Trent commented on Sony Pictures Has Cancelled The Release Of 'The Interview'

at 1:43PM on Dec 18

@kat:) — The way I understand it, the threat was determined to not be credible but because theater owners didn’t want to show the movie just in case, Sony decided to pull the movie altogether. I also understand there is a report going around that the US believes North Korea is behind the hack and that an official statement is going to be made but so far, no statement has been made.

Trent commented on And The Winner Of 'Survivor: San Juan Del Sur - Blood Vs. Water' Is . . .

at 1:22PM on Dec 18

@DJ — I agree, the season got off to a very slow start … but I disagree with you on Reed’s speech. What he said wasn’t nasty, hell, he even crafted his words with a fairy tale metaphor. Missy was guilty of everything he laid out. True, he was probably going for a moment to shine by delivering that speech but I just kept nodding my head every time he made a point and I can’t really hate on him for that.

Trent commented on Les News, 121814

at 12:01PM on Dec 18

@Paul — smh

Trent commented on And The Winner Of 'Survivor: San Juan Del Sur - Blood Vs. Water' Is . . .

at 11:29AM on Dec 18

@Mike — Yeah, I tend to agree with you about the repetitiveness but even tho they do the same sorts of themes from time to time, the randomness of the players is still so interesting to me. I just really enjoy watching the players interact with one another from week to week, no matter the theme of the season.

Trent commented on And The Winner Of 'Survivor: San Juan Del Sur - Blood Vs. Water' Is . . .

at 11:27AM on Dec 18

@Etta — When she saved Jaclyn with her idol, I actually fell off the couch onto the floor and howled with amazement. The look on Baylor’s face was priceless!! Natalie played like a champ all season long.

Trent commented on Madonna's As-Yet Unannounced, Untitled Album Has Leaked To The Internet In Full

at 11:19AM on Dec 17

@Patrick — My guess is that her album will feature some of these finished songs cuz I doubt she’ll start over from scratch.

Trent commented on Watch: Bill Nye Explains Evolution With Emojis

at 9:37AM on Dec 17

@Kiki — There is disagreement about that but, yes, some contend that the emoji shows two people high fiving. But, pretty much everyone (at least here in the US) uses the emoji as praying hands so … yeah.

Trent commented on Barbara Walters Names Amal Alamuddin One Of The 'Most Fascinating People' Merely Because She Married George Clooney

at 1:31PM on Dec 15

@Joanna — “If Barbara wanted to highlight someone as a fascinating person simply because they got married, then talk to George” YES.

Trent commented on Listen: Pitbull Totally Ruins Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space' By Rapping On It

at 12:13PM on Dec 15

@Joanna — I’m guessing this remix is unauthorized, something that he just did on his own. I don’t believe for a second Taylor has a thing to do with it or would sanction its official release.

Trent commented on Watch: Bill Cosby Issues A New Statement Regarding The Growing Number Of Assault Allegations

at 11:50AM on Dec 15

@tanu — What do you mean the timing is fishy? These allegations, from many of these women, have existed for years. Now that social media as afforded these women and other victims to be more vocal about their experiences, the opportunity has finally come for their voices to be heard more widely and taken more seriously. And yet, they are still doubted.