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xokimmy commented on Watch: A Gay BFF Performs 'Work Bitch' By Britney Spears For His Best Friend's Wedding

at 1:41PM on Apr 2

This is absolutely fantastic!!!

Also, love the lady dancing in the background.

xokimmy commented on Watch: A Fan Reimagines The Series Finale Of 'How I Met Your Mother'

at 10:47AM on Apr 2

I actually hated the whole episode except for this one scene. The flashbacks/forwards/present was weird. This scene and the one with Marshall not complaining about his job were the only times I had any sort of reaction besides hatred for the episode. And while I do prefer this ending x 1000000, I think the actual ending could have worked, had it been structured a bit differently.

xokimmy commented on Lindsay Lohan Shares Photos From The Set Of '2 Broke Girls'

at 1:08PM on Mar 13

I agree with Nicole..Lindsay looks a-mazing in the second pic. She needs to stick with red hair.

xokimmy commented on Watch: President Obama Situated 'Betweet Two Ferns' Talks Health Care With Zach Galifianakis

at 6:49AM on Mar 12

This is the funniest BTF I’ve seen. I love that our president (well, his people) knows where to go to reach young people. This was a great, funny way to do it.

xokimmy commented on Well, Kate Winslet Has Named Her Son Bear

at 8:51AM on Dec 23

Okay, I am with you in that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kate and she can do no wrong. However, I’m not sure Bear was the right kinda-weird celeb kid name. It’s not the most ridiculous thing we’ve heard, but I just can’t imagine meeting someone named Bear and taking them seriously..I mean, I just picture a frat boy. And on that note, what if he’s a scrawny little thing? That will not work out well for him.

Anyhow, congrats to Kate and fam!

xokimmy commented on Watch: Apple Releases A Brilliant Holiday 2013 Promo Ad

at 7:05AM on Dec 18

Yeah, I can’t even pretend I didn’t need a tissue after this one! So cute.

xokimmy commented on First Look: Matt Damon And George Clooney Team Up In 'The Monuments Men'

at 7:08AM on Dec 9

This should be great!

Is that part at the beginning about the number of men a shout-out to Ocean’s Eleven? I recall a similar scene, maybe with Brad Pitt instead of Matt though..

xokimmy commented on Are Zac Efron And Brittany Snow The Hot New Hollywood Couple?

at 6:39AM on Oct 14

OMG YES this would make me so happy.

xokimmy commented on Yay! Elizabeth Berkley Will Dance To 'I'm So Excited' On 'Dancing With The Stars'

at 6:35AM on Oct 14

I’ve never watched even of second of DWTS, but I am definitely going to tune in for this dance. Hands down my favorite episode of SBTB!

xokimmy commented on Watch: The Cast Of 'Glee' Pays Tribute To Cory Monteith In Song, Tears

at 9:52AM on Oct 11

Within about 30 seconds of seasons of love I just lost it. That was the best part of the whole episode for me, so simple.
I agree, though. How the case was able to do it so well is beyond me.