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Thomas commented on We Had Good Drama And Bad Gladiating In The 'Scandal' Season Five Premiere: 'Heavy Is The Head'

at 3:25PM on Sep 25

I actually was really into this episode, even if the Gladiators weren’t all together. I liked that there was some “gladiating.” It’s a start in the right direction! I’m over Olitz but I am interested to see what’ll happen with all the conflict with them being together, being “outed” and of course, with Mellie.

LOVED that Elizabeth didn’t take any of Mellie’s shit.

My friend and I were texting during Scandal:
Me: I love when Liv wears white coats. So gorgeous. So classy.
She: Except when it has to lay across a bloody dead princess. What a waste of a coat.
Me: It’s the red wine on the white couch all over again.

Shannon, I don’t know what I’m gonna do without our weekly Scandal recaps. It just won’t be the same!! :-(

P to the S: HTGAWM was BANANAS… so so good.

Thomas commented on Watch: Get The Feels Listening To Viola Davis' Powerful Emmy Speech

at 7:31AM on Sep 21

THIS. I woke up this morning, and read that Viola had won, and was SO VERY excited. Then I heard her speech, and was even more excited. It was classy, well spoken and touched upon an important issue in Hollywood today, without being “preachy.” I honestly felt it not only celebrated such an accomplishment for women of colour, but for all actresses, because it was such a celebration! (And it’s a bonus that this show is one of my new favourites of last year’s television season!!)

I’ve also never heard the Harriet Tubman quote before. What a powerful statement.

Thomas commented on Watch: Taylor Swift Performed 'Smelly Cat' In Concert With Lisa Kudrow From 'Friends'

at 10:36AM on Aug 27

This literally made my life today! Loved that Lisa was in character too!

“I’m sorry that was good but you have to really feel the lyrics, you know.”

Thomas commented on Shania Twain Rocks This Country, Rocks LA

at 8:01PM on Aug 23

I saw her when she was in Toronto in June and it was AMAZING. I saw her in PEI last year too, and it literally made my life. She puts on such an amazing shows, full of energy and she looks like she’s having so much fun. Her voice too sounds just as good today as it did 20 years ago!

Thomas commented on 'Scandal' Will Get Back To Way More 'Gladiating' In Season Five, So Spaketh Shonda Rhimes

at 7:31PM on Aug 16

THANK GOODNESS! I liked season 4 well enough but I miss the spark that Scandal had during season 1 & 2. I’m very excited for September!

Thomas commented on Gwen Stefani And Gavin Rossdale Are Dunzo!

at 6:55PM on Aug 3

It’s a rough past few weeks for celebrity couples it seems: Blake & Miranda, Ben & Jennifer, Gwen & Gavin and after 26 years, Reba & Narvel. Crazy!

Thomas commented on Bugs Bunny Turns 75 Years Old

at 9:30AM on Jul 27

The Canadian Mint is producing some coins in celebration of the 75th anniversary. They are pretty neat looking! :-)|K_%2Bbug%20%2Bbunny|A_76667699088

Thomas commented on Honoring Our Beloved Trent On This, The Day Of His Wondrous Birth

at 7:47PM on Jul 12

Happiest birthday to you Trent! I hope you have had the best day possible!

Thomas commented on First Look: Here Is The First Teaser Video For 'The Flash' Season 2

at 5:20PM on May 20

LOVED the first season so much. This is definitely one of my favourite new TV shows of the year, if not the TOP new show of this year. There were so many good elements of the finale, rewarding for those who are fans of the comics and those who only have watched the show.

Is it September yet?!

Thomas commented on First Look: The First Trailer For 'Scream Queens' Shows It To Be 'Pretty Little Liars' Meets 'Scream' Meets Everything Ryan Murphy Has Ever Done

at 5:18PM on May 20

I have faith for the first season. I think it’ll be campy and fun and I’ll probably desperately want to know who the killer is haha!