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Thomas commented on Watch: Kerry Washington Delivered A Powerful Vanguard Award Acceptance Speech At The GLAAD Media Awards Last Night

at 10:54AM on Mar 22

Kerry Washington is an awesome woman. I love hearing her make speeches, they always sound so well thought out, poignant, and are always well-spoken. One of my best friends got to hear Kerry speak at her graduation from George Washington U. Such a cool moment!

I agree with everything she said in this speech x 1000000!

Thomas commented on Watch: This New Trailer For 'The Flash' Shows Us That Season 1 Is Going Out With A Bang!

at 3:05PM on Mar 17

The Flash has got to be my new favourite show of this year (well, along with How To Get Away With Murder). It’s a great companion to Arrow (and I love that they aren’t afraid to reference each other during both shows), its fun, it keeps me guessing, and I think it is well acted. This preview looks AWESOME! Definitely an exciting last third of the season!

Thomas commented on First Look: Charlize Theron Stars In The Movie Adaptation Of Gillian Flynn's Novel 'Dark Places'

at 5:49PM on Mar 5

An excellent book; almost as good as Gone Girl. I have a friend who liked it more than Gone Girl actually. I’m so excited for this movie – if it’s even half as good as the adaptation of GG was, it’ll be a great movie!

Thomas commented on Shania Twain Reveals That She Is Working On A NEW ALBUM

at 5:47PM on Mar 5

I am SO EXCITED for this. It can’t come soon enough!

Trent, I love that you are showing the Shania love in the blog lately!!!

Thomas commented on Shania Twain Has Announced Her Farewell 'Rock This Country' Tour

at 4:45PM on Mar 4

I’m super bummed that she isn’t touring anymore after this but super excited to try to go see her. Shania is definitely one of my favourite artists ever!

I was actually in Vegas this past July to see her, but on the night the concert was supposed to be, it was cancelled because she was sick. Super bummed out but I got to see her in PEI in August. It was an AMAZING show. Definitely looking forward to seeing what she is like in an indoor venue!

Thomas commented on First Listen: Kelly Clarkson Has Released Her Killer New Pop-Dance Track 'Heartbeat Song'

at 4:47PM on Jan 12

I love this – it’s fun, catchy, upbeat and a perfect reminder of the great music Kelly can make!

Thomas commented on Britney Spears's Debut Album '...Baby One More Time' Turns Sweet 16

at 3:46PM on Jan 12

This album was the very first pop album I bought myself (I grew up on Country music, and besides being ‘gifted’ the BSB albums), I was so proud! It’s hard to believe it’s been 16 years!

Thomas commented on On The Road With 'A Million Miles'

at 5:48PM on Jan 10

@Trent – added you!

Thomas commented on On The Road With 'A Million Miles'

at 12:13PM on Jan 10

I love GoodReads for just keeping track of what I’ve read. Sometimes I have a hard time remembering what I’ve read or what a title is, so it is a useful app for that! Glad to see you’re back into reading Trent; I always love when you talk about books!

As an aside, I watched the premiere of Friends to Lovers today. It was so different seeing Darion on TV since I’m so used to seeing him in pictures on here. He looked really good though, as always!

Thomas commented on Tiffany & Co. Features A Same-Sex Couple In Their New Engagement Campaign

at 12:07PM on Jan 10

Love this picture! It is beautifully photographed and I love the statement released by Tiffanys. It’ll be nice when things like this are the norm and not the exception.