Tina G

Tina G commented on The Spice Girls Musical Is Dunzo!

at 11:44AM on May 3

I journeyed across the pond for it as I am a huge fan of the Gahls. I will say the storyline was meh but the opening and closing numbers were fantastic! And it was nice to be surrounded by fellow fans humming and gesturing along to the tunes. I had heard a rumor that it would be coming to Broadway- guess not. I’ll have to wear my Viva Forever shirt in memoriam.

Tina G commented on Confirmed! Britney Spears Seals The Deal For A Las Vegas Residency!!!

at 11:38AM on Feb 5

So FRIGGIN excited!!

Tina G commented on Here Are Ten Reasons Why The Destiny's Child Reunion Is Kind Of A Huge Deal

at 2:43PM on Jan 17

Oh my I forgot about Bug A Boo! Ha! I remember performing Ms. Independent (pt.I) at karaoke (and being out of breath- Beyonce can really sing fast). People love dem some DC3.

Shannon: MAJOR props for mentioning Immature. That group was my biggest obsession in the 90s-00s. I hope they make a future Throwback Thursday post.