Trent commented on Britney Spears & Her Boys Are Holidaying In Hawai'i

at 11:26AM on Mar 27

@al — Yes. I really think Britney finally found a great match for her :)

Trent commented on Watch: Zayn Malik's Decision To Leave One Direction Left Harry Styles In Tears

at 8:36AM on Mar 27

@Jamie7622 — Yes, I agree … those are sad tears of lurve for Zayn :(

Trent commented on Watch: Kelly Osbourne Reveals Her Decision To Have Her Ovaries Removed After Testing Positive For The Cancer Gene

at 3:44PM on Mar 25

@Paul — I sincerely doubt any woman would go through such an invasive surgery because it’s “trendy”. I think I know what you’re trying to suggest but referring to this sort of thing as a “trend” seems … wrong.

Trent commented on Zayn Malik Just Quit One Direction

at 10:58AM on Mar 25

@LisaR — I’m just bummed that I didn’t get to see them whole :( MY LIFE HAS NO MEANING ANYMORE :(

Trent commented on Jennifer Lawrence Reveals That 'Apocalypse' Will Be Her Last X-Men Movie

at 7:42AM on Mar 25

@catbatbom — I meant “kiddie” vs. “serious” in terms of awards status, it wasn’t meant to be a dig at comic book movies — which I am a huge fan of.

Trent commented on Les News, 032115

at 8:28AM on Mar 22

@OG Emily — :) Les News FTW!!

Trent commented on Bobbi Kristina Brown Has Been Moved To A Rehabilitation Center

at 8:28AM on Mar 22

@kimmiejayne — Ugh. so sad :(

Trent commented on Céline Dion Announces A Return To Her Las Vegas Concert Residency

at 9:04AM on Mar 21

@Myriam — OOOH, I didn’t know about all the staff shake-ups. Also, thanks for the Rene update — I misused the wrong tag and kept using her sons name :(