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TheFabFour commented on Watch: Aretha Franklin Performs A Medley Of 'Rolling In The Deep' & 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough' On 'The Late Show'

at 12:06PM on Sep 30

I loved the studio version, and I absolutely ADORE the live version. What a privilege to time travel to the past with a song from the future.
I always think about artists from the past and wonder if they would make it in today’s tough industry. Would Bon Jovi’s glorious hair and “Wanted Dead or Alive” have made it big today or would they just be a sad Nickelback tribute band? Would Stevie Nicks make it to #1 with “Edge of Seventeen” if it was released this week? When I really get to thinking about it, I tend to get overwhelmed and just leave it alone.. there’s too many logistics (the recording process, sound quality/technology, the impact of social media) to really justify anything. “Just appreciate old music for what it is!”
But seeing Aretha singing Rolling in the Deep LIVE just reversed all of this manic thinking :o Would Adele have been just as huge and loved in the 70s? What an idea :D

TheFabFour commented on A Quick Trip Home

at 7:46PM on Sep 9

Hi Trent, as a nurse I just wanted to say .. there is no medicine, no IV antibiotic, that could speed the recovery of your father faster than a visit from you! :) Trust me, I’ve seen the worst of patients rebound in 24h when someone special comes from far away to be with them.
Keep him motivated,keep him moving and drinking lots of fluids .. Don’t forget to be there for your Ma, she’ll need your support too. Just don’t wear yourself out either. :( Take a few days from the blog even! We would gladly wait here and hold out fort for you. xx

TheFabFour commented on This Is What Cristiano Ronaldo Looks Like USING The Throat Strengthener He Endorses In Japan

at 9:23AM on Aug 8

I’ll never be able to unsee this ahahah!
I showed this post to my friends at the local soccer game last night (mostly Portuguese) and all we could wonder was how much $$ he made from this?!?

PS Trent – Loving all these CR7 posts lately

TheFabFour commented on #ThrowbackThursday: Ricky Martin & Christina Aguilera Remind Us That 'Nobody Wants To Be Lonely'

at 9:18AM on Aug 8

I absolutely loved that show! It showed you the real Behind-the-Scenes moments, with disagreements between directors/choreographers and costume dramas!! Nowadays we’re lucky if we get a boring 1 minute video posted on Youtube of the making of a music video. ;(

TheFabFour commented on #ThrowbackThursday: Ricky Martin & Christina Aguilera Remind Us That 'Nobody Wants To Be Lonely'

at 1:06PM on Aug 7

Omg :D does anyone remember that MTV show “Becoming” where superfans would remake famous music videos? This just reminded me of that! This music video was definitely an episode and I remember it was one of the best ones.
Between Xtina’s makeup, Ricky’s haircut, and all their grand gestures (see 1:48-1:50) I wouldn’t change this one for anything ;) it’s perfect ok?

TheFabFour commented on Buzzfeed Publishes An Exposé On TMZ Boss Harvey Levin

at 1:46PM on Jul 25

Took me forever to read, but highly recommended if you have 10-15 mins to spare. I never knew about Levin’s history as a lawyer and his experience with “the celebrity” before building up this brand. He sure had/has a lot of connections and damned if he knows how to use them
My favourite part of the whole article was the PITNB shoutout ;D

TheFabFour commented on #ThrowbackThursday: 'On Bended Knee' And Other Songs That Make You Ugly-Cry

at 8:12PM on Jul 21

Ahhhh when I opened the link and saw Boyz II Men I didn’t even read the rest of the list! I had to go right then to listen to “One Sweet Day” because that’s exactly what I thought of too :D yay for us ugly crying to the same kickass song!

TheFabFour commented on Watch: HBO Releases A Trailer For Its New Limited Series 'Beyoncé: X10'

at 1:00PM on Jun 23

I’m not a huge enough Beyonce fan to be checking this out on HBO every week, but my gaaad! What a brilliant idea! I would love some insight into my favourite artists’ tour lives every week.
But just to clarify, is it just a 5 minute video being released every week? Or a full episode of backstage/rehearsal footage with a performance each week?

TheFabFour commented on Movie Review: 'The Fault In Our Stars'

at 12:10PM on Jun 18

Thanks for your review Trent!
I’m an oncology nurse and this rising trend in “cancer/illness chic-lit” just mocks the reality of the heartbreaking cases I see everyday. I had no inclination to see this movie, but if you say it’s good, maybe I’ll reconsider.

TheFabFour commented on Lana Del Rey Wishes She Was Dead

at 12:26PM on Jun 13

“I do! I don’t want to have to keep doing this. But I am.”
Lana del Ray, the modern-day martyr.