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Tania Quinn commented on 'Modern Family,' And 'Breaking Bad' Win Big At The 2013 Emmy Awards

at 7:56AM on Sep 23

fab4runner, I totally agree with you about Bryan Cranston. He’s freaking amazing on Breaking Bad and should have won.

Tania Quinn commented on Ben Affleck Has Been Cast As The New Batman, The Internet Loses Its Shizz

at 8:57AM on Aug 23

He got a freaking Razzie Award for Daredevil! Enough said!

Tania Quinn commented on RUMOR HAS IT That *NSync May Reunite At The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards

at 12:59PM on Aug 20

Everyone and their Moms will be throwing their panties at the TV like it’s the No Strings Attached concert all over again. Trust me, I remember that concert . :)

Monicaaa- JC was always my favorite too!

Tania Quinn commented on I Seriously Cannot Stop Reading Reactions To George Zimmerman's Acquittal In The Trayvon Martin Case

at 11:56AM on Jul 14

I’m in no way defending Zimmerman, but he is hispanic. I think that is fueling the race issue even more because the media portrays him as a white person. Some where even calling him a “white hispanic”.

Tania Quinn commented on Amanda Bynes Spent Part Of Her Weekend In Atlantic City, NJ

at 5:45PM on Jun 17

Amanda is totally faking it! Her nose looks the same and her tattoo is missing from her left wrist/forearm. I saw the tattoo on the right forearm in one picture. She actually looks normal minus the wig. lol.

Tania Quinn commented on 'Dexter' Season 8 Covers 'Entertainment Weekly' Magazine

at 1:56PM on Jun 8

HOT! I wish they were still together in real life.

Tania Quinn commented on Lindsay Lohan Has Reportedly Become A Model Rehab Patient

at 9:37AM on May 26

Lindsay does this every time she goes to rehab. She behaves for like 2 seconds and pulls the same sh*t when she gets out. It’s a train wreak of a cycle.

Tania Quinn commented on Here Are 15 Reasons Janet Jackson Kinda Deserves To Be A Billionaire

at 6:33PM on May 23

Love Will Never Do Without you is my all time favorite! I remember sitting in front of my TV, glued to the screen, watching the video on VH1. Brings me back to my childhood. :)

Tania Quinn commented on One Suspect In The Boston Marathon Bombing Killed, Second Suspect On The Run

at 12:58PM on Apr 19

Actually, Krystle’s funeral is this Monday. WBC was in Medford today but left soon after.