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JC Chasez Will Sing At Lance Bass’s Wedding, Justin Timberlake Still Won’t Attend

He is signing the couple's first dance song

Last week we learned that almost all the members of *NSync will be attending Lance Bass‘s wedding to Michael Turchin this weekend — all except for the most famous member of the group, Justin Timberlake. Today we learn that nothing has changed in regards to JT‘s absence from the wedding ceremony but we do learn that Lance‘s BFF and fellow *NSync-er JC Chasez will have a special role in Lance and Michael‘s big day. JC has been tapped to be the wedding singer at the reception … which is great because I’m certain Chasez could use the work ;) More »

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Watch: Justin Timberlake & Jay Z Performed ‘Holy Grail’ In Concert In Brooklyn, NY Last Night

BFFs together again

Over the weekend, Justin Timberlake and Jay Z helped Taylor Swift celebrate her 25th birthday at her star-studded party in NYC. Last night, JT played a show at Barclay Center in Brooklyn, NY and wouldn’t you know it … he brought out his BFF Jay to perform on stage with him during the concert performance. Justin provides guest vocals on Jay‘s song Holy Grail but Jay came out as the guest performer during Timberlake‘s show last night so … it was nothing but love all the way around. Click the embed above to watch Jay and Justin perform their song Holy Grail together in front of a massive audience of screaming and ecstatic fans and see what you missed by not being there in person last night.

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Taylor Swift Celebrated Her 25th Birthday With Beyoncé, Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, Sam Smith & Charli XCX


In case you weren’t aware, today is Taylor Swift‘s 25th birthday and homegirl was the main attraction at a birthday party that was held in her honor in NYC last night. Along with the usual randos who tend to finale a way into these sorts of events, Taylor was fêted by a group of famous friends that included Beyoncé, Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, Charli XCX and more. Apparently, every celebrity within a 50 mile radius of Manhattan attended Taylor‘s soirée last night … which resulted in a bunch of fun photobooth photos. More »

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The Cast Of MTV’s ‘Laguna Beach’ Celebrated Their 10 Year High School Reunion This Weekend

But, really, only LC and Lo showed up UPDATE

The cast of MTV‘s reality TV series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County got together in Laguna Beach, CA this weekend to celebrate their 10 year high school reunion together. High School reunions tend to take place over the Thanksgiving weekend because there is a stronger liklihood that folks will return home for the holiday. BFFs Lauren LC Conrad and Lauren Lo Bosworth were among the Laguna Beach High School Class of 2004 that came home for the reunion … but they were really the only alums of note worth mentioning who attended. Stephen Coletti was a no-show and Kristin Cavallari graduated with the Class of 2005 so her 10 year reunion is next year … the Laguna Beach reunion was really just a LC & Lo reunion. UPDATE: It turns out that a couple of Laguna Beach guys were in attendance as well … More »

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Watch: Jennifer Aniston & Lisa Kudrow Hurled Curse Words At Each Other For Fun On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Last Night

'Celebrity Curse Off'
"This is like 'Family Feud'"

Jennifer Aniston paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote her new movie Horrible Bosses 2 and was invited to play a game of Celebrity Curse Off against her real life BFF and Friends co-star Lisa Kudrow. If you’ve ever wanted to see Jennifer and Lisa hurl hilariously creative curse words at one another, then this video is for you. Please enjoy.

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FIRST LOOK: My Friend Darion Lowenstein Is Looking For LURVE In His New Reality Show ‘Friends To Lovers?’

"Is Darion always like this in a relationship?"
"I date more like a straight woman than a gay man"

I am SO excited to see that Bravo has announced that my BFF Darion Lowenstein will appear in a dating reality TV show/dating experiment/docu-series on Bravo in January called Friends To Lovers? and today we get to see the first footage of the show in the *just released* first trailer embedded above. Friends To Lovers? follows various pairs of real-life friends as they explore the possibility that their friendships might turn into love affairs. Darion and his friend Charley Walters were selected to appear on this show together and for a few months, they embarked on an adventure to see if true love can bloom from their years long friendship. Click the embed above to watch the trailer for Friends To Lovers? then click below to learn more about this fun new reality TV show that is debuting on Bravo on January 12. More »

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James Van Der Beek & Joshua Jackson Accidentally Staged A Mini-’Dawson’s Creek’ Reunion


Actors James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson ran into one another a couple of days ago and accidentally staged an unexpected Dawson’s Creek reunion … so they had to snap a photo and share the momentous occasion with the rest of the world. This is the caption that James wrote for this photo on his official Instagram profile:

The most pleasant run-ins can happen in the most unexpected places…

We don’t know, exactly, this unexpected run-in took place but I’m sure glad the guys were nice enough to let the rest of us enjoy the moment as well :D Until a full-fledged Dawson’s Creek reunion really takes place, this photo will have to do.

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After Diplo Attacked Taylor Swift On Twitter, Lorde Shut Him Down Like A Boss

Praise the Lorde

Music producer Diplo, who has been working with Madonna on her new album in recent months, decided to launch an attack on Taylor Swift on his official Twitter profile yesterday by calling her out for not having a “booty”. He inspired one of his fans to create a Go Fund Me account to raise money for Taylor Swift to “get a booty”. In response to this juvenile behavior, Taylor‘s new BFF Lorde decided to step in and SHUT DIPLO DOWN by calling him out for having a “tiny penis” … which, I have to say, has to be the final word in this childish Twitter feud. LOL! More »

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Janet Jackson Surfaces In Dubai For The First Time In A Year And A Half

JJ Lives

On Hallowe’en Day we learned that Beyoncé dressed up as Janet Jackson circa the Rhythm Nation 1814 era (with Blue Ivy dressed as Beat It era Michael Jackson) and as if by some act of the gods, Janet herself made a rare public appearance that very same night at an event in Dubai. As you may recall, Janet married billionaire Wissam Al Mana back in 2012 and since then, she’s probably appeared in public twice. But on October 31, JJ looked FIERCE as she walked the red carpet of the Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience. Have a look below and see how fabulous Janet Jackson looks these days. More »

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All Hallows Eve In NYC

The TV Guide

Hallowe’en in NYC was so much fun yesterday, I don’t even know where to begin. I guess I’ll just rattle off all of the fun stuff that my friends and I got up to in an effort to adequately describe how fun my day was. Before any of the Hallowe’en fun got started, I made my way to the NYC Marathon Expo to pick up my race bib and shirt for the big race tomorrow morning. Then I met up with Sarah and Mark in the city so that we could do a bit of shopping in SoHo before we returned home to get ready for the Hallowe’en fun ahead. We had PLANNED on meeting up with Shannon and our NEW PITNB intern Iris but the damn West Village Hallowe’en Parade LITERALLY got in our way. We ended out the night at a party with my friend Michael and his friends … OH and then late night eats after midnight at a great little greasy spoon in Brooklyn. Ah, the life. More »