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Heidi Klum & Seal Show Off Their Newborn Baby Girl

Lou Sulola makes her debut on &

As you may recall, Heidi Klum and hubby Seal welcomed the birth of their baby girl Lou Sulola last month but up until now the family has kept the little darling under wraps. and have just been updated with a whole slew of new family photos that FINALLY introduce little Lou to the world:

Heidi Klum has debuted new daughter Lou to the world, and just like her supermodel mother, the camera already loves her. The Victoria’s Secret star and singer husband Seal today released the first pictures of their adorable seven-week-old on their official websites. Little Lou Sulola is seen resting gently on her mother’s chest and in another frame, the newborn sleeps peacefully on Heidi’s tummy while surround by her siblings Johan, 2, Henry, 4, and Leni, 5. Another intimate black and white portrait shows Lou in the arms of her doting father. The photographs were posted along with Seal’s song A Fathers Way, an emotional ode to his family. A statement on Heidi’s website read: ‘She is beautiful beyond words and we are happy that she chose us to watch her grow over the coming years. ‘From the moment she looked into both of our eyes it was endless love at first sight.’

What a precious little girl … she is an absolute doll and she is the spitting image of her beautiful mother!! After the jump, check out three more photos of little Lou Sulola and her family — Mama Heidi, Daddy Seal and sister & brothers Leni, Henry and JohanMore »

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Suri Holmes-Cruise Gets Her Boots On

Struts her stuff

Here are a few cute photos of the little doll, Suri Holmes-Cruise, out and about with her mama Katie Holmes in NYC over the weekend. As you can see, Suri was rockin’ a pair of vivid bright green rubber boots for the occasion … behold:

Maybe Katie Holmes decided the close call last week was enough to put an end to her daughter wearing footwear made for grown-ups? Or maybe the recent change in the weather convinced her that wellingtons were a more practical option? Whatever the reason it was good to see that, after several outings in less-than-sensible shoes recently, Suri Cruise finally stepped out in footwear more accustomed to a child of her age. The three-year-old upped the cuteness stakes in a pair of bright green wellington boots adorned with a fairy print, complete with obligatory wings across the toes. Pictured on a shopping trip to New York’s Soho district with her mother Katie Holmes, Suri was the epitome of cute with a matching rucksack to go with her girly boots and a dark blue party dress. Katie went for an autumnal look for the Big Apple trip, wearing a double-breasted brown jacket, jeans and brown leather boots.

Suri is so cute in these photos, I guess I can almost forgive the little robot for continuing to steal my heart with her adorableness. These rubber boots are just the best … I love how bright and fun they are. Katie Holmes, on the other hand, looks dour, spent and sad as usual … poor thing. At least little Suri seems to be having a blast with her ensemble. Sooo cute!!

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin; Source]

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Victoria Beckham Bonds With Her Boys Over Frozen Yogurt

In ridiculously high heels

Victoria Beckham, who visited an underprivileged school in Kentucky with her eldest son Brooklyn Joseph last week before jetting off to the UK for some biz affairs, spent part of her weekend with all three of her boys — including Romeo James and Cruz David — on a visit to a frozen yogurt place here in SoCal … and homegirl was wearing death defying high heeled shoes, y’all:

It’s a scene most mothers will be able to identify with: Messy hair, dirty clothes and unruly children. So it’s reassuring to know life for A list celebrities is no different – apart from the five-inch designer heels, of course. Upon returning to Los Angeles from London, Victoria Beckham decided to treat Cruz, four, Romeo, seven and Brooklyn, 10, to a visit to Yogurtland in North Hollywood on Friday. But poor Posh wasn’t having much luck controlling the trio. Cruz was especially unruly, pulling faces at the waiting paparazzi and generally misbehaving for his mum. As if this wasn’t enough to contend with, the fashionista had stepped out without her hair being styled, wearing large black sunglasses and with a stain on the left knee of her light grey trousers. Clearly it had not been an easy day for the mother-of-three … En route to the store, which sells frozen yoghurt, Cruz was given a telling off by the former Spice Girl after he had a tantrum. First he pulled faces at the passers by, before pulling Victoria, 35, in the opposite direction to which they were heading. In behaviour typical to most four-year-olds, he then falls to the floor – much to Victoria’s annoyance. She pulls him up, then lowers herself to his level to give him a quiet talking to before buying the youngsters their favourite flavours at Yogurtland. But it was then back to his unruly ways for Cruz, as Victoria tried to lift him into their Range Rover for the ride home. He squirmed while she struggled to carry his weight while wearing her towering shoes.

Hahahahaha … I love the dramatics of this report … making it sound like Cruz was an unruly hellion that drove his mother mad. He prolly was a bit fussy but I doubt it was as big a scene as this report would have us believe. I can’t get over VB‘s crazy heels. I mean, I know she wears these sky-high things all the time but they just look extra precarious in these pics. I guess an outfit like this is de rigueur for an überstylish celeb mom … tantrums or no, Vicki B‘s gotta represent.

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin, Splash News; Source]

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Britney Spears Embarks On Final Leg Of Her Aussie Tour

Home Stretch

Britney Spears and her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James, who earlier this week spent a lovely playday in a park together, boarded a plane leaving Sydney, Australia bound for Brisbane for the final leg of her first ever Aussie tour. Here are a few pics of Brit and the boys on their way out of town:

After her 3 shows in Brisbane, Britney plays one more show in Melbourne and one show in Adelaide and then she is OUTTA there. For the most part, I think Britney‘s Aussie tour has been a success but the early controversy (that just won’t end) very likely soured her to Oz. My guess is that Britney prolly won’t be touring there again for a very long time, if ever again … which sucks her for very loyal and steadfast Aussie fans. She’s in the home stretch now … all y’all folks down under who still have the opportunity to see her live should see her live. It may be y’all last chance.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

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Sean Preston & Jayden James Enjoy A Playground Playdate In Sydney


Britney Spears is still doing her thing down in Australia where she is touring the country for the first time ever and, thankfully, her young children Sean Preston and Jayden James are still down under with her. Here are a few adorable photos of Sean P. and JJ enjoying a fun day together at a playground in Sydney, Aus:

I love these pics … Jayden looks like he was really enjoying the slide and Sean just looked like he was big pimpin’. I guess playa’s gotta play. I cannot even tell you how much I hope these little boys grow up happy and secure … and not at all like their parents. Don’t even get me started on Kevin Federline‘s influence but I’d also hate for these little guys to lose their childhood at an early age like Britney did. It looks like they are having the time of their young lives right now … I hope that remains the case for many, many years to come.

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

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David Beckham Plays Football With His Sons

American football, that is

David Beckham spent some quality time with his sons Brooklyn Joseph, Romeo James and Cruz David here in SoCal this week playing some sports with his boys … but the Beckham men weren’t interested in playing soccer … they were more interested in playing a more traditionally American sport — football:

It seems David Beckham’s sons are well on there way to becoming all-American boys. Cruz, four, and Romeo, seven, and Brooklyn, nine, who now call Los Angeles home, were seen enjoying a game of American football yesterday. The little trio were in good spirits as they wrestled for the ball and at one stage Cruz lead an impromptu game of baseball. David was forced to coach from the sidelines after he twisted his ankle during a LA Galaxy match against Chivas USA last week. But sources say the star is wearing a medical boot as a precaution, and is expected to recover in time for the biggest game of his U.S. football career this weekend. His team is set to face Real Salt Lake in the final of the MLS Cup on Sunday in Seattle. Prior to Beckham’s injury, the team had been favourites to win the championship and it would be their first accolade since he joined the club three seasons ago.

Now, y’all know that I love any pics of Becks (or any dad for that matter) spending quality time with his kids but these photos are just too much. I love that the Beckham boys really do look like all American kids playing with their dad, who just so happens to be an international soccer star. The Beckham boys played more than just football with their dad yesterday — they also engaged a little in America’s favorite past time sport — check out those photos after the jump … More »

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Camila Alves & Levi Enjoy A Playdate On The Playground

Bump Watch

Here are a few supercute pics of mama Camila Alves and her first born son Levi Alves enjoying a playdate together on a playground here in SoCal yesterday afternoon … as you can tell, Camila‘s baby bump filled with more spawn of Matthew McConaughey‘s spooge continues to grow every day:

I love little Levi … he is so cute … but Mama Alves needs to start dressing the little guy better. These clothes are too big for him, they make him look like a tiny little man walking around instead of an adorable little boy. You know, I’m not sure that better fitting clothing would actually make Levi look less like a little man, actually … he’s just one of those babies. But anyways … Camila‘s baby bump looks like it’s coming along nicely … it won’t be too long until she pops again. I’m thinkin’ she and Matthew will have a little girl this time around … yes?

[Photo credit: Splash News]

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Nicole Richie Has Been Hospitalized!

She came down with a nasty bout of pneumonia

Oh no! It is being reported that Nicole Richie, mother of Harlow Winter Kate and Sparrow James Midnight, has admitted herself to the hospital after coming down with a case of pneumonia! This far there are no deets on her condition, all we know is that she has been admitted and is “doing well”:

Nicole Richie has checked herself into a Los Angeles hospital. A representative for Richie [says], “Nicole has checked into Ceders Sinai where she is being treated for pneumonia. She is doing well.” Earlier this week, a Los Angeles judge has granted Richie a permanent restraining order against two celebrity photographers who she says are harassing her. Richie, 28, appeared at the court hearing Monday afternoon accompanied by her rocker partner, Joel Madden. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Carol Boas Goodson approved Richie’s petition for a three year restraining order against the paparazzi. Two weeks ago, the actress was granted a temporary restraining order after her Range Rover was rear ended at a Beverly Hills intersection, according to police. The reality T.V. actress was hurt in the crash that took place at the intersection of Wilshire Boulevard and Canon Drive on October 5th. Richie says the driver of that car, Edwardo Arrivabene, 29, and another photographer, Ivon Emilio Melo Miguel continue to follow her and her children in an attempt to take pictures of them. Arrivabene was arrested after the crash and was booked for driving without a license. His car was also impounded. Arrivabene told KTLA that he and Miguel were entirely to blame for the accident and they were sorry. He also said that he planned to pay for any and all damages. He said the crash happened when Arrivabene tried to pick up a camera that had fallen to the floor of the car. According to Richie’s court filing, the men “scream at the reality show actress” in an attempt to get a reaction from her. She says she is frightened by the harassment and is in fear for her own safety and the safety of her children. Judge Goodson granted the orders against Arrivabene and Miguel who agreed to stay 50 yards away from Richie. Miguel apologized and said he would not take pictures of her if she didn’t want him to. Both Richie and Madden say they don’t want either man to take pictures of them anymore. Judge Goodson said she was concerned about impeding the photographers’ First Amendment rights to take pictures, but issued the order after both men said they would abide by the ruling. Richie and Madden, have two children. Sparrow James Midnight Madden was born in September and Harlow turns 2 in January.

While I’m certain that Nicole‘s legal woes are not to blame for her sudden illness I can imagine that the upsetting state of having to go to court to deal with all of this drama has been a drain on her mentally and physically. I understand that pneumonia can be pretty brutal so I wish her a speedy and full recovery. Here’s hoping Nicole‘s stay in the hospital will be a relaxing and short one. Get well soon, Nicole!!

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

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Michael Jackson’s Children Learn How To Fly At Universal Studios

Up, Up and Away!

All of Michael Jackson‘s children — Prince Michael Joseph, Prince Michael Joesph II aka Blanket and Paris Michael Katherine (not pictured) along with Omer Bhatti (MJ‘s long-rumored secret love child) — were on hand for a day of fun and frivolity at the Universal Studios theme park here in LA, CA over the weekend. Here are photos of the Jackson kiddies learning how to fly at the iFly ride:

I find it SO INTERESTING that Omer Bhatti is still hanging around the legitimate MJ kids … so many months after MJ‘s death. I understand that Omer has been in SoCal since MJ‘s untimely death in June and has been treated just like one of MJ‘s kids ever since. I’ve been pretty convinced for some time now that Omer is actually MJ‘s child … this only solidifies that belief. It’s just a shame that MJ wasn’t able to claim and spend as much time with Omer as he did with his other children when he was alive. At least now, all of MJ‘s kids can be together at all times from here on out. He really has become a bona fide member of the Jackson family.

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

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Britney Spears, Jason Trawick & Her Sons Enjoy Sydney Harbor

Who's your daddy?

All week long we’ve been seeing cute pics of Britney Spears with her sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, seemingly having the time of their lives with her agent/beau Jason Trawick down under in Australia. Today we get to see another batch of fun family photos of Britwick playing with the kiddies in Sydney Harbor in Sydney, AUS. As you can see from the following photos, Jason is fitting in very nicely in the daddy role:

It’s very clear that Jason, whatever his relationship is with their mother, loves and cares for Britney‘s sons and seems to do everything he can to stabilize their young lives. He really does look a fine daddy for those little boys. I still contend that Britney is enjoying the fruits of their relationship as well … here’s hoping that we get to see a lot more of Britwick and their familial bonding for many, many years to come.

[Photo credit: Splash News, INFdaily]

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