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Oswald The Lucky Rabbit Makes His Debut At Disney California Adventure Park & Disneyland Resort

At long, long last

85 years ago today, Walt Disney‘s first major character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit made his debut in a cartoon titled Trolley Troubles. That’s right, before there was Mickey Mouse, there was Oswald. As some of you may know, Disney sold off Oswald to another company and went on to create the very similar looking Mickey Mouse … and the rest is history. For many years, the Disney corporation tried to buy back the rights to Oswald and in 2006, they finally bought back the rights to the character. Oswald has since appeared in Disney video games and even makes appearances at international Disney theme parks but at long last, in honor of his 85th anniversary, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is FINALLY making his debut here at Disneyland. Earlier this week, Oswald was introduced in the park at a private event for a lucky audience and starting September 14, Oswald will become a PERMANENT character that you can meet and greet in the park. For the first time since he was created in the 1920s, Oswald is coming home. More »

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Disney Announces Production Of A New ‘Frozen’ Animated Short Film

'Frozen Fever' will be released in 2015

Because of the stunning, worldwide success of the animated feature film Frozen, Walt Disney Animation has decided to move forward with the production of an all-new animated Frozen short film scheduled for release next year. Disney announced this new short film, titled Frozen Fever, in a just-released press release that reveals which Frozen characters will feature (hint: all of them) and who among the original production team will return for this short film (hint: all of them). Read on to learn more about this new Frozen animated short coming our way. More »

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Watch: Homer Simpson Accepts The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge In The Most Amazing Way Possible

PLUS, watch the cutest little girl accept the Ice Bucket Challenge, too
"I challenge Flanders, Lenny and Flanders again ..."

Thus far there have been GADS of really great Ice Bucket Challenge videos making the rounds (the one we saw yesterday of Henry Cavill dressed in costume as Superman was a pretty damn good one, I think) and today … we get to see two more really great ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos. First up, you can click above to watch Homer Simpson accept The Ice Bucket Challenge in the most Simpsons way possible. It’s fun, believe me. Next, click below to watch the cutest little British girl accept the Ice Bucket Challenge which has the BEST ending of any challenge video that I’ve seen yet. Brilliant. Please enjoy both videos and MAKE A DONATION to the ALS Association!! More »

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Watch: This ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ And ‘Frozen’ Mash-Up Will Either Make Your Day Or Ruin Your Life

I really love/hate this
Hans Christian Grey

So … someone got the bright idea to mash-up the trailer for the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey with film footage from the animated movie Frozen to come up with something called Fifty Shades of Frozen. Part of me is totally entertained by the cleverness of this mash-up. Another part of me is horrified at the idea that Princess Anna and Hans might have a sadomasochistic sexual relationship. OY! Click the embed above to watch Fifty Shades of Frozen … then click below to watch the trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey for comparison. Enjoy!! More »

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A Friend Like He

The TV Guide

News of Robin Williams‘s death hit me pretty hard yesterday, completely out of the blue and pretty much changed the course the rest of the rest of my day. I had started a bit of packing and was digging things out of my closets for packing and purging which, honestly, was already an emotional experience for me. It’s not fun to find old photos, cards, letters, etc. that one would rather not encounter all at once but it’s part of the process of moving on. I took a bit of a break and was met with the shocking news of Robin‘s death. Honestly, I couldn’t go back to the work of packing. I did meet up with Emma and Josh for dinner as a way to distract myself and we had a great time together. More »

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FIRST LOOK: Here Is A 5-Minute Clip Of The ‘Family Guy’ & ‘The Simpsons’ Crossover Episode

"I think you are I are going to get along juuuust OK"
"This seems like a one-shot deal"

Back in May we got to check out a pair of promo photos for the much-anticipated Family Guy & The Simpsons crossover episode, set to air on Fox this September. Today, courtesy of San Diego Comic-Con, we get our first look at footage from the ep. A preview video was shown at SDCC this weekend that teases 5 minutes of footage from the ep which you can watch in full above. Some of the jokes are expected but I think you will LOL once or twice. This is a match-up made in animation heaven. This Family Guy & The Simpsons crossover ep will air on September 28 as the 26th season premiere of The Simpsons. Enjoy!

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Watch: This Is What Will Happen On Planet Earth When Every Episode Of ‘The Simpsons’ Ever Is Released Online

Clear your schedule
"We're all gonna die"

For the first time ever, every single episode of The Simpsons from its 25 season history (and counting) will be made available for viewing online, courtesy of FXX. On August 21, FXX will air every single episode in chronological order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 12 days straight. Click the embed above to see what will happen to planet earth when every single episode of The Simpsons is made available for viewing. The end is nigh.

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Watch: ‘Robot Chicken’ Introduces Us To The Night Crew On ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’

"Prepare to rock out with our sparks out"
The 11pm to 7am voyages of the Enterprise

Have you ever wondered what it is like aboard the starship Enterprise during the night shift on Star Trek: The Next Generation? I mean, we know all of the good stuff happens during the day shift but what of the night shift? Hmmm? Well, thanks to the hilarious series Robot Chicken, we finally get to see what happens when the night crew takes over control of the USS Enterprise. Click the embed above to see the night crew take spring into action during a Borg attack. Trust me, the video is pretty sweet.

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An Artist Uses Disney Princesses To Bring Attention To Domestic Abuse

"When did he stop treating you like a princess?"

An artist named Saint Hoax has created a series of posters titled Happy Never After that feature Disney Princesses to call attention to domestic violence. By using characters that are beloved by all (and recognized by very young girls), the intent is to encourage victims of abuse to come forward and report the crimes to authorities. Says Saint Hoax,

An awareness campaign targeting any girl / woman who has been subject to domestic violence. The aim of the poster series is to encourage victims to report their cases in order for the authorities to prevent it from happening again.

I must admit that I was really jarred the first time I saw these images, which is the point. They make powerful statements and, hopefully, they might encourage victims to come forward. I have a feeling not everyone will like this campaign but I’m impressed. What do you think of this Happy Never After campaign?

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Watch: ‘Frozen Is The New Black’

"Did you build a snowman together?!"

Remember last week when I shared those mash-up posters that feature various Disney Princesses as they might look in prison on Orange is the new Black? Well, today I have something even better. A cute video titled Frozen is the new Black takes the same concept and animates it for our viewing pleasure. Elsa from Frozen goes to prison where she meets a wacky group of Disney Princesses who are also in prison … and hilarity ensues. This video is really great, I think you’re gonna love.

[thanks for the heads up, Danna]

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