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Um, Did You See Emma Watson At The ‘GQ’ Men Of The Year Awards?

This Balenciaga Crop Top Has Everybody Talking

Uhhhh. So. Emma Watson. GQ Men Of The Year Awards. Rockin’ Balenciaga. Your thoughts?! Emma has been known to werk the hell out of a red carpet, but this look surprised me. Look at all that skin, lol! But truth be told, she really is quite covered up with those bottoms– it’s the crop top that really catches your eye. Emma just scored the cover of British GQ Magazine and her photo is really gorgeous. I like this look here– though I’m not a huge fan of the pants– and I can’t wait to see the rest of that GQ spread. In case ya missed it, Emma‘s all grown up and fab! Peep the gallery for more!

[Source] [Photo Credit: Splash/INF]

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Here Are Two Possible Explanations For Miley Cyrus’s 2013 MTV VMA Performance

Because Seriously. What... Just... Happened?
It's Miley's Party And She Can Do What She Wants... Right?

This morning if you’re like a lot of people in the world who begin their day checking in on various social media sites, then you woke up with an onslaught of GIFs, stills, and reaction pictures from and to Miley Cyrus‘s 2013 MTV VMA performance. Of course, Buzzfeed went in with the GIFs, and there’s this hilarious picture going around of Will Smith and his family reacting to the whole… situation. Last night little Miley hit the stage solo (and was later joined by Robin Thicke, 2 Chainz, and Kendrick Lamar), and since the moment she started a’ twerkin it has been the single-most talked-about performance of the night. If you missed it, peep the video above. And if you’ve been wanting someone to offer two possible [somewhat feminist-informed] explanations of what exactly the eff happened last night, then I’m here for you. And yes, this moment actually calls for a meeting of PITNB’s pop culture theory club. So click inside for more, so we can theoretically put the “culture” back in “pop culture,” one post at a time…
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Watch: Lady Gaga Performs As Different Versions Of Herself During The 2013 MTV VMAs

Living For The 'Applause'
Only Gaga...

I know for some people Lady Gaga is a polarizing figure– you love her or loathe her and there’s no in-between. But I’m in-between with this chick! I was totally not impressed with her Applause single when I first heard it, and wasn’t sure about her performance art movement, but I actually dug her performance when she opened up the 2013 MTV VMAs last night. It wasn’t over-the-top shocking and it wasn’t underwhelming either– at least not for me. I loved seeing Gaga dress up as various Gagas, ending with that ginormous hair from the V Magazine shoot and a friggen bikini, LOL. I really got the sense that she was sort of poking fun at herself, and those kind of performances always win me over. Can’t wait to hear what everyone thought of her act, and for those of you who might’ve missed– peep the video for more!


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Watch: *NSync Reunites And Justin Timberlake Slays All At The 2013 MTV VMAs

No. I don't think you understand. JT. SLAYYYYEeeeedddd.
Throwback Thursday Came Early!!!

So apparently. I was not ready for Justin Timberlake last night! On some real, for real shizz I just became a bigger fan of his than I ever thought I could be, and I’ll tell you why. He. Put. On. A. Show. Like, for reals. JT was the recipient of the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, and he did exactly what you’re supposed to do when you receive any award named after Michael Jackson– he entertained the living bejeezus out of us. Loved his performance, loved his medley of hits, and of course, there was the short but sweet, highly-anticipated *NSync reunion. Everyone was losing their shizz on Facebook when JC Chasez, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick hit the stage with Justin (hai PITNBr Dezden), and I felt like I could lit’rally hear the screams from Brooklyn, LOL. Peep the video for more!

What did you guys think of the performance? Were you disappointed by the reunion performance? Or too psyched to care that it only lasted, like 67 seconds?

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Kerry Washington, Miley Cyrus And Other Celebrities Attend The 2013 Teen Choice Awards

Someone Get Me Kerry's Dress... STAT!

Earlier today we got to check out Selena Gomez in all her glory attending the 2013 Teen Choice Awards. While Selena definitely had one of my favorite looks of the night, she wasn’t the only one who got all dolled up and fabulous. Kerry Washington, Miley Cyrus, Nina Dobrev, and a host of others hit up the blue-green carpet and looked great. Oh, and Hailee Steinfeld– star of the upcoming Romeo & Juliet flick– was in the building. I just spent the last few days obsessing over/blogging about her, so it was fun to see her in attendance. Peep the gallery for more!

[Photo Credit: Wenn/Splash/Getty]

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Watch: Lea Michele Tearfully Dedicates Her Teen Choice Award To Cory Monteith

'Cory reached out and he became a part of all of our hearts...'
Lea Michele Accepts Award In Cory Monteith's Memory

Lea Michele has, in many ways, become the single name and face most associated with Cory Monteith and his passing. I can’t help but think this must be an enormous load to carry, especially in the public eye. Lea‘s opened up a bit while she’s been coping with the tragic loss of her boyfriend, sharing thanks to fans on Twitter, as well as photos from the set of the fifth season of Glee. Last night at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards, Lea won the award for Choice TV Actress, and dedicated the moment to Cory. It’s difficult to watch; you can really see Lea trying to hold it together. Check out the video above, and if you can’t watch it now click inside to read some of what Lea had to say.
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Selena Gomez And Other Celebrities Attend The 2013 Young Hollywood Awards

Miguel's Girlfriend Was There... Sigh...

Earlier this week we learned that Selena Gomez had officially, officially hit the big time, scoring her first-ever number one album with Stars Dance. The pop star also hit the big time at this year’s Young Hollywood Awards, which were held in in Santa Monica, California. Walking away with the Fan Favorite Album award and the Most Anticipated Tour award, Selena had a great night. She rocked this beautiful Versace dress with some black Jimmy Choo sandals. Love the look. Other celebs attended the event, including newly-engaged Kelly Osbourne and Miguel– who brought along his ridiculously hot girlfriend Nazanin Mandi. Peep the gallery for more!

[Photo Credit: Fame/Wenn/Splash]

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The 2013 Emmy Nominations Are In!

F--- Yeah Kerry Washington!!!!!!

The nominations for the 65th annual Emmy Awards just came in at 5:30 am Pacific Time and OMGeeeeee!!! It’s a great day to be a Gladiator! Our girl Kerry Washington is officially an Emmy-nominated actress! And she’s also the first black actress to be nominated for Lead Actress In A Drama Series since Cicely Tyson in 1995. That is insane. And let me just say that the BET Awards have been showing Kerry proper lurve since 2006, when she starred in movies like The Last King of Scotland and I Think I Love My Wife. It’s nice to see that, with the success of Scandal, the rest of the world is catching on to the amazingness that is K-Wash. I’m so happy for her, and I’m sure she’s somewhere celebrating like cray with her handsome new husband. Okay, and yes, lots of other people and shows got nominated this year (American Horror Story: Asylum leads the pack with 17 nods) so click inside for more!
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Reggae Music Really Does Make Life Happy, And Other Lessons Learned From The 2013 BET Awards

Nicki Minaj, Kevin Hart, Beenie Man & R. Kelly All Came Through
The 2013 BET Awards

So. Last night the 2013 BET Awards went down and it was all kind of a huge deal. The fashion was fab, Mariah Carey was Mariah Carey, and there was a reggae tribute that was almost as dope as my Throwback Thursday… except yeah okay, maybe their’s was better because Beenie Man was actually there in person, lol. Anyway, it was a blast! I cannot believe there were people out there saying they were bored. Between the reggae, the Charlie Wilson tribute, Justin Timberlake, the friggen R. Kelly medley and the fact that Erykah Badu performed twice, I just don’t see what the problem was. I had a blast! Click inside for a little recap of last night’s show!
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Kat Graham In Versace, And Other Must-See Looks From The 2013 BET Awards Red Carpet

All Kinds Of Fabulousity

Earlier today we saw photos of Mariah Carey looking all kinds of fabulous at the 2013 BET Awards. But Mariah wasn’t alone– there was actually a lot of great fashion at last night’s event. Kat Graham looked pretty hawt, rocking Versace from head to toe, Ciara debuted a new video and stunned on the red carpet in this black, leather Saint Laurent number, and lots of other folks came through looking fab. Peep the gallery for more! Paula Patton, Eve, and Sanaa Lathan had some of my fave looks as well.

[Photo Credits: Getty/Splash]

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