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Watch: Britney Spears Releases A Promo Video For The Buttercup Collection From ‘Intimate Britney Spears’


With the holiday shopping season in full swing, our dear Britney Spears wants to remind us all that pieces from her new lingerie/sleepwear line The Intimate Collection would make the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. This week, Britney released a promo video for the Buttercup Collection and as you can ...

Watch: Usher Will Give Away A New Song As A Prize In Boxes Of Cereal Sold At Wal-Mart


A few months ago, Usher started appearing in commercials for Honey Nut Cherrios but today we learn that his partnership with the cereal brand has just been elevated to a new high (or low, depending on how you view this news). Usher will be giving away digital downloads of a new song titled Clueless ...

Watch: Britney Spears Releases A Sexy Promo Video For ‘Camilla’ From Her ‘Intimate Collection’ Lingerie Line


LOL. Ok, y'all know I love our dear Britney Spears more than life itself sometimes but I really just cannot with the promo video she released for her new lingerie line The Intimate Collection. Britney is REALLY TRYING to go for a sexy vibe with this video for the Camilla Collection but ... ...