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Thomas commented on Gwen Stefani And Gavin Rossdale Are Dunzo!

at 6:55PM on Aug 3

It’s a rough past few weeks for celebrity couples it seems: Blake & Miranda, Ben & Jennifer, Gwen & Gavin and after 26 years, Reba & Narvel. Crazy!

Thomas commented on Bugs Bunny Turns 75 Years Old

at 9:30AM on Jul 27

The Canadian Mint is producing some coins in celebration of the 75th anniversary. They are pretty neat looking! :-)|K_%2Bbug%20%2Bbunny|A_76667699088

Thomas commented on Honoring Our Beloved Trent On This, The Day Of His Wondrous Birth

at 7:47PM on Jul 12

Happiest birthday to you Trent! I hope you have had the best day possible!

Thomas commented on First Look: Here Is The First Teaser Video For 'The Flash' Season 2

at 5:20PM on May 20

LOVED the first season so much. This is definitely one of my favourite new TV shows of the year, if not the TOP new show of this year. There were so many good elements of the finale, rewarding for those who are fans of the comics and those who only have watched the show.

Is it September yet?!

Thomas commented on First Look: The First Trailer For 'Scream Queens' Shows It To Be 'Pretty Little Liars' Meets 'Scream' Meets Everything Ryan Murphy Has Ever Done

at 5:18PM on May 20

I have faith for the first season. I think it’ll be campy and fun and I’ll probably desperately want to know who the killer is haha!

Thomas commented on Mariah Carey Cancelled Her Show In Las Vegas Last Night Due To Illness

at 3:15PM on May 14

This happened to me this past summer going to see Shania Twain at Caesars. Although it sucked hardcore at the time and was disappointing as a fan, I’d rather have her cancel than go on stage and not be able to give a good performance and end up completely disappointed.

I’m sure Mariah made the best decision for her voice and will come back better than ever!

Thomas commented on So What If I Cried During Last Night's 'Scandal': 'I'm Just A Bill'

at 2:19PM on Apr 17

Oh and as an aside, The Good Wife is SLAYING me right now.

Thomas commented on So What If I Cried During Last Night's 'Scandal': 'I'm Just A Bill'

at 2:18PM on Apr 17

I immediately thought of you Shannon at the end of the episode, knowing you’d be gutted (pardon the pun) by what happened to Jake!

I’m so over B-613. And Papa Command, to be honest. I really hope at the end of the season, we move on from it (and maybe from Papa Pope).

I really like the VP character though – she’s smart and funny, which is a nice change in the White House, and might make either a good team mate or a foil for Mellie.

I’m not so sure Jake is really dead. You just never know with a Shonda show – it could go either way really. Only one way to find out: to keep watching till the end of the season!

Thomas commented on You Must Choose: 'GOT,' 'Silicon Valley,' 'Mad Men,' And 'The Good Wife' Are All On TONIGHT

at 8:51AM on Apr 12

Oh The Good Wife is getting all my attention tonight – after seeing the preview for this week’s episode, I’m anxiously waiting!

Thomas commented on Carrie Underwood Shares A Cute Photo Of Her Hockey-Loving Newborn Son

at 10:48AM on Mar 31

This is the CUTEST picture. Makes me super happy to see Carrie and Mike’s little boy. Looking forward to hopefully seeing a family photo of the three of them soon.