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Britney Spears: Behind The Scenes

The Bambi Awards & the 'Rolling Stone' magazine shoot has been updated today with a few very fun behind-the-scenes photos of our dear Britney Spears preparing for her big performance at the Bambi Awards in Germany last night as well as some behind-the-scenes pics from the set of her Rolling Stone magazine photoshoot. First up, here is a very cute pic of Britney with her crew (including papa Jamie Spears, her manager Larry Rudolph, her personal assistant Brett and some dude named Jeff) hanging out at their hotel in Germany:

Aww … they look so cute but also so cold. Here are a few pics that have been posted on Britney‘s official website from the Bambi Awards last night:

Gotta love the prayer circle. Looks like the man above (or wherever) was paying attention to her pleas of support ;) After the jump, check out a few pics that were snapped on the set of her Rolling Stone magazine photoshoot … More »

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Sienna Miller & Balthazar Getty Together Again

Just can't get enough

Well, well now … lookie here … Sienna Miller spent part of her day yesterday doing a bit of solo grocery shopping all by her lonesome. Since we heard that she broke up with her married lover Balthazar Getty earlier this month, Sienna has been keeping to herself being very careful not to be seen with anyone of a romantic nature … especially NOT the still-married Balthazar Getty:

But what’s this? New photos of Sienna and Balthazar making their way out of the very same club in London last night? Could it be that the couple have reunited at last?

Or is it more likely that the couple never broke up in the first place. Afterall, it was Sienna who told US Weekly magazine that she was “single” … perhaps she was just lying to throw folks off their trail? After the jump, check out a pic of the happy couple together again as they were caught exiting a restaurant together in London earlier this weekMore »

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Happy Thanksgiving From Zuma Nesta Rock

... and Fam

Gwen Stefani and hubby Gavin Rossdale took their children Kingston James McGregor and Zuma Nesta Rock for a bit of afternoon playtime at their local neighborhood park yesterday before they got going with all the Thanksgiving Dinner eats. Here are a few pics of Gwen with her littlest child Zuma Nesta at the park yesterday where the little guy was showing off some of his favorite facial expressions:

The little dude looks like he’s been hittin’ the bottle a wee bit too much in the third pic (and I’m talking the bottle of Jack Daniels rather than the milk bottle) but is absolutely adorable in all of the other pics. It looks like the fam is having a great time in the group shot … clearly Gwen and Gavin enjoy spending as much quality time with their children as possible. So while the servants or whoever were home preparing the Thanksgiving feast, the family was able to spend part of their day with one another at the neighborhood park. So precious! It looks like little Zuma Nesta had himself a great first Thanksgiving with his family.

[Photo credit: X17]

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The Beckham-TomKat Bunch Continue To Do NYC

Central Park, A Carriage Ride, A Circus -- Oh My!

Yesterday we saw pics of Les Beckhams (David and Victoria along with their children Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz) out and about with TomKat (Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and their possibly real daughter Suri Holmes-Cruise) at various places around NYC. Today, we get to see more pics of the family friends (including Tom‘s adopted children Isabella and Connor with former wife Nicole Kidman) enjoying other parts of the Big Apple in full display of any camera within a 10 mile radius. First up, the families made their way en masse to Central Park:

But soon after they arrived, the ladies in the group decided that they were tired of walking and decided to hop aboard a horse-drawn carriage for a little ride:

Clearly, Vicki B. and her middle child Romeo were not impressed. Incidentally, I do realize that Romeo Beckham isn’t really one of the “ladies” but, lets be honest here, the little lad is the closest thing that VB has to a daughter so there you have it.

After the carriage ride bored them to tears, the families made their way to the Big Apple Circus for a little family fun …

… complete with photo op afterward. Lord … I realize that these people are insanely famous and that they are apt to drawn a massive crowd of onlookers wherever they go but I would’ve expected the families to spend at least part of their day out of the public eye perhaps enjoying one another’s company. In any event, it appears that the Beckham-TomKat Bunch were doing their best to get the most out of this Thanksgiving holiday. While they all look entirely miserable, I do hope that they were able to enjoy their time together and be thankful for the wealth and privilege they are all able to enjoy.

[Photo credit: Splash News, Bauer-Griffin]

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Britney Spears Performs, Collects Award At The Bambi Awards

"Not only as a phoenix but as a bird of paradise"

Britney Spears was one of the featured performers at the 60th Annual Bambi Awards in Offenburg, Germany last night and, by pretty much all accounts, managed to pull off not only a successful live performance but a wholly entertaining one as well. Performing her hit single Womanizer, Britney turned the stage at the Bambi Awards into her own three-ring circus. Additionally, our dear Britney was honored, by trophy presenter Karl Lagerfeld, with an award of her own being named the Best International Popstar. Here are a few screencaps from Britney‘s performance last night:

Ahead of her highly anticipated visit to London this weekend, Britney Spears has cemented her comeback with a knockout performance at the 60th annual Bambi Awards in Germany. The superstar performed alongside Pink and Leona at the star studded bash, where there was a random array of award recipients including Lewis Hamilton and Meg Ryan. Britters collected an award herself for Best International Popstar and designer Karl Lagerfield was gushing when he presented the star with her award. He told her “I admire you, not only for your art but also for your energy, for your comeback not only as a phoenix but as a bird of paradise. And it’s great.” Britney’s extravagant circus inspired performance was a hit with the crowd with the superstar looking back to best in a madonna-esque outfit Earlier this week it was confirmed Spears will play two concerts at the O2 in London next June as part of her forthcoming world tour.

Woot! She looked great! The performance was well executed, well staged and perfectly timed … stage one of her European promo tour went off without a hitch. Collecting another award for her accomplishments was just the icing on the cake. Lagerfeld is right in saying that Britney is more than just a phoenix rising from the ashes … she has always been so much more than that. And it was so nice of Madonna to lend her that outfit to wear ;) After the jump, check out a few more photos of her performance, a few photos of Britney in the press room posing with her trophy and (prolly what you’re really interested in seeing) video of Britney‘s full performance … More »

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The Beckham-TomKat Bunch Take Manhattan By Storm

One big happy family

Thanksgiving is a time to be with family but it is also a time to be with friends as well … here are a bunch of pics of very famous friends Les Beckhams (David, Victoria, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz) and TomKat (Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Suri Holmes-Cruise) hanging out together ALL OVER NYC yesterday after the Beckham clan flew cross country to spend Thanksgiving in the Big Apple. From hanging out at the TomKat NYC home to catching a performance of Katie‘s play All My Sons on Broadway to a big ol’ family dinner at Il Cantinori, the Beckham-TomKat Bunch really took over NYC yesterday:

The Cruises were among the first to welcome the Beckham clan to America, but for more than five months the two families have not been photographed together. But any rift between Hollywood’s biggest celebrity families appears to be healed as the couples celebrated Thanksgiving eve. David and Victoria Beckham and their three sons were pictured with Tom Cruise and his older children Connor and Isabella. Tom’s wife Katie Holmes and their two-year-old daughter Suri were absent from the gathering. But after meeting Tom in downtown New York the Beckhams left their sons with a babysitter while they went to watch Katie in her hit Broadway play All My Sons … Later, the whole clan – Katie included – headed off for dinner at Il Cantinori. Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays in the American calendar, traditionally marked by a family celebration, so to be spending it together perhaps marks a resurgence of the close friendship the Beckhams once enjoyed with the Cruises. After initially being pictured constantly together – be it shopping, eating out or publicly supporting each other’s work – the relationship between the two families apparently soured. This was rumoured to be because the Beckhams had refused to consider joining the Scientology religion – a subject close to Tom’s heart. There were also reports Katie and Victoria were caught up in a feud over a Vogue front cover. The fashionable friends apparently fell out after the former Dawson’s Creek actress became jealous after Posh was asked to appear on the front cover of the top magazine.

To be honest, I never really bought the whole idea that the Beckhams and Cruise-Holmeses were feuding. These people are hella bizzy all the time and I suspect it’s very difficult for them to all coordinate their schedules in order to hang out together. As much as I like to give them grief sometimes, I really do love seeing these two families when they are hanging out together. I suspect it’s difficult for the rich and powerful to make “normal” friends so it makes sense that they were gravitate towards other rich and powerful folks. I can’t even imagine what sorts of mindless banter they have to talk about across the dinner table … what do YOU suppose these ridiculously wealthy/famous people will talk about and give thanks for at the Thanksgiving dinner table today?

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

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Celebs On A ‘Mission’ This Thanksgiving

Giving back to those in need

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! I hope that all y’all are able to spend some time today with loved ones on this happy occasion or, at the very least, are able to enjoy a relaxing and lazy day whatever you choose to do today — wherever in the world. I am in Connecticut for a few days to spend time with David’s family … so posting today will be light.

Here are a few pics of some of the celebs who made their way out to the Crossroads of Hope Mission in Los Angeles, CA yesterday to generously donate of their time in order to help serve food to those in need. This annual event usually takes place outside but because of the massive rain that pummeled LA yesterday (in buckets, I saw it) the event had to be moved indoors:

Thousands of less-fortunate people had a happy Thanksgiving a day early as celebrities and elected officials made their annual trek to Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles to help distribute holiday meals. Acting legend Kirk Douglas and his wife, Anne, again hosted the annual holiday meal at the Los Angeles Mission. An estimated 2,500 to 3,000 people c2owded into the Mission, which was moved inside because of the rain. “We’re going to be tight,” said Al Rossi, one of the mission’s directors. As celebrities filed into the Mission’s dining room, dozens of photographers crowded around, lighting the room up with a strobe of camera flashes fit for a red carpet. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa spooned mixed vegetables onto plates while super model Cindy Crawford scooped mashed potatoes on his left and Kirk Douglas handled other traditional Thanksgiving fixings on his right. Several younger celebrities showed up, including “High School Musical” star Corbin Bleu, who has volunteered at the Mission before. “I’m a very blessed man, and at this time right now it’s just important to be able to give back what God has given to me,” Bleu said. Actors Wilmer Valderrama, Neal McDonough, Nora Zehetner, Joe Campana and model-turned-actress Natasha Alam carried plates out to the event’s attendees. “It’s taking actors back to their roots,” Campana said. “It takes you back to your waiter days.” In addition to the free meal, homeless attendees received free foot exams and health checks.

As always, I am so impressed that these celebs made the effort to give so selflessly of their time in order to help those who are less fortunate. Some of the celebs who came out this year came out last year and the year before that. It’s a very cool thing to see that some celebs are aware of how fortunate they are and they seem willing to give back year after year. These volunteers really show what the Thanksgiving spirit is all about. It’s a great sight to see!

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin; Source]

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Guess Who’s Shoppin’ For Thanksgiving Dinner

For all this bounty, we give thanks

Here is a fun game to get us in the Thanksgiving holiday spirit … can you guess which celeb who has been enjoying a renewed taste of fame this year was snapped making their way out of a SoCal grocery story yesterday with a shopping cart full of supplies that will, most likely, be turned into a big Thanksgiving Day feast?

Because the face in this photo is SO unrecognizable, I didn’t even think it was necessary to cover it with a star. I swear it’s not Michael Jackson … but I can tell you that it is a woman. After the jump, find out who it is … More »


Britney Spears Prepares For An Important Live Performance In Germany


Yesterday we saw photos of our dear Britney Spears causing a commotion at LAX airport here in LA as she made her way to Germany where she is scheduled to appear and PERFORM at the Bambi Awards in Düsseldorf, Germany tomorrow night. Here are a couple pics of Brit Brit leaving rehearsals in Germany yesterday ahead of her first live performance in about a year’s time:

I’m not entirely sure what Britney is scheduled to perform at the Bambi Awards but I suspect that since she is performing Womanizer on both Star Academy in France and on X-Factor in the UK later on this week (and presumably on Good Morning America next Tuesday) she will also be performing the same song/routine in Germany. Tomorrow night’s performance will be Britney‘s first since her disastrous debacle at the 2007 MTV VMAs last year. While I have no doubt that she is in a much better position this year to put on a killer performance, I’m still a bit nervous to see this performance. I’m sure she’s got it in her to pull it off … do you?

[Photo credit: Splash News]


Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston Start Dressing Alike

Gag me with a spoon

The hottest new “it” non-couple comprised of (the finally) 16-year old Miley Cyrus and (the still) 20-year old underwear model Justin Gaston got all color-coordinated when they stepped out together in Glendale, CA earlier this week with her family. Have Jiley decided that they’ve finally reached the point in their non-relationship where they have to start dressing alike?

In actuality, Jiley and co. were all wearing black outfits because they were making their way into a funeral … something you might not have guessed judging by the happy looks on their faces. But lest you think it was a day of (presumed) sadness for the young lurvers pals, the crew quickly made their way from the funeral home to lunch at Rockycola Cafe before heading over to CBS Studios for Miley‘s performance on Dancing with the Stars — in their Porsche. I mean, except for the funeral, it sounds like it was a pretty fun day. After the jump, check out one more photo of hottie Justin Gaston lookin’ all hawt in his black outfit … More »

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