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Jay Z Joins Instagram, Posts His First & Last Photo, Quits 14 Hours Later

Blink and you missed it

The normally social media reclusive rapper Jay Z jointed Instagram yesterday for the first time so that he could give a birthday shout out to the late Michael Jackson (who would’ve turned 57 years old yesterday on August 29). In honor of MJ‘s birthday, Jay shared a couple photos of the two of them back in the day, posing awkwardly. The caption that Jay shared with the photo suggested that his first Instagram post might be his last … which turned out to be true because after the post was online for about 14 hours, the entire Instagram account was deleted. Click below to see what you missed if you didn’t get the chance to see Jay Z‘s first/only Instagram post. More »

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Watch: Taylor Swift Performed ‘You Oughta Know’ With Alanis Morissette In Concert Last Night

She also performed 'Goodbye Earl' with Natalie Maines & 'Style' with Ellen DeGeneres
Girl Power

Taylor Swift performed her third of five sold-out performances at the Staples Center here in LA last night and as she has on every tour stop of The 1989 World Tour, she brought a few special guests on stage with her. Last night, she invited Alanis Morissette, Natalie Maines of The Dixie Chicks and Ellen DeGeneres on stage as her surprise guests for a set of really fun performances. As you can see in the embed above, Taylor performed You Oughta Know with Alanis Morissette last night. You can click below to watch video of Taylor performing the Dixie Chicks song Goodbye Earl with Natalie Maines and Style with Ellen DeGeneres. More »

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Jennifer Aniston Did NOT Invite Matthew Perry Or Matt LeBlanc To Her Wedding

"It was a surprise to me ... I wasn't invited"

Jennifer Aniston and her beau Justin Theroux managed to pull off a surprise wedding ceremony here in LA last week and, as you may recall, we heard that Jen invited her Friends friends to celebrate her special day. Today, tho, we learn that Jen didn’t actually invite all of her Friends friends … in fact, she failed to invite any of her male Friends friends to her wedding. People magazine caught up with actors Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing) and Matt LeBlanc (Joey Tribbiani) this week and asked them about Jen‘s nuptials last week and learned that neither one was invited to the wedding ceremony (it is not yet known if David Schwimmer [Ross Geller] was invited but I’m pretty sure he didn’t attend) — in spite of the fact that both Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow were invited and did attend the wedding (Courteney, you know, was the Maid of Honor). Both Matthew and Matt had nice things to say about Jen and Justin, even if they were excluded from sharing in their wedding ceremony last week. Awww. More »

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Newlyweds Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Are Honeymooning In Bora Bora

Plus, find out who was Maid of Honor & Best Man at their wedding

Yesterday we learned the happy yet totally unconfirmed news that longtime couple Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux got married in a surprise wedding ceremony in their home in Bel Air, CA on Wednesday night. Today we learn that the couple has already made their way to Bora Bora for their honeymoon and we learn new details about their secret wedding ceremony. A very blurry photo of the newlyweds was snapped once they arrived in Bora Bora so it looks like their married life will carry on much the same that their dating life has been. Additionally, we learn that one of Jen‘s Friends friends served as her Maid of Honor while Justin‘s tattoo artist BFF was his best man. Read all about it below. More »

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Zayn Malik & Naughty Boy Are Likely Dunzo After He Called The Producer A ‘Fat Joke’ On Twitter

"stop pretending we're friends"

Welp, it would seem that the bromance that grew between former boybander Zayn Malik and producer Shahid Naughty Boy Khan has come to an end in the wake of a couple of tweets posted by Zayn on his official Twitter profile calling out Naughty as a “faker” (among other colorful things). As you may recall, Zayn decided to leave One Direction in an attempt at a solo career with Naughty Boy in his corner. There have been a few months of odd behavior on Zayn‘s part and new music leaks supposedly on Naughty Boy‘s part … which, it would appear, caused Zayn to lash out publicly at his former BFF. As you can read below, Zayn is these days referring to Naughty as a “fat joke” who “ain’t shit” but is a “faker”. HMMM. Yeah, I’m gonna guess that these two have had a falling out … which MIGHT suggest that Zayn is no longer interested in being a solo star and MIGHT be interested in getting back with his 1D boyband mates. HMMM. More »

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Taylor Swift Hung Out With The Cast Of ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ In Montreal

Mutants in Concert

San Diego Comic-Con, the biggest comic-con in the world, gets underway today here in SoCal but because Taylor Swift is currently on tour, it looks like she is going to miss out on all the fun at SDCC this year. Fortunately for her, she managed to enjoy a smaller comic-con backstage at her concert stop in Montreal, Quebec last night. Members of the cast of X-Men: Apocalypse (including producer Simon Kinberg) made their way to Taylor‘s concert last night and posed for a fun photo backstage … which Taylor promptly shared on her official Instagram profile … which you can see below. More »

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Nick Jonas & Ed Sheeran Have Joined In On Taylor Swift’s 4th Of July Holiday House Party Fun

Two More Roosters in the Hen House

Yesterday we saw a few photos from Taylor Swift and boyfriend Calvin Harris‘s 4th of July Holiday House Party which is taking place this weekend at a country home in New England … and today we get to see more photos. Taylor‘s BFFs Ed Sheeran and Nick Jonas wanted in on the fun and made their way to Taylor‘s place to partake in the Independence Day celebration. A cake was made and eaten, fireworks were exploded and lots of bonding took place all over … Taylor really knows how to whoop it up with her friends and family. More »

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This Is How Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris & All Of Her Friends Are Celebrating The 4th Of July

"Friendly relations"

Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Calvin Harris have made their way out to her New England country home with a gaggle of her closest BFFs to celebrate the 4th of July weekend together and as you can see below, the couple have been doing an excellent job of sharing their fun with all the world on Instagram. It all got started when Calvin shared a photo of “his girl” grillin’ some meat on the BBQ. Then Taylor shared a really cute photo of her riding piggyback on her shirtless hunk of a man … and the fun just took off from there. Click below to see these fun 4th of July photos and see how Taylvin and their “Swan Squad” are celebrating the birth of our nation this Independence Day weekend. More »

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Caitlyn Jenner Celebrated NYC Pride With Her ‘Powerful’ BFFs


Earlier today we saw photos of Caitlyn Jenner making her first public appearance at an event in NYC over Pride Weekend and right now we get to see another photo, this time from Caitlyn herself. Jenner posted a new photo on her social media accounts of her and group of friends celebrating Pride together. Included in this collection of what Caitlyn refers to as “powerful trans women” are actress/singer Candis Cayne and model Geena Rocero. Click below to see the photo of Cailtyn and her BFFs. More »

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Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Went On A Double Date With Joe Jonas & Gigi Hadid

Karlie Klass 5th Wheeled

Earlier this month, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris shared their first personal photo together confirming once-and-for-all that they are so in lurve with another. This weekend, Taylvin shared another cute photo of the two of them on a double date with rumored-no-more lovebirds Joe Jonas and Gigi Hadid. The foursome spent part of their weekend boating around London with BFF Karlie Kloss acting as “unofficial historian/London tour guide”. As you can see below in the photo shared by Taylor on her official Instagram profile, Taylor and Calvin got all cozied up for the snap. Apparently, this is the stuff dreams are made of. Behold. More »

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