Trent commented on Watch: Here Is A Great International Trailer For 'Fantastic Four'

at 9:05AM on May 25

@Nathan — The answer is always $$$$$$$$$$$

Trent commented on Chris Pratt Is Apologizing For His Ignorance In Advance Of His 'Jurassic World' Press Tour

at 8:54AM on May 24

@Zanne — I couldn’t agree more. Very well said.

Trent commented on Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Have Decided NOT To Appear In The 'Full House' Spin-Off Series On Netflix

at 8:18AM on May 24

@Nathan — THAT would be brilliant

Trent commented on First Look: Here Is The First Teaser Video For 'The Flash' Season 2

at 6:33AM on May 21

@Paul — Time travel stories are always complicated and usually told in different ways. Paradox is a great plot device to get away with whatever the writers want.

Trent commented on Here Are A Bunch Of Photos Of Lupita Nyong'o Flaunting Her Bikini Bod In Cannes, France

at 11:58AM on May 20

@AkiLi — Thanks for the info, the photos are labeled as Lupita by the photo agency. I’ll try to find real photos or remove the post, thanks!!

Trent commented on First Look: The First Trailer For 'Scream Queens' Shows It To Be 'Pretty Little Liars' Meets 'Scream' Meets Everything Ryan Murphy Has Ever Done

at 9:57AM on May 20

@Dawg — mte. It looks like it could be fun … for a while. I’m willing to give it a shot and see how long they can keep it fun and watchable.

Trent commented on George Miller Reveals That The Next Mad Max Movie Will Be Titled 'The Wasteland'

at 3:03PM on May 19

@Anjum — “This film is the rare cinematic gem” Right? I need to see it again :)

Trent commented on Watch: Taylor Swift Has Released Her Mini-Movie Music Video For 'Bad Blood'

at 10:45AM on May 19

@Mikey — That’s fair. It matters not to me what other fans or non-fans think. We all like what we like, we all dislike what we dislike. In the greater scheme of things, the fact that we are all so interested in talking about the video and whether we like it or dislike it is a pretty good indication of Taylor’s impact. She’s the biggest pop star around right now, she’ll be totally fine.

Trent commented on Watch: Taylor Swift Has Released Her Mini-Movie Music Video For 'Bad Blood'

at 3:35PM on May 18

@Paul — Perhaps. It occurred to me as well that there may be a sequel video.