Trent commented on New Concept Art Reveals The Opposing Superhero Teams In 'Captain America: Civil War'

at 5:51PM on Aug 27

@Paul — Spider-Man reveal will come way later, for sure

Trent commented on Taylor Swift & Friends Slay LA At The Staples Center

at 9:34AM on Aug 27

@Britt — You will deff get special guests, tho the quality of said guests may vary :D

Trent commented on Watch: AMC Releases A Moody Promo And First Episode Clip For 'The Walking Dead' Season 6

at 8:39AM on Aug 25

@Ginny — SO GOOD. Please give your hubby my best, this is a great TWD promo :D

Trent commented on Les News, 082415

at 3:47PM on Aug 24

@Paul — Streisand is not gay. Yet, she makes this dinner party crazy amazing gay.

Trent commented on Tracy Morgan And Megan Wollover Got Hitched!!

at 10:32AM on Aug 24

@Paul — Haha, you always know the right thing to say.

Trent commented on RUMOR Has It That One Direction Will 'Separate' Next Year

at 9:36AM on Aug 24

@Patrick — lol, yes

Trent commented on Hella Religified People Are Getting Caught With Ashley Madison Accounts

at 8:48AM on Aug 24

@micah — That tends to be the m.o. of many “religious” zealots

Trent commented on Les News, 082115

at 8:51AM on Aug 22

@Paul — Ah, yes, you’re correct. I was referring to after he is convicted but I see now that it will be up to his wife to determine if he will have access to their children after he is convicted. I’ll amend.

Trent commented on Watch: One Direction Releases An Astronaut-Themed Music Video For 'Drag Me Down'

at 3:16PM on Aug 21

@nicole — I must admit, I’m not well versed in 1D music videos but I can say that their single ‘Best Song Ever’ did have the Best Video Ever: