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Mayerston Do The Big Apple, Are Seen Together

Suddenly un-shy

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer were uncharacteristically snapped out and about together in NYC last night just about a day after Aniston‘s Vogue magazine coverstory hit the Internets. You may recall that Jen talked very openly about her new love affair with John in the mag as well as her lingering feelings towards ex-hubby Brad Pitt and his new wife-like partner Angelina Jolie. It would appear that confession is good for the soul because this Mayerston public appearance seems a little out of the ordinary. Here are pics of Jen and John making their way out of the NYC eatery La Esquina late last night:

Days after Jennifer Aniston declared she’s “lucky in love,” she joined her beau, John Mayer, for a romantic dinner date in NYC. The pair met up at Manhattan hotspot La Esquina late Thursday night. Aniston, 39 – dressed in black boots, skinny jeans and a bomber jacket – and Mayer, 30, couldn’t keep their hands off each other, according to a witness. After Mayer settled the bill, they headed over to GoldBar – but not before Aniston sweetly signed autographs and hugged a few fans. At the club, the couple hit the dance floor well into the morning.

Well now … clearly Mayerston are hellbent on giving their second shot a love a fighting chance. I mean … matching black outfits and everything. They are NOT effing around this time. From the beginning, I really liked these two together and was pretty bummed that they decided to call it quits over the summer. To be honest, I never thought they’d actually get back together so I’m glad to see that they proved me wrong. I suppose I should’ve known that the couple might amp up their visibility after Jen‘s Vogue interview came out. As I said, it is very uncharacteristic for Jen to venture out in public with a romantic interest and not try and shun the cameras. This smiling new, photo-friendly Jennifer Aniston is a nice surprise. We’ll have to see if she keeps it up. I’m pretty sure John Mayer is up for happily embracing the paps. Do y’all think that this is the beginning of a serious LTR for the couple?

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin, INFdaily; Source]

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Brooke Shields Films One Of The Last Eps Of ‘Lipstick Jungle’

To the bitter end

Here are a few photos of Brooke Shields (as Wendy Healy) and David Norona (as Salvador Rosa) filming scenes for the new-defunct NBC series Lipstick Jungle at Rockefeller Center on Fifth Avenue in NYC this week. It’s unclear exactly how Brooke got word that her show was being canceled but I suppose it could’ve gone down kinda like this … ACTION!

Poor Brooke. I understand she really loved this role and this series so I imagine that she is prolly not in the best mood these days. Ah well, if NBC really wants to make it up to her they could revive her show Suddenly Susan and bring her back to the network. I’m sure Kathy Griffin would love it if that happened, too! Brooke Shields is a trooper … I’m sure she’ll land on her feet again soon.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

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PETA Protests The ‘Influence’ Of The Olsen Twins

Show their dislike of the "fur tramps" and the "fur hags from hell"

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were on hand for an in-store booksigning at Borders book store in Westwood, CA last night signing copies of their new book Influence for the waiting throngs of fans. Unfortch for the twins, their fans weren’t the only folks who showed up for last night’s in-store appearance. A group of protesters from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals came out for the event to protest the girls’ love of fur. Here are a couple pics of the Olsens trying to make their getaway and some of the protesters displaying their signs:

Man, PETA is showing no signs that they have any plans to let the Olsen twins off the hook for their love of fur. It’s been a few months since PETA launched their Meet the Trollsen Twins website and it looks like the anti-Olsen campaign is still going strong. I understand that the twins were targeted at their NYC in-store appearance a couple of weeks ago as well. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of the Olsens (well, I’m not much of a fan at all) but even I feel bad that the little munchkins are bearing the brunt of this anti-fur campaign alone. Meh, I’m sure I’ll get over it, tho.

[Photo credit: X17, INFdaily]

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Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson Invade England

L. Ron in London

Lindsay Lohan, who confesses to Harper’s Bazaar magazine this month that she is INDEED in a relationship with Samantha Ronson, has made her way to London, England this week and happened to bring along with her, you guessed it, Samantha Ronson. The ladies who have been inseparable since, like, forever managed to cause a mild stir upon arrival in England … here are a few pics:

Almost as soon as L. Ron touched down in Londontown they hit the streets in search of supplies to get themselves situated … and they happened to do so lookin’ adorably cute together all the while. No word on what brings the happy couple to London but I predict that Linds may be doing some promo work for her new leggings line while they are in Europe. Hopefully the ladies will be able to sneak in some alone-time together as well. Treat ‘em well, London!

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin, INFdaily]

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Kimberly Puts The ‘EW’ In Stewart

For old time's sake

It’s been about a year since last we saw Kimberly Stewart, the often tragic-looking daughter of aging rocker Rod Stewart, around here on the blog — which is a good thing, IMHO — but homegirl surfaced in London, England last night and decided to wave hello to the paparazzi who were interested in photographing her. Old skool Pink is the new Blog readers may remember that Kim and all her tragedy was a semi-regular fixture on the blog but has since fallen off my radar … so today I figured, What the Hell:

For those of you unfamiliar with my distaste for K. Stew allow me to enlighten. I’ve never particularly been a fan of the girl primarily because, to me, she reeked of a sad attempt to become Paris Hilton. Her ability to don the most fugly of fashions in public was another reason to poke fun at her. When she went on the record in an interview to call Jennifer Aniston “homely”, she pretty much became dead to me. That said … it pains me to admit that she appears to have cleaned up her appearance TENFOLD since she moved to London (and away from SoCal) and altho she seems to have moved on from trying to become Paris to trying to become Vicki B., I no longer find it even interesting to really poke fun at her any more. I guess barring any future arrests or (heaven forbid) embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions (**SHUDDER**) there really is no need to ever talk about the poor lamb again. I think it’s better that way. Here’s to a figurative Peace the Spork Out to Kim Stewart.

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

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Guess Who’s The ‘Hero’

Bad Boy Gone Good

Game time! Can you guess who is hiding behind this ski mask and SWAT team-lookin’ outfit as he shoots scenes for upcoming eps of his not-as-popular-as-it-used-to-be TV series for NBC?

While you may be able to guess the TV series that I’m alluding to, it’s a bit harder to guess who is the man behind the mask. Be warned, the answer behind the cut may prove spoilery for some of y’all so if you think you know what TV show I’m talking about and are afraid you might be spoiled you might not want to take look. After the jump, find out who it is … More »


Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston Do The BMI Country Awards

He's so purdy

15-year old Miley Cyrus and her 20-year old manfriend and underwear model Justin Gaston attended the 56th Annual BMI Country Awards at the BMI Building in Nashville, TN last night … and while Miley was not on hand to collect any awards, she was on hand to show off her hawt date — behold:

I mean, who needs a stupid BMI Award when you get to go home (or wherever) with a hawt piece like Mr. Gaston? That being said, don’t y’all think he looks a lot older in this pic? I mean, Miley is really trying to look more mature with this dark eye make-up but Justin kinda looks like … her dad? By that I don’t mean that he looks like her actual dad, Billy Ray Cyrus (he wishes), but like a daddy-like figure. He does have a killer smile, tho … and is SO wrong for her, I think. I’m still not on board the Jiley train … are you?

[Photo credit: Wireimage]

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Vicki & Cruz Beckham Get In The Xmas Spirit

Ho! Ho! Ho! No! No! No!

Vicki B, newly returned to SoCal from a quick trip to London, England, and her youngest son Cruz Beckham were spied doing a bit of shopping at The Grove here in LA yesterday afternoon … clearly the littlest Beckham is already ready for Xmas to come … here are a few pics of VB and “Santa” Cruz at the outdoor mall yesterday:

Blah! While I can’t fault the little guy’s excitement for the Xmas holiday to get here, I’m a bit grossed out at all the early Xmas decorations and preparations that have already sprung up around SoCal — since before Halloween! I kid you not, Target was already selling Xmas decorations even before Halloween took place. Ugh! The Grove is no exception, they’ve already erected their Santa Claus house there. With economic times being as tough as they have been lately, I doubt anyone really wants to be reminded that they have to get started on their Xmas shopping this year. While the children of celebs have nothing to worry about this coming Xmas season, I fear the same cannot be said for most people this year :( At least the Beckham boys are sure to have a Merry Xmas this year and that’s all that matters, right?

[Photo credit: X17]

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Britney Spears & Fam Visit An Alligator Farm

Also, a new 'Circus' promo pic hits the Internets

Britney Spears and her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James have gotten back to enjoying their vacay holiday in Kentwood, LA this week after dealing with their scary medical emergency a few days ago. You may recall that Britney‘s youngest son Jayden was rushed to the hospital after suffering an allergic reaction to something that he ate but was released just a day later once doctors could determine that he was totally fine. So, what’s the first thing that a family does after one of their youngest gets released from an overnight stay at the hospital? Why, they go to an alligator farm en masse to do a little bonding, of course. Here are a couple pics of Britney, her sister Jamie Lynn Spears and her youngest son Jayden James taking in the sights at an alligator farm in Hammond, Louisiana yesterday afternoon:

AWW, it’s really great to see little JJ lookin’ his usual cute self. As some of you may be aware, this trip to Louisiana is the first for Jayden so he prolly either really enjoyed/was really terrified of the alligators at the farm they visited. Since he comes from the stock of bayou people, I suspect he enjoyed the experience. Glad to see him back up and around.

Additionally, a new promo pic of Britney Spears has made its way to the Internets. After the jump, check out the newest Circus promo pic to hit the Interweb … More »

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The Cast Of ‘Twilight’ Is Coming To A US Mall Near YOU

Get in line now, bitches!

Here are a few pics of Twilight cast members Taylor Lautner (Jacob) and Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria) signing a few autographs at an in-store appearance at the Hot Topic at the Westfield Shopping Center in Seattle, WA yesterday afternoon. The principal cast of Twilight are touring Hot Topic stores in malls around the US to promote their new movie Twilight which opens in theaters on November 21 .. behold:

Be warned, there are a few rules and requirements you need to be aware of if you want to meet these Twilight cast members in person at a mall new you. Click HERE for all the deets on the when’s and how’s. Also … I will be doing a Twilight Contest later this week where I will be offering up a pretty cool Twilight Prize Pack for one lucky Pink is the new Blog reader. Wanna know what it is? More »

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