey were both on hand at Pure nightclub inside Caesar’s Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV last night for a birthday party celebration in honor of Nick‘s 28th birthday (which is today). You may recall that Mimi made her way to Vegas this past weekend so she could shoot her new music video there. I guess the couple decided to stay a little longer for Nick‘s bday. Here are a few pics and some deets from last night’s festivities:

His birthday wasn’t until Wednesday, but Nick Cannon got the party started early with a sweet surprise from wife Mariah Carey. The actor – who Deejayed during his bash Tuesday night at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas – took time to give a “shout out to my beautiful wife in the building.” Carey held court at a VIP table next to Cannon’s deejay booth, where the soon-to-be 28-year-old spun rock and hip hop for nearly three hours. Later, she arranged for a birthday cake to be brought out for her husband-of-five-months. “Thank you, my love,” he said into the microphone. “We about to take this to the next level!” The two have staying at the Bellagio since Saturday, when they arrived in Vegas to shoot Carey’s new music video. (Cannon directed the clip for her single, “I Stay in Love.”) Tuesday night kicked off with a private dinner at Rao’s, where Cannon and Carey noshed on lemon chicken and meatballs. “They were very sweet with each other,” said a source. Nick, inspired by the Italian cuisine, also boasted that he makes “a great clam sauce.”

The event was billed as Mariah Carey Hosts Nick Cannon‘s Birthday Party” presumably because her name brings in more partygoers than his does … but something tells me that he didn’t mind one bit. I mean, HELLO! He is married to Mariah freakin’ Carey! I don’t believe that Nick received any birthday presents last night because, let’s face it, he’s already used up all his “gifts karma” by nabbing Mimi as his wife. Even still … Happy Birthday, Nick!

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Another Real Life Romance On ’90210’

This time Jessica Lowndes & Adam Gregory hook-up

Last week we learned that 90210 co-stars Jessica Stroup and Dustin Milligan have sparked up a real life off screen romance together when Dustin was caught doing the walk of shame after spending the night before at Jessica‘s LA pad. Today we learn that other 90210 co-stars Jessica Lowndes and Adam Gregory (who play Adrianna Duncan and Ty Collins, respectively) have also hooked-up together when they were spied engaging in a little shopping together here in LA earlier this week:

Now, just because Jessica and Adam spent an afternoon together shopping doesn’t necessarily mean that they are romantically involved … but there is some hand-holding going on in these pics and you will note that Adam is happily carrying Jessica‘s shopping bags from Intuition — a sure sign that the couple are truly, madly, deeply in love with one another, yes? I gots ta say, I’m not really feelin’ Adam‘s new facial hair … it’s not a good look for him and he should shave immediately, thanks! And how about last night’s ep of 90210, y’all? Despite the severe lack of any of the old skoolers, I was pretty entertained by the episode. I can’t say that I wasn’t expecting that cliffhanger but I am very intrigued to see how it will play out in next week’s ep.

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Brangelina Spend An Afternoon In The 9th Ward

Before jetting back home to Nice, France

Angelina Jolie and sons Maddox Chivan and Pax Thien joined dad Brad Pitt for an afternoon of playtime at a 9th Ward Housing Project in New Orleans, LA yesterday. The fam did not let the light rain spoil any of their playground fun … here are a few pics of Ange, Brad, Maddox and Pax at one of the newly erected playgrounds in a reconstructed area of the 9th Ward:

The fam didn’t spent too much time enjoying the playground, in fact, the family didn’t spend too much time in New Orleans, LA overall. They have already packed up and made their way back to their new home in Nice, France. Here are a few pics of the entire Brangelina brood upon arrival in Nice this morning:

You may recall that the family made their way to NYC late last week and then to New Orleans a couple of days ago and they are now already back in Nice. I wondered if they were planning on spending some time back here in the US so I guess I got my answer … nope, they really only flew back to the US to take care of some biz in New York and Louisiana and, once completed, returned to their French estate. Well, it was nice having them back on US soil, if for a short time. I suspect they won’t be back again until duty calls once again.

[Photo credit: INFdaily, X17]

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Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson Reunite, Catch A Movie

Together again

After parting ways for a few days at the conclusion of their Mexican holiday last week, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson reunited again in LA last night as the ladies were snapped at the ArcLight Theater in Hollywood, CA. Earlier in the day, Lindsay ventured out alone to pick up some candy to snack on (I guess Hayden Panettiere isn’t the only Hollywood “It” Girl with a sweet tooth) but by nightfall she was back in the company of her dear Sam — awww! Here are a few pics:

Can I just say how much I love how “boring” L. Ron has become. By that I mean, they don’t really go out and party like they used to … they do stuff like shop, see movies and rent DVDs. It’s really refreshing to see a Hollywood couple engage in nice, quiet activities together. You can tell that they really enjoy one another’s company and, apparently, that’s enough to keep them satisfied. I’m glad that the ladies have been reunited once again … the world feels right again now that they’re back together. Any guesses on what L. Ron saw last night?

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Hayden Panettiere <3s Cupcakes

Or is she picking up sweets for her sweet?

Heroes star Hayden Panettiere was spotted picking up a few sweet treats from Yummy Cupcakes in Burbank, CA earlier today … I wonder if she’s got plans to share them with someone special? Mebbe her paramour Milo Ventimiglia?

HaLo haven’t really been seen out on the town together very much lately, I hope everything is OK. I realize that Hayden may be a bit preoccupied with her father’s legal woes but I hope that everything is cool with the Heroes lurvers. Incidentally, a few folks have asked if I am no longer a fan of the show since I no longer post recaps of Heroes on the blog. I am still very much a fan of the show and have been watching it since the season premiere but I just don’t have the time to do the recaps anymore. There is an awful lot going on the show this season, it’s very exciting and very cool … I’d hate to half-ass it, so I’m just watching and enjoying the show like everyone else. Last night’s ep was really freaking good … happy homemaker Sylar was prolly the scariest incarnation of him that I’ve ever seen ;) But I digress, to get back on point … here’s hoping that everything is still A-OK with Hayden and Milo … and here’s hoping that they are able to enjoy these delicious cupcakes together :)

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

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David Beckham Rejoins Team England

Receives a suspension penalty from MLS

David Beckham was spotted at a Team England training session in London Colney, north of London, England earlier today ahead of the English Soccer Team‘s World Cup qualifier match against Kazakhstan this weekend. Becks was penalized with a one-game suspension from playing with the LA Galaxy after he garnered 5 penalty yellow cards … yeah, I don’t know much about soccer but I do know that that is not cool Becks, not cool at all:

David Beckham will miss the Los Angeles Galaxy’s final road game of the season Oct. 18 at Houston because of a mandatory one-game suspension for earning his fifth yellow card. Beckham was penalized in the first half of the Galaxy’s 1-0 loss at Columbus on Saturday. He won’t be available for Sunday’s home game against Colorado after being called to England’s national team for two World Cup qualifiers, so Beckham will have to serve his suspension against the Dynamo. The Galaxy are 0-2-1 in games that Beckham has missed this season, scoring just twice and being shut out twice. Galaxy players Alan Gordon, Brandon McDonald and Greg Vanney also will be suspended for the game in Houston if they pick up a yellow card against Colorado.

It’s kinda sad that these LA Galaxy knuckleheads are better at scoring yellow cards than they are at scoring actual goals. Here’s hoping Becks is able to do a better job for Team England otherwise they’re likely to stop asking him to come play for them. Good luck, Becks!

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Angelina Jolie & Kids Make Their Way To New Orleans

The gang's all here

Yesterday we saw a couple of fun pics of Brad Pitt riding a bike on the streets of New Orleans, LA as he made his way to a business meeting and I wondered aloud (er, you know what I mean) if Angelina Jolie and their mess o’ kids had relocated from NYC (where they were this weekend for the New York Film Festival premiere of Ange’s new movie Changeling) to New Orleans as well … it turns out that they did, indeed, fly down to N.O. with daddy Braddy. Here are a couple pics of a very Morticia Addams-looking Angelina with a selection of her children walking the streets of New Orleans yesterday afternoon:

I find it very interesting that neither Ange nor Brad ever ventures out in public with all of the their children in tow. Even if you consider they prolly wouldn’t want to cart around the baby twins in public just yet, neither parent ever takes all of the toddler-aged children out en masse. It’s as if at least one has to be left home or in someone else’s care for some reason. I reminds me of the practice of leaving one member of the US President’s Cabinet at home when the State of the Union Address calls for almost full attendance of the US governmental leadership (ie. a ranking member of government must be kept away from the full Cabinet should a catastrophe occur in order for the line of succession to be carried out). It’s kinda like they have to leave at least one spare child at home to carry on the Brangelina brood should a tragedy befall them … I imagine there is a binder in the family safe that lists instructions on repopulating the family by carrying out their plans to adopt every orphan in the world. Hey, it’s possible. Or, you know, mebbe Maddox was just hanging with his friends. At any rate, it’s nice to see that the family likes to travel together, even if they don’t necessarily have to be all together 24/7.

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

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Sarah Silverman & Jimmy Kimmel Together Again


Yay! There is great and hopeful news to report this afternoon … People magazine is claiming that Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel (who broke off their relationship over the summer) are “back on”. The couple attended the NYC wedding of Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky this past weekend and the mag quotes a source close to the couple who says that they are working on their romantic reconciliation by “taking it slow”. I don’t know about you but, I think this is AMAZING news :) Here are a couple pics of Sarah and Jimmy outside the Manhattan venue where Stern and Ostrosky were wed and the deets from People mag:

Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman are back together. “They’re taking it slow,” says a source. “They’re on the road back to being together again.” The comedians, who ended their five-year relationship in July, have recently been spotted on dates on both coasts. On Sept. 28, Kimmel, 40, and Silverman, 37, enjoyed a laughter-filled dinner together at L.A.’s Pattaya Thai Restaurant, says a source, and left holding hands. Less than a week later, they attended pal Howard Stern’s Oct. 3 wedding at New York City’s Le Cirque restaurant, where Kimmel was spotted wrapping his arms around Silverman’s waist and playfully grabbing her backside in plain view of photographers. Reps for the comedians had no comment.

Oh yeah, this is really awesome news … I really, really like Sarah and Jimmy together. They make such a great couple and I always felt that they were well-suited for one another. I really hope they each stay committed to making it work cuz I’m really rooting for these two. Don’t you just love these guys together?

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‘Elle’ Magazine Celebrates ‘Women In Hollywood’

The 15th annual celebration

This past weekend we learned that Nicole Kidman would be receiving a special tribute from Hollywood legend Shirley MacLaine at the 15th annual Women In Hollywood Tribute event hosted by Elle magazine — and last night was the big night. Celebs of varying stature and caliber made their way out to The Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills, CA last night to partake of Elle magazine’s tribute to, in their estimation, the most worthy women in Hollywood. Here are a few pics from the event’s red carpet arrivals last night:

Nicole Kidman, Jane Fonda, Jennifer Lopez, Diane Keaton and Halle Berry joined dozens of other stars in a ballroom at the Four Seasons Hotel on Monday for Elle magazine’s 15th annual Women in Hollywood tribute, honoring seven noteworthy women in entertainment. Fonda served as an informal entertainment ambassador before the program, chatting up actress Kat Dennings and introducing Amber Tamblyn to Shirley MacLaine. Meanwhile, the evening’s host, Chelsea Handler, shared laughs with Jenny McCarthy and Cheryl Hines. Other guests included Kate Beckinsale, Courteney Cox, Eva Mendes, Angie Harmon and Cheryl Tiegs. Elle’s annual dinner pays tribute to women “who are telling our stories” in Hollywood, said editor Roberta Myers. This year’s honorees included Berry, Fonda, Kidman, Anne Hathaway, Sigourney Weaver, Isla Fisher and director Catherine Hardwicke — all of whom are featured in the magazine’s November issue. “Someday hopefully it won’t be necessary to allocate a special evening to celebrate where we are and how far we’ve come,” Weaver said. “Someday women writers, producers and crew members will be so commonplace, and roles and salaries for actresses will outstrip those for men, and pigs will fly.” Though things have improved for women, “we do have a long way to go,” she said. Hathaway said in today’s Hollywood “women are about so much more than how they look. I think it’s pretty remarkable that, at 25, I’m able to say that my role as a woman in Hollywood is purely as an artist, not a cause,” Hathaway said. “I’m free to play my characters as I imagine them, far beyond what size jeans they wear.” Fisher thanked “my baby daddy SBC” (Sacha Baron Cohen) and paid homage to Kidman, “who paved the way for all us Aussies.” MacLaine continued the praise. “Nicole Kidman has been a revelation to me, and it’s not easy for me to be revelated,” she said, calling Kidman “my star child.” Kidman thanked all the directors who “molded” her, particularly Anthony Minghella and Sydney Pollack. “They were men in Hollywood who loved women,” she said. Fonda thanked all the women in the house — and Hollywood itself. “Aren’t we glad we’re not bankers,” she said. “We are in the most fantastic business.”

I feel I must echo Sigourney Weaver‘s comments and am also very much looking forward to the day when events like this are no longer necessary. Hopefully the day will soon come when there’ll be no need to honor women in Hollywood on a singular night of tribute because they will be afforded the same tribute as their male counterparts every single day. I find it criminal that Johnny Depp (and no offense to him in any way) can demand $55 million dollars for a film role when women cannot garner the same pay. There is still a huge disparity between wages paid to men over women. We may have come a long way (baby) but there is still a long way to go yet. In any event, congrats and kudos to the women honored at last night’s event. It sounds like due tribute was paid to some very deserving women.

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