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The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Announce The Due Date For Their Second Child


Catherine, Duchess of Crambridge, I feel for ya! Whenever a due date is announced (unless you've been concealing your pregnancy for, say, 7 months or so) it always sounds light years away. A full-term pregnancy is not 9 months folks. It's 10 months. 40 long weeks, which I imagine feel even longer when you're on ...

Zoe Saldana Is Expecting Twin Boys, Wants You To Call Her ‘Sexy’


Zoe Saldana is finally opening up about her pregnancy a bit, and we've got some fun new details today. We recently learned that the actress is expecting twins, and she's been baby bumping all over the place (and looking pretty amazing whilst doing so). Apparently, she's been having some cravings lately, and not for food. ...