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Thomas commented on Jennifer Lawrence In On Track To Debut On The 'Billboard' Hot 100 Singles Chart With 'The Hanging Tree'

at 5:32PM on Nov 30

I saw the movie last night and I loved it, including this scene where Katniss sings The Hanging Tree. I think Jennifer’s voice suits the ‘folksy’ nature of the song, including the fact that Katniss learned the song from her father. I’ve been listening to the song on repeat on Spotify and I think I’m gonna buy it today. It’s definitely not a pop song, but definitely fits The Hunger Games very well!

Thomas commented on #ThrowbackThursday: 'Clumsy' Is The One, Critical Fergie Song We Missed Last Week

at 5:15PM on Nov 20

All the Thowback lists take me back every week! It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since Fergie’s The Dutchess. That album was bomb, Clumsy included. Glad you did a #TBT Addendum Shannon!

Thomas commented on Taylor Swift Becomes The First Woman To Ever Supplant Herself In The #1 Spot On The Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart

at 5:13PM on Nov 20

Taylor’s had a few number ones on the Hot Country Airplay chart but only three on the Top 100. Good for her!! I love Blank Space and am intrigued how the 1989 era continues for her!

Thomas commented on Watch: S Club 7 Reunited Last Night In Spectacular S Club 7 Style

at 3:56PM on Nov 16

I wish the medley had been longer; the beginning was strange and didn’t seem like it fit in well. They needed some better musical accompaniment. However everyone is looking pretty good (although I hate Tina’s wardrobe and makeup) and they looked excited to be on stage together again.

Thomas commented on Here Are The Top 5 'YesPlease, MoreThankYou' Moments From 'Scandal': 'An Innocent Man'

at 11:38AM on Nov 1

It really bothers me. I’ve been noticing it more and more that he talks about Olivia like she’s his to be owned.

Thomas commented on Taylor Swift Is Donating Proceeds From Her Song 'Welcome To New York' To NYC Public Schools

at 4:33PM on Oct 31

This is pretty cool and an awesome way to celebrate her album release!

Thomas commented on Here Are The Top 5 'YesPlease, MoreThankYou' Moments From 'Scandal': 'An Innocent Man'

at 2:20PM on Oct 31

I LOVED this episode. Apparently we only have two more episodes until the winter finale. So not ok with that. At first, I wasn’t so sure about this season but looking back at it now, I love the slow burn leading up to the last few episodes. I’m finding the show to be less ‘flashy’ in terms of its OMG moments.

Bitsy is one bad bitch; Mellie has certainly met her match I loved me some Smellie Mellie but it was nice to see her in regular clothes looking fabulous. I’m also positive she had a line about her looking the part but it not representing how she actually feels. I thought that was interesting. It certainly realistically represents grief for many people – sometimes you have to go on with life, even if that isn’t what you are feeling.

I also thought the water imagery was quite interesting. I, however, hated Fitz when he was all insulted that Jake could know Liv as well as Fitz. It screamed ownership to me, and I really hated that. But at the same time, I like seeing flashes of stronger Olivia.

@Shannon, so agreed. “Not choosing me is OK” – NOT IT’S NOT!

Final note: Cyrus’ boy toy still interests me. Besides being good to look at, I really am intrigued by the bits and pieces we’ve gotten about his ‘scheme.’

Thomas commented on ... In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

at 5:29PM on Oct 13

Apparently Thanksgiving in October in our great land is due to the harvest time in the North and the fact that there wouldn’t be anything to harvest in November haha.

Plus long weekends are the bomb. ;-)

Thomas commented on Last Night's 'The Good Wife' Made Me Want To Break Up With 'Scandal'

at 3:29PM on Oct 13

I LOVE me some Scandal, but The Good Wife slays me consistently every week without fail. This week both made me laugh out loud (especially during the ‘bareback gay porn’ part. The look on Alicia’s face) and get super scared from how much surveillance footage there is in the world haha.

My friend and I have two saying when we talk about The Good Wife, that we have made into hashtags (so embarrassing):

Thomas commented on First Look: 'The Good Wife' Season Six Preview Looks Amazing

at 4:22PM on Sep 21

I’m counting down the minutes now. There better not be too many delays from football. I need my Alicia Florrick fix ASAP!