Trent commented on Here Are 15 Years Of Coachella Festival Posters

at 2:37PM on Apr 18

@Kendra — I am so jealous of you. The early days of Coachella sound legendary.

Trent commented on Here Are The Top 5 'YesPlease, MoreThankYou' Moments From The Season Three 'Scandal' Finale!

at 12:42PM on Apr 18

GAH, Shannon, this is a great recap. I have to admit that while I enjoyed all of the info that we got, all of the revelations and all of the action (except that image of Huck and Quinn in the boardroom cuz, UGH, I DID NOT ENJOY), I really felt like the episode as a whole was … flat. Things kept happening, one after the other, and then we just kept moving on. Bomb, Split Screen, Screwing, Dead Jerry, Mama Pope in a Hole, Olivia on the plane — bam bam bam. There didn’t seem to be any fluidity … as if the finale ep was just a place to dump all the loose ends in one place, lined up in order. THAT SAID, yes, I loved all the info that we got. The return of Papa Pope to the top of the heap was too much. Last week, we thought he was dead … this week we learn, naw, he’s only been PLAYING US ALL SEASON LONG in a long game to get Olivia to get on that damn plane and fly away. WHAT?! So good. While I wish the ep felt more fluid, I am not mad at this finale ep at all.

Where do we go in Season 4? I don’t even know!

Trent commented on Watch: Lindsay Lohan Cries Over The Release Of Her 'Sex List', Says It Was Part Of Her Rehab Recovery

at 9:43AM on Apr 18

@Vicky — Let’s not forget, this list probably covers the last 10 years. I remember when Lindsay was dating Jared Leto back around 2006. She wasn’t always a pariah, she really did rule back in her hey day.

Trent commented on Mark Ruffalo Tweets A Photo From The Set Of 'The Avengers: Age Of Ultron'

at 7:35AM on Apr 18

@Zanne — I think he was just kidding around. The actors are probably told not to take any photos of anything so he was making a joke that by posting a photo of her chair, he’ll get in trouble ;)

Trent commented on 'X-Men' Director Bryan Singer Is Accused Of Sexually Abusing A 17-Year Old Boy

at 4:57PM on Apr 17

@Krissy — All I know is that Bryan Singer has a long and very open history of surrounding himself with young, “twink” guys: And this isn’t the first time he’s been accused by teenage boys of misdeeds:

Trent commented on Watch: Zac Efron Uses His Penis To Promote His New Movie 'Neighbors'

at 3:10PM on Apr 17

@Britney’sBitch — Yeah, when he’s “acting” he’s not at his best :/

Trent commented on Win A Pair Of 'Scandal' Themed 'What Would Olivia Pope Do?' Wine Glasses

at 1:58PM on Apr 17

@Thomas — I can’t promise anything but I’ll see what I can do about opening up the contest internationally ;)

Trent commented on 'RHOA' Star Porsha Williams Has Been Arrested On Assault Charges Filed By Kenya Moore

at 10:22AM on Apr 17

@Marilyn Tarczali — Well said. The Bravo folks like to let things escalate so they can air those moments on TV for ratings. It’s a shame that the usually fun reunion shows on Bravo have now reached a level where criminal charges have to be filed.

Trent commented on Jenny McCarthy & Donnie Wahlberg Are Gettin' Hitched!

at 12:43PM on Apr 16

@Zanne — Hahaha :)

Trent commented on Watch: 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' Releases A Third, Massive Movie Trailer

at 11:39AM on Apr 16

@Akili — Yes, he is standing and walking … I noticed that, too. I’m sure it’ll be explained in the movie.