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‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Dominates The 2016 MTV Movie Award Nominations


I love the MTV Movie Awards. We all know the movie-going masses really don't care much about the Oscars because they rarely reflect what is truly popular in the theaters. But then comes the MTV Movie Awards, in which movie fans can really make their mark. So now, I'm getting all kinds of Force feels. ...

Lady Gaga Got Matching Tattoos With Fellow Sexual Assault Victims, And Is Returning To ‘American Horror Story’


It's a good day for Lady Gaga's little monsters. First off, it's finally confirmed that she returning for American Horror Story season 6, after Ryan Murphy invited her back. Ryan had tweeted, "Lady Gaga is so brilliant in AHS Season 5 that yesterday I officially asked her to join Season 6. Say yes @ladygaga!" Well, she ...

Watch Celebs Dramatically Read Kanye West’s Tweets At The Vanity Fair Oscar Party


Kanye West's tweets. They're cocky. They're ridiculous. Most of all they're great material for some late night comedy. Well, at the post-Oscars Vanity Fair party on Sunday, celebs were asked to read Kanye's tweets out loud. Dramatically. This my friends, was a recipe for gold.  I loved Kate Hudson's rendition of "I'm not even gonna ...