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Britney Spears Celebrates Her Birthday/Album/Tour On ‘Good Morning America’

The circus comes to town

After a whirlwind promo tour of Europe last week/weekend, Britney Spears brought her Circus show to NYC for a couple of live performances on ABC‘s Good Morning America this morning. David and I got our asses up bright and early to make our way to Lincoln Center to watch our dear Britney perform live (and I’ll have some of my pics to share later on today) and were on hand to watch the spectacle unfold right before our eyes. Britney‘s GMA appearance wasn’t only a birthday celebration … it was also the official launch party for her new album Circus which is in stores TODAY as well as the venue to officially announce the tourdates for her upcoming The Circus starring Britney Spears Tour which will kick off in New Orleans, LA next March. Yeah, there was a lot going on this morning … here are a few pics of Britney‘s two performances this morning and some deets about the event overall:

Britney Spears celebrated her 27th birthday Tuesday under the Big Top and before the TV cameras of Good Morning America. Dressed as a ringmaster, Spears made her entrance atop a circus wagon – accompanied by clowns, jugglers and performers dressed as circus animals. For her second number, “Womanizer,” Spears smashed through a fiery hoop. Afterwards, she announced that her concert tour would begin in New Orleans March 3. Then came the cake. The appearance, inside the Big Apple Circus tent within New York’s Lincoln Center, also marked the launch of Spears’s sixth studio album, Circus – her first CD since her 2007 comeback step, Blackout. As Spears announces on the title track (and delivered on GMA), “There are only two types of people in the world, the ones that entertain and the ones that observe.” GMA’s Robin Roberts called Spears’s appearance “our concert event of the year.” Claimed cohost Diane Sawyer about those gathered inside the circus tent, “There are about a gazillion people [here].” Among them: the pop star’s mother, Lynne Spears, and Britney’s two young sons, Preston and Jayden. Interspersed with the promos for Spears’s performance during Tuesday’s GMA were birthday greetings from the likes of Reese Witherspoon, John Travolta, Nicollette Sheridan, Teri Hatcher and PEOPLE’s newly named Sexiest Man Alive, Hugh Jackman – who sang “Happy Birthday” and blew her a kiss. “You look great,” Witherspoon relayed to Spears, “and I hope you have a great day.” Added Taylor Swift: “You have been officially awesome for 27 years.” On Sunday, Spears’s MTV special, Britney: For the Record, which documented some of her personal problems of the past year, was watched by more than 3.7 million viewers, according to the cable music network. Those are high numbers for MTV.

Seriously, this morning’s performances were truly a sight to see. The spectacle was totally worth getting up and out so early for. The production value, which I don’t think translated quite as well on live TV, was phenomenal. I am very much looking forward to seeing what sorts of tricks Britney‘s got up her sleeves for her upcoming tour. Wade Robson, who is reportedly directing Britney‘s new concert tour, was in the hiz this morning going over last minute touches right before she performed. It was all just very exciting to see her back in action. The crowd was just raucous the entire time … it was a blast. After the jump, check out video of Britney‘s performances of Circus and WomanizerMore »

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Britney Spears Prepares For Her ‘GMA’ Performance

Plus mama & papa Spears step out for a night on the town together

Here are a couple pics of Britney Spears with her father Jamie Spears and various members of her security detail as they made their way into the Big Tent at the Big Apple Circus in Lincoln Center here in NYC late yesterday afternoon:

I understand that Britney was on site last night for quite a few hours putting the finishing touches on her big Good Morning America performance that took place earlier today. After seeing all of the elements that went into this performance, it makes sense that she would want to spend as much time rehearsing as possible.

Later on last night, Britney‘s estranged parents — Jamie & Lynne Spears — stepped out together to grab a bite to eat together … alone:

While I’m pretty certain that no hanky-panky exists between this happily divorced couple, I’m glad to see that they are able to remain friendly with one another even after all that has happened between them. I’m sure they are both very happy, very relieved that their daughter is out of harm’s way and is making a true return to form. Who knows, mebbe there will — one day — be a reconciliation between these two … I’m not holding my breath but seeing them enjoy alone time together is a very nice sight indeed.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

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Geri Halliwell Suffers An Embarassing Wardrobe Malfunction


Whoops! Geri Ginger Spice Halliwell managed to have herself a very embarrassing wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet at the Children’s Bafta Awards in London, England last night. For some unknown reason, Geri managed to walk the red carpet — in front of all of the assembled press — with the bottom half of her dress ripped apart while being none the wiser. If it wasn’t for the sheer lining of the dress, the poor dear would’ve had her bare ass on full display … behold:

Oh dear, Geri. And it had all been going so well. The Spice Girl turned up to an awards ceremony looking enviably sleek and well-groomed in a ruffled red dress. In fact, with her glossy curls and understated make-up, the singer looked positively demure – a far cry from her raunchy ‘Ginger Spice’ days. And then she turned round. The 36-year-old had clearly not reckoned with the chilly winter winds on the red carpet catching one of those romantic ruffles and giving the crowds a rather revealing glimpse underneath her dress. Her unintentional peekaboo moment was all the more unfortunate as the mother-of-one was attending the Children’s Baftas … The awards, hosted this year by TV presenter Keith Chegwin, celebrate the best in children’s entertainment, from films to video games.

I mean, did no one think to tell her that her dress was ripped apart? I mean … c’mon, they even let her turn around and show off the back part of the dress as well! LOL! And how, pray tell, was she not able to feel the draft on her bare bum alerting her to the fact that her dress was ripped? What an appropriate venue to show off her almost bare bottom as well. Yikes. I hope the poor thing wasn’t mortified … even tho she’d have every right to be so. Tsk tsk.


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The Beckham Boys Return To SoCal, Hit The Staples Center

They really love their LA Lakers

David Beckham, who spent the Thanksgiving holiday with his family in NYC this past weekend, made his way home to Southern California with his three sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz and immediately to the Staples Center to take in a LA Lakers game. Here are a couple pics of the Beckham men sitting courtside last night:

With Posh out of the country and soft touch David in charge, the mischievous Beckham boys couldn’t resist running amuck at a basketball game in Los Angeles yesterday. The LA Galaxy star’s little charges first appeared to be on their best behaviour as they arrived to watch the LA Lakers play the Toronto Raptors at the Staples Centre. But before too long, they slipped into a rather rascally mood. The moment David dashed off to collect some refreshments, Brooklyn, nine, and Romeo, six, and Cruz, three, seized on the opportunity to let loose … Then, in case there wasn’t enough entertainment on the court, Cruz took it upon himself to put on an impromptu breakdancing display for fans. The toddler is becoming quite the entertainer and has made a habit of dancing in front of an audience since his stage debut during the Spice Girls world tour earlier this year. David is making the most of family time ahead of his move to Milan in January. He is set to join AC Milan on loan from his club LA Galaxy in order to maintain his fitness and his spot in the England squad. But while David decamps to Italy, wife Victoria and their sons will stay in America after the couple decided against uprooting the entire family. Meanwhile, Victoria has returned to the UK for the launch of her new fashion collection. Her dresses go on sale through her website today and will also be available to purchase from Selfridges on Wednesday, December 3. The fashionista came off an overnight flight from New York wearing a dramatic white checked coat, holding her large red Hermès handbag and covering up her eyes with a huge pair of sunglasses.

Hopefully Vicki B. won’t be off in London for too long so that she can get back home to be with her family while she can still enjoy them all together. Since Becks will be moving to Milan, Italy in January the entire family needs to spend as much time together as they can. That being said, I do love seeing photos of the Beckham boys all by themselves … they’re just so much more adorable when it’s just the guys, don’tchathink?

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

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Lindsay Lohan Denies Break-Up With Samantha Ronson

Uses social networking sites to refute claims of a break-up

Despite claims to the contrary, Lindsay Lohan has posted a message on her official Facebook profile to deny reports that she and Samantha Ronson have broken up. Additionally, the happy couple (despite how they look in these pics) were spotted out and about together as they made their way to the Echo nightclub in LA over the weekend:

This from her Facebook profile:

not breaking up

tabloids and people tell lies- they always wanna see everything and anything
good come to an end. duh

Additionally, Lindsay has uploaded a bunch of new photos to her official My Space profile, including quite a few new pics of L. Ron together:

It sounds and looks like they happy couple are still very happy together. I, for one, am relieved to hear Lindsay refute these claims. L. Ron are my fave new couple of 2008 … I am looking forward to seeing them happily together well into the new year and beyond!

[Photo credit: Splash News; thanks Stephon]

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Britney Spears Brings Her Circus To NYC

Meets up with her sons

Britney Spears, who just completed a successful yet short European promo tour delivering performances in Germany, France and the UK, has made her way to New York City, NY to round out her promo work here in the Big Apple. Grandpapa Jamie Spears had Britney‘s sons Sean Preston and Jayden James flown in from SoCal to be with their mother here in NYC. Here are pics of Britney‘s arrival at JFK airport early yesterday morning and of her sons arrival in Newark, NJ later in the day:

After watching Britney Spears: For The Record last night, I think we all know what being in NYC means to Britney … and now that she is able to enjoy the city with her children, she must be in great spirits today. Tomorrow morning, Britney will perform live on Good Morning America in the big tent set up in Lincoln Center at the Big Apple Circus. I understand that Britney is scheduled to perform at least two songs on GMA tomorrow but, beyond that, there is no further info. I suspect we’ll be seeing the same Womanizer routine she’s been performing in Europe over the past few days but I’m hopeful we’ll see an entirely new routine (mebbe for her single Circus) as well. These are exciting days for our dear Britney … not only does she release her new album Circus tomorrow …

… but she will also be turning 27 years old as well. I hope that all her birthday wishes come true this year. Thus far, she appears on the right track to make all her dreams come true again.

After the jump, check out a new preview video for her new music video for CircusMore »

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Brangelina Surface In New Orleans For The Holidays

Bump watch?

The Brangelina brood has surfaced in New Orleans, LA this weekend as matriarch Angelina Jolie (who may or may not be hiding a baby bump underneath that kinda tight dress) and her eldest child Maddox Chivan popped up in town doing a bit of shopping at the Little Toy Shop (which specializes in old skool toys):

Additionally, in other parts of town, Brad Pitt and his porn’stache were spotted zooming around on his motorcycle:

It would stand to reason that the rest of the family is in town as well. This is the first time that Angelina has been seen out in public since In Touch Weekly reported last week that she is pregnant again. It appears that she chose to wear this tight-fitting dress to prove that she is not harboring a new baby in her womb (tho, if it was early enough … she could be hiding a burgeoning baby bump under this dress in order to throw us off the track). In any event, it appears that the family has set up shop to celebrate at least part of the holidays at their home in New Orleans. Pregs or not, I’m sure that various members of family (individually or en masse) will be showing up around town in the coming days, weeks. Welcome home, y’all!!

[Photo credit: Splash News, X17]

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Matthew McConaughey & Family Head To Brazil

Get into the groove

Matthew McConaughey, his babymama Camila Alves and his newborn son Levi Alves have made their way to the Southern Hemisphere to embark on a family vacay so that Camila could introduce her son to her homeland of Brazil. The family spent their Friday in Rio and then made their way to Camila‘s home in Minas Gerais. Here are a few pics of Matthew and Camila gettin’ their party on in Rio:

Aww … it looks like the happy couple were gettin’ their weekend off to a fine start. I’m sure with those drinks in hand, they were ready for anything. After the jump, check out a few more pics that show what exactly Matty and Cam got into after they finished those drinks … More »

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Harlow Winter Gnaws On Her Friend Sophie

It's OK, Sophie doesn't mind

Here are a few ABSO-EFFING-LUTLY adorable photos of mama Nicole Richie and her precious babygirl Harlow Winter out and about in SoCal this past weekend and you will note that Harlow has begun teething. In these pics, you can see that the little darling is cutting her teeth on her Sophie Giraffe doll:

Have you ever seen anything so cute in all your life? Over the summer while I was in Paris, France with Steph and Alek, I learned that every single child born in France gets a Sophie doll — like, they pop out of the womb and BAM! they get a doll — because the babies there absolutely love her. I just cannot get over how adorably cute Harlow is … especially with her little rubber giraffe … I’m dying. She has to be the cutest celeb baby girl, like, ever. I’m sure she and Sophie will be very happy together for many years to come.

[Photo credit: X17]

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Les Beckhams Continue To Enjoy New York City

Day 4

The Beckham Bunch managed to almost finally break away from those meddlesome hangers-on Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and were able to spend some time alone here in NYC Friday night and all day Saturday. First up, Becks and Vicki B. (who looked like a mutilated chicken in her fug fur coat) stepped out for dinner at Nobu sushi on Friday night …

… I understand Les Beckhams did dine with TomKat at Nobu but the family spent all of Saturday by themselves without any pesky Scientologists tagging along. Here are a few pics of the Beckhams as they made their way out of their hotel to head into the city to partake of various activities:

But, as will all good things, this Beckham family trip had to come to an end. Vicki B., who apparently has pressing matters to attend to in the UK, separated from her family and made her way to JFK airport and flew off to London while her husband and children stayed behind in NYC:

No word on how long the family will remain apart but I’m pretty sure the Beckham boys will be able to find stuff to keep them occupied while the robot is away. My guess is that the Beckham boys will be making their way back to SoCal sometime soon … who knows how long VB will stay in the UK. It looks like Becks really wanted to get in as much quality time with his family while he still can … after all, he is scheduled to temporarily relocate to Italy for the first couple of months of 2009 to play professional soccer there. Looks to me like mission: accomplished.

[Photo credit: INFdaily, Splash News]

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