Trent commented on Still On A Rainbow High

at 1:17PM on Jun 29

@Paul — “So negative so soon” Hahaha. At least you can always be counted on for the contrary comment :D

Trent commented on Michael Bay Is Planning To Destroy Alfred Hitchcock's Classic Film With A Remake Of 'The Birds'

at 10:45AM on Jun 29

@Rachel — There are a few articles from around the same time (early 2014) including this one from Variety that report Bay as producer: I haven’t found any updated information so, I suppose until we hear otherwise, we can assume that the movie is still in works.

Trent commented on My Day At 4DX Studios

at 3:53PM on Jun 26

@nicole — That is awesome!! Where are you?

Trent commented on My Day At 4DX Studios

at 3:52PM on Jun 26

@Lulu — The regular ticket price, Wed – Sun (with reserved seating) is $27. Yes, it’s pricey. But on Tuesdays all day, the ticket price is only $16 (without reserved seating).

Trent commented on Today Will Be Fun

at 2:27PM on Jun 25

@Mela — I know, I feel like an ass :( I promise to share all tho, it should be fun :)

Trent commented on Today Will Be Fun

at 1:49PM on Jun 25

@LisaR — I wish. But I did get to attend a private dress rehearsal performance of the Femme Fatale show before her tour began. I got to dance on stage with her during ‘I Wanna Go’. That was my best Britney experience ever :D

Trent commented on Today Will Be Fun

at 12:25PM on Jun 25

@Jess — No but I am seeing MMXL on Monday :D

Trent commented on Watch: Hillary Clinton Releases A Powerful Video In Support Of Same-Sex Marriage

at 7:42AM on Jun 25

@krtmom — As polls in the US show, the approval of same-sex marriage has changed exponentially over the years — and revolutionarily from the ’90s. It’s silly to expect that intelligent people won’t evolve in their support of equal rights. Neither she nor her husband Bill “suddenly” approve of same-sex marriage. Their support has been well in place for many years now. Trust me, I understand the cynicism of politicians but I, personally, absolutely believe in her support for LGBT rights and I will proudly be supporting her campaign for the US presidency.

Trent commented on Movie Review: 'Inside Out'

at 6:25AM on Jun 25

@me — I tend to miss seeing movies in theaters if I don’t see them in their first week of release, generally because there are always new movies coming out. I didn’t say I “can’t”.