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Oscars And ‘Elle’ Awards: 10 Must See Celebrity Red Carpet Looks Of The Week

Slayage from Emma, Lupita, Rebel, and more!

This year’s Academy Awards red carpet was one of my favorites. The celebrities came out in true Hollywood glam, and Felicity Jones is still my pick for best dressed… I think. The Elle Style Awards also went down, and some of my favorites (like Jourdan Dunn and Rebel Wilson) looked really amazing. Peep the gallery for more!

[Photo Credit: Getty]

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Madonna Reveals She Suffered Whiplash From Her Fall At The BRIT Awards

"No more capes. Cape fear is over."

Late Wednesday night we saw video of Madonna‘s unfortunate fall during her performance at The BRIT Awards that night in London which was embarrassing but, ultimately, totally human. At the time, it was assumed that Madonna was uninjured in her fall because she got right back up on her feet and she continued with her performance pretty flawlessly. Last night, Maddy filmed an interview appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show (set for air next month) and she revealed that altho she wasn’t seriously injured, she did suffer whiplash from the fall. As a result, Madonna says, she has decided NOT to wear any capes for her upcoming concert tour. More »

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Watch: Kanye West Debuted His New Song ‘All Day’ At The BRIT Awards

Taylor Swift LOVED Kanye's performance

Last year, a snippet of Kanye West‘s new song All Day made the rounds online but tonight at the 2015 BRIT Awards, he debuted the song in full with a fiery live performance. Like Madonna and Taylor Swift, Kanye was one of the featured performers on the BRITs tonight and as you can see above, he delivered a really fantastic performance. I have to admit, I like this performance a lot … and I really love the song. And it would appear that I am not alone. Taylor Swift, Kanye‘s new BFF, also enjoyed his performance at The BRIT Awards tonight … click below to see just how much she enjoyed Kanye‘s live performance of All Day. More »

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Watch: Taylor Swift Performed ‘Blank Space’ At The BRIT Awards

And she managed not to fall down
Shadow Play

Just a bit ago, we saw video of Madonna‘s unfortunate fall during her performance at The BRIT Awards in London tonight and right now we get to see Taylor Swift‘s live performance from the BRITs of her single Blank Space. And while Taylor managed to successfully make it through her performance without falling down, I’d still give her performance a resounding Meh. She sounded great but the big shadow dancers behind her seemed to promise a big pay off and in the end, well, they didn’t. Watch Taylor‘s BRIT Awards performance of Blank Space above and see what you think.

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Whoops! Madonna Took A Serious Tumble During Her Performance At The BRIT Awards

Madonna literally got DRAGGED

OOF! For the past few weeks, Madonna has been promoting the fact that she would be performing at The BRIT Awards, which took place in London tonight … but unfortunately, her performance didn’t go as planned. For the live show, Madonna wore a long flowing cape that was designed for her by Armani and when a back up dancer tried to pull the cape off from around her neck, she accidentally got dragged down the stairs she was standing on. Thankfully, Madonna wasn’t hurt and she was able to pick herself up off the floor and continue her performance without any other mistakes. Madonna explained the cause of the accident on her official Instagram profile just a short time ago. Click below to see video of her fall and read her follow up response. More »

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Watch: Here Is Video Of Kanye West Accepting The Visionary Award At The BET Honors

Warning: Kanye's speech went on FOREVER

Last night, BET aired The BET Honors award show that was taped back in January … giving us out first chance to watch Kanye West accept this year’s Visionary Award. As you can imagine, Kanye gave a speech for the ages. His speech went on for about 8 minutes (something he got away with because the awards show as pre-taped) and he name-checked a lot of people, made points about race, marriage, fashion, music … you name it. Thankfully, Kanye‘s comments were thoughtful and his speech was well-spoken. If you have the time, the video below may be worth your time. Click below to hear the words of BET‘s Visionary Award recipient for 2015. More »

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The Motion Picture Academy Issues A Statement About Omitting Joan Rivers From The ‘In Memoriam’ Tribute At The Oscars

A pathetic statement, I might add

For whatever inexplicable reason, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences decided not to include the late Joan Rivers in the In Memoriam tribute that aired during the telecast of The Academy Awards on Sunday night. As soon as the tribute was shown, a great many people took to Twitter to voice their displeasure at the blatant omission. In response to the angry outcry, the Academy released an official statement that is so pitifully short that it’s almost not worth mentioning. Considering Joan’s long career in entertainment, including her appearance in more than a dozen films over a thirty year period (including Spaceballs, Rabbit Test’ and the documentary film A Piece of Work, to name but three), one would think that the simple mention of her name during the Oscar In Memoriam tribute might be warranted. More »

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Neil Patrick Harris Swears He Didn’t Pad His Underwear On The Oscars Last Night

"No sock"

One of Neil Patrick Harris‘s better (and most memorable) bits during the Academy Awards last night was when he spoofed Birdman and appeared on stage, in front of billions of people, wearing only his tighty-whitey underwear. And, naturally, almost as soon as he appeared on stage in his skivvies, eagle-eyed folks decided to take a closer look at Neil‘s assets. Appearing on Live with Kelly & Michael earlier today, NPH talked about this part of the Oscars telecast last night and responded to the question about whether or not his package was enhanced inside his undies. According to Neil himself, his bulge was unpadded … but … More »

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Here Are Photos From ‘Vanity Fair’ Magazine’s Instagram Oscar Portrait Studio

The 2nd Year in a Row

For the second year in a row, Vanity Fair magazine teamed up with Instagram to showcase photos from their annual Oscar Portrait Studio. Oscar winners and big name show attendees alike lined up to pose for photographer Mark Seliger … some of which you can see in the gallery presented here. These photos made their debut on the official Instagram profile for Vanity Fair magazine and then were shared on VF‘s official website. Seliger is an excellent photographer. He really manages to get great photos of the celebs he shoots. I love Eddie Redmayne‘s photo with his Oscar and I am in surprising lust with Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson‘s photo. Click through the gallery and see who you like best.

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Watch: Lady Gaga Paid Tribute To ‘The Sound Of Music’ At The Academy Awards Last Night

Applause, Applause
How do you solve a problem like Lady Gaga?

By pretty much most accounts, Lady Gaga delivered one of the greatest performances at the Academy Awards last night … undoubtedly, she gave one of the most talked-about performances of the night. Gaga performed a medley of songs from The Sound of Music in tribute to the Academy Award-winning musical film and she managed to bring the house down inside the Dolby Theater AND win the fevered praise of fans around the world. For most of the Oscars, Gaga was the butt of meme jokes because of the silly red gloves that she wore on the red carpet but once she opened her mouth to sing the songs featured above from The Sound of Music, the laughs turned to applause:

At the end of her performance, Julie Andrews came out on stage to heap more praise on Gaga and, well, in the span of just a few minutes — after one performance — Gaga changed people’s perceptions of her completely around. Click the embed above to watch Lady Gaga‘s tribute to The Sound of Music and please tell me … do you love it or nah?

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