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The 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards

Britney Spears a big winner again

Last night the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards were handed out in Liverpool, England to some very deserving folks … many of whom weren’t European at all. American music acts had a very good night at the MTV EMAs last night, including our dear Britney Spears who won two awards at the awards show — Best Act and one of the biggest prizes of the night, Best Album. Here are a few pics from the red carpet arrivals and the show itself:

American pop artists dominated the MTV Europe Music Awards last night (Oct. 6) at Liverpool Echo Arena, and the performers and winners were also keen to bask in President-elect Barack Obama’s election victory. Britney Spears sent a video acceptance for her two awards: best album for “Blackout” (Jive/Sony BMG) and best act of 2008. Host Katy Perry, whose costumes included an Obama-print dress, won the new act gong. “I want a recount,” she said. “The host can’t win.” Perry also opened the show sitting astride a giant chapstick during a performance of “I Kissed a Girl.” Pink collected the first award of the night, taking most addictive track for “So What” (LaFace/Sony BMG). California rock act 30 Seconds To Mars won the rock out award and the video star award for “A Beautiful Lie” (Virgin). The awards were voted for online by fans across Europe. “This has been a really exciting week for us Americans,” said frontman Jared Leto, who got the crowd to chant “Congrats Barack.” There was also recognition for a Liverpool’s most famous musician, with Bono presenting the ultimate legend award to Sir Paul McCartney. “This is the man who invented my job,” said the U2 singer. Bono was also jeered when he said the Beatles would have been Irish, if the Irish potato famine hadn’t driven their ancestors to Britain. “I’ve got to thank my mates Ringo, George and John,” said McCartney. “Many years ago, four little boys born here in Liverpool — and we went on to do quite well.” McCartney also thanked people in the U.S. for “voting in Mr. Obama.” The Liverpool crowd gave a warm reception to U.K. acts who performed, including Take That, the Ting Tings and Duffy. U.K. urban artist Estelle joined Kanye West for their first major awards show collaboration on “American Boy,” featuring a ticker-tape finale with an image of Obama on the giant screen. Eighties pop act Rick Astley was the unlikely winner of the best act ever, following a viral Internet campaign that raised his profile in the past year. Other performers included the Killers, Kid Rock, Beyonce, Pink and local indie rock act the Wombats, who covered Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love.” Perry closed the show with a performance of “Hot N Cold.”

Um, Rick Astley? Seriously? Can I just say … FREAKIN’ AWESOME! I can’t even front, I was a huge Rick Astley fan back in the day. His debut album came out right around the time Kylie Minogue‘s debut album was released here in the States and I was in love with them both. Obvs, Kylie ended up with the more stellar career but I’m very happy to see that Rick Astley can still inspire so much lurve from the World to win the Best Act of All Time award :) Congrats, Ricky!!

Because Britney was here in LA performing with Madonna on stage at Dodger Stadium last night, she was not able to be on hand in person to collect her awards in Liverpool last night … she did manage to offer a pre-taped thank you speech that was filmed on the set of her new music video for her song Circus. Here is a screencap of Britney‘s acceptance speech:

After the jump, check out video of Britney‘s pre-taped acceptance speech as well as Beyoncé‘s live performance of If I Was A BoyMore »

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Britney Spears Performs With Madonna In LA

It's a cameo, bitch!

Britney Spears, as was expected, briefly joined Madonna on stage in LA last night during Madge‘s Sticky & Sweet World Tour stop at Dodger Stadium. While Britney did not offer a full performance of any song, she did come out for a short cameo during Madonna‘s performance of her song Human Nature to offer up some backing vocals — and her, now, trademark phrase “It’s Britney, bitch!” Here are a few pics of Brit and Maddy on stage together:

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake each took the stage in separate appearances at Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet tour at L.A.’s Dodger Stadium Thursday night. But, PEOPLE has learned, the two actually crossed paths during rehearsal. Timberlake was first, and then Spears came on stage to run through her part. “They said ‘hi’ to each other. Justin was very cool,” a source says. Adds another source, “This was a night for [Britney] to enjoy, and not stress over. This was a good moment for her to just enjoy and have fun.” And enjoy she did. Dressed in satin black pants and white suit shirt with ruffle, Spears has been appearing in a taped segment during Madonna’s “Human Nature” performance since the beginning of the tour. Her “It’s Britney, bitch!” segment she did live. Madonna greeted her with “Hi Britney!” And Spears, with her blonde hair flowing and red lips smiling, moved to the beat as she sang the last chorus on “Human Nature” with Madonna. “She’s not your bitch” Madonna proclaimed, pointing at Spears who replied with her classic line: “It’s Britney, bitch!” Madonna had to swing her around three times to get her to loosen up a little bit and, in a far cry from the 2003 smooch, kisses Spears on the hand as her platform sunk below the stage. “4 Minutes” came on and remixed into “Vogue” as Spears disappeared from view.

Woot! I was lucky enough to be in the hiz at Dodger Stadium last night and I gotta say … the place erupted when Britney came out onto the stage. Even tho her participation was short, the crowd was more than thrilled to cheer on her appearance last night. After the jump, check out a couple videos of Britney on stage with MadonnaMore »

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David Beckham & Marc Anthony Take In A Lakers Game

The Hottie and the Nottie

David Beckham and Marc Anthony left the wives at home last night and made their way out to the Staples Center together to cheer on the LA Lakers basketball team. While the photos aren’t particularly interesting in and of themselves, I am quite taken with the stark side-by-side comparison of the two men:

Seriously, if I were Marc Anthony I would never, ever want to be photographed next to David Beckham … ever. I’m just saying. BTW, the Lakers beat the Clippers 106-88.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

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Suri Holmes Cruise Stays Dry In NYC

Looks adorable while doing so

Here are a few adorable pics of Suri Holmes-Cruise keepin’ dry in rainy NYC this week by utilizing her cute ladybug umbrella:

I gotta say, even tho those terrible Rihanna Umbrella jokes are way over … like, way over … I think the sight of Suri with her little ladybug umbrella really makes me want to coo ella-ella-ella over all the cuteness. While I still have my doubts that this cute little child isn’t really a wind-up toy, I must admit that she is seriously the cutest.thing.ever. with umbrella in hand.

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

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Robert Pattinson Makes His Mark In NYC

Becomes the 'Prints' of Planet Hollywood

Robert Pattinson, the star of the new movie Twilight, was on hand for a special ceremony in his honor at the Planet Hollywood eatery in Times Square NYC this week. Wearing a shirt ill-prepared to mask is perspirational tendencies, R. Pattz made funny faces as he left hand-print molds that will be on display at the movie memorabilia eatery. Here are a few pics from this week’s hand-print ceremony at Planet Hollywood:

Regarding the embarrassing pit stains, in Rob‘s defense … I suspect that the venue was not well ventilated and the lights from all the flashbulbs were prolly very hot. But … Ew! Meh, it happens to us all. The promo tour to get people amped up for the new Twilight movie carries on … and now rabid Twilighters have a new Mecca to travel to in order to worship their beloved Edward the Vampire incarnate. The film opens in theaters on November 21 and I gotta say, I’m curious to see if the film can live up to the hype.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

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Mr. Amy Winehouse Gets Out Of Jail, Goes Straight To Rehab

Amy Winehouse, herself, is still on the loose

After spending almost a year behind bars after being convicted of attempting to pervert justice in the UK, Amy Winehouse‘s hubby Blake Fielder-Civil has been released from incarceration one month early on the condition that he spend a month in a rehab program. Amy, who has been going in and out of the hospital in the past few weeks, is currently out of the hospital and has been seen terrorizing the streets of London with a black make-up tear-stained face, lashing out at anyone who gets near her — oh, it must be Thursday:

Amy Winehouse’s husband was released from jail yesterday after almost a year behind bars for his part in a vicious assault on a pub landlord. Blake Fielder-Civil left Edmonds Hill prison in Suffolk at 8am looking pale and with his arms covered in red scars. The 26-year-old, who has fought a long battle with drug addiction, was not due to be released until next month but was freed after agreeing to attend rehab. Miss Winehouse herself was not there to meet him, leading to rumours of a rift between the pair. Winehouse, who left hospital on Monday after receiving ongoing treatment for a ‘chest infection’, looked far from jubilant as she emerged from the residence at 4pm this afternoon with make-up smeared across her face. She appeared to be in an agitated state, lunging at a photographer stationed outside her home shouting: “Who’s first? Who wants some?”. She refused to comment on her husband’s release. After attending a drugs and alcohol clinic Winehouse was pictured clutching a prescription and falling into a cab as she returned home, her face streaked with dirt and tears. A couple of hours later her father Mitch turned up at her flat and not long after a pizza delivery arrived. After they had eaten no-nonsense Mitch shepherded his subdued daughter to his cab. The singer appeared to have showered and to have changed her clothes after her father’s arrival. However, she was back to her erratic ways later in the evening, sucking on a male friend’s knuckle before later passing out in the back of a cab. Fielder-Civil was sentenced to 27 months in prison in July after assaulting barman James King, 36, outside a pub in East London and plotting to bribe him with £200,000 not to testify. He had already spent nine months in custody after his arrest in November last year. After leaving the prison, Fielder-Civil said: “Now all I want to do is see Amy. It’s tough inside – bloody horrible, but I’m out and that’s all that matters. It’s brilliant.” He added: “It’s welcome to the free world for me and Barack Obama.”

It remains to be seen if Blake has fully rehabilitated his criminal ways but a stint in rehab sounds like a cushy way to finish out one’s jail sentence. Amy, on the other hand, seriously needs to be locked away somewhere … seriously:

Whether or not there is a future for these two also remains to be seen. We’ll have to wait and see what happens after Blake gets released from rehab … you know, if Amy lives that long.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

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Michael Jackson Buys Some ‘Weird Stuff’

'Off the Wall', indeed

Michael Jackson, who has in recent weeks decided to come out of the hole he was hiding in for the past few years to enjoy the limelight of the paparazzi flashbulbs, was snapped doing a bit of shopping over the weekend at an establishment called Off the Wall which, as their sign says, specializes in selling “weird stuff” …

… clearly, Michael Jackson is this store’s target audience. It should also be noted that Michael Jackson‘s first album was also titled Off the Wall so … I mean, have you ever seen anything more perfect in all your life? Yeah … he’s weird.

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

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Jiley Get Back To Biz

The biz of cooing and shopping together, that is

Miley Cyrus, who just returned to SoCal after another quick promo trip to Europe over the weekend, reunited with her 20-year old manfriend and underwear model Justin Gaston for a little shopping trip in Burbank, CA this week. The couple made their way into Best Buy where JG had to pick up a few DVDs …

… how much you wanna bet that that Cyrus butt-kisser purchased a new copy of the Hannah Montana Movie cuz he wore out his previous copy? Something tells me that Justin Gaston is going to keep his trailer hitched to Miley‘s rising star until he is able to break free on his own. Blah, it sounds like tough, sad work but I suspect he’s up to the challenge.

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

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Mayerston Remain A Sneaky Pair

Keepin' it on the downlow

Lookie, lookie … it appears that the rekindled romance betwixt Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer is still goin’ strong these days. Mayerston have been romantically reunited for a few weeks now but have managed to stay under wraps pretty successfully in that time. The couple were spotted in close physical proximity out in public a couple of weeks ago in order to celebrate John‘s birthday … and here are a couple pics of the pair making their way out of Courteney Cox-Arquette‘s home last night after celebrating the election results there. It would seem that lurve is still very much in the air:

As I understand it, media-shy Jen reportedly decided to reignite her romantic involvement with John on the express condition that he shy away from talking to (or seeking the attention from) the media (and the paparazzi in general). On that account, I think he’s managed to stay out of trubs with her. I seem to recall that John was happy to chat with the photogs the first time he and Jen were together … this time, we’ve seen nary a sight of him either with or without Jen in close proximity. I suspect if the couple is able to maintain this level of detachment from the cameras (well, except for the stray pic here or there of the couple sneaking out of this or that venue) then Mayerston may have a long and happy future together. Might there be Mayerston babies in the future? I guess it’ll depend on how good a boy John can stay in Jen‘s eyes. Good luck!

[Photo credit: X17]

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Britney Spears’s Left-Over Halloween Treats

Too cute to let pass by

In the hub-bub of yesterday’s election mania, was updated with adorable photos of Britney Spears taking her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James out for a little trick-or-treating fun. As you may recall, Britney posted a group photo of her family and friends in costume on Halloween night on her site earlier in the week and promised a few more exclusive pics from the night’s festivities … and here are some of them:

As much as I love my girl Brit, I gotta say that her costume and the costumes of her lady entourage were pretty boring. I don’t think there is a more clichéd Halloween costume for women than “The Witch” costume … unless you’re talking about “The Fairy” costume. To his credit, I think papa Jamie Spears looked awesome (and horrifying) as a scary killer clown. Thankfully he didn’t wear his mask when he accompanied his grandyoung’ns on their trick-or-treating rounds. Sean P. and JJ are just the cutest little guys ever. Sean as a lion and Jayden as a turtle are TO DIE FOR CUTE. We know that daddy Kevin Federline picked up the boys from school on Halloween day (you may recall the brothers were dressed as cute bees) but they got to spend the fun Halloween night with their mama … as it should be. I realize Halloween is way over already but these pics are just too cute to let pass by.


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