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xokimmy commented on First Look: Britney Spears Releases The Music Video For 'Pretty Girls'

at 1:19PM on May 13

That video is a straight up hot mess. But Brit looks SO GOOD and like she is enjoying herself..which is the point of a fun song like this, right?

PS. Iggy really adds nothing to this song, I don’t understand why she’s even on it..

xokimmy commented on Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Publicly Confirmed Their Love Affair Last Night

at 9:10AM on Apr 3

While I’m not big into Taylor’s relationships, and frankly know nothing about Calvin, I am kinda digging this. They totally look right for one another..although that could be the matching height, hair color, outfit, slimness..

xokimmy commented on Jennifer Aniston Wants The 'Friends' Reunion To Be Something Like 'The Golden Girls'

at 9:43AM on Nov 25

LOVE that idea. Also, did you see her swear-off or whatever it’s called on Jimmy Kimmel with Lisa Kudrow? How about a reunion of all 6 of them doing that? It would be fantastic.

xokimmy commented on FIRST LOOK: Here Is The First Full-Length Trailer For 'Jurassic World'

at 9:41AM on Nov 25

I have the wait until June?!
I think the best part about this movie will be (as it was with the first JP) that at first you’ll have chills from how stunning/cool the island and dinosaurs are, and then chills from how terrifying the dino situation becomes.

xokimmy commented on The Cast Of 'Mean Girls' Reunited For 'Entertainment Weekly' Magazine

at 9:05AM on Nov 6

I’m a bit suspicious that the reunion was actually just LiLo and Tina, then maybe the other three girls together. The distance in the first pic and something is just off about the hand on leg in the second pic.
Hopefully I’m just being a downer and they really were all together. And they’re secretly making a sequel.

xokimmy commented on Watch: I, Too, Have Accepted The ALS #IceBucketChallenge

at 11:01AM on Aug 20

Love the little giggles in the background!
But feet water, ewwwy! Shannon, you are hardcore in my book!

xokimmy commented on Watch: I Have Accepted The ALS #IceBucketChallenge

at 11:44AM on Aug 19

Trent, this is great! “okay here it goes, okay here it goes”
Next to Ben Affleck (representing Detroit City!) and our dear Britney, yours is my favorite! And I love all the pushing you are doing for actually donating! I think a lot of people have missed that donations are the actual point.

xokimmy commented on First Look: Eddie Redmayne Becomes Stephen Hawking In The First Trailer For 'The Theory Of Everything'

at 12:13PM on Aug 6

I’m with you, Trent. So many tears!
I really don’t know much about Stephen Hawking, but this trailer is giving me reason to get my google stalk on! What an interesting, fascinating, inspiring man/life.

xokimmy commented on Here Is A Photo Of Joe Manganiello & Sofia Vergara Kissing To Make You Cry

at 6:28AM on Jul 28

Okay, I want to believe this is some great story.. he raved about her in an interview, then she was like DAMN I should get that, and then the magic happened and they became the most beautiful couple in the world.
But it all seems to have happened so fast/perfectly, going from met-once acquaintances/crush to full on PDA relationship.
I know True Blood is ending for Joe..does Sofia have anything going on that would also call for a publicity stunt?

xokimmy commented on First Look: 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1' Teaser Trailer Is Here!

at 6:24AM on Jul 28

Goosebumps from the second it started. I can not wait 4 months for this!!

PS. Shannon, I so agree about PSH. So much talent. RIP.