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TheFabFour commented on Watch: Beyoncé Cried An Ugly Cry During The Last Performance Of Her 'Mrs. Carter Show' World Tour

at 6:57PM on Mar 29

Yonceeee reppin my home country.. hey Portugal ^.^

TheFabFour commented on Lindsay Lohan's Docu-Series 'Lindsay' Premieres On OWN

at 4:05PM on Mar 10

I was able to catch the episode today, and I don’t if I’m just overanalyzing, but did anybody else see a hoarding tendency with her?

I was getting just NERVOUS when she was sorting out her jewelry on the floor and then just got up and walked away, leaving it all there. In the background of her shots in the hotel, all you could see was her stuff piled up around her in the hotel. I get she is moving 9 years worth of things out of LA to NYC, but wouldn’t she just take the essentials with her to the hotel?? It’s all so suffocating!! She even requested to change hotel rooms and I could see why. And the shots of her sorting through her things in storage — it looked so stressful!! 0.0

TheFabFour commented on CVS Pharmacy Decides It Will No Long Sell Cigarettes, Tobacco In Their Stores

at 5:00PM on Feb 5

13 months? Way to go Britney’sBitch!!!! :D You’ve reduced your risk of cardiac dx by 30% already! Keep strong~

TheFabFour commented on Justin Bieber Is Looking To Get Baptized

at 1:55PM on Feb 4

Ugh I didn’t want it to come this but I’m sorry. I’ve been holding it in for too long but I have to say it – I am over the daily Bieber news!!! Is it too much to ask to scroll through this blog for a day without that NAME coming up??

But because Trent and Shannon do ABSOLUTELY no wrong in my eyes :D (much love to both, I know you are just doing your job), I just going to silently pray that JB gets his shit together for just a WEEK so I can read my favourite blog in peace. I’d much rather read about Trent’s marathons/training and Shannon’s 3 little princes than this shizz! ;(

TheFabFour commented on Miley Cyrus & Kellan Lutz Might Be A Real Thing

at 9:05PM on Dec 28

Why do celebs not get hot and sweaty in nightclubs!? I would be drowning in pit stains in Miley’s long-sleeve lycra top, let alone Kellan Lutz’s leather jacket?!?
Oh the joys of being a normal person ;(

TheFabFour commented on Watch: Miley Cyrus Performs 'Summertime Sadness' By Lana Del Rey On BBC Radio 1

at 6:06PM on Nov 12

This sort of music really suits her! I wish her songs sounded more like this.

TheFabFour commented on Watch: Pop Group Fifth Harmony Performs A Cover Of 'Wannabe' By Spice Girls

at 6:59PM on Oct 30

So much energy! I love these girls ^.^

TheFabFour commented on Prince William & Kate Middleton Release Prince George's Official Christening Photo

at 7:28PM on Oct 24

Love little G’s pose! It’s like he knows, “Yeee I’m gonna be King betchhh.” He totally owns it xD