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Cara Delevingne Maybe Hired A Nanny For Her Rabbit


Okay, everybody. Let's all calm down. This is a gossip blog, and I'm about to get a little gossip-y because these reports have not been confirmed... although... they haven't been denied either! LOL. Okay, y'all know I have admitted to following the Instagram account of supermodel Cara Delevingne's bunny rabbit, Cecil Delevingne. That bunny is ...

Taylor Swift Has Adopted A Teeny Tiny, Entirely Adorable Kitten


Last month when Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez rekindled their friendship after it appeared that Selena was finished with Justin Bieber forever, it looked to me like the ladies would be enjoying a super fun BFF summer together this year. But now that we know that Selena is back with Justin (again!!!) and likely ...