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Meet Vida Alves McConaughey

'Sup, Bitches!

Earlier this month we learned that Matthew McConaughey and babymama Camila Alves welcomed the birth of their second child, a girl they named Vida Alves, and today Matthew is giving us our FIRST LOOK at their darling little girl:

Introducing Vida Alves McConaughey! Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves share a personal snapshot of their now 3 ½-week-old baby girl on the actor’s Web site. “Here’s a pic of our latest family member Vida Alves McConaughey,” the caption reads. “Thanks for all your well wishes our way, the future’s lookin bright, just keep livin, Matthew and Camila.” Not pictured is big brother Levi, 18 months.

What a darling little girl … what a happy family!! I love this pic. Congrats, again, to the McConaughey-Alves family on the birth of their little girl and much love to them for a long and happy life together. Isn’t Vida just darling?

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Romeo Beckham Shows Off His New Tattoo

Like Father like Son

Romeo James appears to be following in his father David Beckham‘s love of tattoos footsteps. As we all know, Becks is very fond of gettin’ new tattoos … it would seen that his middle son Romeo likes getting new tattoos, too:

With both their father and mother covered in tattoos, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the three Beckham boys followed suit. But at just seven years old, Romeo might have been expected to wait a while longer. David and Victoria’s middle son proudly showed off his new marking on an after-school trip to buy frozen yoghurt with his mother and maternal grandparents yesterday. Of course the indistinct design indicates that the tattoo is a temporary version, easily removed with soap and water and a lot of scrubbing. But his appreciation of tattoos – even the fake kind – might be a bit of a worry, and will surely see him follow in his father’s heavily tattooed footsteps. Footballer David has already admitted that his sons are keen to be inked. ‘One of them said to me recently: “How old do I have to be before I get a my first tattoo.”,’ he revealed. ‘I was like “A lot older than you are now.”‘ David himself has 20 separate pieces of body art, and is said to be keen to completely cover his arms in tattoo ‘sleeves’. The football ace – who is currently on load to AC Milan – was said to have been inspired by Prison Break actor Wentworth Miller’s character, fugitive Michael Scofield.

I have no doubt that Becks‘s sons idolize him, as most sons do of their fathers, so to think that they would love to follow his example seems completely natural. I fully expect at least one of his sons to try their hand at professional soccer and one or more of them to get tattooed at their first opportunity. These little guys are growing up so fast … it won’t be long until we are hearing reports of real tattoos for the Beckham boys.

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Prince Michael & Paris Michael Jackson To Appear At The 2010 Grammy Awards

Princely duty

The late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, will be honored at the Grammy Awards this Sunday night with the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and it has been announced that his eldest children (with mother Debbie Rowe), Prince Michael Joseph and Paris Michael Katherine, will appear on stage to accept the award on his behalf:

Michael Jackson’s two eldest children are scheduled to take the stage this weekend to accept the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award for their father, Jackson family sources said. It would be the first public appearance for Prince Michael, 12, and Paris, 11, since their dramatic appearance at the memorial service 12 days after their father’s death. “The whole world is waiting to see these children blossom,” said Brian Oxman, a lawyer for Joe Jackson. Two sources close to the family said the youngest, 7-year-old Blanket, was not expected to appear, although they suggested that might change. Contrary to some media reports, the sources said there was no plan for the children to sing or dance at the show. The Recording Academy, which presents the Grammy Awards, will honor the late pop star with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Special Merit Awards ceremony Saturday evening in Los Angeles. Video of the presentation is likely to be included in Sunday night’s musical tribute to Jackson during the Grammy telecast, the sources said. While Katherine Jackson, Michael’s mother, is expected to attend, Joe Jackson, his father, decided not to go because of his anger over the behind-the-scenes talks that led to the agreement to have the children accept the award, family sources said. The decision came just this week, after Katherine Jackson, the legal guardian of the children, complained to Grammy producers that no family members had been invited, the Jackson sources said. Two sources in the family said that she was initially told by producers that the estate’s special administrators would decide who would take part in the Jackson tribute. “Can you believe this crap?” one source quoted Joe Jackson as saying when he heard that. The Grammy producers have not responded to a CNN request for comment. A spokesman for the estate administrators said the matter was for Grammy producers to decide.

Aww … poor Blanket. I’m guessing that he’ll be there with his older siblings, too. While I think this is a great opportunity for MJ‘s children to step in on his behalf, you know that Grammy producers just want those kids on stage to attract higher ratings for the show (Oh, and Joe Jackson is an ass). Remember, there will be a tribute portion of the show devoted to Jackson that will be broadcast on TV in 3D. I understand that Target is giving away free 3D glasses for the event. The Grammy Awards air LIVE this Sunday night.


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Hugh Jackman & Ava Eliot Go For A Stroll, A Bite

So Freakin' Cute!

Here are a couple of super, supercute pics of daddy Hugh Jackman taking a stroll with his daughter Ava Eliot in NYC, NY yesterday afternoon. Hugh picked up his little girl from school and decided to grab a bite on the way home:

Hugh‘s sweet attentiveness to his children is such a delight to see. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing this kind of affection from the Jackman fam. I think I like seeing these kinds of pics so much because I remember when my mom used to walk me to school. Hugh Jackman seems like the perfect father, his kids are very lucky :)

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

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Britwick Take The Boys To The Movies

Family Fun Night

After making her appointed appearance in court on Friday afternoon, Britney Spears and her agent/beau Jason Trawick stepped out with her children Sean Preston and Jayden James for a family night at the movies. Here are pics of the fam as they made their way out of a theater showing of The Tooth Fairy:

It is SO lovely to see that Britney and Jason are still happily together, spending as much time as they can as a family for Brit‘s boys. While I find Britwick‘s movie choice dubious at best, I suppose you cannot fault them for picking The Tooth Fairy for the sake of the young’ns. Britwick can see as many crappy films as they like so long as they continue to do so together. Long live, Britwick!!

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Victoria Beckham Flies Home To SoCal To Be With Her Children

Quick turnaround

At the start of last week Victoria Beckham jetted off to the UK to take care of some biz before she made her way to Milan, Italy to meet up with her hubby David Beckham (and to fend off any would-be bulge gropers) later in the week. Today we learn that VB has already made her way back home to LA to be reunited with her children. VB uncharacteristically arrived at LAX Airport wearing ballet flat shoes as opposed to her usual high heel stilettos (!!!) and then she stepped out with her boys — Brooklyn Joseph, Romeo James and Cruz David — for a trip to Whole Foods while wearing baggy jeans (!!!!!) and flip flops (!!!!!!!!!!):

Say whaaaaaaat? Not only is the woman the Queen of transcontinental flying (I don’t know HOW the hell she does it) but this new way of dressing is … interesting. Yes, it appears that VB was not too keen on being seen out and about in baggy jeans and flip flops but still, I’m glad to see her so dressed down. I want to see more of this Vicki B. She may not think she looks fab but I sure do.

[Photo credit: X17]

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Happy 5th Birthday, Chifundo ‘Mercy’ James

Birthday Lurve

Birthday Lurve goes out to Chifundo Mercy James this weekend as the little Miss celebrates her 5th birthday this week. Here are a couple photos from Mercy‘s b-day celebration with her mother Madonna and her brother David Banda earlier this week:

[Madonna] took her five-year-old daughter and her adopted son David, four, to a New York toy shop to celebrate Mercy’s birthday on Thursday. David had been decorated in facepaint, while Mercy was dressed up in a pink tutu, white hat and a Stella McCartney jacket. The design, created for GapKids, is said to be so popular that it sold out of shops in New York just weeks after it was released. But when you are the daughter of one of the world’s biggest superstar, such issues do not seem to be a problem. In contrast, her mother looked a lot more conservative, opting for a black trouser suit and overcoat. However, little Mercy doesn’t seem to have had too much trouble adapting to the jet-set lifestyle she is currently living since moving from her native Malawi seven months ago. She has often been seen dressed head to foot in designer clothes and has dined in the world’s most exclusive restaurants. Reports this week have suggested that the 51-year-old is keen to try for another child with her toyboy lover, Jesus Luz, 22. The singer already has four children, Lourdes, 14, with her former personal trainer Carlos Leon and son Rocco, nine, with ex-husband Guy Ritchie as well as her two adopted African orphans. The US singer has been with Luz for almost 18 months, meeting him during a photo shoot in Brazil shortly after she divorced Ritchie. Madonna performed yesterday at George Clooney’s Hope For Haiti Now benefit concert, which raised more than $30million. The star-studded fundraiser which took place in New York and London also included Bruce Springsteen, Alicia Keys and Stevie Wonder.

What a little doll!! She truly is the prettiest princess of all. I bet Mercy had herself a fabulous birthday this year, no doubt a much more festive one than the little girl is prolly used to from her orphanage days. Mercy is coming up on her 1 year anniversary as Madonna‘s daughter so she’s still got a lot of celebratin’ to look forward to in 2010. Let’s send all our love and birthday wishes to Mercy James today. Happy Birthday, Mercy!

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Jennifer Lopez & The Twins Relax By The Pool

La Diva Mama Latina in full effect

Here are a few supercute photos of Jennifer Lopez, La Diva Latina herself in all her glory, chillin’ with her twin babies — Emme Maribel and Maximillian David — by a pool at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, FL yesterday afternoon. With her head securely wrapped in a bright red babushka and her children all dolled up in their finest finery, J. Lo and the kiddies enjoyed a lovely afternoon poolside:

You gotta love that J. Lo‘s little girl Emme was all diva-ed out in her fabulous sundress and sunglasses and her little man Max was rockin’ a Burberry bathing suit. Fab-u-lous. It’s crazy how quickly these little babies grew up … it seems like just yesterday that they were born and now they’re little kids already. I bet Jennifer Lopez is a fabulous mother … it really looks like a fun time was had by all.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

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Tiger Woods’s Kids Enjoy A Day At Sea World

With aunt Josefin NOT mama Elin

While embattled papa Tiger Woods is reportedly holed up in a sex rehab clinic in Mississippi, his children — Sam Alexis and Charlie Axel — spent the day yesterday with their aunt Josefin Lonnborg (who is an identical twin of her sister Elin Nordegren) having a grand ol’ time as if they didn’t have a care in the (sea) world … behold:

Sam and Charlie Woods were spotted at the marine mammal park with their aunt, Josefin Lonnborg, who is their mom Elin’s twin sister, in town visiting from Europe. “The family took a tour of Sea World that lasted for a couple hours,” a source tells PEOPLE. “They had a wonderful time, everyone was laughing and enjoying the park.” Sam, 2, and Charlie, 11 months, looked happy as they fed the animals then watched the popular “Believe” show starring Shamu the Killer Whale. A couple of weeks ago, the children and their mother Elin temporarily moved into a friend’s home in Windermere, Fla., not far from the Woods family estate. “The house is beautiful and they seem to enjoy being there for now,” a source in Orlando tells PEOPLE.

With all the insane family drama going on between Tiger and Elin, it’s fortuitous that the kids are still young enough to A.) not really understand what is going on and B.) be distracted with stuff like this to keep them occupied and away from the drama. Sam and Charlie are so cute … it’s nice that they can get away from everything with auntie Josefin when their mother is bizzy elsewhere. I’m sure Sam knows the difference but I wonder if Charlie has a hard time recognizing his mother from her twin sister.

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Honor Marie Is All Growed Up

Lil' tyke

Here are a few really cute pics of once-baby-now-toddler Honor Marie chillin’ at a local park here in SoCal with her parents Jessica Alba and Cash Warren yesterday afternoon. I am *amazed* at how big Honor has gotten. Wasn’t she just a cute little baby like 10 minutes ago and now she’s big enough to be runnin’ around the park like this? When did that happen?

I mean, it seems just like yesterday that little Miss Honor was innocently flipping off her middle finger to the paparazzi and now she’s a big kid. Crazy. It’s nice to see the Alba-Warren family enjoying a nice day at the park together like this … they look really happy. Honor looks so much like her mommy … I just love these photos :)

[Photo credit: X17]

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