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Vanessa Hudgens Celebrates Her 20th Birthday With Her Man

And by "man", I mean Zac Efron

Here are a couple of cute pics of Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron out and about yesterday in celebration of her 20th birthday. As you may recall, Vanessa was on hand to help Zac celebrate his 21st birthday back in October and was with him when he vacayed in Hawaii afterward … so it was Zac‘s turn to help her celebrate her birthday. The pair decided to keep things pretty low key … the most exciting thing they did yesterday afternoon was enjoy a quiet dinner together at one of their fave restaurants:

Don’t these two make a perfect couple? In fact, they make too perfect a couple which is why I’m always suspicious of the verity of their relationship … but, whatever the case may be, Zanessa do a really good job of taking care of one another. They’re practically inseparable and they do tend to look happy together. It looks like the pair enjoyed a really nice afternoon together … nothing too exciting for the big 2-0 but, then again, we have no idea how they celebrated last night. UGH, on second thought … I don’t think I want to know. Happy Birthday, Vanessa!

[Photo credit: X17]

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Hayden Panettiere Shops Because She Cares

The spirit of giving

Heroes star Hayden Panettiere was on hand for a very cool in-store event in San Gabriel, CA over the weekend where she, in her capacity as Candie’s spokesmodel, went Xmas shopping with a few lucky girls from the Children’s Hospital in a charity promo event at a Kohl’s department store. Here are a few pics from this weekend’s event:

Except for the absolutely frightening Mrs. Claus above, the event looked like it was a lot of fun. I’m sure the girls from the hospital really enjoyed their shopping spree with Hayden. I really love how big companies and celebs themselves really get into the spirit of giving around the holidays. I guess we all get a little more generous around this time of the year … but I think it’s a really cool thing when celebs participate in events like this. Kudos and love goes out to Hayden, Candie’s and Kohl’s for organizing such a fun event. It’s seeing events like these that really help restore my faith in the humanity of celebs. Sure, Hayden‘s not saving the world but I’m sure this Xmas will be an extra special one for these girls. Well done!

[Photo credit: Splash News]

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Britney Spears Shops, Eats & Performs In Japan

Also wins 'Video of 2008' from Fuse TV

Our dear Britney Spears, who made her way to Japan last week, has been keeping herself pretty bizzy in the Land of the Rising Sun over the past few days. Her official site, and her Twitter profile, has been updating us fans with photos of her adventures and it looks like Brit Brit has been getting in some vacay time interspersed with her promo work. First up, here are a few pics of Britney strolling the streets with her assistant Brett Miller as they did a bit of shopping and eating together:

Ahead of her X Factor performance, Britney Spears was on a strict diet to ensure she looked her best – and munching on a tasty burger would have been unthinkable. But yesterday the Womanizer singer was seen heading towards a fast food joint as she spent the afternoon in Japan’s trendy Harajuku on a shopping spree. Spears went to the the Lotteria chain – which has a similar menu to McDonald’s – before hitting the clothes shops. Not only was she being unhealthy in her choice of food, but she was also seen smoking a cigarette to top off the blow-out afternoon. The 27-year-old sported a black and white coat over a green polo neck top and was accompanied by her assistant and security guard. Maybe decided to have a blow-out to celebrate the success of her latest album Circus, which went to number one in the U.S. album charts last week after selling 505,000 copies in its first week of release. And after being released [in the UK], it has become her fastest selling album in the UK to date. In addition to reaching Number One in the U.S., the record entered at the top of the charts in Brazil, Canada, Japan, Mexico and Switzerland.

Um, yeah … she deffo deserves to pamper and splurge a little, I’d say. But, it wasn’t all vacationing for Britney … she also had some work to do. Here is a pic of Britney performing Womanizer on the hit TV show Hey!Hey!Hey! last night:

Altho it was the same routine she’s been performing on other TV show lately, it sounds like the Japanese audience really enjoyed it. After the jump, check out some video of Britney‘s performance on the show … More »

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Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Do Some Xmas Shopping

Naughty or Nice?

The Hills stars and newlyweds (?) Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt spent part of their day yesterday doing a bit of Xmas shopping on one of the most paparazzi-friendly streets in SoCal — Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood, CA. I sure hope they weren’t lookin’ to do some private shopping out of the public eye because … well … look at that, the couple got papped while trying to shop. Oh darn it. Well, at least Speidi were good sports about all the cameras trained directly on them … here are a few pics of the happilyweds (we assume) on their shopping excursion yesterday:

You gotta admit, these two really know how to have fun with their celebrity. They may be cheeseballs of the HIGHEST degree but at least they’re having fun with their notoriety. I don’t understand how they can pose for some of these photos with straight faces but … folks, they’re pros. Happy Holidays from Speidi to YOU!

[Photo credit: Splash News, INFdaily]

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La Toya Jackson Surfaces, Shops

Doing what she does best

La Toya Jackson, elder sister to Michael Jackson (who is just too weird for words these days), was spotted doing a bit of shopping around town in LA this week. Interestingly enough (or not), the last time we saw Toy she was also out doing some shopping. I wonder if this is all that she does anymore:

In any event … it is very nice to see a normal Jackson out and about to rep the famous family. I never thought the one-time black sheep of the family would be the one to be the standard bearer for the family that once ruled the airwaves but here she is, shopping her way to normalcy. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for La Toya Jackson. She always struck me as the lamb that was led astray and, thankfully, found her way home again. While her more famous brother may be scaring the pedestrians that he comes across on the streets of SoCal, La Toya is just doing her thing. Keep it up, girl … and stay away from surgical masks, ya hear?

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

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Nicole Richie & Harlow Winter Go For A Swing


Last Saturday we got to see a few superadorablycute photos of daddy Joel Madden hanging out with his almost 1-year old baby girl Harlow Winter at a park in SoCal while mommy Nicole Richie was away visiting Russia. Now that Nicole is back from her sojourn, it’s her turn to spend some quality playtime with little baby Harlow at the park … beware, extreme cuteness ahead:

Yummy mummy Nicole Ritchie appeared to be taking motherhood in her stride yesterday, on an outing to the park with her baby daughter Harlow. The reality TV star, who found fame with on-off friend Paris Hilton in The Simple Life, took her daughter to the playground, where she played on the swings with the 11-month-old. Make-up free with her hair pulled back, Ritchie, 27, looked better than she has done in years. Dressed down in flat red boots and skinny jeans, she carefully adjusted Harlow’s hat before pushing the infant in the baby swing. Little Harlow, who looks to be as fashionable as her mother in tiny leggings and white booties, appeared to be oblivious to the attention of photographers. Socialite Ritchie wasn’t one to miss out on all the fun however, later moving to a larger swing set in order that she could swing with little Harlow on her lap. Ritchie, who is the daughter of singer Lionel, has described being a mother as “the best thing ever.” Harlow is Ritchie’s first child with Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden. Rumours suggest that she is planning to marry her rocker boyfriend of two years on their daughter’s first birthday. Motherhood hasn’t stopped fashionista Ritchie from working. Her latest project is a line of jewelery, named House of Harlow after her daughter. The collection, which has just launched in the US, is modeled by Ritchie herself, and features Art Deco-inspired designs in rock-chic black leather and gold.

ZOMG, Harlow is SO the cutest baby ever. She is Joel Madden, absolutely. Look at that face! Seriously, I am practically dying from the cuteness. I’m not sure where these rumors of nuptials are coming from but it should be noted that Harlow Winter was born on January 11 of this year so, if true, Nic/Joel would be lookin’ to walk down the aisle in about a month’s time. Personally, I would love it if those two got hitched … I think they make an amazing couple, they clearly make amazing parents and I would love to be able to toast to their happily wedded bliss. That being said, I’ll believe it if and when official confirmation ever comes (tho, Joel did tell that “eventually” there’d be another little baby Madden borne from his loins). Now back to adoring the cuteness that is Harlow Winter.

[Photo credit: X17; Source]

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Michael Jackson’s Latest Disguise


Just when you thought you’d seen it all when it comes to Michael Jackson‘s odd behavior, he goes and outdoes himself … in spades. Jacko stepped out into public view in LA this week to do some antiquing and was snapped wearing a pair of slippers, a light blue tunic, a head wrap, his trademark fedora hat — and a Zorro mask. Meh, on second thought … when it comes to Wacko Jacko, this sounds pretty standard … behold:

He has never lacked creativity when it comes to fashioning a ‘disguise’. But Michael Jackson’s latest effort is remarkable, even by his standards. With his trademark trilby hat and a black eye mask, the troubled 50-year-old looked a dead ringer for Zorro. However, his lower half was not quite in keeping with the theme. Instead of a cape and boots, he opted for slippers and a bright blue tunic. Intentional or not, one thing was clear; it didn’t work. In fact, if the singer had wanted to escape any unwanted attention, he only succeeded in doing the exact opposite. A crowd of bemused onlookers gathered and watched on as Jackson wandered around the streets visiting an antiques shop. His rather odd choice of outfit was not the first time he has attempted to go incognito … In his hand this time around Jackson appeared to be holding a copy of the reality television show The Jacksons Are Coming, made about his brothers and their move to Devon last summer. Meanwhile, it has also been revealed the singer is arranging an auction at which he plans to sell off some of his personal memorabilia. Among the items on sale is the iconic white glove the star wore in his 1983 video for Billie Jean. The five-day auction will take place in Beverly Hills in April. Auctioneer Darren Julien said that Jackson was not being forced to sell the items rather he was doing it of ‘free will’. Last month he was also taken to court by an Arab sheik, who claimed the singer owed his millions of pounds for pulling out of a music contract. In November he also lost ownership of his Neverland ranch in California.

Um … what the hell is going on with those cardboard babies in the backseat of his car? The outfit is atrocious but, the more I think about it, it’s pretty par for the course … but the babies? That’s really freakin’ weird, y’all. I am so astounded by the way this man operates … like, what can the thought process be that makes him think that going out in public looking like this is normal? I honestly doubt that he does it for the attention (well, mebbe he does it for a little attention) but I cannot understand the why. In the end, mebbe it’s not for us to understand … mebbe it’s more for us to enjoy from afar — very afar. Lawd, he is SO WEIRD!

[Photo credit: National Photo Group; Source]

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Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens Go Adult Store Shopping

XXXmas shopping

Okay … LOL! The fine folks at managed to nab a couple pics with High School Musical stars (and supposed lovers) Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens posing with a fan inside a — get this — sex shop. Man, I bet the folks at Walt Disney Co. are gonna looooooove seeing this … as I’m sure all y’all will as well:

You gotta love the blow-up sheep sex doll that is hanging in the Zac pic and the tiny penis toys in the Vanessa pic … perhaps they were doing a bit of Xmas shopping for their family, friends and/or HSM co-stars? I wonder what they picked out for Ashley Tisdale. On second thought, mebbe I don’t wanna know. Meh, I think it’s kinda cool/a bit disturbing that these two Disney stars have started shopping at sex shops together. I mean … kids these days! Sheesh!


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Scott Caan Likes To Surf, Undress In Public

Good for him, Good for us

Here are a few pics of hunky hottie Scott Caan out for a morning surf in Malibu, CA earlier today lookin’ all kinds of insanely hawt:

And while these photos are pretty fun in and of themselves, there’s more to be had … much more. Scott, like any serious surfer, waited until he got to the beach to get out of his civilian clothes and squeeze into his rubber wetsuit. To do so, he tried the famous towel-wrapped-around-the-waist-for-privacy tactic to cover up his naughty bits while he undressed and redressed. Unfortch for Scott (and very fortch for us), he wasn’t entirely successful in covering up his naughties. After the jump, check out a few VERY NSFW images of Scott and his nekkid nether region gettin’ some air (in plain sight of anyone with eyes … or a camera) as he un/redressed earlier today … More »

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Paris Hilton Gets ‘Trashy’ For Xmas

Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry XXXmas

Paris Hilton, newly separated from ex-boyfriend Benji Madden of Good Charlotte, appears to be gearing up for the holidays because she was snapped — all dolled up in her best green tracksuit and a stunning Santa Baby tank top — making her way into the Trashy Lingerie store here in LA yesterday afternoon:

I mean Paris Hilton + Trashy Lingerie … could it be any easier? Mebbe, perhaps, Miss Hilton was just doing a bit of Xmas shopping for her mother or sister? Ew, on second thought — scratch that idea from your minds. Ah well … let’s just assume that Paris decided to swing by the Trashy Lingerie shop (By Appointment Only) to check out their festive holiday window display. Don’t you just love when folks get into the Xmas spirit like this?

[Photo credit: Splash News]

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