Trent commented on Disneyland Half Marathon: Accomplished!

at 12:47PM on Sep 1

@schmee — Yes, the wind drag did add to my struggle ;)

Trent commented on Damn! Jennifer Lawrence's Nude Photos Hit The Interwebs, Along With Dozens Of Others From A-List Celebrities

at 9:27AM on Sep 1

@Alecia — If the photos were accessed by way of weak passwords, then it’s not really the service providers fault if someone “hacks” in to those weakly secured accounts … is it? I don’t think so. But, again, we don’t know how this hack happened so it’s all just guesswork.

Trent commented on Bryan Singer's Accuser Drops Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

at 12:28PM on Aug 31

@Oscar — THAT IS NOT ALWAYS THE CASE. Rape victims are afraid to come forward most of the time because people tend to not believe them. When the year “you’re only suing for money” they may choose to stay quiet rather than go thru the pain of public vitriol.

Trent commented on 'Time' Magazine Names Mariah Carey The 'Ultimate Pop Star'

at 5:20PM on Aug 30

@Donny — “Clearly they did not take live tours into consideration” No, I don’t believe they did. The parameters are pretty straightforward. This is just one way to rank a group of unrankable pop stars.

Trent commented on 'Time' Magazine Names Mariah Carey The 'Ultimate Pop Star'

at 5:19PM on Aug 30

@Ben@PR — Again, this methodology isn’t based on opinion. It’s merely one calculation to try and rank the unrankable.

Trent commented on Watch: 'American Horror Story: Freak Show's New Teaser Is Very Bendy

at 5:17PM on Aug 30

@sabbaka — Racist? No. This sort of media is geolocked to a certain territory.

Trent commented on 'Time' Magazine Names Mariah Carey The 'Ultimate Pop Star'

at 5:17PM on Aug 30

@Sam — What I don’t understand is the anger. This is one form of calculation to rank pop stars. It’s not the end all, be all. There is no emotion or opinion built in. Whether people choose to like the results matters not.

Trent commented on Britney Spears's Father Purchased The Video Of Her Boyfriend Cheating On Her To Spare Her The Embarrassment

at 5:15PM on Aug 30

@Jamie Tran Reitnaur — It doesn’t make sense for the seller to try and defraud the buyer in this way. It’s possible but I don’t believe that the seller would sell this video for a high price and then try and defraud the buyer down the line. It’s not that serious a video, tbh.

Trent commented on Joan Rivers's Condition Has Been Upgraded To 'Stable'

at 10:36AM on Aug 29

@OG Emily — “if you don’t have anything nice to say … That’s why I stay away from Beyonce posts :o)” haha

Trent commented on Watch: Britney Spears Offers Helpful Advice For When You're Having A 'Sh*tty Day'

at 9:13AM on Aug 29

@Chellsy — “WTF how does he have a rep or something like that” My guess is that he didn’t want to answer the phone when TMZ called him so he probably handed off the phone to someone else. I doubt he seriously has a “press rep”.