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Thomas commented on First Listen: Kelly Clarkson Has Released Her Killer New Pop-Dance Track 'Heartbeat Song'

at 4:47PM on Jan 12

I love this – it’s fun, catchy, upbeat and a perfect reminder of the great music Kelly can make!

Thomas commented on Britney Spears's Debut Album '...Baby One More Time' Turns Sweet 16

at 3:46PM on Jan 12

This album was the very first pop album I bought myself (I grew up on Country music, and besides being ‘gifted’ the BSB albums), I was so proud! It’s hard to believe it’s been 16 years!

Thomas commented on On The Road With 'A Million Miles'

at 5:48PM on Jan 10

@Trent – added you!

Thomas commented on On The Road With 'A Million Miles'

at 12:13PM on Jan 10

I love GoodReads for just keeping track of what I’ve read. Sometimes I have a hard time remembering what I’ve read or what a title is, so it is a useful app for that! Glad to see you’re back into reading Trent; I always love when you talk about books!

As an aside, I watched the premiere of Friends to Lovers today. It was so different seeing Darion on TV since I’m so used to seeing him in pictures on here. He looked really good though, as always!

Thomas commented on Tiffany & Co. Features A Same-Sex Couple In Their New Engagement Campaign

at 12:07PM on Jan 10

Love this picture! It is beautifully photographed and I love the statement released by Tiffanys. It’ll be nice when things like this are the norm and not the exception.

Thomas commented on 'Scandal' Star Scott Foley's Directorial Debut Is A Must-Watch

at 9:30AM on Jan 10

All the feels right now. Even though I saw this on Instagram a bit ago, I’m still so pumped that you got to talk to Scott, Shannon! He seems like such a sweet guy and of course, my inner Scandal fan is freaking out. Great interview; you asked some wonderful questions.

Thomas commented on Jennifer Lawrence In On Track To Debut On The 'Billboard' Hot 100 Singles Chart With 'The Hanging Tree'

at 5:32PM on Nov 30

I saw the movie last night and I loved it, including this scene where Katniss sings The Hanging Tree. I think Jennifer’s voice suits the ‘folksy’ nature of the song, including the fact that Katniss learned the song from her father. I’ve been listening to the song on repeat on Spotify and I think I’m gonna buy it today. It’s definitely not a pop song, but definitely fits The Hunger Games very well!

Thomas commented on #ThrowbackThursday: 'Clumsy' Is The One, Critical Fergie Song We Missed Last Week

at 5:15PM on Nov 20

All the Thowback lists take me back every week! It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since Fergie’s The Dutchess. That album was bomb, Clumsy included. Glad you did a #TBT Addendum Shannon!

Thomas commented on Taylor Swift Becomes The First Woman To Ever Supplant Herself In The #1 Spot On The Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart

at 5:13PM on Nov 20

Taylor’s had a few number ones on the Hot Country Airplay chart but only three on the Top 100. Good for her!! I love Blank Space and am intrigued how the 1989 era continues for her!

Thomas commented on Watch: S Club 7 Reunited Last Night In Spectacular S Club 7 Style

at 3:56PM on Nov 16

I wish the medley had been longer; the beginning was strange and didn’t seem like it fit in well. They needed some better musical accompaniment. However everyone is looking pretty good (although I hate Tina’s wardrobe and makeup) and they looked excited to be on stage together again.