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Jared Leto Thinks That Jennifer Lawrence’s Clumsy Behavior Is ‘A Bit Of An Act’

"You know, I'm starting to wonder"

After she famously fell during the Academy Awards telecast last year and then again on the Oscars red carpet this year, some people are starting to believe that Jennifer Lawrence‘s clumsy/stumbly behavior is not genuine. Chief among the folks who believe J. Law‘s behavior to be an act is Jared Leto, who has gotten to spend a lot of time around Jennifer during awards season this year. In new comments made by Leto, he makes clear that he is suspicious of Jennifer‘s clumsy behavior. More »

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Watch: Blue Ivy Provides Guest Vocals On Beyoncé’s Grammy Awards Rehearsal Of ‘Drunk In Love’

Blue sings the cutest 'Surfbort' you'll ever hear

Remember early last month when we got to see that collection of Beyoncé photos that were snapped during rehearsals for the Grammy Awards this year? Yeah, well, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Video of Bey‘s Grammy Awards rehearsal has made its way online that is just TOO ADORABLE for its own good. Bey performs Drunk in Love in its entirety (with a guy standing in for Jay Z) and at the end of the video, we can hear Blue Ivy singing Surfbort!!!!! And if that wasn’t cute enough, Blue also offers up a Hi, Mommy as well. People, prepare do die from cuteness overload. More »

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Andrew Garfield Refutes That He Bailed On Batkid At The Oscars, Claims They Are BFFs

Spider-Man <3 Batkid

Earlier today the New York Post published a story claiming that Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield bailed on appearing during the Academy Awards telecast with Miles Scott (aka that adorable Batkid who enjoyed an epic Make-A-Wish dream come true in San Francisco last year) due to his alleged diva behavior. Honestly, I had a hard time believing the story but these days, it’s not always easy to know what to believe. In response to the NYPost story, Andrew Garfield is denying that he bailed on Batkid and, instead, places the blame on the Oscar producers. According to Garfield, he and Batkid are BFFs … which is a story that I would much rather believe. More »

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The Nominations For The 2014 MTV Movie Awards Have Been Announced

'The Wolf of Wall Street' & 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' lead the pack

Yesterday we learned that late night talk show host Conan O’Brien has signed on to host the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, set to take place LIVE on MTV on April 13. Today we learn which actors, movies and movie moments have been nominated for MTV‘s Golden Popcorn trophy for excellence in filmmaking … well, maybe not excellence but you get my drift. The Leonardo DiCaprio-led movie The Wolf of Wall Street has been nominated for 8 awards while the Jennifer Lawrence-led movie The Hunger Games: Catching Fire managed to secure 7 nominations. Click below to read the full list of 2014 MTV Movie Award noms and see if your fave actors/movies/movie moments are in contention this year for MTV awards. More »

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Conan O’Brien Will Host The 2014 MTV Movie Awards

Yay Coco!

Late night talk show host/funnyman Conan O’Brien has signed on to play host of the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, set to air LIVE on MTV on April 13. For the first time ever, Coco will help MTV hand out movie awards honoring categories like Best Scared-As-S**t Moment, Best Musical Moment, #WTF Moment, Best On-Screen Duo, Best Fight, Best Shirtless Performance and, of course, Best Movie. Click below to learn more deets about Conan‘s upcoming gig as MTV Movie Awards host and make your plans now to spend the night of April 13 with everyone’s favorite ginger comedian (next to Carrot Top). More »

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Liza Minnelli Was Too Short To Make It In That Super Celebrity Oscar Selfie

Sorry, Liza :(

So, remember that epic super celebrity selfie that Ellen DeGeneres snapped along with Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Lupita Nyong’o, Meryl Streep, et al. during the Academy Awards telecast last night? Well, it turns out that another big name celeb tried to get in on the selfie fun but she was too short to make it in the photo. As you can see below, Liza Minnelli tried to get in the photo but … alas, she was too short to be seen. More »

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Here Are The Oscar Winners From The 2014 Academy Awards

And the Oscar goes to ...

Earlier today we saw some photos from the red carpet arrivals from the 2014 Academy Awards last night but right now, let’s take another look at which movies and actors walked home with Oscars last night night. This morning I posted video of Lupita Nyong’o delivering her emotionally powerful acceptance speech when she won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her work in 12 Years a Slave — so she was definitely my fave win of the night — but the gallery presented here features some of the other folks who won Oscars last night. I was very happy that Cate Blanchett won for Best Actress, Matthew McConaughey won for Best Actor and Jared Leto won for Best Supporting Actor … but other than Lupita‘s win, my favorite win of the night was 12 Years a Slave‘s win for Best Picture. Click thru the gallery to see photos taken from the Oscar press room then click below to see the full list of 2014 Academy Award winners. More »

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Here Are The Selfie Photos That Ellen DeGeneres Took During The 2014 Academy Awards

Sponsored by Samsung

Oscar host Ellen DeGeneres, in an attempt at “keeping it real” during the Academy Awards, did a few comedy bits last night where she took selfie photos on her Samsung Galaxy smartphone that she immediately shared with her legion of followers on Twitter. Near the start of the show, Ellen took a selfie of herself looking out over the assembled Oscars audience. Then, in an attempt to set a world record for the most retweeted image ever, she gathered together a group of actors (and Luptia Nyong’o‘s non-actor brother Peter) for the greatest selfie of all time, and shared it with the world. Finally, she snapped a very unflattering selfie photo with Liza Minneli (who always looks drunk) lookin’ drunk. It was the Selfie Oscars, y’all! Click below to see the selfie photos that Ellen snapped last night. More »

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Here Are Some Of The Best Looks On The 2014 Academy Awards Red Carpet

Highs and Low

The biggest names in Tinseltown made an appearance at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, CA last night to attend the 2014 Academy Awards. While the main reason to attend the Academy Awards is to honor achievement in film, the second biggest reason to attend the Oscars is to show off the hottest fashion looks of the awards season. There were a lot of great looks on the red carpet this year … and while there were some misses (Pharrell, I love you but I’m talking to you and those ill-chosen shorts), for the most part everyone looked great. I did have some issues with Kerry Washington‘s dress (which looked more like a wrinkled satin bed sheet than a flattering Oscar dress) but since she’s only milliseconds from giving birth, I’m willing to let her slide ;) Lupita Nyong’o, of course, was my fave look of the night … but Charlize Theron and Sandra Bullock looked amazing as well. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie nailed it again, but they always look great so they were no big surprise. Click thru the gallery presented here to see some of the Oscar looks from last night’s show. Who was your fave? Who was your least fave?

[Photo credit: WENN]

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Watch: Lupita Nyong’o Accepts The Best Supporting Actress Oscar At The 2014 Academy Awards

The ONLY Oscar that Mattered
"No matter where you're from, your dreams are valid"

Actress Lupita Nyong’o, who has become a personal favorite to a great many people the world over this awards season, was awarded the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress at the 2014 Academy Awards last night. Altho I don’t have a personal stake in Oscar winners, I couldn’t help but hold very strong feelings about Lupita‘s nomination because from the first moment I saw her performance in 12 Years a Slave last year, I knew that she was the ONLY actor who 100% deserved to win an Academy Award this year. Yes, there are many other very deserving actors out there but Lupita, for me, was the only actor that mattered this year. I held my breath as her category was announced and I literally jumped out of my seat when she was announced as the winner. Click the video embedded above to watch Lupita Nyong’o deliver her acceptance speech at the Academy Awards last night (in case you missed it, her speech was utterly flawless) and then click below to see a few photos of a very happy Lupita posing with her Oscar last night. More »

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