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Tony Wichowski commented on Quvenzhané Wallis In The Running To Be The Next 'Annie'

at 2:45PM on Feb 11

Dear Hollywood: Musicals are for people who can sing. Not just sing a little, but have a god-given gift for song which is subsequently trained for years and/or decades. The people who got on Broadway got there because of their insane talent, drive, sacrifice and commitment. If you do not believe me that musicals with bad singers are bad, please re-watch Ruissell Crowe in Les Miserables. If you insist on hip-hopping up Annie (despite the fact this show has been filmed TWICE), please hold an open call, and find the most insanely talented singer that you can. If you doubt this advice, please watch Russell Crowe in Les Miserables again. Sincerely, the American Movie-going Public.