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TheFabFour commented on Apparently 'Real Housewives' Star Kim Richards Was An Inebriated 'Mess' At Her Daughter's Wedding

at 4:47PM on May 26

Ahh I’m an avid watcher of RHOBH and was always on Team Kim. Yes she was very defensive as soon as someone even MENTIONED the word “sobriety” and many of her relationships have been cut off because of it.
She is in so much denial over her illness and ultimately SHE is her own worst enemy. It’s hard to watch :( .And now without the support of her family (which was initially her driving force to get sober) I really wonder what her fate will be. I hope that the Bravo producers do not exploit her and her issues but instead give her an ultimatum – sober up or GTFO. Sadly enough, I think that would be a strong enough motive to get her where she needs to be.

TheFabFour commented on Kanye West Is A Doctor Now

at 7:03PM on May 11

@Steph I agree 120% with everything you are saying!! How disappointing it is to see some prestigious universities degrade the significance of a “doctor” or “doctorate student” in exchange for some publicity? -_-

And you go get that PhD girl!!

TheFabFour commented on Selena Gomez & Zedd Preview Their New Music Video 'I Want You To Know'

at 8:58AM on Feb 22

I waaaant to like him… but the comb over fringe with the spikes in the back reminds me so much of my ex *shudder* x(

TheFabFour commented on Amber Rose Proudly Declares Herself 'Stifler's Mom' In New NSFW Instagram Photos

at 9:57AM on Jan 18

I hear you Shannon! Women should not have to be forced to give up their sexuality when they become mothers. If the girl’s got it, she should flaunt it – that bod won’t last her for the rest of her life. The mixed feelings come about with the posting to social media.. is this an expression of her sexuality or just trying to garner attention to her page?

TheFabFour commented on My Night With Banksy & Laura Palmer

at 7:36PM on Nov 27

” I spent my Thanksgiving Even laying on the couch watching TV. Yesterday was one of my trademark No Shower DaysTM where I lounged around in my comfies, only venturing out in public to forage for food, before I settled in to do absolutely nothing at all”

I love that you keep it real, Trent xD Let’s all be thankful for PITNB this year!!! Much love to you, your friends and your family. (Hope your dad is doing well!)

TheFabFour commented on Confirmed! Beyoncé IS RELEASING A New Album On November 24

at 12:51PM on Nov 4

I didn’t buy the first album in expectation of a “deluxe/platinum” re-release .. and just in time for the holidays. Imagine that ;) But I do wish there was more content!!

TheFabFour commented on Watch: This Disturbing Video Shows How Women Are Treated By Men Just By Walking Around New York City

at 9:10PM on Oct 28

“Stop bitching and be thankful”

And you sir are exactly who we need to be raising awareness to! Thanks for coming out Pat :) . You must live in a world of all males… You must never have had contact with a female.

… Ohh wait? You have a mother? A sister? A female cousin or friend?? Why yes of course you do. And this is the kind of treatment they should be “thankful for” ? If they came to you FRIGHTENED out of their mind because they couldn’t even walk to their car at night without being harassed, would you SERIOUSLY tell them to “stop bitching”??

TheFabFour commented on Watch: This Disturbing Video Shows How Women Are Treated By Men Just By Walking Around New York City

at 7:24PM on Oct 28

Woww! This video just brought me the most awful feeling in my gut. I went to uni in Toronto and walking around downtown was always a daily mission. My shoulders were always tense, hands balled up in my pockets and I speed-walked it from point A to point B with my head down hoping for little incident. Comments like these are not funny to me, nor are they cute or endearing. Those comments mean that I look like a piece of meat to you, and.. f–k, does that scare me. That’s why I’m looking down, and walking faster. I’m not playing hard to get and coy.. It means, “I’m terrified for my safety right now” Walking from Yonge and Dundas to Yonge and Gerrard always brought on a bout of anxiety for me. 0.0!!

Thanks for raising awareness for this not-for-profit, Trent. I’m heading over to their website right now! :)

TheFabFour commented on 'Us Weekly' Is Claiming Britney Spears Had A One Night Stand With Mario Lopez

at 10:03AM on Oct 18

We all need some latin lovin’ sometimes ;D all power to her!

TheFabFour commented on Watch: Miley Cyrus Announces That Twerking Is Out, The Nae Nae Is In

at 6:03PM on Oct 17

Why the gimmicks? Why not just deliver the fans music and let it speak for itself?? -.-