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Jude Law Ditches Sienna Miller To Hang With His Son Rudy

Family matters

Jude Law, who has been spending a lot of time with his old flame Sienna Miller these days, decided to ditch the bird and spend some time instead with his youngest son Rudy Indiana Otis in NYC yesterday … here are a few pics of the Law men picking up a few things on their shopping excursion:

HMMM … isn’t it funny how Jude Law kinda walks with a more pronounced bow-leggedness? I wonder if Ms. Miller has anything to do with that … you know, just wondering. I do love Jude‘s stylish outfit, he wears his clothes very well. I also love that he can spend time with his kids (well, his legitimate kids that is … not so much his unplanned daughter) from time to time while putting his personal life on the backburner. I’m sure Jude will be creepin’ up with Sienna in no time … but yesterday was clearly Ru-day.

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

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David Boreanaz Steps Out With New Daughter Bardot Vita

Our first look at the little doll

In early September we learned that Buffyverse alum David Boreanaz and his wife Jaime Bergman welcomed the birth of a baby girl they named Bardot Vita. David, Jaime and their son Jaden Rayne ventured out in October to pick out their Hallowe’en pumpkins but, alas, little Bardot did not come along for the ride. Today we get our first look at Bardot Vita who was lookin’ very pretty all wrapped in pink as she was carried by her father earlier this week:

How cute are these two?! It’s been ages since we heard of Bardot‘s birth and we are finally getting our first look at her. She’s got a nice big pair of eyes, don’t she? Here’s hoping we get to see more of Bardot Boreanaz (good name, right?) out and about with her hottie daddy.

[thanks Teddy]

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Kevin Federline & Sons Pick Out A Xmas Tree

Vicky P. tags along

Despite the Federlineness present in a couple of these photos, here are a few SUPERCUTE pics of Britney Spears‘s sons Sean Preston and Jayden James as they ventured out this week to pick out a Xmas tree in Canoga Park, CA with their father Kevin Federline and his ladyfriend Victoria Prince on Wednesday night … behold:

Aren’t these little boys the cutest?! Jayden‘s big smile is to die for! It seems clear to me that Sean P. wanted to stay as far away from K-Fed and Vicky P. as possible … and I can’t say that I blame him ;) You will note that K-Fed took the boys to the Xmas tree park on Wednesday night, the same night that Britney did some Xmas shopping on Robertson Blvd. this week. I gotta say, I don’t really mind dealing with The Federline and his chippy if it means we get to see Britney‘s boys lookin’ so cute … it’s worth it, right?

[Photo credit: GSi Media]

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Britney Spears & Sons Spend A Chilly Day At The Beach


Britney Spears may have done a bit of Xmas shopping on Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood, CA last night but she spent part of the day before chillin’ (literally) with her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James on a beach in Santa Barbara, CA … here are a couple of pics:

As pretty as this scene looks, I bet it was cooooooold on that beach. It’s been damn chilly here in SoCal this week and I know it’s even colder by the ocean. Even still, I’m sure Britney enjoyed spending this bonding time with her sons. It’s just a shame that her agent/beau Jason Trawick couldn’t be there to help keep her warm … I guess he was bizzy with actual work or something like that ;)

[Photo credit: X17]

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Nicole Richie Shares Some New Family Photos

The gang's all here

Nicole Richie, who just a week ago announced production of a new TV show, is once again sharing with readers of her official blog. Nicole posted a batch of supercute family photos which include her children, with Joel Madden, Harlow Winter Kate and Sparrow James Midnight (who was born in September) … behold:

Aren’t they the cutest lil’ family? This is the first time we are seeing little Sparrow James since he made his worldwide debut in the pages of People magazine in October. In these pics it kinda looks like Nicole cut off all of her hair … but her long hair may just be tucked behind her back. Honestly tho, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nicole did cut off her hair and went back to her shorter bob ‘do. After all, both Britney Spears and Taylor Swift are rockin’ new hair’dos these days. In any event, short hair or long, Nicole looks exceedingly happy with her lovely family. I imagine Nic/Joel and their children are really looking forward to sharing the best Xmas ever this year :)


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Tobey Maguire Steps Out With His Precious Little Sweetheart


Over the weekend David and I got to see the powerful film Brothers starring Tobey Maguire, Natalie Portman and Jake Gyllenhaal and I was totally blown away by Tobey‘s stunning performance … which is why I couldn’t resist posting these adorable photos of Tobey out with his little daughter Ruby Sweetheart over the weekend:

Don’t they make the cutest little couple? If you have seen Brothers, then you know that Tobey‘s performance in the film is very … intense. It’s so nice to see him looking so serene (tho stern, to be honest) with his little girl. If you are thinking about seeing Brothers, I cannot endorse it enough. It’s a great film … trust me, you will be impressed with Tobey‘s performance in the film.

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

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Victoria Beckham Takes The Boys On A ‘Pirate’s Adventure’

Shiver me timbers, y'all

How is this for CUTE … Victoria Beckham packed up her sons — Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz — and took them down to Buena Park, CA on Saturday night for dinner at Pirate’s Adventure! For those of you familiar with Medieval Times, Pirate’s Dinner Adventure is kinda like that (fun themed dinner theater) … but with pirates, obvs. Here are a few cute pics of Vicki B. and the boys at dinner that night:

Awww … Vicki B. may have a cold, robotic heart but it’s very clear that it beats very heartily for her family. While hubby David Beckham is away, VB is really good about treating her boys to fun activities to keep them happily occupied. What I wouldn’t give to see VB in a pirate’s hat but, alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Still … Victoria Beckham is a fabulous mother. I may tease her constantly but I really love how adorable she is to her kiddies.

[Photo credit: X17]

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Heidi Klum Takes Lou Sulola To Visit Santa Claus

Baby's first Xmas

Heidi Klum, who showed off the first photos of her newborn baby girl Lou Sulola just a couple of weeks ago, took her littlest child and her eldest child (daughter Leni) for a visit with Santa Claus over the weekend. Heidi, her mother and her daughters did a bit of Xmas shopping at The Grove here in LA this weekend and made sure to swing by Santa’s temporary home in the shopping center for a visit … here are a couple of photos:

She’s just eight weeks old and wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a pair of Louboutins and Jimmy Choos. But Heidi Klum’s daughter Lou Sulola Samuel experienced her first shopping experience over the weekend. The 36-year-old supermodel spent the day shopping at the Grove mall in Los Angeles with her oldest daughter, Leni, as well as her youngest. Heidi made sure Lou was wrapped up well, covering her in a pink fluffy blanket – underneath it could be seen that the newborn baby was wearing a pink hat and matching baby-gro.

You gotta love the fluffy pink blanket. It’s really very precious that little Miss Lou was born just in time to partake of the Klum-Samuel holiday celebrations … I suspect this year’s holiday season will be the best yet for the family. With the arrival of Lou, their family is finally complete. I doubt Heidi and Seal will be sharing the fun photos with Santa but you can imagine that they are the cutest.

[Photo credit: X17; Source]

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Kevin Federline & Family Does Australian ‘OK!’ Magazine

"I'm totally happy for [Britney]"

Remember how I earlier said that the presence of Britney Spears‘s cute little boys, Sean Preston and Jayden James, make any photoshoot worthwhile? Yeah, well, I was preparing you for this … Kevin Federline and the boys are featured in the new issue of Australian OK! magazine wherein he talks about how happy he is that Britney is in love again. What is most interesting about this interview is that it is the closest thing we’ve gotten thus far to an official confirmation that Britney and her agent/beau Jason Trawick are dating. Here is a cute pic of the boys with K-Fed in his new issue of Aussie OK! and some excerpts from his interview:

Are you happy to see Britney in love again?
Yeah, I’m totally happy for her. That’s all I want… you want your children’s mother to be happy. It’s great.

Are Preston and Jayden showing signs of being little rappers of performers?
They love dancing it’s in their blood. It’s so funny they’ll go around the house and they try to breakdance. They imitate their mother a lot because they’ve been to the shows it’s really funny to watch. I mean they’re kids and they’re like a sponge it’s interesting to watch them come into their own little characters.

You’ve done a lot in your 31 years including dancing for Michael Jackson. What’s your proudest achievement?
For me my children are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Unless you have children you don’t really know. When my daughter was born that was it, I knew that I was gonna have more children. I just knew it. My parents had raised me so well and my whole life completely changed whenever I had children.

When did you first notice the weight creeping up?
A couple of years ago I could tell my metabolism was slowing down and it’s just like my stomach was growing and growing on a daily basis (laughs). Getting’ out of control. We were in Miami a couple of months ago and they [paparazzi] got a picture of me with my shirt off at the pool and when I saw that I was just like, WOW.

Ugh … as grossed out as I am that K-Fed is getting any attention from the press (granted, due to the fame of his children) I think it is nice to see these little boys lookin’ so cute and happy. You can tell these photos were shot on K-Fed‘s recent trip to Australia cuz the boys are rockin’ their buzz hair cuts. It turns out that K-Fed‘s ladyfriend Victoria Prince also mooched her way into this OK! magazine piece. After the jump, check out a photo of K-Fed and his new family … More »

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More Photos Of Britney Spears In ‘Elle’ Magazine

Wanna shag?

Yesterday we got our first look at Britney Spears on the cover of the new issue of Elle magazine (after we got a sneak preview of the mag’s photospread on Tuesday) and today we get to see a few photos from the spread along with the alt cover of the mag that subscribers will be receiving in their mailboxes when the mag arrives:

A decade after her titillating debut in pigtails and a plaid Catholic school skirt, we find ourselves cheering on Britney Spears once again. There have been, of course, speed bumps in recent years—a divorce, feuds with family, a very public breakdown—but the past 12 months have witnessed a cautious yet emphatic comeback. With Circus, her triumphant 2008 album and subsequent world tour, Britney reasserted herself as a pop music ringleader, firmly in control of the spectacle. The album is the star’s fifth to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200—making her the youngest woman to accomplish that feat. And the nearly yearlong tour, with its elaborate $50 million extravaganza featuring DSquared2 costumes (nine outfit changes a night, including Britney as a trapeze artist, a magician’s assistant, and, somewhat perplexingly, a policewoman), was among the highestgrossing concert tours in the United States last year, rivaling those of U2 and Bruce Springsteen. With another greatest-hits record freshly arrived (and a new single, “3,” which raced up the Billboard chart), we see flashes of vintage Brit, the one we love—blond, happy, and back on top. This is no small turnabout. Rare is the artist who can pirouette from teen idolhood to a discerning adult audience; not even Madonna, Britney’s idol, had to do that. But Britney was a teen pop princess who knew how to build an image (the virginal temptress) and sell it through videos (her 1999 breakout “…Baby One More Time”) that nimbly walked the line between sweetness and provocation. Now, at 28, her sound is grittier (as in the throbby 2008 hit “Womanizer”) and her lyrics reveal a confident sexuality. Britney may have sung “I’m not that innocent” on her 2000 single “Oops!…I Did It Again,” but today, there’s no argument, with frank lyrics such as those on “3”: “Merrier the more/ Triple fun that way/ Twister on the floor.” The new track represents Spears’ rekindled partnership with the reclusive Swedish producer Max Martin (Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl”; Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone”), who wrote “…Baby One More Time” but hadn’t worked with the singer in more than seven years.

It turns out that Britney didn’t give Elle a proper interview but the new issue will have a coverstory article that will chronicle Britney‘s great 2009. The mag will also include a bunch of amazing photos that were shot before Britney embarked on her first ever Aussie tour earlier this month. After the jump, check out a few of those photos … More »

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